Papa Roach - The Fire Lyrics

Die a little everyday
Break the silence when you say
You don't love me anymore
In my face you slam the door
Making up making out
Falling in and falling out
When you kiss me like a stranger
That is when we are in danger

Fly around the fire
In and out of desire
I gotta love you, I gotta have you
Don't want to let you down again

When I kiss you like a lover
That is when we discover
We are burning in the fire
This love will never tire
When I tell you that I need you
Please believe that I won't leave you
You're a diamond I'm a heart
Living in this house of cards
Fly around the fire
In and out of desire
I gotta love you, I gotta have you
Don't wanna let you down again
I gotta love you, I gotta have you
Don't wanna let you down again

Fly around the fire
In and out of desire
I gotta love you, I gotta have you
Don't want to let you down again

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Papa Roach The Fire Comments
  1. Cliperone xD

    Essa banda é demais

  2. vijay singh

    nicce song

  3. Junnaedy Eddaaayyy

    I whell you know that it's wife

  4. Barry AsILayDying McHugh

    Fucking Love Paparoach but to bad the first drummer got into drugs too much and got kicked out of the band!

    Imran Muratagic

    The chubby one?

    Barry AsILayDying McHugh

    yes the chubby dude.

    Imran Muratagic

    Barry AsILayDying McHugh ... damn

    Lyndal Iddles

    He was a lazy drummer any way

  5. Eliyahu

    seriously people just listen to Papa Roach

  6. Anderson Barbosa


  7. Helena19971

    Papa Roach will be my childhood when I'm old.

  8. DelaryHap

    What if i told you that you can do the two things at the same time?

  9. Nizzi Woods

    17 * Muahahahaha!

  10. LosEagle

    Papa Roach will be my Papa Roach when im old.

  11. SuperSkull39

    can you just shut the fuck up with those comments like ''will be my bla bla bla''' who cares? JUST LISTEN

  12. Péter Pesti

    Papa Roach Thank You!

  13. Lexan

    Papa Roach will be my Elvis when im old.

  14. florisforlive69

    maybe they dont hate it but just dont like it :p

  15. Getia Lia

    love it very much. <3

  16. RogueLube Cs

    Amo a papa roach...

  17. Jonathan Djotaze

    recuerdo esta mi canción favorita de hace tiempo 2010 esos tiempos de melancolía.

  18. 3monkeys&2princesses

    now 14

  19. starlight9563

    or u don't have to be a young teen either..=p..papa roach kicks ass!!

  20. Quantum Flux 420

    Papa Roach Best.Band.Ever.Created!

  21. Mir Russ

    Isn't needed to be old to like this music :P

  22. Phantomen

    @ilovecupcakes4504 now it's 13 .__. XD

  23. Fuschcia

    Papa Roach, Y U no make official video on this one ?? :))

  24. Liam Conlon

    @ilovecupcakes4504 its 12 now :P dont know how its an unreal song!!

  25. Brayan Amaya

    ke asko!

    Serhat Murat Asbit

    Tu culo bitch

  26. Charlisimo L

    @JayPagen i think we already r old man cause now these days they just listen to bunch of crap man which pisses me off

  27. Usama Farooq

    12 haters got there ears on numb:-p

  28. sky lights

    @JayPagen definitely!!!!!

  29. Krafty D3mon

    Man, I'm sorry for your video. 50% spam comments

  30. nini nuci

    magari simgeraaa dzaaan, am jgufze vgijdebi , chemi sicocxleebi arian, msoflioshi yvelaze magari jgufi , :* :* :*

  31. wickedm1nd

    i could reply this all day long :)

  32. Tobyand kirby

    Latin Sounds oh Yeah,!!!

  33. Debrah L Ryuk

    11 haters are going to burn in THE FIRE >:)

  34. dividedjester

    @Darko2008R i want roses on my grave by papa roach played at my funeral

  35. Oleg Marchenko

    @mynameistoshort that's true! :)) i thought exactly the same when heard this song for the first time

  36. Lazar Micic

    thumbs up for Papa Roach :)

  37. kalon360

    love papa roach. cool song. i will see you guys at download/sonisphere 2011!!!! awesome song!!!

  38. opdiefiets

    damn beautiful song<3

  39. Tristan

    such a good songe that barely anyone knows about!! reminds me of the 70's

  40. Silvijn de Maat

    @Jewell666 lol why gets this comment so much tumps up?

  41. Katarzyna von Drachenberg

    @Addicted2theDrums Yea.

  42. benjamin borgstrøm

    i just wanna take a zippo and swing it slowly from side to side <3

  43. Jay

    Papa Roach will be my Led Zeppelin when im old :)

  44. KitKatKir2k72

    @thewitness2012 1. Scars 2. I Almost Told You That I Loved You 3 Forever 4. Burn 5. Broken Home 6. Blood Brothers 7. Last Resort 8. Getting Away With Murder 9. Between Angels And Insects 10. She Loves Me Not

    these can be taken in ANY order apart from Scars and I Almost Told You... those two are pretty much neck and neck for the top spot.

  45. Rakel Neves

    Amo esta musica tb alias o Jacob dah emoção qq musica deles ele canta c alma !

  46. Garakun911

    You're a diamond. I'm a heart. Living in this house of cards!!
    Best part ever!!

  47. Rico Ricardo


  48. Rico Ricardo


  49. AsYouFallingDown

    @thewitness2012 mines are 1.Crash 2.My Heart Is A Fist 3.The Fire 4.The World Around You 5.To Be Loved 6.Alive (N Out Of Control) 7.Take Me 8.Not Listening 9.Blood (Empty Promises) 10. Kick In The Teeth :)

  50. fabiotocchi

    @Darko2008R ooooohhhhh yes , papa roach NEVER DIES.

  51. LoneWolfBri13

    one of the best papa roach songs EVER!!!!!!! explains me lol :)


    papa roach duh best in duh world fuk all who disagree!!!

  53. Gykw17

    you're a diamond ,i'm a heart, living in this house of fart........that's what i thought he was gona say, sorry, first time i hear the song

  54. Jan Mácha


  55. julian balderas

    love this band

  56. AwesomeZombie64

    when i die...bury me with every album papa roach made...

  57. Kev B

    LMAO AT WOKKERS123 WOW BRO roflmao

  58. highfire666

    long intro :P

  59. Bloody Spaghetti

    Papa roach pwned
    pwns now
    and will pwn forevahhhhhhhhhh!

  60. Tony

    I lOVE papa-roach))

  61. Mayhem

    Me loves P Roach <33 (l)

  62. Codrin Boicu

    Papa Roach has evolved alot since the band was formed now and even then it was and it still is fcking awesome. I will forever listen Papa Roach even when i will have 60 years...

  63. teddy z

    I DO TOO

  64. Katarzyna von Drachenberg

    i go n tour with them
    im NOT kidding neathier

  65. Sebastian Bengtsson

    im only saying.. its papa roach i guess that stands for what i wanted to say. PAPA ROACH!!

  66. tom bruyneel

    Verry nice song, i love it

  67. Selena S.

    ^-^ I like this song

  68. Selena S.

    I loves this song ^-^

  69. mikeasuraus

    I dunno what you just said but I LOVE PAPA ROACH!!!!

  70. Iron Flex

    my fav song from Papa Roach

  71. economicdisorder

    i wish they could play this live it be cool to here it its a shame that its the best song on the paamore sessions album but its not played live!

  72. crazyfoley49

    God, he can either sing low or scream at the top of his lungs and still make it sound awesome.

  73. Brooke Haltom

    yeahh it kind of does.
    but it's still a great song.

  74. maqto

    awesome song
    i think i like them;))))