Panes, Roo - A Message To Myself Lyrics

Going to get out of here,
So many voices fill this place,
Society is in my solitude,
Oh find me the corner of this great space!
If I'd heard every word,
If I'd read every line upon the shelf,
I'd still need a message to myself.
A message to myself.

Searching for the elements,
The roots of a fundamental love,
Been reaching out to find my solid ground,
'Cause I've never known peace lest from above,
So up in the clear,
I'll find the voice that I hold dear,
And I'll send a message to myself.
A message to myself.

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Panes, Roo A Message To Myself Comments
  1. Chrissy12000

    I love these kinda songs because they just let you feel. They let you close your eyes in complete awe at the beauty and become transformed in a matter of 5 minutes.

  2. Erik Tibenský

    I always dreamed, that my husband will looked exactly like you. But with time I discovered, face isn't everything. Your voice is beautiful... Best regards :)

  3. Ananda Da Hora Marques Monteiro

    I love this song!

  4. MultiCocosa

    It's my cup of tea ☕

  5. Jonh Carlos Oliva Ribeiro

    I AM Brazil here! 🇧🇷😍❤👏👏🎶

  6. Cinzia Tschantret

    This touches my soul...ty Mr. Roo💋

  7. danuta pyclik

    Kocham twój głos ~~~

  8. j9 Phoenix

    Seriously beautiful...

  9. Jamille Sousa

    Gostei para um caramba rsrs

  10. s s

    lo mejor es que aun no ah perdido su estilo sigue cantando con lo que crea y se siente cómodo , queremos verte consagrado . pero no que te vuelvas un títere mas de la industria , tu trabajo es excelente !!! soy tu fan desde el primer momento que escuche una canción tuya , me ah tocado el corazón en la primer melodía !!!

  11. Shyam Sharma

    If only it was possible to make this song last forever.

  12. Ana Paula Pepper

    ❣Peaceful❣Beautiful ❣

  13. applejack hope

    beware of wolves

  14. Gabriela Ciocirlan

    My Brother Die ,He was singing an the guitar 🎸 we I was thinking about Him an the U tube this song come
    Stay Alive of Roo Panes ??? It’s not wired?

  15. Marina Clara


  16. Dino Carlo

    Como é fascinante ouvir Roo Panes....Músicas lindas....

  17. Erivania Abreu

    I feel peace in listening.

  18. kenza kenza

    My favourite singer ❤

  19. Rachel Jackson

    Hauntingly beautiful. 🎶❤🎧

  20. Regina Glaucia Macedo dos Santos

    Não tenho palavras... Sinto uma paz na alma com as músicas do Roo! ❤️🤗

  21. Kseniya

    thank you for your beautiful songs, big love from Russia

  22. Shaq Bramble

    Why did i read his name as 'poo ranes' 😂

  23. tabip kız

    Çok güzelmiş😊 very good👍💙

  24. v _ alex

    This is one of the most beautiful song i have ever heard

  25. Vi Vulpes

    I love this version AND the live sessions version ♡

  26. Mara Mara


  27. Manuel Vergara

    I love your music, amazing voice

  28. Patrícia Malafaia


  29. Bebelo Sidoso


  30. Daniel Vanlalmalsawmthanga

    I love ur unique voice <3

  31. Lucy medievalC

    This music is so me. <3 Always a message in the is my element .

  32. Ana Eleonora Manea

    i am completely fascinated and hypnotized, oh boy....

  33. Rula mah

    Always searching ..

  34. Dominici Infissi

    B R A V I S S I M O

  35. ben gary

    This song makes me so sad. I dont even know how to describe it. 😭

  36. Kla Rin

    Beautiful, Roo!

  37. Aditi Monde

    Isn't the beginning piano tune same as Michael brooks- kiss breakdown

  38. Fatima Al-Hashimi

    Roo panes...your music is helping me through a very tough period in my life. Thank you! :)

  39. EduMrBrightside

    A message to myself: Keep going on...

  40. Vicki Wilkinson

    When i listen to you and see your videos i think of all the lovely things i have experienced, moments watching the water ripple, the wind blow xxxx 😊 happy days xxx

  41. anjlee verma

    You should come to India... Love and wishes..

  42. Ronny Robertus

    I am so glad I find this song and you.. geez.. something in your voice and melody that keep me calm.. I just did some closure with someone and seriously upset, this song helps me get through it.. thank you!

  43. Siddharth Bhatnagar

    I'll never get enough of his music

  44. hyeongseon kim

    please come to korea!!!

  45. Vinicius Almeida

    Amazing. I love this song. Thanks roopanes

  46. Kay Tam


  47. EnosEverything

    Fantastic song by a supremely talented guy... 601 people are obviously living gargoyle's...Stone Deaf.

  48. Luca Dominici

    Big love from Florence, Italy


    ❤❤❤❤LOVE U❤❤❤❤


    JE T'AIME <3

  51. Fortnite Fortress

    wtf is with these 600 dislikes?!?! Are these people DEAF. Why on EARTH would you DISLIKE an angel sent from God? smmfh

  52. Ruhit P

    piece of art

  53. karl gandy

    *my love...!* 🐺🐾💍🔥💙

  54. musicfriekje

    His music makes you feel like you're in heaven ☄

  55. Ewelajna S

    When you sing, my soul is crying. But it's good. Thanks Roo. Love from Poland <3

  56. Jae Lo

    So sad! He's in Denver tonight and its sold out. 😢 I wanted to see him.

    Tina Thompson

    I am happy to hear he's sold out. :)

  57. Alpha Ali

    i miss u :(

  58. Siddharth Bhatnagar

    your music gives me hope, roo

  59. vikk al

    I´m glad that this world has a breathtaking artist like you. ♥

  60. Princella Smith

    This is...amazing.

  61. Dominici Infissi

    Bellissima!!! from Italy

  62. lance lott

    Wonderfull song.❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  63. Justice3000


  64. Alechandro

    I can feel the gloomy weather of london through this song

  65. Amellia Ladd

    The music that spews from his gold tongue is awe inspiring, and brings emotions to the surface. Where is most of us would like to hide them. When we shouldn’t. His music makes people emotionally stronger.

  66. Daniel Garcia

    The message I tell myself everyday is the Gospel.

  67. Anderson Felipe

    Eu só sei de uma coisa, depois que ouvi Stay with me, A message to myself e Open Road eu fiquei vidrado no Roo. Espero que mais pessoas conheçam as músicas e o grande talento que ele tem. Obrigado Roo pelas lindas canções!

  68. albert ashley

    Masterpiece I can see this as a movie soundtrack

  69. albert ashley

    Who is this man? I mean his voice takes you to a far away place in time so soothing.

  70. Viorel Crisan

    Who needs meeting apps when u got YouTube?

  71. Samilly Rodrigues

    Love show 😗😗😗👏👏❤❤❤❤

  72. Mout M.

    I don't even know what this song is about but it makes me want to cry.

  73. olaturkiewicz11

    Love, love, love...

  74. Milan Simic

    Thank u for this amazing song...

  75. Gumaro R. Villamil

    Man, some people just win at the genetic lottery, don't they?

  76. carmen k

    He's a dream come true

  77. Melanie Brown

    Beyond excited to see him in October!!!! Love Roo so much!!!!

  78. Muntaha Faiaaz


  79. marvin raphael monfort

    simply beautiful

  80. Raffaele Morrone

    I can't find words to describe how I feel when I hear your voice – Speechless. Thank you for this.

  81. yvonne vigstrand

    I love this song ! <3 Magical ! <3 <3 <3

  82. Kay Tam


  83. EduMrBrightside

    One of my favourites songs now. So sweet, lovely and heartfelt. Thank U for sharing this marvelous video with us. Love U!

  84. D CulCul71

    The Awesome Mt.Wolf brought me here. I love Roo Panes. Check out Mt.Wolf too..... AWESOME

  85. Frisbee Girl

    Please never stop making music. You sing me to sleep more times than you know.

  86. Pranjal Tyagi

    I know I am gonna sound selfish but I like him not being high on em charts, because it feels he is mine..his songs are my secret escape that not much people know about.

  87. Moon star

    Lyrics :

    Going to get out of here
    So many voices fill this place
    Society is in my solitude
    Oh, find me the corner of this great space
    If I'd heard every word
    Or read every line upon the shelf
    I'd still need a message to myself

    A message to myself!

    Searching for the elements
    The roots of a fundamental love
    Been reaching out to find my solid ground
    Cos I've never known peace lest from above
    So up in the clear
    I'll find the voice that I hold dear
    And I'll send a message to myself
    A message to myself

  88. yvonne vigstrand

    So beautiful ! <3 <3 <3

  89. nisaadmrgl

    #Turkey <3

  90. Kay Tam

    jesus christ.
    what an artist.

  91. Priscila Pereira

    Roo you need to do a show in Portugal!

  92. J J

    Wonderland? 😘Canada

  93. Eudaimonia

    I don't how to put this, but his songs always gives me very deep thoughts every night I listen to him. It gives me an overwhelming feeling that I wish I could just blow up and disappear one day

  94. BSM

    I am in tears ❤😭

  95. Evelin Raju

    With headphones on, this song teleports me to a different serene world♥