Pantera - Nothin' On (But The Radio) Lyrics

She looks easy
a real lady
she knows what i need
she's kinda easy
she's everything you ever wanted in a girl
i'm in love with the way she walks
and i'm not the kinda guy who talks
late at night she gives it everything that she's got
she's got
nothin' on but the radio
late at night, that's the only way to go
nothin' on but the radio
she loves dancin'
slow dancin'
walk me away
sweet romancin'
that little girl
she knows how to satisfy man
i love her every way
tell her what i need
she'll always do ya
and always say please
oh that lil girl she's got
she's got
nothin' on but the radio
nothin' on but the radio

when i feel the way
that i feel about you girl
so easy
when i'm feelin' the way that i do
you're likely to know

She looks easy
a real lady
she knows what i need
she's kinda easy
she's everything you ever wanted in a girl
i'm in love with the way she walks
and i'm not the kinda guy who talks
late at night she gives it everything that she's got
she's got
nothin' on but the radio
late at night, that's the only way to go
nothin' on but the radio

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Pantera Nothin' On (But The Radio) Comments
  1. Ryan Bulger

    i heard some remakes of this song they are not as good as this one

  2. J Bunn

    You wouldn’t want to turn the radio on these days

  3. Magno Thrash Gonçalves de Oliveira

    Pantera Anos 80 Glam Heavy Metal Rules...

  4. Linh Thai Duong

    17 fucking years old, just fucking ridiculous talent. Solo sounds like Randy Rhoads influenced.

  5. Grim G


  6. Dimpoe

    A few months in between I come back and listen to this song, it's so PleAsiNg TErriffic ReAl! \,,/

  7. Carlos Vasquez

    Metal magic their first album one of their best I love nothing on but the radio also biggest part of me came out in 1983 I'm only 24 years old but I know my stuff trust me brother

  8. Anibal Abad

    I fucking love this song

  9. gustavo velascovich


  10. Morris Fain

    Rest in peace dime

  11. lynchie137

    This is just a good catchy rock song.

  12. Barney Greenway

    Terry rocks!

  13. wakeupdead718

    Dimes work on the early Pantera albums is just amazing. R.I.P. to a real ICON

  14. Dave D'artigan

    uh the only problem is a country guy ripped the title off

  15. Patrick

    I can't imagine Phil Anselmo ever singing this, but this isn't bad I guess. It's no Cowboys From Hell but it's alright.

    OA B

    He didn't

    James Lott

    The singers name was Terry glaze real good dude

  16. Dottlinger Bass Player

    Rex Brown, the legend!

  17. BC Rowe

    It's not the Pantera they became, but it's still really catchy. I like it :-)

    Carlos Vasquez

    Hopefully one day the glad I'm going to get remastered and recognize cuz they're f****** badass

    Carlos Vasquez

    It's like Judas Priest Motley Crue and they had a baby

    Dustin Mahan


  18. Dude

    My mom went to Arlington High School with the brothers.


    This songs about her.

    Anibal Abad

    Falselyaccused lmfao!!!!

    David Martinez

    Falselyaccused 😂😂😂

    Carlos Vasquez

    Was she good friends with dime and Vinny

    Cagatay Belgen

    technically, the brothers might have been your dad.

  19. Prasenjeet Tribhuvan

    That solo though

  20. Gabriel Oz

    soy pasivo u.u

  21. JoshMetal316

    80's Pantera was the best Pantera

    Derek Marshall

    JoshMetal316 it was good I wouldn’t say its the best

  22. Boss Nass

    Haha, jesus... this is almost as embarrassing as Ministry's "new romantic" early phase

  23. Josey Wales

    I think the writing was better. In this era tge singer just sucked. Dime was on point on these old albums he was putting it down son.


    Go cry somewhere else bitch!

    Josey Wales

    Fuck u douchebag I'm nt cryin they wldve sound better wit phil obviously

    Zack Koppang

    Josey Wales I dont think its comparable at all, two different types of delivery. I love Glam pantera , and I love heavy pantera. like have you listened to projects in the jungle, or metal magic, like fire?

    Joseph H.

    Btw Phil Anselmo was only 15 years old when this song came out..

  24. Remi Raymond

    Metal is legendary and has a story. Accept it and embrasse it

  25. sicoticosandro

    I'm troll you fool... but anyway.. i think this guys pose out from the nineties on

  26. sicoticosandro

    You said it.. they sell out

  27. bienfabien

    One of the biggest influence of Dimebag was Randy Rhoads, we can hearing it in this solo, 2 guitar legend with a sad end

  28. sicoticosandro

    No problem with this style.. i have problems with their actual style... poser to the limit. This hair metal thing is their real thig..

  29. dayzgone

    I found an interview with Terry and he mentioned that Priest was one of they're influences along with Cheap Trick and Iron Maiden.

  30. dayzgone

    Try Mp3VA

  31. James Roskruge

    Rob Halfords voice is god

  32. sicoticosandro

    Here they were sincere... after vulgar display of power was all about posing and dying.

    Lord Belial

    Here their finished product comes across as a labour of love. Everything after Vulgar felt half assed. Like they just tried to be heavy and had screaming shouting and roaring in place of vocals.

  33. sicoticosandro

    Yeah... they should have changed their name to: Regular poser band trying to sound heavy when our hearts are with Hair Metal

  34. sicoticosandro

    Porque es muy malo y adictivo por ende.

  35. criminally1nsane

    The real Pantera 'Slaughtered' this old Pantera and ended up 'Becoming' the best metal band of thee 90's hands down. :)

  36. alok666sharma

    The real that Pantera no one fucking knowns or cares to fucking know.....RETARDS..!!!

  37. 13 steps 2the gallows

    download it here hit me up ill guide you how, aint gonna put it up 4all too see, have 2 keep the secret

  38. Lou Mob

    dime at 17 years old, what a fuckin Legend!

  39. Fernando Solarte

    Where can I download the full album, i have it but a bad quality. it`s a great song.

  40. leonunesss

    this cover looks like highly inspired on Thundercats

  41. Mc Vash

    QUE BUEN TEMA LOCOOOOOOOOO, no lo puedo dejar de escuchar...

  42. Endee

    Motley crue-ish solo
    Love it

  43. JoshMetal316

    where the fuck can I download this!!!!???????

  44. PetarBrc

    Have you ever saw Scorpion's Virgin Killer?

  45. Dcving

    fuck you that cover kicks ass


    Pantera's first four albums are just as good, if not better, than every Pantera album that came after Power Metal!!! I would compare these albums to Judas Priest and I know nobody in the band would consider that an insult.

  47. TheeMelon

    lubie pisiory

  48. fiveWing

    if i had their first 4 albums my life would be complete

    Dustin Mahan

    4 Glamtera albums.

  49. ImademyselfFast

    i think yes.. the old and the new pantera is like total different bands, only connection is the players. they should've change the name after changing the style

  50. Adrian Groborz

    Great !

  51. thedddemon

    fucking love it.

  52. ImademyselfFast

    YEAH PANTERA! \m/ i actually like this too :'> they should have change the name of the band

  53. laynestaley1990

    @Blackheart1005 you just said that you dislike that album because people know it?? c'mon dude... its a fucking badass record. The reason everyone knows it is because its fucking insanely awesome!. who cares if its overrated its still badass.

  54. Jakub Bradley

    @MajkeTiTvoje well would ya just look at it. well would ya look at that. lmao robert benfer

  55. SmittyHeWasNumber1

    That's a fucking Rembrandt of a record cover!!!

  56. Astral Projection

    dude they werent hair metal thats just how metal bands looked in the 80's look at other bands like pantera in the 80's

  57. AntiStaR_2049

    @MajkeTiTvoje hahahaahhaahha drito, jedan od gorih covera

  58. Gerardo Vazquez

    @wakeupdead92 yup I know what you mean haha

  59. Dan Hagen

    I sure do miss that old Pantera Sucks webpage on Geocities.

  60. jesseharrington211

    cant even call it glam its heavy enough to make journey sound pussy

  61. jesseharrington211

    i find it weird that this song is fucking badass. diamonddimebag was always an amazing guitar player. who woulda thought that when pantera had perms they still kicked ass now thats a vulgar display of power

  62. kixr4kids1981

    @governergusgus fuckin rite. thats kuz its not the same people anymore

  63. mh13382

    @tgm5150 Thats Right my brother! R.I.P. DIME!

  64. Arock Duece

    @governergusgus they were always just metal dude they reinvented it in the 90's but they did not just turn into something else, people and music evolve.

  65. Arock Duece

    @McTatzi small correction, DIME was already the best!

  66. MeliiMurder

    This is awesome. Fuck the others that won't accept the glam Pantera.


    MeliiMurder glam pantera is awesome 🤟🏻

    Dustin Mahan


  67. livingthruthemusic

    Pantera has it all!!!

  68. Wardrunar

    Fuck, this is just Awesome!

  69. Andrew300082

    @wakeupdead92 from the limited sample of this song, disagree strongly. It sounds like what Eddie Van Halen and everyone else was doing at the time. It took until 1990 for Darrell to establish a signature sound.

  70. Jesse

    Sure Pantera had Dime but thats all people seem to acknowledge, Rex, Vinnie are some of the most under rated musicians out there. Phil deserves a bit more too.

  71. HouseHoldGuy1

    @MsJewgold even IF his name was "Diamond" Darrell. lol
    naw he rocks

  72. WarlockAshlii

    It's not bad, but it doesn't compare to their later stuff.

  73. manuel8200

    itunes counter: Pantera - Nothin' On (But the Radio) 423

  74. Axel Amaya

    It's not so bad...

  75. RevJim1313

    @wakeupdead92 No.Sorry but this Dokken version of Pantera is horrible.

  76. stopglobalswarming

    I thought it was Whitesnake. hahah. 5/5

  77. mzex

    change was Dimebags meeting with James Hetfield, and most importatnt was Phil's joining to Pantera.

  78. Abreu Silva Júnior

    Cara,achei mil vezes melhor que o Pantera do anos 90.
    Muito mais METAL!

  79. John O'trilby

    It's not Phil

  80. Braeden McMahon

    i love old pantera

  81. Lisa Sheridan

    terry glaze was the shit pantera is the shit both ways really i dont understand why the hell dime wasnt just the singer and played at the same time..... i dont know its all good

  82. AresMan

    Dimebag was an amazing guitarist. I never said he wasn't.

  83. AresMan

    Holy hell that's terrible. I guess there's a reason why Pantera stopped the sale of their 80's albums.

  84. stevieVantanna

    OH this is so "Metal Magic!"

    phahah....yeah right.

  85. Jackson Catton

    i guess at first they played more of the style of music they listened to: a bit of a mix of metal and alot of southern rock. im more into there stuff from i am the night and forward.

  86. GeminoSmothers

    it does sound a little like phil, but its not.

    good song either way

  87. Torlof1019

    this is terry i know phils voice...check cowboys from hell- that's phil's voice..and compare it too this..terry made some great songs with pantera i admit BUT phil definately fit the place as lead vocalist for pantera

  88. Max Lassally

    is that phil singing cause it sounds like it

  89. undisputedattitude66

    just wondering how much somone would pay for this album
    since i own it

  90. bio88

    RR=Randy Rhoads. There are two riffs within the solo that are almost direct rips of Randy solos.

  91. roketfingers

    fkn 90s are gay and depressive. pantera in the 80s kicks hard ass!

  92. DimebagRIPCFH

    Love or hate Pantera, like or diss their old music. who cares. All i have to say is ya' gotta appreciate all of the music they made if you're a fan. maybe you dont like the vocal; so what? it's the riffs and the guitaring ya gotta listen to. Either way, dont diss it, cause this takes alot of talent to play this way too. How about people stop putting it down, and just listen or change songs? just give 'em the respect they deseve, and keep on rockin'

  93. bio88

    The solo's tight but there is clearly some RR influence - almost too much - and 83 was RR time.

  94. Gareth Pontin

    Master Of Puppets

  95. Stellarion Prime

    uhhhhh thats so sexy music :)

  96. dirtrideryellow

    No it is Terry Glaze he was there first singer but when Pantera decided to start to go hevier they got rid of him and hired phil but phil didn't start singing till the Power Metal album.

  97. todd Turner

    is that phil singin

  98. cfreckna

    tapping solo kinda like crazy train, and similar tone. maybe thats what ur thinkin of?

  99. Jonathan Evans

    every album they ever did had a new style mad the way they thave changed through the years WHAT A BAND

  100. Markus O

    the solo reminds me of randy rhoads playing it, i dunno why, maybe the same style?