Paper Tongues - Get Higher Lyrics

When you step in the room they won't be holding me down
All these demons in my head, come on let's kill 'em with sound
You see I'm begging that you take me and you never look back
That's why I'm crying to a wall hoping that you come now

I don't wanna wake up from this
I cannot afford to forget
The feeling of your arms, they hold me
The power of your skin, it's lovely

You provoke a man to bow down
And I get on my knees and cry out
Everything I have is yours now

So the time is now, don't let me down
Oh the time is now, please don't let me down

Get higher, and higher, and higher
When my back's against the wall, you're the hand that breaks my fall
Climb higher, and higher, and higher
When my back's against the wall, you're the hand that breaks my fall

Take me to a place for romance
You can choose the space and for this
I can hardly breathe, it's so deep
My hands begin to shake with frailty

You will not escape my embrace
'Cause I'll be holding on with violence
Everything I have is yours now

So the time is now, just don't let me down
Oh the time is now, please don't let me down


When you step in the room they won't be holding me down
All these demons in my head, come on let's kill 'em with sound
You see we finally get a message that we're gonna break out
I say we wrestle all the angels 'til they give us a crown

You know we're gonna live forever if we hold to love
So don't you leave me when you know that I am feeling your touch
You see I'm begging that you take me and you never look back
That's why I'm crying to a wall hoping that you come now


I wait for you [x6]
You're my fire [x2]

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Paper Tongues Get Higher Comments
  1. Nathon Wallace

    2019 representing

  2. Gabriel Hannan

    2019..still here

  3. Tanya Silva

    2019 and still love it

  4. John Smith

    Great song!

  5. Nicole Tate

    2019 up in here lets take it higher people👍👍👍👍

  6. Baconface McGee

    I wish I could still hear them on Air1 and other radio stations.

  7. Rae May


  8. VxNoVaa kun

    2018 and still here

    Baconface McGee

    VxNoVaa kun 11-8-18.

  9. Eliana Gonzalez

    2018 4:07

    Baconface McGee

    Eliana Gonzalez 11-8-18.

  10. Idk_ How

    2018 💯

  11. ian ian

    2018....still killing the repeat button

  12. NooB Clan

    2018 still got it

    Baconface McGee

    NooB Clan 11-8-18.

  13. madison willey

    I really hate that the great songs aren't super popular

    Zander33 Linus

    madison willey same. It’s all about Gucci gang these days

  14. Father Finger

    is this FUN?

  15. RaidZ lion

    My uncle is in this band!

    John Geard

    I'm sorry.

    Baconface McGee

    Solomon Engelhardt Which one?!

  16. Diego Lascano

    2017 still on it

    John Geard

    Have you told your parents you're gay yet?

    Leonardo Braynen

    Diego Lascano 2018 for me dude

    Baconface McGee

    Diego Lascano 11-8-18.

  17. Ayoup Al karbal

    2016 ....still here

    Angel Abrego

    hahaha same

    Astronauta 92

    Me too!

    Baconface McGee

    ayoup karbal 11-8-18.

  18. lowercase21

    Amazing amazing amazing ^^

  19. George Michael

    2015 and still hearing it ;)

  20. SheMuses

    Not a bad tune BUT SO OVERPRODUCED!! Too smooth, clean, buttered bread.  Give these guys a break...I know this is old and I'm going to go listen to something more recent...and give another comment.  Yes, it's only my opinion...but I come from a wealth of experience in this game.

  21. roy hunty

    Higher power did it, this is my jam

  22. superbubbleaquapower


  23. Patty Lupo

    who gives a fuck about having a goddamn conversation over religion, just listen to the fucking music you morons.

  24. katie vaden

    Naturally, the next thing to do is be an annoying prick. :) Correct?

  25. superbubbleaquapower

    Naturally the next thing to do is tell everyone, thereby making yourself later.

  26. Red

    :') esta canción es todo lo que siento

  27. GreasyZer0

    This is a complex song. It is about Christ, life, and love. His daily fight with today's obstacles and how he can rise above them, including is inner battle with sin and his relation with Christ/Jesus/God. I am a believer, but claim no mainstream religion. It is a beautiful song on its own, it shows the group's talent. Paper Tongue has been around for 4 years and they are working to become mainstream with out loosing their sound to mainstream producers. We will be hearing more from them.

  28. lynnyboo6

    I was first written about Christ (listen to the first version), then they changed it so that it would reach a bigger crowd. Now it's about a girl, with some Christian undertones.

  29. N4N055

    Those words can also be used for the Christ friend...

  30. Jools

    I'm an atheist and find myself singing to this. Doesn't matter had good music.

  31. ElusvOptmst1

    This is about a spiritual experience with God. Listen to the words people. But everyone hav their own interpretation. Great song though.

  32. autumnleafeon12

    Why not enjoy this song and respect other peoples' religions? You know, the world is a sad place because of different peoples' thoughts on religions, even when they're all pretty much the same in my thoughts, no offense to any of you. I am an atheist, but I respect other peoples' beliefs, and I don't think one religion is right over the other.

    Letting people believe what they want should be what everyone does, so why don't you??

  33. sirstudious177

    I am an atheist but I still enjoy this song, I think it is pretty ^.^

  34. martell wright

    i didn't know that really thats reall awsome how they put it like that

  35. martell wright

    it's like it really know me i a way you cant describe it makes me feel really good inside and that's saying someting coming from me

  36. martell wright

    this song is crazy i love it

  37. shellina ryals

    Actually orginally the song was called Messiah and is indeed about Jesus Christ...but as studio execs and music folks normally do...they required a change to make it marketable to the wider public...the Messiah version I don't think was ever released but was written by Aswan the lead singer of this group


    haha, well I guess there is another interpretation. Either way it is a great song. As we can see anybody can enjoy it.

  39. tacosrcool1

    if you listen to this song well enough you can tell it'd talking about the 1 and only God!

  40. N4N055

    The reason why the song says "Wrestle all the Angles until they give us a crown" is because in the bible, Jacob, fights an Angel and the angel bless him.

  41. Louis Richner

    Erm.... Many lyric mistakes.

  42. Jordan Sanchez

    me too that concert was amazing. i saw it in houston

  43. acejasso1986

    i love this song i heard them 4 the first time at the linken park concert in texas <3

  44. cheeseParlor

    @xsintricktale amen bro.

  45. badmonkey91

    @SliferRed234 thanks for the worthless input, user.

    We weren't debating. He made a claim, I challenged his claim. Then he ignored the points I made and implied that I was a crude, lowly loser - unfit for his time.

  46. Nick Goddard

    @badmonkey91 ...guys, your debating at a music video. Why? Just enjoy the music, bros.

  47. badmonkey91

    @xsintricktale how can "stupid and pretentious" be the "argument" that I'm addressing from a previous comment, when it's from the same comment? You're so fucking stupid it's amazing.

  48. badmonkey91

    @xsintricktale again, you're pretentious. I'm not trying to insult you - but you think you're so high and mighty that you know how everyone communicates. Whatever dude, it doesn't matter to me. Before; I was just telling you how you _came off_ when you act so pretentious, now I'm sure you're just an idiot. Pathetic ;)


    Ahh dang i missed a debate?

  50. badmonkey91

    @xsintricktale really? I'm not mad bro. Another assumption that makes you look pretentious and stupid.

    I don't really know the guy or what he was thinking when he was writing. All I'm letting you know is that "skin" and other lyrics that you claim are metaphorical, would have to be a huge stretch. This is something you never addressed. You never addressed what I showed as evidence of my stance - just changed courses.

  51. badmonkey91

    @xsintricktale you can contrive anything you want. I'm just letting you know that he didn't write it as a christian song and none of these lyrics were written with a christian deity in mind. That, and that you come off looking stupid when you contrive wild shit that you pulled out of your ass just because you want to.

  52. badmonkey91

    @krapweezil are you kidding me? "The power of your skin is lovely" lovely is usually an adjective reserved for women....not deities. can you even remotely contrive this as symbolism? he's talking literally about a woman's skin

    "Take me to a place for romance..." really..? he's gonna go get physically intimate with jesus?

  53. Pauline Brigonnet

    I saw them in concert and they were amazinggg!!! <3

  54. luckyunderladders

    This is our first dance song for our wedding. :)

  55. holipinieo1

    I just went to their concert and got his guitar pick when he threw it in the crowd! I was litterally screaming I was so excited!

  56. kolin wilkins

    i had the biggest head ache i played this song and its gone =D

  57. Korey Kleinsorge

    Holy Shit! I just listened to this song for an hour and am now late for work.

  58. Vipertryx

    I rather dislike when people click dislike just for shits and giggles, this is a great song and doesn't deserve dislikes. I respect your opinion if you really do not like it but if you just click it for the hell of it please stop.

  59. Ben D

    He has such a great voice.

  60. Anastacia Smith


  61. B.Jay

    8 People need Jesus...

  62. happyme181

    I am in Love with this song because it explains what God douse for me when I am broken; and how my relationship with God can Get Higher like never before. I love this song.

  63. Ryan Fine

    @ZAPdontlook its funny because hes jewish

  64. everabandoned

    It sounds like he's singing "I wait for You" not "We will be heard"...

  65. ICantThinkOfAGoodUsername

    where can i find the full version of this??

  66. ZAPdontlook

    @ShadowFox909 there's another version of this song, that clearly sings about jesus

  67. Ana Quintana

    The full version that says Messiah, Messiah instead of Get higher get higher. It also says "we worship you". So it is about God, but I can understand how it might be interpreted as a love song. Only it is a love song, to God.

  68. Ana Quintana

    My FAVORITE right now. Just waiting for an opportunity to sing this somewhere.

  69. Nick Babboni

    did the top comment give his phone number?

  70. Kim

    Hmm. Isn't it sad to think...A Justin Bieber song has what?...300 million views? This song deserves three times the amount of views.

  71. Joshua N

    The guitar riff sounds like "Shine" by collective soul

  72. honeybear1234

    Awesome Song!! One of my favorites!!

  73. immortalwombat10

    @krapweezil it cant be both?

  74. Cartoon Entertainment

    sounds like manic street preachers

  75. Lord Byron's Hairy Ghost

    this song is infectious.

  76. Hisuihana

    Okay I just discovered this group today and am hooked. I had to lift my hands and praise God. I will be sharing with others I know too.

  77. rexxors

    Referencing the lyric "you’re my fire," I think they should have called the song "Fhigher."

  78. Kim


    Ikr? That's how I found the song too! Hahaha.

  79. Jay Lorenzo

    you can interpret the song to be about anything... but there is an original version floating around before this remake was released that is specific in its message.


    @Tozzi8 It's about Christ. "We're going to live forever if we hold on to love!" This is talking about salvation. But i guess you can interpret it for a girl. But I use it for Christ. It motivates me to keep on living for Him.

  81. Mild Threat

    @misscutepieprincess CD player? Is this 2011 or 1990?

  82. Elyssa Hancock

    i broke my cd player because i listen 2 this song 2 much

  83. TheKamp20

    if u heard this song on the radio thumbs

  84. Come in star command

    satellite radio ~ channel 1
    plays it all the time its AWESOME!!!!

  85. Sebs

    you suck 6 dislikes this song is awsome

  86. Sebs

    you suck 6 dislikes this song is aswome

  87. TemariSand7

    Such an amazing song, I love it :)

  88. residualrevenge

    @HypotheticalHighFive I thought they sounded way better at that concert than in this video haha.

  89. E. Jimenez

    never heard of these dudes and i would rather hear prodigy instead of these randoms at the LP concert tomorrow :/

  90. forgetitforever

    @HypotheticalHighFive They were great at LP

  91. Dreamarch

    @fasterthansound101 i saw them live twice their awesome

  92. Claudia Rodriguez

    Heard them at LP's concert last night:D

  93. jjmac12345

    "All these demons in my head, c'mon let's kill em with sound." Love that. This song rocks.

  94. harry chilly

    if you dont like this song your unhuman

  95. Charese Brown

    heard this song on cd101 and now i'm addicted to it

  96. Jare Bear

    yeah, you kind of messed up the lyrics :O

  97. Charles Smith

    i believe in my ears that he's singing to god that when he's in trouble,god's gonna help and save him and calling god his hero.this song is fricking amazing with good lyircs.idk why people would dislike this.

  98. Maddie Schmitt

    REPLAY times 13587168457...squared