Panda Bear - Untitled 1 Lyrics

I will be in my mind and
Be upon my life
We'll be the same
And this will be the same
Must the world let go of you?
You're mine
You're mine
You're somewhere
Young cries
This is how we'll speak to you
This is how you'll know me

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Panda Bear Untitled 1 Comments
  1. o dessa

    i love it

  2. bluesnoopz

    so little views... its almost too honest to listen to....

  3. BeatleFloydZeppelin

    To me, this song sounds like life, song 3 sounds like love, and song 7 sounds like death.

  4. Rob Lane

    I feel like I've lived a lifetime when this song is over

  5. alphadude500

    this song makes me cream