Papa Roach - The Addict Lyrics

Well I'm a junkie
For the quick fix
Addicted to the fast life tonight
Control me, consult me

I wanna get lost in the pleasures
of my flesh like a sick boy tonight
Control me, consult me

Will I make it through
This treacherous situation
I'm livin my life
surrounded by temptation

I'm addicted
I'm giving into you
I'm addicted
I need another hit of you

I'm addicted
I'm giving into you
I'm addicted
I need another hit of you

I've got a pocket full of pills
And I'm lookin for a cheap thrill tonight
Control me, consult me

I've got a disaster on my hands
Cause I'm livin like a criminal tonight
Control me, consult me

Will I make it through
This treacherous situation
I'm livin my life
surrounded by temptation

I'm addicted
I'm giving into you
I'm addicted
I need another hit of you

I'm addicted
I'm giving into you
I'm addicted
I need another hit of you

I'm giving into you
I'm giving into you

I keep giving into you
Giving into you

I'm addicted
I'm giving into you
I'm addicted
I need another hit of you

I'm addicted
I'm giving into you

I'm addicted
Giving into you

Keep giving into you
I need another hit of you
I keep giving into you
Giving into you

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Papa Roach The Addict Comments
  1. Roberta Heard

    Wow this band fucken rock

  2. ebbulk

    On which album was this song?

    Tomy Bravi

    The paramour sessions, I think it was a bonus track.

  3. bradybriggs607

    @StonedCucaracha it was a bonus song on The Paramour Sessions


    it's actually ONLY on the japan version of the album so oooo


    @Chassidy Lamb yeah so just google search for a download of it. You can get it that way. (can also rip the youtube video but it'd be in horrible quality)

    Chassidy Lamb

    is it on there greatest hits


    @Chassidy Lamb don't support that garbage album. It was made by their old label without permission. PR gets no money from them.

  4. smokinacesxxx

    true story if you play this shit too it sounds like you're watching porn lol

    Birb Salt

    smokinacesxxx ._.

  5. Eric Foster

    papa roach is the fuckig best

  6. Chris Huron

    what album is this off of the new one one or what

  7. seth sadler

    song of my life

  8. bradybriggs607

    bonus track on paramour sessions

  9. Kayla Londre

    I'm pretty sure they were making a parody xD

  10. Squishy massa should have the lyrics, and its free.

  11. Brandon Kennedy

    It's "I'm addicted, I'm giving it to you, I'm addicted, I need another hit of you not" "I'm a dick dad, the rest of it.."

  12. Hookahs Kitchen

    Paramour sessions, it is a bonus song.

  13. DementedOnyx

    what album is this one from ?

  14. Jackie Evans

    Very well done Nylanairb! I love this song!

  15. Марк CCXXVIII


  16. mathieu spatazza

    papa roach <3

  17. Calum Fisher


  18. Rebecca De Winter

    why am I only discovering this song now??

  19. Renee Carl

    i'm addicted to Papa Roach and i need another hit of them.<3

  20. LosEagle

    Why is rating disabled? Was it disliked or something?

  21. Angel Darka

    sick shit!! IM ADDICTED!!

  22. YouNoob_Smiley

    I'M ADDICTED to this song

  23. Ryu Aurora

    Epic "Come on" in the begginning makes me think of AAF.

  24. Sasuto Uzumachia

    this song is my drug and im so addicted to it that even if i went to rehab i would still be addicted even after i left

  25. Nicholas Wynne

    This my bud smokin shit haha I love mental addictions no BS

  26. swag

    Because you touch yourself at night

  27. florisforlive69

    why cant i like this video??? 0.o

  28. punkybear131313

    love it

  29. Getia Lia

    greatest song ever.

  30. Halloweener

    So much better to listen to this song then listening your teacher babbling about equations =P

  31. Ben

    Am I addicted?? I cant stop listening this song! :)

  32. Workard

    I wish people would say more about my videos :(
    Feel like I have wasted like 20 hours of my life. Lol <.<

  33. WWBCD88

    This tune reminds me of their old stuff...I like it. :)

  34. xXjackaestheticxX

    Okay the people fighting shut the fuck. It's none of either of you two stupid bitches business's so why would even bother in the first and if you go on with he or she started it like I give a fuck so don't bother replying

  35. Katarina Kiš

    @ShunCharlie1 It really did, thanks :)

  36. idk anymore

    @rocketqueen996 'to give in' means to give up, surrender, let the other person win, etc. FOR EXAMPLE,say you're trying not to eat sugar for a week. If you 'give in', then you fell to temptation and ate sugar before the week was over. Hope that helped :)

  37. Katarina Kiš

    um.. what does 'to give in' mean? nice song, btw :)

  38. Konstantinos

    @Milos19891 it's in the japanese version of the album...or at least i think so :)

  39. Gracie KP

    i fucking love this song! <3

  40. DarkSkeleton182

    im addicted to this song <3

  41. Wallflower_Avenger

    Its a bonus track from Paramour sessions. (:

  42. Starryeyesight

    surely not paramour sessions..wish i knew where to find this dammit :/

  43. BattleTiger

    best lyrics every :D

  44. MrEgofreak

    @StraZIFragR Because this song is about his desire to have sex. The woman moaning would be them engaging in intercourse.

  45. Fabian Karlström

    why is there a woman moaning at like 2:30?

  46. Devine Devine

    Man, i need some of their albums :( i can't get any becuase my f-in parentle figure decided that this would 'scar my brain for life' or some shix like that -.-'

  47. Jayjay Read

    You actully put effort into it and u did a awsome job

  48. emsloe

    @darklordtony15 Gahhh. Lifeless people make things so complicated haha

  49. Anthony Cannell

    @emsloe - i think the videos creator didn't put it up because the creator didn't want trolls who don't like papa roach to look up all of his songs and dislike them. because papa roach or any other artist don't deserve to be dislikes by people who spend all day disliking good videos because they have no lives,

  50. MrEgofreak

    Papa roach is insane!!!

  51. Justin Garvey

    @1560me im not attacking you but ive realised that most rock/ heavy metal/ metal band fans say they like the old stuff better. just strange dont ya think

  52. Ashiyan Nujoom

    i'm addicted to papa roach

  53. bill bill

    @Nylanairb nope wrong not paramour i thinks it potatos for christmas o metamorhphisis oh and nice vid

  54. emsloe

    @darkhalo23 Okay, girlies. You both sound like you're 2 years old. What happened to enjoying the music? Please do all of us a big favor and grow up.

  55. emsloe

    Why are the ratings disabled?! I wanted to give it a thumbs up!

  56. Brianna Mills

    @darkhalo23 I wasn't threatening nor do i care if I'm a challenge to you. And honey, I don't care that much about you either.

  57. Brianna Mills

    @darkhalo23 Nice beginning, you really did sound like my little brother

  58. Brianna Mills

    @darkhalo23 Because you're all like you obviously dont have all of them like its some mortal sin, maybe they dont want to look it up.......And it was just a question you didnt have to get all Oh look at me im smarter than you because i go on just shut it, Ok

  59. Brianna Mills

    @darkhalo23 why are you being so cocky? geesh

  60. tigertatze

    @StonedCucaracha I think this was only on the japanese album or sth

  61. Andria Bates

    Cannot like your video with the like button so *like* X

  62. Pain M

    @2:37 Am I the only one who hears moans there ~

  63. Briana Bruce

    @renokomaihelena thanks so much! (:

  64. FenixT93

    @StonedCucaracha wikipedia has it under paramour sessions

  65. Debrah L Ryuk

    yyyaaahhh AWESOME XD

  66. XxbmmxX

    @Nylanairb noi have paramour sessions ... its not on there

  67. Nao Yuuki

    This is perhaps the best lyrics video I have ever seen. You actually put effort into it and I can see that.

  68. SandersdeKFC

    @Nylanairb ya u can tell tht its the paramour sessions bcuz of the beat rthym and everything about the song

  69. Frank Bonnot

    @TehPizzahMan haha sorry dude didnt see d:

  70. Mason Wells

    @DeBearsFrank0uo Care to read my other comment?

  71. Frank Bonnot

    @TehPizzahMan There's a beautiful thing on the internet called Google you can try to find the album this song is in haha C:

  72. Mason Wells

    @TehPizzahMan Nevermind, I just found out it's a bonus track.

  73. Mason Wells

    It isn't on their Paramour Sessions album.

    I really would like to know, I want this song so badly D:

  74. Briana Bruce

    @FuckingRoachPapa I'm pretty sure that it's off of their album The Paramour Sessions.

  75. Zeta Bell

    What album is this?

  76. Brian Zellmer

    they should make a video with like at the beginning like all these ppl are stealing all this stuff and going crazy and then it has the band playing on a stage then a uge riot starts and they all riot all the way to the Papa Roach concert and have this big concert with ppl who just made a riot

  77. Briana Bruce

    @ladyjashinhidanlover Haha thanks! :)

  78. Marcie B.

    your video is really good it should have waaay more views.

  79. Briana Bruce

    @chris317623 Thanks! :)