Paper Tongues - Strongest Flame Lyrics

I'd thought you'd gone
Packed all your bags
You are bleeding my heart
Tearing me down

How could you be so cold
That we are over
You're leaving our home
Why can't we cope

I don't recall
How we got here
It's a pain that we fight
Time is a tyrant

It blinded my eyes
We drifted so far to opposite sides
But I can't accept it

Love makes a woman stay
Love makes a man to remain
Love is the strongest flame

I think you know
We are not chance
We are words on the sea
Floating to shore

And the bottle, that's me
You are the essence
Your song's on my page
And I need your message

Love makes a woman stay
Love makes a man to remain
Love is the strongest flame

It's hard not to take us for granted
And I made the mistake of not waterin our garden
But I need you to know and believe it
That our dreams are align with the stars, just trust it

Love makes a woman stay
Love makes a man to remain
Love is the strongest flame

Love makes a woman stay
Love makes a man to remain
Love is the strongest flame

Come back to me
Reach in and then step
Let's start with the hurt
You can be free
I am the man on the moon
Gravity's pulling me closer to you
Our loves of the world go...

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Paper Tongues Strongest Flame Comments
  1. Mary Hubbard

    I listened to these guys everyday of my deployment, it really got me through the hard days. Thank You Paper Tounges!!!

  2. Marissa KansasPrincess

    my social studies teacher loves this band (:
    he totally got me hooked <33
    thank you , mr. roy!

  3. W. Axl Rose


  4. Michael Peifer

    One of my favorites by them. Love his voice. Powerful!

  5. biggin302

    if you dont like it then why the heck are you listening to it? i dont think you want us to diss on your music prefrences. So shut up and just listen to the music.

  6. Adoqhina

    @Kneomian yu tell 3 people about them, and those 3 people tell 3 more people each about them so on so forth. ^_^

  7. Adoqhina

    @ElyshaRenee keep who to ourselves? *wink?* :P

  8. Kneomian

    @ElyshaRenee They deserve to be big, I talk to people and they don't know who they are, its a shame because they really are a great band and people need to know about them.

  9. itsmarkwtf

    Wow.. people that are liking this really have no taste. lol.

  10. adamseanmagic

    Awesome. Fav new band!

  11. Annabella D

    @TheGretchan what?! they r sooooo amazing wat r ppl talkinn bout?!?!?! i heart paper tongues!!!!!!!!! but yesss, spread the worddddd(:

    Jacqueline Alderete

    I love these guys!

  12. Diane Moulton

    Love them!!!!

  13. Ironbatman

    @ElyshaRenee Agreed they are soo awesome but if they do get big we have the proof right here written that we loved them from the start :DDD

  14. Patrice Burton

    I LAAH-AH-AH-OVE This Song! Its so true, Love is the strongest flame <3

  15. Luke Schlachter

    I love this song! :)

  16. Elysha M

    @Buhhhrito nooo! they can't get huge! then everyone will be obsessed with them... and it will get annoying. so lets keep them all to ourself? shall we? (:

  17. Maya Brown

    Aswan North is angelic. I love that man soo much!

  18. Suirason Coruscant

    i love finding new awesome bands :)

  19. Paul Bifulk

    I love that the first time I heard this song I thought it was a total breakup song. Then I looked up the lyrics and realized it was completely the opposite. Great stuff...I can't wait for them to get huge.

  20. Maya Brown

    God. I love this song!