Panda Bear - O Please Bring Her Back Lyrics

Go to sleep, sweet child
Push aside your cares
Calm your beating heart
Ease your furrowed brow

O God please stay here
The night is windy and dark
God, sit by my side
God, stay through the night
Bring her please
Please bring her back

I can't but shut my eyes
Can't but quicken my pulse
Sweat beads on my neck
Tears well in my eyes
Bring her please
Please bring her back

She began my heart a-beating
She began my mind a-lovin'
She starts my hands a-feelin'
She's as much of me as I am
Bring her back
O please bring her back

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Panda Bear O Please Bring Her Back Comments
  1. Transactal

    who put those onions there


    im crying

  2. Arcade Craniacs

    Omg! Thank you so much! I could not find this album anywhere !!! I miss these songs!

  3. matt lord

    Finally, I found this song...

  4. SclafaniBagni

    Funny how the people who treat us the worst make us cry ourselves to sleep after they break our hearts...

  5. CaligulaClone

    I miss you, mom....

  6. somewhathumanlike

    He sounds like Nico...


    Yes! This could've been a Velvet Underground song. It's uncanny how similar it sounds. Absolutely everything about it!

  7. benusherr

    this and on the farm are the best on the album

  8. noskapok

    Just get panda bears solo album, its on that