Papa Roach - My Heart Is A Fist Lyrics

I surrender,
I know I've been a pretender
You can have this guilt this misery I wear so well
I wave my flag I sound the alarm
Somebody stop me before I do any harm
I surrender
I know I've been a pretender

I'm living a dead life I'm staring into the headlights
Of a get away car that'll take me out of my mind tonight

Crash and burn s.o.s. somebody help me get out of this mess of a dead life
I'm burning under the spotlight

My heart is a fist drenched in blood
My soul will fight again
My heart is a fist drenched in blood
my soul will rise again

Take a look at these hollow eyes- one last look before I say goodbye
To this candle-lit nightmare I feel like can never escape

So watch me fall from grace - watch me carve my hate
In the heart of a lover I feel I can never escape my fate


I see you on your cloud looking down
I am on my knees today but you don't notice me
I see you on your cloud looking down
I am on my knees today but you don't notice me
You don't notice me
You don't notice me
You don't notice me
I'm screaming while I pray
While I pray
While I pray
You don't notice me
I'm sick of you, God,
I am done with you...
I see you on your cloud looking down
I am on my knees today but you don't notice me


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Papa Roach My Heart Is A Fist Comments
  1. SK Live

    Papa Roach gives all of your problems in life the middle finger. This song is so powerful. One of the best bands ever!

  2. sunmiit mathadu

    January 2020 ✌️☀️

  3. Rock IT man

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    Rock IT man

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  4. Rock IT man

    i need a straight jackettte and im okay with that, Take me now

  5. Frank Cooke

    Well at least he's taking the mature approach and not just catasphrosing the situation.

  6. Ceery


  7. sunmiit mathadu

    Well done 👍

  8. Sanjib Chakraborty

    Living fucked up bitch life... aaaaaaaaass...if feel disgrace Bob press...

  9. Todd Peterson

    "i'm screaming when i pray...!!!"

  10. Chrysteen Crysis Technopath

    You 2 play, plan whatever it is you do, I'll return. ;)

  11. İbrahim DİNÇKURT

    a forgotten dusty song

  12. Marco Leccese

    Their best song or at least top 3

  13. Karina Andretta

    The best band ever!!!

  14. GrandPapiChulo !

    hands down one of papa roaches best songs.

  15. Marcus Anton

    I can understand this feeling.

  16. Dani Lopes


  17. I am a Proud PERF

    This is such an underrated song...but it should be on the level of Sometimes. One of their best and meaningful ones!

  18. Robert Amacker

    Impossible song to sing though lol. Which is why they don't sing it live


    Robert Amacker Why would it be impossible?

    Martin Dable

    No, they don't play it live because Travis Barker did all the drums for it.

  19. Crysta1Pisto1

    Best song on this album without a doubt. So meaningful and emotional. Amazing song


    Crysta1Pisto1 mastodon woo!

  20. Adrian velazquez


  21. Logan P

    I've been listening to this since I was 7 and still this song gets to me.

  22. Kayla Amber

    I feel so content after listening to this song...

    J Daniel

    Real Talk With Kayla you're cute

    Jordon Gerlitzki


  23. Josh H


  24. LUCKIE Frags

    Dat description

  25. seth sadler

    when life gets u down u have to sit down by ur computer and listen to some papa roach :3

    Amy Sabpisal

    yesss xD awesome song

    Chrysteen Crysis Technopath

    Papa comes first.

    Melissa Toni

    Couldn’t agree more.

    Nick Tasy

    Agreed bro

    SK Live

    That's what I'm doing right now. Trying to fight off the depression from all of the stupid sh*t going on in this world.

  26. IHateGooglePlus

    Papa Roach's most underrated song.

    I Ro

    I see you. I love music too thank you Papa roach nice song

  27. therandomguy ryan

    so my heart is a fist? but im a pacafist D:

    Amy Sabpisal

    haha lol nice :)

  28. Jin Kazama

    Good old song indeed. Bring back the good old days.

  29. Killuminati

    pain... :'(

  30. diana elena

    i like the description.

  31. Sergio Zapata

    that fucking bitch............... this album can haunt the broken hearted

  32. 326pip

    thats a bit harsh lol x

  33. ddlovato916

    this song has so much feeling in it and I love it

  34. MrWolfen32

    no if we mount a non existence we would simultaneously being fucked and not getting fucked, making us a figure of our own imagination ergo making us immortal

  35. Split Apart

    No use we will still die ;(

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  37. MrWolfen32

    quick mount my nonelidiunfuckmachine

  38. Split Apart

    Yep we are totaly fucked :(

  39. MrWolfen32

    well fuck...

  40. Split Apart

    No escape ^^

  41. Dj MaTriX

    Indeed 0_0

  42. MrWolfen32

    what happens if you do run?

  43. President Charlie Meow

    Those lyrics were one big mess.

  44. josiah528

    I grew up in Vacaville and have lived here my whole life.

  45. Alex Perez

    ... not viable. But i would like to know your relate of this song :).

  46. Aaron Hilbert

    Sometimes faith gets you nowhere..I can relate to this song on a level that only some could understand..Amazing lyrics..Love this song even tho im not a huge fan of there newer shit..Jacoby is still the man..

    Chrysteen Crysis Technopath

    Lol, my faith has certainly helped me rise above some of the most difficult situations.

  47. Soam Bruke

    dude awesome!!!!!

  48. Gameplay channel

    go fir it mate :)

  49. Apostolis Diamantopoulos

    such a great song!! and just at the thought that i can sing it now im excited!! :D

  50. Christopher Huron

    badazz s h I t rite here bro

  51. Alex Perez

    True Alyssa :3, but im talking about that specific part of that song bra :3.

  52. Alyssa Fargleshmargle

    Jacoby? He never stops talking about god?!?!? lol

  53. Alex Perez

    I love paparoach, i love their songs and it's a bit mind-bursting but i'm a christian and i don't hate their songs i still hear the but it hurts a bit that part of "God, i am done with you". It's just having at least a bit of faith, just saying i still ike their songs at equal.

  54. chris heckle


  55. steel shadow

    i hate you, i hit my monitor when i saw your profile pic

  56. chris heckle

    Apply cold water to burned area for 10-20 minits :]

  57. Brandon ` Reza

    My dad was friends with all the members of papa roach I even grew up in Vacaville (we're the band started)

  58. Marco Cisneros

    having to much fun with papa roach I LOVE YOU

  59. Josh Cooper


  60. Tr0LL007

    you can also delete this comment, and btw why should i run

  61. Crystal Johnsob

    Hi Ronnie!

  62. Josh Cooper

    ._. Kill it with fire.. Please... You're pet is scary

  63. Gameplay channel

    its my pet spider.

  64. Josh Cooper

    What's up with your pic ._.

  65. kalasagnijuan

    i hope justin bieber will be hit by a freight train or ran over by a sixteen wheelers..please genie grant my wish!!

  66. Sevenfoldism

    Well, I am a vampire ;D
    "Hi my name is Ronnie and I'm an addict...!!!"

  67. Crystal Johnsob

    yes i was

  68. Marina Mos

    i actually punched it...

  69. Gameplay channel

    it worked :o

  70. Gameplay channel

    haha xD

  71. YouNoob_Smiley


  72. Gameplay channel

    haha ;)

  73. DGCH

    the spider on your profile picture scared the shit outta me you little shit :P

  74. Sevenfoldism

    only a FIR fan knows what im talking about...

  75. Hannah Currie

    I'm sorry you lost your mother.

  76. Hannah Currie

    This song is beautifully honest. Feels like he left all of his feelings on the page you know?

  77. chris heckle

    dafuq did i just read :]

  78. nicole shutt

    love this song:)

  79. Rainfallgenz Galos

    panqit !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  80. Sevenfoldism

    then were you raised by wolves?

  81. TheDeathmachine117


  82. Crystal Johnsob

    yup thats me. im not a vampire btw.............

  83. Sevenfoldism

    ^o^ a Falling in Reverse fan? Hell yeah!

  84. HuffTown

    that's nice now why don't you go hit maturity with it

  85. Crystal Johnsob

    i dont like cornflakes either, they taste qite bland :p

  86. MrMonsterinmypants

    my dick is a fist

  87. isastn0

    who else imediately thought of chuck norris the second they read the title?

  88. AlexsGuitar98

    alright who pissed in your cornflakes ps i didnt dislike

  89. omgitsasima

    Most under-rated Papa Roach song.

  90. Mike Camp

    It doesnt get much more emotional then this.. I relate to this song every day of my life.. Im sure it keeps a lot of people going... Awesome doesnt even begin to describe this song..

  91. Miss BeautifuLLL

    WOW. You people are an angry bunch for no reason.

  92. anilyfarm

    That escalated quickly.

  93. Alazba

    nice just say goodby

  94. spikeydoggie01

    Do you kiss your penis with that mouth?

  95. Richard O

    I have heard almost everything else by them. This song is awesome.

  96. crimsonninja117

    how the hell does that work?

  97. MrSycoTV

    What album is this?

  98. joeysargenti16

    LOL ok not being sarcastic, NICE