Pansino, Rosanna - Perfect Together Lyrics

If you were the popcorn
I would be the movie
If you were strawberries
Then I would be the smoothie
If you were October
I'd be apple cider
And if you were the waffle fries
Then I would be the slider

Cause you and me, we make each other better
We may not be perfect but we're perfect together
You and me, we'll make it through whatever
We may not be perfect but we're perfect together

Da da da da [x6]

If you were Sunday brunch
I'd be eggs and bacon
If you were hot chocolate
I'd be the winter night you stay in
If you were a candy
I would be the wrapper
And if you were marshmallows
Then I'd be the graham cracker

Cause you and me, we make each other better
We may not be perfect but we're perfect together
You and me, we'll make it through whatever
We may not be perfect but we're perfect together

What's the point of apple pie
Without the ice cream on the side
That'd be like not having you tonight
And what's the point of a fondue
Without the chocolate too
That'd be like me not having you

Da da da da [x6]

Cause you and me, we make each other better
We may not be perfect but we're perfect together
You and me, we'll make it through whatever
We may not be perfect but we're perfect together

Da da da da [x6]

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Pansino, Rosanna Perfect Together Comments
  1. Renaldo Fruman

    This vid really got 23m views omggggh😳😄😳

  2. A C

    I don’t really remember when I found this, I think it was 2016

  3. Edyn Wojciechowski

    I love it

  4. iiAveri

    5 year Anniversary!

  5. Diridiculous

    I found it in 2020... IN THE HOME PAGE!! HA!

  6. mwallis studios

    When will be available in the US because it says it is not available in the US when I looked it up on Itunes

  7. Caelynn St.Laurent

    Awww I love this ❤️ Edit thx for all the likes even tho it’s just one which is me but thx for liking if u do

    Caelynn St.Laurent

    Edit thx for all of the likes even tho it’s only one and that one person is me 😢 😭

  8. theloniousMac

    5 years later and I still play this for my dog on Valentine’s Day!

  9. Disha Karthik

    When was blueberry,s Birthday ?

  10. GoMorran

    Just register that it was from 2015 after I watch it. Thought it was from this year or from last year 😅😊

  11. Purple Brick World

    Da da da da her voice is like a angel 🤗💕

  12. L V D M

    She should voice a Barbie movie

  13. Ava Grace

    Her voice is beautiful!!😀

  14. Emily the crazed anime fan

    A subtle detail in this I noticed is most of the girls have gowns of pastel colors, but Rosanna's is the only one that's a vibrant blue. It's different and special, just like her!

  15. Princess Yco

    Who's here in 2020?
    Only me?okay.

  16. - chelsea

    I watched this song in 2015 and coming back and watching it brings back so many memories of nerdy nummies

  17. Kendra Urig

    Wow Ro’s voice is so beautiful and she looked soo gorgeous in the dress

  18. Classical Classy

    I bet Ro made all the desserts in the second-ish scene

  19. Arlett Foxwell

    0:33 JARDON

  20. Leena Tobasei

    Your singing 🎤 is the best like if agree

  21. Princess_ Zara

    We may not be perfect but we’re perfect together!❤️

  22. Princess_ Zara

    My favourite song!❤️

  23. Samantha Kirby

    I think I just found me and my bfs song!

  24. Emaan Toseef

    i’m watching this after so many years and i actually know a lot of these people now. wow.

  25. Lana Ali

    Love rosana pension & her voice love it amazing

  26. TotallyPooh

    I love how she says graham cracker

  27. Unstopagirl

    So funny that Husky is her boyfriend now (The guy she came with her)

  28. Lemon Tea

    It's too cute. I can't take it.

  29. July Marsel

    Sometimes it's a little bit silly, but it's soooooo cuuuteeeee!!! I LOVE IT! !!!!

  30. Maple Unicorn


  31. Rin

    Oh I missed this so much!! Nostalgia at it's best.. And I still laugh so hard at the 'Ka-pi-tan Spark-lez' 🤣🤣

  32. aesthedits


  33. aesthedits


  34. Alison Martinez

    Did any body notice kururt was dancing with ro


    who recognizes husky as the guy walking with her in the beginning

  36. Daisy Le

    I just realized that husky is in this video

  37. um Chloe

    oh god im getting childhood memories

  38. Kalalilly Kal

    I love this song, it reminds me of how I feel sometimes. It makes my day.

  39. Ariana Torres

    Dude how is she such a great no not even great like A BETTER WORD THAN AMAZING AT BAKING AND ANA AMAZING SINGER

  40. Destiny Aquilum

    Oh hey look, it's "Helpless" from before "Helpless" was a thing!

  41. Lil Red :3

    It reminds me of a song that can be in a Barbie film like Princess and the Pauper or something

  42. David Peterson

    You are a good signer

  43. shannon walsh

    Recommend in 2020!!

  44. Esther Butt

    Who spotted Mo?? 🙋‍♀️

  45. Olive Duck

    you sing so beautifully
    anyone here in 2019???

    Miss Fabulous


  46. Loveless100

    Literally looove this

  47. Rita Kadora


  48. Molly Cribbin

    who’s watching in 2020 😂

  49. Paige Caruso

    No one:

    helpless from Hamilton: *basically this song*

  50. anii

    some people really didn’t know about this? i hyped this up when i was 9 😌✨

  51. Vixen


  52. nobody knows

    Ro falling down the stairs is what any physical activity looks like in my dreams.

  53. GoldenBacon _

    1:00 thank me later

  54. Angeliqueee

    2:09 just in case you couldn't find Molly at first like me

  55. Lexi Rose Roblox

    what is this.

  56. Amalia Elena

    I remember the day this came out 4 years ago so vividly oh my god

  57. Gandy 2

    This video is so cute!

  58. jax_kd

    this, THIS is the song that was stuck in my head! Ive been singing for the past 4 years now and have not known what it was!
    Thanks youtube!

  59. n ly

    Here after papa pizza’s death. So tragic.

  60. Valerie Linares

    This is such a cute song!

  61. Jenn Clough


  62. Jenn Clough


  63. Piña Piña

    Am I the only one who actually listened to this song when it came out

  64. Emma Smith

    Why do I get Katy Perry vibes

  65. Ruby Hatton

    I watch this so many times I love it a lot! 💖💖💖💖

  66. Keith Mitchell

    This was different in a good way

  67. Annika :3

    I love how the guy that ignored and disrespected Ro is her boyfriend Husky and the king dude is Kurt Hugo Schneider (I think)

  68. Jaclyn Wilson

    2020 anyone??

  69. Brianna K


  70. Salt&Vinegar 123

    2020 anyone?

  71. Indraj singh

    That was Kurt right

  72. yeetinggiraffe

    omg i used to watch this a lot when i was 8, im 13 now uwu

  73. Life of Fox


  74. tk 11

    oh wow i miss this

  75. Boston finn vlog

    Ho is here in 2020

  76. Olivia D

    i can just imagine how they felt when her boyfriend was dancing with ijustine


    Olivia D
    It’s a music video..
    it’s not real.

    Olivia D

    @lemons well obviously its real they had to film it

  77. Lin Lin

    Is supposed to be a happy song but I feel sad idk if it's bc of papa pizza or just bc her voice or something

  78. k k x p j j a n g .

    Omg i remember this was my jam when I was so young skxkdkcss

  79. itz pastel

    I still remember when we used to ship Ro with Kurt

  80. your mum

    LMAO jardon is here

  81. FE Richard

    My name is mollie

  82. Xoie Veck

    Ah, I remember this. The good old days

  83. Devin Hemmings

    Husky (aka Micheal) lovey kinda looks like Dwight Shrut from the office in the wig

  84. Ella Collins

    Anyone wounding why Rosanna and Kurt have a thing in this video? Mike and Ro are together right? At least in 2020

  85. IfyouBelieve

    wait...... she is like 4'10" how tall is HE????? Is that why Mike couldnt be the lead? lol

  86. Maggie Russo

    omg this was my song

  87. Shorty Voxy

    Her singing is soooo good!

  88. Brandi Bernard

    This is like a lalabuy😌😌😌🥱🥱🥱🥱🥱😴😴😴

  89. Eunice Wong

    Is that guy kurt Hugo shenider

  90. Sarah Taylor

    She is good at singing

  91. Giselle Rodriguez

    You are so good at singing sing a new song

  92. Caleb Nickisch


  93. The Crazy Glasses Girl

    food and music combined