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All for the love of those eyes
Would you take the long way back again
Singing this is the life
She was like the wind in your hair
You couldn't hold her but she held you there
Just like the freshest air

Singing can't we stay here
Middle of this feeling?
You had me dreaming
Will you bring me back there?


Remember when I used to say
You never took your shoes off at the door
Yeah, you just muddied all my thoughts
Well, love, I just want you to know
How I miss your running commentary
Beside me is an empty seat

You got me wondering
All the things you're thinking
Hoping you might just crash through the ceiling


Oh... oh... oh... oh...
(...I have been alive
I have been alive
Thank you for this whole surprise
I have been alive
I have been alive)

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Panes, Roo Commentator Comments
  1. Arun Narzary

    Wish he comes and performs in India.

  2. Isaac Bobonis

    Anyone here for this song after Grey's Anatomy S16E07?

  3. cincygurl

    Grey's Anatomy brought me here.

  4. Rue Dashwood

    Cant explain my feelings.
    Thanks. Roo. For. Everything.

  5. Wioletta Milewska

    Magiczny glos, który koi moja duszę, dziękuję 🙂

  6. Moon

    So peaceful. Really needed this . . . Thank you Roo Panes.

  7. Maria Capell

    I know that you probably wont see this coment. However I want to tell you how magic is you music and how inspires me . I would always be grateful for it.

  8. Sharmishta Mitra

    I don't know if it's just me. I don't like it much. Give me just Roo's voice, unadulterated without backups, just his voice, an acoustic and those words.

  9. Amin l امين

    it might sound so crazy , and i dont want to sound depressed but this is song is so damn beautiful in way that made me realize that im super useless and what is the point of my existence !!! mixed emotions this song is just perfect uuugh

  10. Devika Tiwari

    I am in love with roo panes voice

  11. Abderrahmane JAMAI MAATI

    Once it started i knew id never want it to end. Another success song.

  12. Shay M

    Wow. This brings back a different kind of nostalgia <3

  13. One Alexandra

    Beautiful nostalgic mood

  14. Katie Stait

    💕 This 🎶 is resonating release 💕

  15. Lazy Boy ASMR

    It's such a beautiful song 💜 Greetings from Argentina 🇦🇷

  16. Luana Fernandes

    I love your music so much

  17. Ana Zampini

    I hit like and I had not even listened to half the song 😍

  18. herdaim ben

    Thanks 💜

  19. Phoebe Musanabera

    Thank you Roo Panes !

  20. Larysa Yevdokymova-Rizk

    Genius lyrics💎

  21. Elya Poghosyan

    3 minutes and 53 seconds of total harmony! <3

  22. Hasret Kara

    Waiting for Turkey concert

  23. Tala Qbelat

    This is beautiful 🖤

  24. Nijessia Cerqueira

    Honey voice ♥️

  25. Maria Cristina Maia

    Can't express myself anymore... Just thank you! ♥

  26. Bad habit

    What a perfect song for rainy morning. A cup of coffee or tea would be nice.

  27. Trinity Frank

    So happy for more music from you

  28. Ubaid Niaz


  29. Gizem Kılıç

    if peace could be heard, it would be your music.

  30. Perla La.

    Your music always puts me in the best mood, you create pure art Roo, you've been my favorite singer since a lot and I'm so proud of you!

  31. Jefferson Lima

    O vídeo é lindo, ficaria mais ainda sem a letra.

  32. Laur

    Thank you 🖤

  33. Wobbie Sandifort

    ...Very nice song Roo Thxx :)

  34. Karolina Wąsowska

    This song got me dreaming again.

  35. Märsh Mâlløw

    Is there those who have clicked 👍 before even the song started? Or is it just me...

  36. Stella Lacerda

    Thank you for this heavenly song.

  37. Rupali

    This is gonna be my favourite song for long drive🖤

  38. Emre

    so peaceful 💜

  39. Leo Nivale

    My favorites are still Sweet Refuge, Know Me Well, and A Message to Myself

    ami shah

    Exactly what i was looking after watching the last episode

  40. Angelo Coryez

    Amazing song,i love it so much

  41. Omnea Ahmed

    This is so peaceful, thank you ❤️

  42. Renzo Andre Pinto La Torre

    I love Roo panes ❤️

  43. driftwood1906

    Reminds me a bit of Simon and Garfunkel. Like it v much.

  44. dandelion darling

    I discovered your music in August of last year on a long car ride home in the middle of the night while talking with my best friend’s grandma. Tiger Striped Sky came on and we both thought it was beautiful. Since then, your songs, the lyrics, your voice, the acoustics, have all never ceased to amaze me. You have created so much beautiful art. Thank you for the songs that are there for me when I feel alone, when I need my mood to change, when I feel like dancing in my socks alone in my room, when I feel like listening to absolute art. Thank you for everything ❤️

  45. Nayeli Escalona

    Beautiful... There is love, there is life.

  46. Israel Júnior, English teacher

    Weeeeee a notification to make me happy today!!!!

  47. Eveline Andrade

    Gosta muito... Você nem pode imaginar

  48. João Lima

    Thank you Roo! ♥️

  49. Mariel r.r

    I love this

  50. Yogiraj Deshpande


  51. Social Hues

    How can you be this talented ??

  52. Roderick Selda

    This song bring me to different dimension....a place that is so simple, light, and natural...

  53. emotional faucet


  54. Mohammed Islam Meguellati

    You deserve more fame!

  55. AnnaLeoLis

    Love this Music. amazing.

  56. Aina Qui


  57. Rue Dashwood

    Thank you for being the light of my life❣

  58. LovelyxImperfect

    This song is like a breath of fresh air, so calming and beautiful<3

  59. Vanussa Faustino


  60. Alison MB

    Thanks again, Roo! <3

  61. honey


  62. IndieVibes

    Beautiful song! 💜

  63. Martin Debataraja

    I love how he always comes from the bright side telling a story, even though the relationship doesn't last. And the video, it's a different vibe from the lyrics and music, but it fits perfectly.

  64. redcatsix

    This song is so damn beautiful and peaceful! Wonderful work!

  65. Danielle Franco

    omg i’m in love! 💜🇧🇷 🇧🇷

  66. Rebecca

    Beautiful! Thank you for sharing! ❤

  67. icmb00

    Wicked! See you in Paris in few days :)

  68. Anna Hawkins

    This is really wonderful. Great work as always Roo.

  69. Eduardo Dias

    Oh my God
    Thank you.
    This is just so amazing

  70. Uriellh Jkoab

    I feel now that a simple THANK YOU, will never express exactly how grateful I am with you 💜

    Your music is life for me, please Roo, promise you'll never stop making music. 🙏

  71. Irene P

    I’ve got goosebumps... so beautiful <3

  72. rozek19

    Thank you☺️🎧

  73. Döden

    Amazing as always :)