Papa Roach - Had Enough Lyrics

Turn the channel on the tv
Another boy shot tonight
I can't believe what I am seeing
A body bag, a mother cries
It seems like this is never ending
I've had enough so I decide
The time has come for me to face it
I can't refuse the war inside

'Cause we have had enough
All the violence has touched every part of our lives
Our innocence is gone tonight

I dunnno if I can hide it
I know the truth it's only lies
The president will deny it
The body count, a steady rise
In my head there is a riot
Change the world, no one dies
The time has come for us to fight it
You can't refuse the war inside

'Cause we have had enough
All the violence has touched every part of our lives
Our innocence is gone tonight

'Cause we have had enough
All the violence has touched every part of our lives
Our innocence is gone tonight

I know that you can change the future
I know that we can make it happen

In my head there is a riot
and i dont think that I can fight it

'Cause we have had enough
All the violence has touched every part of our lives
Our innocence is gone tonight

'Cause we have had enough
All the violence has touched every part of our lives
Our innocence is gone tonight

We have had enough
We have had enough
We have had enough

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Papa Roach Had Enough Comments
  1. Haridanu Pamungkas

    Who listening this song at 2020,i'm from indonesian so love earning this songs.

  2. Lucian Gabriel

    2019 ☝👍

  3. kai ♡

    holy shit this song still holds so much relevance for america-

  4. Serafim Cabral

    damm I listen to this since 2012, Old and Gold

  5. Jose Neria

    Saludos desde Mérida yucatan México chida rols

  6. Balkó

    Best papa roach album, and the best song on it, in my opinion.

  7. Tomy Bravi

    Great song, but I prefer the acoustic version.

  8. Timmara

    This song actually holds a lot of relevance these days

  9. Tyler Brumbaugh

    After what happened in Las Vegas, this song just felt correct.

  10. Allan Ferreira

    kd os Br

  11. Collin01999

    the acoustic version is just amazing for this song it hits you hard in the heart

  12. Niewd


  13. Cillia Joseph

    rip tamir rice
    rip mike brown

  14. Xquavius Ellison

    Now that's a real rock n roll album cover!

  15. brandyn zimmerman

    that guitar person on the left can bend his back far

    Nick Tasy

    brandyn zimmerman His name’s Jerry lol

  16. Macabre Daymare

    i praise you

  17. dogfriend3

    this song sounds in the beginning exactly like Lostprophets. Love it.

  18. Robin Jung

    love this song,strong message

  19. Nathan Stephenson

    thought of this after that bombing that just happened at the Boston marathon. something in me just wants the fucker responsible to pay

  20. Anna J Primorska

    "Nice" is too relevant and a very wide term.

  21. Ignacio Valdovino

    Nice people usually stay in silence, Dominc. We are here, always been here, but in silence

  22. rob hartmania

    This album was pretty damn good. I think they just didn't release the right singles to promote it better.

  23. Dominc Giddins

    You sir are one of the few nice people in this messed up part of the internet called the comments section. Thank you for restoring my faith in people on the internet. Best wishes to you.

  24. Juan carlos


  25. Jack Harrison

    Don't make those errors then.

  26. animebutter

    favourite song from the album

  27. ResolvedRage

    you understood that it was just not gust, quit trying to play people down because they make grammatical errors

  28. ResolvedRage

    Exactly right man, like my father used to tell me, If you dont have anything nice to say, dont say anything at all.

  29. Pedro Carpinteiro

    Para quando em Portugal seus gays?

  30. Marcus betts

    what does gust mean? and jealous*

  31. Katherine Mikhail

    Well, whoever he is, he is funnier, and probally alot nicer and more creative then you are. atleast he says somthing positive when he comments. you gust give people crap because your probally jelous of what they have. whoever you think you are. you are not above anyone here and have no right to talk to someone like that

  32. Katherine Mikhail

    Or maybe it is funny because its more creative then anything you have to say.

  33. Marcus betts

    ur name is 69reasonsToLove. of course u think stupid shit like that is funny.

  34. Katherine Mikhail

    I thought it was pretty funny

  35. Marcus betts

    ur not funny

  36. peanutbutter9503

    im batman and this is great

  37. Maddie Roberts

    37 people havent had enough

  38. Maddie Roberts

    1,184 people are awesome

  39. Maddie Roberts

    37 people like One Direction

  40. Atisbrah

    i cant understand how can people dislike a song like this...

  41. Rymex27

    que buena rola yeaaahhhhh

  42. atownlefttrain

    @xDUBYAx Bush isn't responsible for the Iraq War? Well, if one would like to get into the machinations of the neo-cons behind him okay, but as president, the war was prosecuted under his presidency under false pretenses and therefore, at least institutionally, he is indeed responsible for the Iraq war and the carnage, death and destruction it caused. Though judging by your grasp of the English language, I'm probably wasting the 72 seconds it took to type this.

  43. Manny Stegall

    @baudelaire42 I'lll say what he ment in a grown up way, it was a little corny. Wait, who the fuck uses corny anymore?

  44. ShinyBits Tutorials

    This song is perfect describing my feelings and why i have them. RIP Michael Brooks.

  45. Matthew Stacey

    @Nifermac please act a little more grown up and before you go ranting that im a homosexual i am staight to clear that much up

  46. Daniel Friend

    @baudelaire42 ha, that was gay.

  47. One Leg Beast

    i luv this band,the letters are great :))

  48. Aimee00241

    35 ppl thought the dislike button read dis-i-like ;)

  49. pumarunner88

    @DoubIeKiIl I never implied such things. I do realize that much of the spending is going into "training their troops". My point is, it simply isn't going to work. We cannot force societal change upon them - they have to want it. Religion has certainly played a terrible role in them getting their shit together, for example. When you're busy fighting about the specifics of your imaginary friend, progression is a son of a bitch to make happen.

  50. Brett Reno

    if you bothered to look into the actual spending were doing over there, youd see that a large amount of it is training local forces.
    and i would hesitate to throw around terms like 'do you really believe'. soon youll be raging about how 9/11 was an inside job and the moon landing didnt happen

  51. pumarunner88

    @DoubIeKiIl I'm aware of all this, and none the less, yeah, it is still an issue that these wars are wrong and complete bullshit and wrong. Train the Afghanistan/Iraqi armies? Are you kidding? Have you really bought into the bs that sticking around for that would ever work? That crap was nothing more than excuses made by Bush and congress to be there in the first place. Those countries aren't going to be fixed by us sticking around... only they can fix themselves.

  52. Brett Reno

    iraq's 'government' wants the troops out, which would be easy to listen to if we didnt keep finding that their government has ties to terrorist groups.

    to take their oil? far from that. middle eastern governments have formed an alliance/monopoly which now controls most of the worlds oil, essentially driving up prices for no reason other than profit.

  53. Brett Reno

    the issue in the middle east isnt as much of a war as it is a police presence. were waiting for iran/afghanistans military to be properly trained to handle itself.
    terrorists themselves have said over and over that theyre just camping it out until america decides to leave so they can really strike.
    the issue isnt whether the 'war' is wrong- its whether we have the resources left to continue.

  54. pumarunner88

    I seriously don't know how more people don't feel this way about these horse shit wars that are STILL dragging on... fuck the damn war pigs in congress!

  55. Bootzftw

    35 people thought papa roach was weed

  56. Marianne Brandsen

    favourite song of papa roach!

  57. Tokyo V

    Intro...i love. I just....dont like the

  58. Necro Butcher

    @mastalento 965 peoples are FUCKING STUPIDS

  59. ShinyBits Tutorials

    @010Person010 Thank you.

  60. 010Person010

    @BmoreSavage111 I agree gangs are stupid. I'm also sorry about you friend.

  61. ShinyBits Tutorials

    My best friend, a 15 year old boy was shot dead in june. He did nothing but sit there and mind his business, and b/c of some stupid fucking gang, an 11 year old is the one who killed him. My friend didn't deserve that by far. I saw it all on the news.

    I have ad enough. I'm taking a stand agianst gangs. If you have to kill innocent people to be in a gang, you had better hope they have your back. I wouldn't mind slitting some gang members throat in his sleep. FUCK GANGS!

  62. Tobias Andersen

    35 people haven't had enough of bad music yet ;)

  63. 010Person010

    0:00 [ P r e s s ]

  64. alovelynight

    there will 35 raw corpses in the morning ... _V_

  65. Sugar Candy

    Love It!!! <3

  66. Alex N.C

    @abstract285 *-*

  67. Alex N.C

    accoustic version of this song is pretty cool ! <3 Pa² Roach rules !!!

  68. PsychoticJax

    Papa Roach:Had Enough > Breaking Benjamin:Had Enough

  69. karliz gil

    gaby te amooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo amo ese videooooooooooooooooo

  70. karliz gil

    gaby te amooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

  71. Mastalento

    33 peoples are STUPIDS!! lol :D

  72. Matthew Stacey

    I beleive the world needs to hear this song it is so meanfull truthfull and with a point i believe thats important and that the message may be getting through - a message of truth.

  73. SaraMae

    <<3. I will see them at DOUR this summer!!!!

  74. Andrei Siatat

    @XxMidnightAngellxX pfsttt slipknot wasnt,aint,wont be heavy metal.they`re nu metal,alternative :)

  75. zxrudy

    @connorrbenson Saturate, We're Not Alone Here, Phobia, Dear Agony...
    where's the Metamorphasis' album o_O?

  76. Gracie KP

    this song sound nice on acoustic <3

  77. musikrammstein

    papa roach is a bit gay currently sorry...

  78. HeartAbyss

    In my head there is a riot... And I don't think that I can fight it!!

  79. マルティン

    i miss the old papa roach :/

  80. PapaRoacher100

    like like like like like Great song

  81. EdStead

    First heard Papa Roach's song blood brothers on tony hawks pro skater 2 when i was 8 years old. I'm now 18 and still love this band so much :D

  82. Gracie KP

    acoustic version is awesome of this song :P

  83. juansosa555

    Papa roach-never enough (2000)
    Papa roach-Had enough (2009) ;D lol

  84. fabiotocchi

    @savigy1301 but very nice change

  85. chiaz66

    @theguybye i agree :)

  86. theguybye

    Emo means emotional. Emotional music has meaning.

  87. Koray

    @DeMarcosCafe yes He has worked as a presenter for the MTV show Scarred, whom he stopped because of the tours with Papa Roach.

  88. thewilson331

    @WolfsRain00 damn right

  89. thewilson331

    @TaylorL1817 agreed they are amazing

  90. jordan jenkinson

    25 whores have made the choices

  91. 777slipkorn

    a fuking good song men yeha !!!!

  92. Michael Spencer

    if u don't likes this put a bullet in your head this is proper music not that justin beabier shit

  93. Martin Ovesen

    @flyingmonkey96 ROFL!!!!! Best comment ever!

  94. Daragh Hayes

    This album is freakin awesome. Favourite Papa Roach album

  95. EvilStorm777

    the acoustic better

  96. iGyman

    wow papa roach has changed quite a bit