Panda Bear - Playing The Long Game Lyrics

Waking on a may be cloudy, may be rain
Playing at a may be cloudy kind of game
Slip on every step amidst a morning rush
Crashing like a fact and now I'm in its clutch

I'm juking all the baggage
Keep it in a straight line
And when it separated
I can keep it in the right mind
(Just one time)
And then I slip into a feeling

Slip into a feeling, write a little rhyme
Ladies riding refuse like a rooster's cry
I'm tickled with a gobble, what you gonna do?
Vision like a bubble right in front of you

Even when a noggin is a cup of dread
Used to be a comment, was a temporal thing
And every single good jam dries
Drying on the vine
Like a little sweet thing
Rotting in a can

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Panda Bear Playing The Long Game Comments
  1. Dewa Eryadi


  2. Monica Acosta

    could've at least warned us he was gonna snap

  3. Robert Rodriguez

    It's like I keep restarting it over and over.

  4. Arena Baru Official

    still watching in 2019 :)

  5. Exploring With Mike

    Dude a whole album like this would be sick tho

  6. Sober Yoda

    Whether you like the style or not, this song is amazingly well produced!

  7. gregphipps37

    For what it's worth, I met Noah after the Tulsa Animal Collective show in October before this song dropped. I asked if he considered this song trap and he said he doesn't but he sees where people get that from. Still a fuckin bop either way

  8. honkfathermax

    I dig this too much

  9. Fishguts!

    Never thought i would want a Panda Bear cloud rap album til now

  10. SkillthoLaggins

    0:01 absolute madman

  11. Comedians Are Destructive

    Panda needs to make hip hop format songs like this every time because he owns the form like its his bitch. His beats are so fire because of his experience from animal collective & his lyrics are rhythmic as fuck like a sing-rapper. You can guide this lost generation with the music they understand Panda.

  12. castratedrhino77

    I get he wants to sing... it'd be better if he didn't.


    Kevin Parker runinin into the same shit... Mary J. Blidge is a muse to us all. Juss sayin'

  13. Mitchell Smith

    Wow! Noah is back. Sorry so late to the party. This is more like it. Wasn't big on the last album. This is very cool. Cant wait for the LP.

  14. anxious alien

    i mean like ok, but also what the fuck

  15. Gam

    Jesus Christ panda bear is rapping

  16. Edward Santos

    Very good. Thank you, Panda Bear.

  17. Eric Beal

    This is the hottest panda bear song since mr noah

  18. Davy Roger

    808s are knocking on this song

  19. April Red 紅

    love it))))))))))

  20. Wayden

    wasn't feelin it on first listen but grew on me

  21. daddymoon666

    Art Inspires Art...

  22. Christopher Studebaker

    I don’t want him to make trap music I think.

  23. Christopher Studebaker

    I don’t like this.

  24. Exploring With Mike

    Lil Panda

  25. sicitachi

    Why is Panda Bear God?

  26. Smeargle Smoogal

    Is this an alternate world where panda is a white SoundCloud rapper?

  27. Justin VanDamm

    Nah.. This song is too 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥😩😩😩😩 I play this loud every morning

  28. Frank Brenner

    This is dope. WAAVY. Yung Tabs aka Lil Bang Shuffler ... Panda Bear always nodded at rap production ... it's all over Comfy in Nautica ... not sure why this is so surprising.

  29. J Scan

    Another killer track from the bear

  30. Quinnell

    Here we go boys, Panda Bear finally stuck in the trap

  31. Quinnelltv

    damn, Panda Bear finally stuck in the trap, here wee go boys

  32. Christian B

    Sounds like Matt and Kim

  33. Moon Man

    panda pop bear

  34. Francis Murray-Becerra

    "How Do You Do, Fellow Kids?"

  35. Jasmine

    Whhhaaaaaatatattatatattagaggejdikdndbgshataggshsuudjdbd 💜💜💜

  36. Jasa Yassa

    This song is so fing good

  37. Drunk Pastor

    I am tripping and hearing these 2 worlds colliding is tearing my brain into pieces but I love and accept all of it

  38. Drunk Pastor

    Wow LSD Wow

  39. awf dwa

    i cant get over the vocals man

  40. Nick John

    Noah, please tell me this is a joke..

    Nick John

    @Christian B it's bad!

  41. Neil Crisp

    Panda pulls off trap better than people who do it full time :)

  42. O I

    this is so absurd im not even man i hope he just gets silly and has fun

  43. Anthony Rivera

    Gross mommy daddy issue comment section

  44. CwissinDaKidd

    Panda on the 808...Can't complain

  45. Toxicity 216

    Sellout Bear

    Toxicity 216

    Well it’s obvious

    Christian B

    @Toxicity 216 it's not

  46. Landen Winkles

    Need a 7" of this pls

  47. Akul Sharma

    Played the song in a new tab and forgot it's Panda Bear. I was like who's made such a wholesome trap song?

  48. Nick Garza

    weird how this is actually good. The production is not that experimental, simple floaty synths n lethargic cloud rap ambience, but sounds well done, and Panda apparently can expertly Chameleon into any genre scene I guess!

    Davy Roger

    Yeah some trap has the tendency to sound a little one dimensional, this song is the complete opposite

  49. jmhockey150

    Wow!! This is sooo good 💆‍♂️ can’t wait for more dean blunt collabs! 🤞

  50. Joseph Tyson

    I love this video, it's got such a nice aesthetic

  51. Michael Stuart

    Clams Casino feat. Panda Bear

  52. Tafu


  53. MattieCooper

    MELON?!! You don't like this?!?! It's GROOVY AND I CAN BUG OUT TO IT!!!🙃🙃🙃

  54. Jean-Yves Ayissi

    Très frais !

  55. ToeJ

    Kids who get their first laptop for Christmas make better trap than this...

    Christian B

    Not true

  56. Dave Clark

    Guess the good old days of person pitch are gone 😔

    an alias

    the good ol' days of young prayer
    Noah Lennox
    1978 - 2019

  57. Memiczność

    -listens to clams casino- im god once

  58. Andrew Wells

    Its not long enough...

  59. warm_ham

    more dub than trap, which has been a notable influence in panda bear's music for... how long now?

    why are people really freaking out over the addition of a little sub-bass to the formula lol


    first worthy comment on the matter i've read so far
    to the haters: "i remember my first panda bear song"

  60. yuWIN

    To think this is the same guy behind one of the most influential albums of the 00s, Person Pitch... It's kinda hard to believe, no matter how you feel about this.

  61. Phamous1ne

    Lol... Shout outs to all Panda Bears playing the long game!!! Best pod

  62. ŠP

    Not as annoying as Animal Collective. Good

    Christian B

    I thought everyone loved Animal Collective

  63. masa T


  64. Bo Dylan

    Nicki minaj fat ass on that second loop

  65. BigBoy OnTheRadio

    Sooo good

  66. Meegs B

    Please research the flat Earth!

  67. SmellsLikeNothing


  68. Cloudmaker

    ktt classic

  69. Kris Owens

    Post Malone Has Joined The Chat

  70. gifted and talented program

    I love it 🌸

  71. Without Warning

    Hi-hats are pivotal in this age of music, what’s next

  72. cloudy

    jahil beats halla at me!

  73. JL | Broddha

    Influencers will never stop influencing. This is a bit of a tangential statement, but since we're all creative thinkers here I must add that no matter what is recorded during this stream of light, all things will return to all encompassing darkness (which is only bad if one makes it so). That can mean many things, and does. Anyways, this is very interesting PB. I hear a Carti influence (albeit slowed down to your speed / taste) and I like both of y'all's creativity ✊🏽

  74. Ollie P

    I think we need more psych music with trap influence. This is bold, adding it.

    Hot Conductor

    Nope. Trap needs to go away. This is a complete waste of Noah's talent.


    "playing on the long run" ...good for us 💙

  76. david michaelove

    "panda" is Forever over rated & boring. HERE ARE Best curent soul-full MUSIC artists...
    nun of the over produced BLA Noises of spoiled brats & rappers- 95% moronic & shamefull, most "trap" too. it only traps the youth into studpid ass ignorant music & least animal collective a band...had 3-7 enjoyable playing power,in the middle stuff, not last stuff either. but panda lost even that, nun music for hyping foooooolZ

  77. Jake Pittman

    icy synth

  78. Randy Fulgham


  79. Pe Fu

    ITS LIT!

  80. Joseph Reising

    Oh cool, Tame Impala has a new song

  81. wowtbh

    Was feeling the vibe until he started to sing.... i-

  82. robert laddie anderson


  83. Filip Nagornov

    The trap influence doesn't mesh that well with what PB sound, imo. Still a respectable track and attempt, but the sub and hi-hats just stand out too much in style/genre and it's hard to ignore and not label it as just that - trap fused. Give us more of that hypnotic, existential, undefined style you're so good at.

    Christian B

    No, I like it

  84. drenks07

    Panda Bear can come to the cookout

  85. Angel Kaneki

    They vibed sooo well with the crowd when i saw them, it was absolutely wonderful and i was so awestruck by their musical capability. Filled my heart with bliss.

  86. Angel Kaneki

    Just them love yesterday. Most wodnerful experience of my life i will def see them again

  87. unknownpleasures

    Damn son, where did you find this!!!?

    Hot Conductor

    Spam much? Same comment multiple accounts?

  88. Gabriel de souza bruder

    Very Good

  89. napol3on is a nice guy


    Hot Conductor

    Spam much? Same comment multiple accounts?

  90. Ja Sma

    Sounds like if Kevin Parker made a trap beat, I like it ha

  91. dane

    OH MY GOD!!!!!!

  92. gustavo mmeireles

    Eu realmente odeio como a pseudo visão artística da esposa do Noah o está "contaminando" a ponto de interferir na própria visão criativa dele. E isso é triste. Acho que a mulher dele não deveria interferir mais. Ela é super sem talento.

  93. Lucas Olijnik


  94. Jessica Holder

    Soooo goooood

  95. Michel Lara Díaz

    Psychedelic trap 😎👌

  96. Lewis Wyndham

    Noah is certainly playing the long game based on his track record thus far. The dude doesn't make duds

    Hot Conductor

    This one is a dud.

    Lewis Wyndham

    Hot Conductor that’s cool you feel that way; I don’t really care 👍

  97. Brelstaff

    Dad Trap