Panes, Roo - The Original Lyrics

Well it seems she'll play the same old piece to play along,
Because the audience never listened to her mermaid song,
That temptation was a sunny isle where all that lives is dead,
Don't choose its shadows to make your bed.

Behind that painted lady, there's a masterpiece,
Behind the painted lady, she's a masterpiece,
But she doesn't care to think so; no she hasn't got belief,
That's what she's wearing over her face,

Singing, oh! Take me back to me, oh! The original me,
Oh! Take me back to me, the original me.

And when the sun descends she'll be the swan song silhouette,
And even down the road she'll be the last to leave your head,
And you'll feel like your marooned upon that sunny isle instead,
Don't choose its shadows to make your bed.

Singing, oh! Take me back to you, oh! The original you,
Oh! Take me back to you, the original you.

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Panes, Roo The Original Comments
  1. sadness Lover


  2. Kamei Mercy

    Marry me☺️

  3. Ckaiou Games

    Omg this's so amazing.
    Me and my sister listen now and we cant stop.
    perfect. we from Brazil.
    simplesmente incrível!

  4. Lígia Silva

    Gorgeous and sings beautifully...😊
    Greetings from Portugal.❤

  5. Aditi Dean

    My absolute favorite! Oh how I wish to see you perform live 🤞🏼Love from India!

  6. anjlee verma

    Thank you for this beautiful, soothing music...

  7. Derouiche Ameni

    Wish there was a "Big heart" instead of "like" button. This is just so beautiful.

  8. Silvana Gili

    Bellissima canzone, una voce stupenda, affascinante...grazie roo.

  9. roopanes

    Check out my latest video for 'My Sweet Refuge' here:

  10. Marielle Martin


  11. P S

    Pure genius <3

  12. Loujain Ivey


  13. ruby2000

    incredible music

  14. Roberta Cantinho


  15. Greg Porter

    It's amazing how an artist can get me singing to their song during the first time listening. Thanks, Roo.

  16. Moon

    This is the type of music that really hits me. Thanks Roo, :).

  17. O. Eimus López Gea

    <3 <3 <3

  18. Sadia Afrin

    this is such a lovely old schoolish song! Ringing of childhood melodies all the way.At least in my head :)

  19. Valeria Resta

    The girl at 1:55 is my flatmate, and also one of the best girl in the world!!! :)
    Go Giulia! Go Roo!

  20. Henning van Aswegen

    guitar tutorial

  21. Henning van Aswegen

    please make a tutorial video of one of your amazing songs, pleeeaaassee!!!??

  22. DottieLane

    he's done it again❤️

  23. silke

    love it! <3
    where did you film this video?

  24. Lauren H

    The music of my dreams 😊

  25. Cecil Williams

    Amazing work Roo! Keep em coming. We gonna make you day soon!

  26. Spencer Allen

    It's wonderful Roo, thank you!

  27. Karyn Kovalski de Freitas

    Amazing song!

  28. Darude Dogstorm

    Thank you Roo for this awesome song <3

  29. Perla La.

    Brilliant as usual Roo! Greetings from sunny Mexico x

  30. Renzo Beck


  31. Jonah

    I can't wait for the new album

  32. Taru

    Absolutely amazing

  33. ben veen

    It would be an injustice to not tell you how incredible this is. Keep making music Roo, for it only gets better and better.