Papa Roach - Time Is Running Out Lyrics

Woah-o, woah-o, yeah, yeah
You say I'm looking really bad, you say I'm looking really sick
And I don't even care I never really did
So when push comes to shove and I slap you in the face
Just remember one thing...

When its time to fill the void my whole life has been destroyed
And everyone around me says my time is running out
I refuse to surrender, I refuse to surrender

So when I'm out of control and I'm out of my mind
Just remember one thing, I think I'm just fine
So catch me when I fall, I won't remember anything at all
So catch me when I fall


Woah-o, woah-o, yeah, yeah
Woah-o, woah-o, yeah, yeah

When its time to fill the void my whole life has been destroyed
And everyone around me says my time is running out

When its time to fill the void my whole life has been destroyed
And everyone around me says my time is running out
I refuse to surrender, I refuse to surrender

I refuse to surrender, I refuse to surrender

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Papa Roach Time Is Running Out Comments
  1. Mosked Ball

    Anyone here agreed that Chris Cornell should not have ran out of time?

  2. Ashley Allen

    2019 ♥

  3. 30gosiak

    I refused to surrender!!!!

  4. 30gosiak


  5. Serafim Cabral

    Listen to this 2019, 2020 " I dont even care, I never really did "<3

  6. Blanca Rodríguez Martínez

    I was searching for Muse's "Time Is Running Out", have seen this and clicked just for curiosity... I still prefer Muse's one over this, but well, not a bad song either. 😏

    Brad King


    This is better than Muses Time Is Running Out

    I also new Muses before Papa Roachs too

    I'd say this is more catcher Blancia

  7. Priscilla Vaughn

    2019 ❤️

  8. Júnior Sicsu

    2009 feelings

  9. Samuel

    2019? :D

  10. 123cool

    Cool isn't it

  11. jaspa430

    Not a rock fan...just open minded..this is badass!

  12. rockkiller124

    Ahhhh nostalgia trip

  13. Philip Micco

    This and riptide by sick puppies seem similar

  14. Mark Mendoza Hernandez

    Memories of playing the O.G xbox with my old friends blasting papa roach in the background on a saturday night with parents gone on dinner dates with the house to ourselfs. Those were the times.

  15. Niko Cyphert

    Credits hoorayy

  16. Katelyn Littleton


    Void Stiles

    Okay bye

  17. Orlando Estrada

    When its time to feel the void my whole life has been destroyed
    And everyone arround me says my time is running out🎼🎸🎼🎸🎼

    Justin Flores


    Blanca Rodríguez Martínez

    Then, an hour later: "I think I'm drowning asphyxiated! I want to break this spell that you've created!"

  18. appywitch

    I love listening to people bitching because bands change. Jacoby has stated that he has changed and what he wants is different than what he wanted when he first started in the business. There are not too many of us who can say we are the same people we were last year, yet alone ten years ago. Think about how your life has changed and what is important to you now, and you might really like what all bands go through...Maturity and learning.

    Timothy Close

    appywitch Change is good. Papa Roach is a band that will never stop improving and pushing their limits, that's why they inspire people.

  19. Dubz On It

    Man I have not heard this song in many years... I actually forgot about it. Thank you for making this lyric vid. Otherwise, I'm not sure if YouTube would've auto-played it

  20. Dubz On It

    at the end credits you wrote "adivice" hehe

  21. J Mags

    my childhood ^^ I still love this song

  22. Balkó

    I had a time when I felt that this is the best song ever made. Still an amazing track!

  23. lil peep

    this is a good song

  24. piedie2424 ps4 and vlog

    Green day is also good

  25. Balkó

    I miss old P. Roach :(

  26. SplashyNoodles

    Absolutely beautiful

  27. CGunplugged

    Silly Papa Roach, that's a Muse song name, you're not Muse, go home. You're drunk Papa Roach (Heaven's Basement blew you off the stage in Glasgow also.)

  28. ThrasherFiend

    This is awsome


    If people are here to dislike this song and spread all your hate then don't even bother because what most people want to so is shut up and listen to the music and not argue about opinions

  29. cobra-gladiator

    44 peoples time ran out.


    dude, learn English before posting a comment on a video, i think what you were trying to say was, 44 people ran out of time

  30. Nemesis

    I don't get it when people come and hit the dislike button.. this is free music, if you don't like it, go somewhere else.

    Zatanic GC

    why you care these little shit ?

    John Smith

    dont let your heart get into it. you like the music you like, thats good enough.

  31. Alexandria Allen

    You really like that rainbow effect, huh? lol, not judging, I like it there's just seems to be the theme XP

  32. Jehee Lee

    love it !

  33. Robin Hunt

    love Papa Roach!!

  34. trevor24 Trevino

    love this song

  35. Jordan Walker

    Fucking loved this song.

  36. Rxsiner

    was there not a music clip to this song im sure there was cant find it

  37. harryandrew

    I've remixed this song! :)
    Would love it if people could have a listen!

    Available for free download, check it out here!

    Harry :)

  38. StyleTrick


  39. Oscar Gomez

    i love this song especially i refuse to surrender

  40. gup world

    This song is very underrated. Probably my favorite Roach song.

  41. 104 Dias

    Cover do 104 Dias! =)

    104 Dias - Time is Running Out (Papa Roach) - 2° Rock in Far

  42. KingJango

    Just ignore jake wyler everybody...or even better report him...he want everyone to fight back...just enjoy the music :D

  43. dividedjester

    scrolled down...seen all the idiots fighting pointlessly.....scrolled back up to the music :) music should bring us together not make us fight like children


    god i sound like all those people i hate


    Just like you, I am here to enjoy the music!!!


    @Randy Savage hey look its my old account that i cant remember the log in info to to save my life XD


    dividedjester lol I love your comments 🤣👌

  44. Mack Tietze

    i teach you how to play this on my channel

  45. ninjer010

    so theres another idiot on youtube slamming their face on the keyboard again ehy. thats cool.

  46. Nadezzz551 __

    woah woah yea yea yea

  47. Lynn

    Thank you, however my mom hasn't served since Dessert Shield; and dad finally retired I believe a little over a year ago.

  48. Daisy Byars

    Dude, I respect you for that comeback. And I respect your parents.

  49. Johnny K.

    δωσε πονο αγορι μου!

  50. darkdreamer145

    way to go!!!

  51. Butlermagic95

    grow up you poor sod.

  52. Matthew Cordero

    why do people have to turn in a really good good conversation about this bad ass song and band into peer stupidity look stop hating its annoying gosh grow the beep up please our generation is so fucked up because of you dumb assess

  53. Spartan01112

    Lol your stupid, feeding a troll makes you just as stupid as the troll, mind you this jake wyler reminds me of me hahaha some funny stuff

  54. Papa Roach Clean Lyrics

    its life brother man

  55. onkz

    jesus dude..... you dont seem to shut up. i guess imma have to track you down.

    i know everything about you. to start, you live in the UK and you have a big mouth. i will not reveal anymore.... but if the police come to your house soon.... you'll know why

  56. SolemnPigeon

    WIN!!! (no sarcasm)

  57. chrysa toumpa

    it's the sad truth

  58. onkz

    jake wyler im going to hunt you down and kill you. you are some fucked up kid who tries to offend everyone. what did crayfishlion pants ever do to you?

    you have no life.

    and on that bombshell, its time to end; thank you very much for reading and good night.

  59. Brandon.

    why is there racism in this world?

  60. Brandon.

    if you dislike this you're a beiber fan.

  61. iPovrty

    awsome song

  62. Troy Lloyd

    Love dis Song..I REFUSE!!

  63. Cam Dewan

    It appears that he didn't want to make himself look like even more of an idiot...that's a damn shame.

  64. TazMann

    It used to have a point? O.O

  65. TigerX Girl906

    If i could i would like your comment 50 times,. I totally agree with you!

  66. heathers wheeler


  67. Lynn

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  68. Lynn

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  69. battler1111

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  70. pFer16

    i m sorry

  71. MultiRainbowpony

    How?! That just kind of freaked me out, that's all.

  72. robert dlugi

    A Moment of silence for our fallen brothers and sisters

  73. Apollonian Soldier

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  74. WOjciech Ogrodziński

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  75. Apollonian Soldier

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  77. MultiRainbowpony

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  78. Panda Maléfique

    Shh. It was supposed to be a secret between me, you, and the dog.

  79. Panda Maléfique

    Click on "show comment" to start the adventure...

  80. MultiRainbowpony

    Whatever. I was on crack when I posted those other comments.

  81. MultiRainbowpony

    Whatever. I was on crack when I posted those other comments.

  82. Usopp187

    how about both:)

  83. Zen Kosuke

    i thought at frist it is muse...

    Blanca Rodríguez Martínez

    I think someone here needs a pair of glasses, because it's clearly not their song. 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  84. ron anderson

    i almost die 3 months ago n came out alive thank god....

  85. Freedomofexpressi100

    god bless me...

  86. MultiRainbowpony

    America?! What?! More like god bless Scotland.

  87. flamenshame888

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  88. MultiRainbowpony

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  94. My Nipples Are Huge

    It's funny 'cause I live in Amsterdam, Holland. City of the weed and shit. C: Oh, the irony.

  95. Ember

    Best song ever!