Panda Bear - On The Farm Lyrics

The chores are done
the tractor's parked inside the barn
the cows are grazing in the field
horses in their stalls
ma's cooking up a meal
that reeks(?) from the dirt on my hands
it's on my hands

The sores and bumps on my body speak
of the work that I've done
such a long day
it'll be a long tomorrow
(is in our eyes)
long day tomorrow
the day is warm in my blue jeans
(bring the axe down
bring the axe down)
(sittin up on the crooked fence)
pull the hoe across the yard
tip my hat to nothing in particular
just glad to be so simple

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Panda Bear On The Farm Comments
  1. Micah Young

    Reminds me of Arthur Russell

  2. Malichka

    Listening to this song makes everything alright again.

  3. Retro Naut

    i really wished he still played this stuff live

  4. andrew czornyj


  5. Spin Al-Fluid

    That sounds beautiful. I did a similar thing on Columbus Day with Person Pitch. This would've been better

  6. Spin Al-Fluid

    ._. Everything was leading up to this song.

  7. Derek doesn't know

    I used to have this song in my i-pod. I would walk back home from the center of the town at 4am every Tuesday and Thursday last winter and listen to it on headphones. Almost no one else was walking the streets at that time. It was nice.

    Retro Naut

    Derek doesn't know how did you get this? I don't believe it's on iTunes :/

  8. mcarrollish

    i swear this dude was born to just make good music

  9. Andrew MacInnes

    tip my hat to nothing in particular

  10. Ethan S

    this makes me feel amazing

  11. 404search

    i enjoy the tags for these videos

  12. Levi B

    On my top 5 with ease...

  13. Derrick Kpeli

    i like this one too