Papa Roach - Roses On My Grave Lyrics

It feels like I'm looking at life
Through a telescope because I'm so high
The ground never seemed so far away
Truth shall be told one day
I'll be under ground one day
I've got a woman that'll putt roses on my grave
Roses on my grave
Feels like I'm looking at life
Through a telescope because I'm so high
And the ground never seemed so far away
Truth shall be told one day
I'll be under ground one day
Don't forget me
Please forgive me
It's my redemption
Time for redemption
I'll see you on the other side

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Papa Roach Roses On My Grave Comments
  1. Aeromancy

    Papa Roach Insta Story brought me here

  2. Daraneys Zelio

    It reminds me exactly my skater period :/

  3. Misael Droguett Gómez

    🤘 🌷🌷🌷🌷 😔⚰😔🌷🌷🌷🌷 🤘

  4. Urnd Edogg Edogg

    who came here from alisttralers

  5. Robert Koontz

    His grandfather was my first captain in the fire service. I miss him, he was a good mad.

    Nick Tasy

    The Toxic Rose Boy

  6. Jen G

    my ex dedicated this song to me. The thought of me someday visiting him at a cemetery is really heart wrenching

  7. Blebsed

    This song was also written for Jacoby's step-great grandfather. His name was Roatch and his nickname was Papa Roach, the inspiration for the name of the band. He committed suicide in 2006 after he was diagnosed with cancer. Song is dedicated to him.

    Charlie Smithers

    I looked it up when I heard about it. Man Jacoby has gone through some shitty stuff


    @Eric Cayton everyone has there own dark past. its just a part of growing old mate

    Spencer Highley

    nicely copied and pasting lol, i came here from wiki after being cerouis of thare band members, after reading thare history

    Electra ́s Tarot

    I didn´t know this... omg... i love them even more now.

  8. Jeroen De Mey

    I know nobody will react to this but i wish i died cause cant anymore live on with this pain inside i feel empty why life is eternal when you know you cant reverse time and correct your mistakes


    What did I miss, guys?


    @Jesus Christ oh the usual


    @cjit26 ^

    Ben Dover

    cjit26 Fuck you. People like you are the sole reason the worlds the way it is now. No love or compassion from most because the Internet let's cowards like you hide behind a screen and type your words. When in the real world you wouldn't even have the guts to look someone in the eyes and tell them that. I hate this world

  9. Jeroen De Mey

    I hope some friends will still remember me when im gone and put roses on my grave

  10. You Tube

    Appréciez cette mélodie, fermez les yeux, c'est enivrant, juste parfait :)

  11. cureme07

    listen to the paramore sessions in the car on a rainy day- a guaranteed awesome experience.

  12. Nelson José

    Yeah, at least one people here are thinking the other side of this story.

  13. Jennifer

    I know it is sick, but I actually agree with you. I've heard so many bullshit stories just so girls (and guys, but I've mainly seen girls) can get attention and sympathy.
    People, you're on the fucking internet. Don't trust the fucking internet man, maybe Brookistar is a 98 year old pervert, we will never know.

  14. Nelson José

    People lie for nothing sometimes, dude... learn this.
    And be more polite. There's nothing here to make try be nervous.

  15. Suspitionist Assasin

    This song was a tribute to Jacoby Shaddix's Step Grand-father, who commited suicide after he was diagnosed with terminal cancer. Howard William Roatch was nicknamed Papa roach by Jacoby and his brothers.

  16. OnTheDeathRoll

    Gotta Put Roaches On My Grave

  17. vvvortic's dog

    thumb whores all over youtube

  18. dubstep2591


  19. Erick Cabral

    i don't forget my grandfather

  20. Moone

    Didn't understand much of that.

  21. mrgerminaro

    id rather be remembered as the guy who did the right thing and was hated for it then be the bitch and be loved for it. its not like hes living off of you are your thumbs up money? are they causeing you or your family excess physical anguish? it would have been easier to say cant stop listening to papa roach but some people have to be dicks on the internet i suppose hows this for a thumbs up? Thumbs up for this guys a dick!

  22. mrgerminaro

    im sorry to hear that may he rest in peace. R.I.P Nick and i hope that the drunk driver out there remembers what he did -.-

  23. mrgerminaro

    it is good you are able to embrace the end as it is inevitable i hope i am as calm as you

  24. mrgerminaro

    im just a random person on youtube who believes in god and good music this song is a reminder that everything on earth dies or breaks down and that is the way its supposed to be its natural. we can only hope they are waiting on the other side and i hope to see you all there god bless.

  25. Majda Vondrušková

    I love and hate this song at the same time :( hate because of the memorie and love because it´s most awesome song of PAPA ROACH...
    and... I hope they´ll come to the CZ again soon!!!!!! thanks

  26. crimsonninja117

    for some reason i see myself dying in some stupid way for some reason

  27. kyle staley

    thank you for saying this i'm in deep depression so this lifted me a little bit thank you sir/ma'am

  28. itsme1589

    cant lie that comment made my day a little better. thank you for that.

  29. IanByrnefilms

    that was uncalled for. you dont know if its true or not.

  30. April Melody

    Long Live Papa Roach!

  31. Moone

    I really don't get why peole are making those ''sad story comment'' as 99% of them are lies to make idiots give them thumb ups... Oh well.. Can't stop listening to this Papa Roach..

  32. Nelson José

    Maybe YOU should grow a little and stop believe in everything u see online.

  33. David Ekstrom

    You ppl might also like this song..


    Please tell me the name of similar songs!

    "Like" my comment please :-)

  34. Nelson José

    @Brookistar Just a lie to make some thumbs up.

  35. crazycatlady795

    i thought it was "i got no one to put roses on my grave" the lyrics ops

  36. MiniJackAssChannel

    This song was written to commemorate Jacoby's Grandfather (for whom the band was name) untimely suicide... my Best Friend and band mate's Mother just passed resently and he has legitimately nothing now.. this song has honestly helped us all get through this hard time.. thank you Papa Roach...

  37. oddenigma78

    this song is just a really really good song

  38. Revengence Raven

    @lovehatetragedyPR i feel the same way about my uncle i lost him and papa roach reminds me of him

  39. lovehatetragedyPR

    love the song!
    it reminds me of my nephew, I'll never forget you Samuel!
    I'm waiting for the day we'll meet again.
    Miss you so much, love you Samuel! <3

  40. simonxslade

    @lalalalametallover3 You said "nowone". Haha

  41. Revengence Raven

    this song is so amazing papa roach always reminds me of my uncle R.I.P Miah love u

  42. Gabriella Ryan

    8 people won't get poses on their grave, only piss.

  43. gillham89

    well 8 people are now dead

  44. Tanner St Pierre

    This is a great song

  45. Weaver of Your Dreams

    @2master23 Thanks Merry Christmas and Best Wishes for next year!

  46. TheRazorEdge

    @FanachellasUnborn1 I know that u don't know me and I don't know u, but if I ever saw your grave... I'd sit on my knees and cry right before I put the roses on your grave. I know I'm being strange, but that's how much I care about the people of this world.Hearing this song and reading your comment... made me drop one tear and I haven't cried in a while. Thank you, and Merry Christmas.

  47. Weaver of Your Dreams

    Eventhough I'm a girl and he says "I've got a wife that'll put roses on my grave" I still sing along because I know someone will put roses on my grave when I'm gone.

  48. sharpEAGLES

    ThePapaRoachFreak , uploaders name lol .

  49. godofwrath2293

    @lalalalametallover3 they have a rare disease called being a synical,think i spelled it wrong, bastard. there is no cure for this disease sadly and they will die a lonely and sad death

  50. Joel Olavidez

    im the 666 liker >.<

  51. dividedjester

    @linkful333 ditto

  52. Spooky

    JESUS I have listened to this song in AGES. I heard it literally a few years ago and completely forgot about it, great to listen to it again :)

  53. Justin Garvey

    @emilyybender Im sorry to hear that, well done for pulling throught it

  54. René Kamp

    This song is way waaaaay too underrated

  55. helalicious614

    best album to me!!

  56. Alex

    i swear ZELDA stole the backing music for this :P

  57. runnergurrl55

    @ShaggyPker yeah. I agree. It's not mainstream POP. it's mainstream rock. It's not played after Justin Bieber because it's a totally different genre...but it's probably one of the most well known modern rock bands. Either that guy doesn't live in America, or he's one of those ppl who stops listening to bands when they become popular.

  58. runnergurrl55

    @a7xfanforeverz This is very mainstream in America. Maybe you don't listen to the radio, but they are constantly played on rock stations.

  59. Richie Palma Mendoza

    R.I.P Shaddix Howard William Roatch

  60. afromarco005

    It somehow sounds a little celtic to me epic!

  61. Larop Topay

    @a7xfanforeverz most people enjoy otehr types of music

    quit putting ours before them it makes me ashamed people like you enjoy this music that bitch about mainstream

  62. Tracy Guidry

    @a7xfanforeverz How? Last Resort is probably one of the most famous rock songs of our time. Forever, To Be Loved, Lifeline, are just 3 songs out of prolly 15 that are played on the radio. Your crazy dude.

  63. Tracy Guidry

    @a7xfanforeverz Bro.. This is mainstream. Maybe not this song, but Papa Roach definitely is. Extremely mainstream bro.

  64. Tracy Guidry

    7th time I've listened to this today. Can't get enough of it.

  65. Zoe Mcdermott

    Great song

  66. 010Person010

    These are the kinds of songs that are timeless. Long live Papa Roach, Long Jacoby.

  67. PeirsmanS

    we never forget you jacoby ♥

  68. TheRayo831

    I want this to be my funeral song

  69. 010Person010

    Damn, you don't only make good music to rock out too Jacoby . Your also able to make this very deep song. Papa Roach will rock on for an eternity.

  70. srph25

    f*cking great song!

  71. DelaryHap

    @Brookistar Wow sorry one of my friends is dead like that too :'(

  72. Emma Martinez

    @Brookistar oh my god im so sorry

  73. CheapShotFail

    3 songs played at my funeral:

    1. Roses on my Grave-Papa Roach
    2.My Funeral-Dope
    3.Death of Me-Red

  74. Guilherme Villela

    Want this to play on my funeral !

  75. Zoe E.

    p.s. i want this song to play at my funeral

    Alesia Wells

    Zoe E. Same here

  76. Zoe E.

    jacoby you will never go underground no1 is going to hurt you. us papa roach fans will protect u. nothing will stop us from being there for u..

  77. lalalalametallover3

    oke, i hate it when people do this
    but im gonna do this myself now
    by the way, i love this song!!!!! <3

  78. René Kamp

    this song always makes me think of people around me that have passed away.

  79. Gravediger41

    he aint dead why would you forget him??

  80. Weinermelo n

    The description describes the greatness of this song PERFECTLY...

  81. Kretserud

    i feel bad knowing 8 people disliked this





  84. Nika Pongrac

    Open a new tab and go to youtube type in Sounds of Rain and Thunder on the River and listen these two together. Amazing!! ^^

  85. emy18kay

    @info2k8 Can't believe you didn't even share....

  86. fettuccine houdini


  87. omgbrian

    b - e - a - UTIFUL

  88. barbapApArOACh

    All those memories x3
    Miss PRoach!

  89. George Papazoglou

    when i listen to papa roach i cant rly describe how i feel like...but what i do know is that it feels fuckin amazing :)

  90. d3v1llad1sc3wl

    This reminds me of Seal but with a Papa Roach Flare to it.

  91. johanna67sicilia

    Yeah!!!Questa è bellissima!!Tanto quando Reckleess!!:)

  92. MrJustinz

    i fell asleep lisning to this on a plane and i dreampt of just me in a grave year witha rose looking at my own grave O.O creepy shit ..

  93. Seb

    Ok the whole song is amazing, and very emotional, but the peak at 2:20 is pure magic! Why does it only have 70k views? It should be at least 1mil.

  94. Dawn Keibalz

    5 people are gonna die face down with no roses..

  95. Leonardo Ortega

    jajajajja wtf??

  96. MultiDriesje