Panic! At The Disco - Dancing's Not A Crime Lyrics

I'm a moon-walker
I'm like MJ up in the clouds
I know it sounds awkward
I'm filthy as charged, filthy as charged
You're a sweet talker
But darlin' whatcha gonna say now?
The midnight marauders
The higher never come down, never come down

You can't take me anywhere, anywhere
You can't take me anywhere, anywhere
I'm still uninvited, I'm still gonna light it
I'm going insane and I don't care

(Whatever they tell you...)

Dancing, dancing, dancing's not a crime
Unless you do it without me
Unless you do it without me
Dancing, dancing, dancing's not a crime
Unless you do it, do it
Do it, do it, do it without me
Without me

And if you're night crawlin' with him
I won't take it lying down
I've got a few lawyers
And you're guilty as charged, guilty as charged
We could be waltzin', yeah
But darlin' don't be throwing shade now
Don't call me Saint California if you're at another altar
Just gimme your vows, gimme your vows, yeah

You can't take me anywhere, anywhere
You can't take me anywhere, anywhere
I'm still uninvited, I'm still gonna light it
I'm going insane and I don't care

(Whatever they tell you...)

Dancing, dancing, dancing's not a crime
Unless you do it without me
Unless you do it without me
Dancing, dancing, dancing's not a crime
Unless you do it, do it
Do it, do it, do it without me
Without me

Ooo ooo ooo, what's come over you
Baby, just tell me now
Ooo ooo ooo, won't we make that move
'Cause I just wanna be
Your boyfriend/girlfriend, oh yeah
And I just wanna be
Your boyfriend/girlfriend, oh yeah, oh yeah

(Whatever they tell you...)

Dancing, dancing, dancing's not a crime
Unless you do it without me
Unless you do it without me
Dancing, dancing, dancing's not a crime
Unless you do it, do it
Do it, do it, do it without me
Without me
Do it, do it, do it without me
Without me
Without me
Without me...

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Panic! At The Disco Dancing's Not A Crime Comments
  1. Gabrielė Činikaitė

    Brendon you are The best singer į ever hear ❤️ i love you 💕i am your big fan 😊 and i really want to come to your your concert💋you are amazing😘😉my name is Gabriele Gabriele ❤️ i am 10 years old💕💕

  2. TrumpCard

    It would be pretty good if Brendon recreate this but instead of his Tiny Brendon, Brendon Itself acting. But if there is A Tiny Brendon and Big Brendon Scene Then, Just let Brendon hold Tiny Brendon.

  3. Sarah Schiefelbein

    I love Brendon Urie

  4. Phandom133 133

    This song showcases the purities and youthfulness of young love, with simplicities such as dancing with someone and being their boyfriend or girlfriend

  5. Sultana Raj

    you're moon walker!

  6. Superthings123

    0:19 You're a sweet taco

  7. Ernar Kakezhanov


  8. cat halo

    Beebo is littereally better at showing emotions than me and he’s a puppet. That says someting about me.

  9. pokimaster 24

    1:03 idk why I thought it was dantdm

  10. That Girl With an Attitude

    So your telling me dancing not a crime unless I dance? *insert illuminati music*

  11. Vold Ravenclaw

    "Dancing, dancing, dancing's not a crime, unless you do iiiit"
    Sounds like a crime?

  12. MobilePlays 101

    Yo pánic I use ur songs in my Fortnite montages

  13. Łøßer._.Wøłfy Gacha

    1:06 I KNOW HIM!!

  14. get scared_ at my chemical_disco

    I saw the puppet and yelled "OH MY GOD ITS PUPPET BEEBO!!" 😂😂😂😂

  15. Gabrielė Činikaitė

    Brendon you are The best singer į ever hear ❤️i love yours songs and your beautiful voise 😍you are The best 💕 i am your big fan 😊 ❤️ my name is Gabriele ❤️ so yeah... You are The best 💕 love ya so so much ❤️ this song is sooo good and cool

  16. TheHD Shadow

    seeing a Puppet Brendon Urie Taking a S*it...Is it strange that I find it funny?

    Yeah Probably

  17. Shawn Graham

    Maybe I would do the same things in this video At a P!ATD concert with a Backstage Pass

  18. Cely Valenzuela

    I LOVE YOU!!!

  19. Tink_ Princes

    Plot twist:

    In this city, dancing is a crime. (?)

  20. Rob Martin

    I'm going to dance with beebo

  21. Emily McGuire

    *please don’t be mad at muppet urie, he’s just tryna live his best life :(* 😂

  22. Kiara Rios

    I need other song of brendon, it's so amazing her talent 😅

    Sultana Raj

    Check out all the songs of Panic! each album is different but thats what makes Panic! so cool.

  23. Unicornpower

    When your birthday is 15 march and this song came out on 18 march!!!
    Its my birthday present!!!

    But a ticket to a concert would be great too :)
    (But I live in Belgium :(

  24. Abby Bishop

    I wonder how many puppet Brendons they have

  25. Sultana Raj

    i love to dance to this song

  26. Letícia Longo

    Ok this is so much better than High Hopes

    Sultana Raj

    I love both songs but this song always puts me in a great mood.

  27. LilBlackRose22

    I don't know how its possible but after watching this i love Brandon and [email protected] Even more now

    Sultana Raj

    yes!!! i love him too

  28. Kieran Caruth

    I like the name puppet Urie better

  29. stella medeiros

    gente????? essa música é tudo pra mim

  30. Uriel González

    Abuelo😉😉😉👍 la mejor música del mundo que hay gas escucha .❤️❤️❤️

  31. Emma D

    Me at a party: not dancing
    My friends: why aren't you dancing?
    Me: Dancing is a crime
    My friends: dancing isn't a crime
    Me: if you do it with out brendon urie then it is!


  32. Some Alien with Internet Access

    Brendon’s phone background is the most adorable thing I’ve ever seen.......

  33. Madi Priske

    Yes, I love seeing a puppet pooping and sing Dancing's not a crime

  34. Shawn Naone

    From JNCO jeans to skinny jeans. What an evolution.

  35. Shawn Naone

    A continued video from " Look ma...". i donʻt think has ever been done before. #genius

  36. Username_not_found

    Brendon as a puppet... didn't see this coming
    ... then again it's Brendon so what did I expect

  37. Akashi Equilibrium Demaria

    Manager: Okay, so Brendan what should we do for the music vid?

    Brendan: Film a fucking puppet that looks like me and make it funny
    Everyone: Genius!

  38. police car

    are we not gonna talk about beebo in the pride flag at 2:45? cause i think its a amazing

  39. Just Carlee

    I love you so much Brendon!!!!!!!!😇😇😇❤️❤️❤️❤️

  40. rainyotto

    Beebo with a pride flag is blessed and will be framed on my wall

  41. Cari Didion


  42. Stormbreaker

    Dancing's Not A Crime in 2020!

    Flames! At The Disco

    Stormbreaker Unless you do it without Bredon!

  43. the best damn dress Gee ooohooowwnns

    Dance, dance

  44. Ven1d Bien

    This song makes me happy!

  45. Paweł Owczar

    Dancing's! Dancing's!
    Dancing's Not A Crime😘😘😘 Amazing Video
    I❤ Tu Brendon😻💋💋💋


  46. Carly Plagens

    SecURity. And shOw

  47. Marissa Turner

    *”You missed the whole god damn show”*

    I love how he really looks angry at the alcoholic puppet.

    Paper Ninja

    Right!?!?! It was amazing!!

  48. Eric Dunn

    This song reminds me of Streetcorner Symphony by Matchbox Twenty

  49. anna owczar

    I❤ Tu Brendon!😍😘🤩

  50. John Carleton West Jr

    Dancing isn't illegal?? Say whaaaa? Since when? Can I get that in writing?

  51. Cat girl Phil1

    bro this songs amazing

  52. kiwi games

    Brendons high notes are higher then my will to live

  53. Sarah Schiefelbein

    I love Brendon Urie

  54. I'm a banditø



    207 Panic! At The Disco - Dancing's Not A Crime (Official Video)

  56. Kitto Desu

    A puppet's voice is higher than my grades and confidence. Ok then.

  57. billie eilish's biggest fan

    Who else loves Panic! At the disco,Billie Eilish and Melanie Martinez,and hates Loren Gray?

  58. Hieu Tran

    Did you really need to add killing?

  59. Samantha Zorio

    I'd love to get to hear this but the background drums and guitar are SO loud I honestly cant even hear the words hes singing so I quit trying not even 50 seconds into the song. What's the point of singing if nobody can even hear the lyrics?

  60. Sultana Raj

    this video and song make me so happy. i can't say that enough. its like stress relief

  61. Diego Alonso

    You guys like to see puppet Brendon vomit

  62. UgolinoV

    *Easter eggs:*
    1. The Amazing Beebo is back! (0:00)
    2. Rehearsals for the _Pray for the Wicked_ tour (0:22)
    3. Beer from the "Hey Look Ma, I Made It" video (0:56)
    4. Rainbow flag from "Girls/Girls/Boys" (2:45)
    5. "Hey Look Ma, I Made It" backing track (3:50)
    6. Reference to puking in the public bathroom from the "Hey Look Ma, I Made It" video
    7. Zack Cloud Hall (4:05)

  63. ثوريا قاصري

    مـيــــن🥰 يـرحــــب🥰 بــــي🥰 يــضـغط لايـك🥰ويــــراســنـي خـاص واشـتـرك بقـــناتــــي
    الواتس اب*00212.620.539.566*💋💋💋

  64. LauraTheDad

    Brendon after giving puppet Beebo too goodwill😌✊

  65. Pen Free 21

    Great Soundtrack love this one

  66. Pen Free 21

    Love u much

  67. something and crud

    Where can I buy my official Beebo puppet?

  68. ALD Vlogs

    ...stupid little bastard...

  69. Aldy Laja

    I just kept waiting till the end for the puppet to get molested or something because patd

  70. TAMS FF

    Vc e top brendon

  71. Emma Dingwall

    I used to be a fan of Katy Perry but after listening to one of your songs, death of a bachelor, I became a fan of your music, your the best Brendan and this was amazing and made me laugh, funny to see a puppet of yourself

  72. Phoenix

    Hoofing hath not be a crime! Lest ye' do it without thee...

  73. Alyssa Rivera

    i just realized this was filmed at the enterprise center. that’s where my concert was (:

  74. I do Art for fun

    Kids in footloose:

  75. Adriana Manzo

    1:14 tratando de sacar a sus hermanos >:"v

  76. Peggy Berge

    The puppet is cute and all that, but we all wanna see the actual Mr Urie dance. Who's with me?

  77. Ðëmøñ GuRl

    How can a human being be so amazing Brendon isn't human I'm guessing 💗😁

  78. Mankso

    Oml the ad right before this was an ad with the song high hopes for just dance

    What a coinciDANCE

  79. Kiley Huff

    My favorite part of this video is Beebo (puppet) wearing a Pride flag and, despite being a puppet that physically can't show emotions, looking soooooo happy, possibly more so than Beebo (human), and gently rocking back and forth with the flag wrapped around him. It's just a random thing, something to make the puppet more like the human, but it's just so innocent and precious. My heart can't handle both the human and the puppet. Both are too pure for this cruel world.

  80. Lily

    Anyone else notice the devil's key at 2:38? So that makes 3 videos its been in, (Say amen, Dancings not a crime, and King of the Clouds).

  81. Jeremy Pulido

    Brendon:Have you met my son?
    Person:No what does he look like?
    Brendon:*shows video*

  82. Your weird uncle, AJ

    He picked that dude up but his UPPER JAW. If you fuck around too much, Zach is gonna best your ass

  83. LouLou 36

    “You missed the all god dawn show !” That voice kills me every time :-)

  84. Sultana Raj

    watching this video makes me so happy

  85. Kaiser de Emperana Zeelze the 4th

    Dude, we're all criminals. We danced without him- Oh I'm so sorry, I would dance with you if I could

  86. Gabriela

    Beebo puppet is lucky!! I want vip tickets <3

  87. Kevyn hernandez

    Wait is he bisexual because he says "because I just wanna be you boyfriend/girlfriend" 😮😮😮

  88. Rafael Abdias burgos cauich

    Woow urie 🎤🎧

  89. y05077

    You know I always dance to this while alone in my room...and at work...and sometimes in public...sometimes on the bus, so am I the criminal?

  90. Cam_ Axx65

    Was this filmed at enterprise center?

  91. Googl3_ chrome

    ah this is a nice feel good song

  92. Mr. Oof Shadoof

    hi im at my house site {redacted}

  93. João Arthur BdM

    Where are the little sarah

  94. Chief10133

    I thought I got a notification at the beginning of the video

  95. Panic! At The Disco

    The Amazing Beebo just out here living the puppet dream y'all. Thumbs up if you'd dance with Beebo

    Xx_ popadomgacha _xX

    who the hell wouldn’t

    Berra Ergin



    Panic! At The Disco BEEBO!!

    Berra Ergin

    Panic! At The Disco Can i dance with Brendon?