Panic! At The Disco - Dammit Lyrics

It's alright
to tell me
what you think
about me
I won't try
to argue
or hold it
against you
I know that
you're leaving
you must have
your reasons
The season
is calling
and your pictures
are falling down

The steps that
I retrace
the sad look
on your face
The timing
and structure
did you hear
he fucked her?
A day late
a buck short
I'm writing
the report
On losing
and failing
when I move
I'm flailing now

And it's happened once again
I'll turn to a friend
Someone that understands
Sees through the master plan

But everybody's gone
And I've been here for too long
To face this on my own
Well I guess this is growing up

And maybe
I'll see you
at a movie
sneak preview
You'll show up
and walk by
on the arm
of that gay guy
And I'll smile
and you'll wave
we'll pretend
it's okay
The charade
it won't last
when he's gone
I won't come back

And it'll happen once again
You'll turn to a friend
Someone that understands
And sees through the master plan

But everybody's gone
And you've been there for too long
To face this on your own
Well I guess this is growing up

Well, I guess this is growing up...

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Panic! At The Disco Dammit Comments
  1. Youngster Skaymore

    0:40 you’re welcome

  2. washburn11000

    Fall out boy is gay af lmao

  3. Musical _Webhead

    This video still gives me goosebumps

  4. nathan

    weird timeline

  5. Wenzley

    *Oh man, not only are they covering blink- 182 but Pete Wentz is also there bhjkbvugyhijbyguihbv that's amazing*

  6. Ruben Zuniga

    WellElll I guessesss thisiss growwingwiing uuhhhpppppp

  7. Brett A

    2:48 sounds like a voice crack

  8. Jake Giguere

    Brendon is the G O A T! (Literally)

  9. Carson Pe

    i like his sound but the vibrato tho

  10. Grunge Fanboy

    WTF is this crap

    Grunge Fanboy

    Wenzley what

  11. Jan von Studnitz

    it's alri~i~i~i~i~ight to tell me~e~e~e~e what you thi~i~i~i~nk about me~e~e~e~e XD

  12. Bill Clinton

    My right ear was having the time of its life

  13. brandon molina

    These guys sounds like Panic! At the Disco. I don't know what it is but it's like they are the same people.

  14. Asmrisdumb


  15. russel santos

    Tooo muuuuccccchhhhhhhhh

  16. #PÌLARS

    Am I the only one who thinks this song suits Brendon and it isn't ugly at all

  17. stephane zhang

    did you all know that brendon was in a blink cover band once

  18. Tasty Fresh

    This is fucking awful

  19. Susanne Sætre

    Every comment on this is just hate on his vibrato.. its not than horrible, its a good cover.

  20. Susanne Sætre

    This os my new favourite band

  21. dockoston

    i’ve been here for too lOOOOOng

  22. Oleg Stativin

    Every end of phrase sounds like tremolo of goat. Shit !

  23. Victor Ferdinand Khe

    "Been there for two Luuuuaaawuungh"

  24. eve lyn

    Im sorry but the vocals sound like a bad Morrissey impression,,,

  25. ŠČERA

    3/10 voice not rough enough and the strap is too high

    Except the bassist

  26. Fernando Rodriguez

    Singing in front of fans...

  27. Matt Noble

    Is he talking into a fan or something?

  28. hrs1414

    does he add vibrato to everything

  29. Kariasa Ptra

    Stop that fckn vibrato dude, that very anoying as fuck

  30. Greg Correa

    Lol his voice is too nice for this

  31. Troll Em

    Why does young Brendon Urie sound so theatrical?

    Anthony Dailey

    Does he sound different now? I haven’t listened to anything from him in like 10 years

  32. Mixtape Music UK

    Well this isn’t the best

  33. Alan LeBlanc

    This sounds horrible! The tempo is off and is he singing this standing in freezing water?

  34. Guy Crossley

    This cover neither captures the original essence of this song nor does it put it's own spin on it, I don't love it...

  35. leafy leafingston

    lmao he sounds like he's driving on a really bumpy road

  36. Cjstar01 Jones

    Ok so I didn’t know who was singing so I skipped a head . And then I was like “hey look that guy looks like Pete wentz” And then I was like “And this guy sounds like brendon urie” And then I screamed “hOLY SHIt!”

  37. Divine Retribution

    Goat boys at it again 🐐😂😂

  38. Zenthral


  39. StickStu

    This is fucking awful

  40. Yung Beatz

    Dude sounds like a fucking goat wtf

  41. Sun

    Sorry but Tom Delonge did it better

  42. Jesse Johnson

    Ray toro?

  43. Dave Schwartz

    Crowd looks super into it.🙄

  44. Will McNamara

    Wow this cover was fucking garbage 🤢

  45. Estación Ibiza FM

    Pete Wentz was a member of Panic at the disco?

  46. PheenX

    My right ear loves this video.

  47. ryebread07

    Does he have to add vibrato to every word? Bro, take it easy.. it’s just a blink cover

    Susanne Sætre

    Hi vibrato is actually naturally, he got it when he was young and couldn't get rid of it. But yeah i think he added a little extra on this one.


    Susanne Sætre You... dln’t get vibrsto like that. The way he sung those verses were his action completely. Brendon has an incredible voice, but this song just doesn’t fit his voice and his style only furthers that. If his vibrato was naturally in hid voice, every Panic! eong would have it after... like every word.

  48. noordinaryanthony

    back when panic at the disco was a band


    Now it’s “Brendon and the other guys”

  49. chase petty

    Worst crowd ever

  50. Jordan Barclay

    When you’re too good to sing a blink 182 song, you don’t sing it well.

    Dustyn Wood

    He completely dropped the ball

  51. Carter MacEwen

    On the next edition of “why the fuck is this in my recommended”


    Brendon urie!

  53. Sam Verduzco

    This is complete shit

  54. Jeffrey Spicer

    Panic at the Chemical Fallout Disco

    Jackson Larison

    Jeffrey Spicer Why did you put MCR in this?

    Jeffrey Spicer

    Jackson Larison I thought the guy with the big hair was Ray Toro. Or at least looks like.

    Jackson Larison

    Jeffrey Spicer It’s actually Ian Crawford from The Cab. The Cab, Panic! And FOB are all on Pete Wentz’s label, Decaydance. That’s why this was called Decaydance all stars.

    Jeffrey Spicer

    Jackson Larison thank you for the clarification. I was unsure

  55. Francisco Gomez

    I think the vabrato sounds great on the chorus. Just not the verses.

  56. Izaak McCullough

    people are robots

  57. Hayden Isaacs

    The vocals are terrible!

  58. Silly Willy

    Brendon- "my job is to speak to clients about quantities and type of copier paper"

  59. DoomGuy

    fucken lmao for those unaware when he was younger he wanted to have vibrato like gwen stefani so he forced it until he couldnt stop doing it

  60. Benjamin _Ochoa

    They did better than Blink 182 does live.

  61. Panic! At The Twenty One Pilots bLiNk 182

    like i love blink so this is kinda hard to watch.

  62. Panic! At The Twenty One Pilots bLiNk 182

    we love some brendon but this song is a no for him.

  63. ImDaBanana

    Oh my god the fucking end of every verse is so annoying

  64. TheRedSpot

    A little too much vibrato in the voice

  65. Habibi Hassan


    Absolutely nobody:

    Brendon Urie: It’a alRrRiIigHhT to tell MmEeEeE

    Ku Ra Ma

    Had me dying😂😂😂😂😂😂

  66. Fizzee


  67. piefort99

    Remember when Brendon couldn't control his virbroto well? Lmao

  68. stalker 5151

    Sounds like a goat at the end of every verse.

    mohammed rehman

    This comments killed me XD

    Divine Retribution

    stalker 5151 bruv 😂😂😂

  69. Myriam S.

    How the hell did this just get in my recommended now?!
    The f*ck youtube, you’re 9 years late! 😧

  70. James Stewart

    Love brendon but his voice doesn’t suit this song at all


    Your comment is hilarious because they started as a Blink 182 cover band.

  71. Kevin Strom

    I'm a simple guy:I see that dbag from fall out boy I down vote.

    Also this kind of sucked.

    Kevin Strom

    @Moral oh no!!! The 12 year old with an acoustic guitar is insulting me!!! How will I sleep tonight!??!!?!? 😭😭😭😭😭

    And I've met Pete....he is a dbag.

    Kevin Strom

    @Moral lmfao why did you put my name in quotation marks?? "Kevin" that's not my real name. Jesus schools must be terrible now.


    @Kevin Strom cuz it's a dumbass name

    Kevin Strom

    @Moral lmfao a dumbass name? 1. Wtf does that even mean and 2. Thats still no reason to put it quotes

    Them Bones

    Gotta agree. Panic is awful

  72. Kevin Strom

    I'm a simple guy:I see that dbag from fall out boy I down vote.

    Also this kind of sucked.

    nails for breakfast, tacks for snacks

    right you


    Who’s the douchebag? Pete or Joe? Cause honestly you’d be right either way.

  73. MattUNI2005

    Sounds like a silly sheep bleating its way through the song with all that ridiculous vibrato. Baaaaaaahhhhh


    yeah the vibrato is sadly a bit too much. he was young and didn't know what he was doing in this particular instance.


    Stolen comment

  74. Live Archive

    Cut the fucking vibrato shit, unlistenable

  75. Hadi_beatzzz

    I'm the number 999th person who lied the video

  76. nick

    its alright to have surround AUDIO

  77. Bagus Abdillah

    Is that Pete Wentz on bass?

    Myriam S.

    Bagus Abdillah Yes! :)

  78. JuanFernando Gracia

    It's confusing watching Brendon's forehead covered, like who's that folk and why he sings like Brendon Urie

  79. xltsalad

    damn that vibrato

  80. Hutch2Much

    how are they so damn perfect what the hell

  81. Anthony Brice

    Man, this sounds weird with the style of which Urie sings. He caries every nite and it sounds weird when applied to a Blink song.

  82. AnuP6

    The good ol days

  83. LemonCyd

    Is the bassist and the other guitarists Pete Wentz and Joe Trohman?


    Ian Crawford not joe

  84. destiny x

    his voice is like a balloon deflating aggressively "loo_o-oOO--ok" I LOVE IT HAHA

  85. Cocinilla

    Mejor que Blink jua

  86. Isabel Baker

    Now we only have Brendon Urie.

  87. Stvrgazin Paroxysm

    His voice doesn't make justice to the song.

  88. Gabby West

    For everyone confused, it says Decaydence All Stars, so I'm pretty sure it's all of the best people with DCD2

  89. Dicky Putra

    Mbaaaa mbaaa mbaaaa mbaaa sound the sheep LOL hahahaha

  90. euclidshel

    It wasn’t that bad but it just doesn’t fit up to his standards maybe. But let’s see if an artist like... drake sang this, this would be good. For his standards of course. That’s how I’m look at it.

  91. Miss Jackson

    Pete Wentz ?

  92. Cheez Whizz And Milk

    “On that arm, of that gay guy” 😂😂 god Brendon is so perfect


    CHEEZE WIZZ AND MILK That isn’t Brendon’s song or line, It’s a song by Blink-182 and this is a cover.

    Cheez Whizz And Milk

    Twistedscythe 43 : yeah I know, I love Blink-182. I just love that Brendon changed the lyric from “on the arm of that guy” to “on the arm of that gay guy”

  93. Alexis Cuenca

    Qué pedo con su vibrato, parece pinche oveja

  94. alejandro garcia

    I am sorry but Blink 182 isnt emo :P


    alejandro garcia They’re punk.

    alejandro garcia

    @EpicGamerMans400 I'm talking about panic at the disco

  95. Bryce Couture

    Best cover