Panda Bear - We Built A Robot Lyrics

We built a robot and it's all like us, it hurt like us
It began to move its arm and legs, it woke up

It curiously moved about the room, we just froze in wonder
Now it's out of control
It's out of control, out of control

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Panda Bear We Built A Robot Comments
  1. Retro Naut

    Panda needs to make more songs like this

  2. Ivan Solorzano

    needs more views changed my way of listening to music especialy this song

  3. michael villano

    if the CIA puts U on hold Just tellem ;you'll call back later

  4. Matthew Fura

    Here fucking here! Cheers!

    Gary Baldy


  5. Jean-Christophe Hamel

    most ****ed up comment ever LOL

  6. schematalist

    Is the card you were thinking of the three of hearts?

  7. Jonathan Gil Santillan


  8. Whoyamadig

    Being more interested in differences from what's force fed to the masses, or force fed to us by the masses, will bring us insults from the masses.

    I'm a fucking hipster because fuck you.

  9. Brian Peppers

    hipsters can't be associated with any type of music that would be too mainstream

  10. hecker

    where can i download all of his rarities?

  11. dotteddream75

    hi Noah; still have the CD. Listened to it in Brooklyn with some kitty cats. Hope you are well. i have cried over this song a lot. xx

    Retro Naut

    omg you know Panda bear??

  12. Dark Woodstock

    It's becoming the future

  13. Mother Joan Hazy

    @mugglemoomoo This. This so fucking much. It can never be that way though, people feel the need to classify things to better understand them.

  14. wildzebra485

    Enjoy music for what it is! Don't grid lock yourself into a certain genre because thats how you dress. Music is our way of expressing the soul.

    This song reminds me of Andrew Bird's "Not a robot, but an animal". They aren't exactly the same, but both a real cool.

  15. Alex Sorensen

    kinda sounds like an early hot chip only more lo fi

  16. MyMaxyo

    No i have never done this. I don't think I will try

  17. Leslie T

    @MrAnarchyintheusa hahahahah... ohhh lord.

  18. Nick R

    @MrAnarchyintheusa its more electro like. Techno is waaaay more annoying

  19. aarossell

    Old AC fan, love Panda, but didn't like this song at all... but his voice beckoned me, I was pulled in, and by the 2 minute mark I was way into it. How does he do that??

  20. Inrxz

    lol this guy right here.

  21. Spencer Rangler

    thank you for enlightening me.

  22. CropKillah

    @ThePolleyPocket it's from the album Panda Bear from 1998 when he was 20. He was into IDM a bit more then, though some songs feature guitar a lot more than this.

  23. Inrxz

    sounds almost like 2-step dub.

  24. Spencer Rangler

    This doesn't sound a thing like Panda Bear. I've never heard anything like it on Young Prayer, Person Pitch or Tomboy; the sources which I used to base my idea of what Panda Bear 'sounds' like on. I call shenanigans.

  25. rano pano

    @gamblor1447 l.a. has it's good and its bad

  26. William Johnson

    @weruletheschool Too bad you're in LA #notperfecto

  27. Jayman

    has anyone tried muting porn and having this play over,its captivating.

  28. rano pano

    panda bear-wine-cigarette-nice breeze in l.a.- perfecto

  29. thekkkaytookmybabyaw

    @RedXmasLights Yes, yes...

  30. robgnarly64

    @thebrdstheword pandas father is dead y'all so he's not your teacher. Didn't any of you listen to young prayer

  31. rudyjenkins


    it was released in 1999 on his self-titled album.

  32. Tobi Dreyer

    when did he make this song ?
    i'm just asking because its astonishingly different (but nontheless beautiful)from the other stuff hes done recently and with ac

  33. DigitalRuiner

    I built a robot and it stole my wife and kids, but not my dog. My dog in a legendary act of defiance pissed on it's leg shorting out the electronics in miniature nuclear furnace running that backstabbing tinker toy. In hindsight I should have used some Duracell batteries, since when that fuck-bot went out he took a square mile out in the explosion. Including my house, my kids, my wife, and my dog. Now I drown my sorrow in booze because.... I MISS MY DOG!!

  34. Chadmander

    5 ppl don't have a toolbox XD

  35. Henry Moonjean

    @mugglemoomoo seriously. Amen!

  36. Zach Appelbaum

    @mugglemoomoo haha god damn hipster.....loser

  37. Sarah Vyeda

    it's funny how people argue on here. Also it's annoying how "hipsters" have to be associated with certain music. Who gives a fuck? dress how you want, do what you want. Jesus fuck.

  38. robertplantisgod1234

    @thebrdstheword Holy Shit! Does he ever play Animal Collective in class?!

  39. antiirony

    This song reminds me of music I make right now. In case ur interested...myspace the name "wayne newton's karaoke party" to listen

  40. Thi Lam

    this song kinda is mehh.
    what is amazing about it?

  41. Adelaide Potter

    @thebrdstheword You mean Animal Collective? Which one? That's pretty amazing. Is he aware how talented and amazing his son is? Do you go to an alternative school....

  42. David Survilo

    dude one the guys in this band is my math teachers son

  43. xxllPMF3llxx

    @vondrena definitely not

  44. Crystal Gore

    this is techno.

  45. Alex Orman

    Sounds like Thom Yorke.

  46. dwshill

    @HelloNewYorkCity Hmmm "cynical egomaniac douche"? This from the cynic who assumes that most AC fans are so because of Pitchfork and not because of personal tastes; from the egomaniac who ridicules because his/her "tags and vids" aren't receiving the most hits; and from the douche who begins his post calling others dumbasses because they aren't as informed as you might be. Okay.....

  47. dwshill

    @HelloNewYorkCity Probably because you seem incredibly full of yourself and generally unlikeable...the worst kind of Williamsburgh hipster.

  48. YoourElectricFeel

    i hate how i cant hear this song when people are walking around in my house.

  49. MisterPeeeee

    on which album is this? how is it called

    Retro Naut

    MisterPeeeee Panda Bear

  50. Ito Itosai

    @soulskater100 HAHAHAHAHA!!

  51. mike ike

    wtf are you talking about? rollerblading, disney channel? I think once you mentioned disney channel this conversation was over -.- please dont reply

  52. Daniel Bock

    douche....fucking morons

  53. TheFeelingsStore

    That's not how you spell it either.

  54. DistantSon1

    @ScurvyJohn Please don't be an idiot.

  55. mike ike

    not how you spell duche moron:D

  56. almostham

    this isn't panda

  57. grepakar

    Reminds me somehow of aphex twin.

  58. Goomba4001

    It is on his debut album...

  59. themushieman

    Very good

  60. Patrick Cole

    this guy's musical talent just never ceases to amaze me. he's a genius.

  61. bubblebobble

    i really don't think this is a panda bear song.

  62. rewindDUDE

    yes it is

  63. Harley DiBlasio

    driving songs rule...

  64. FirstDayBlues

    This is my driving song.

  65. Cizcan

    Is this the same Panda Bear from Animal Collective?

    Retro Naut

    Cizcan yes

  66. foolassfool

    this really isnt very good at all

  67. FirstDayBlues

    ..<3 kills me.