Panda Bear - Jabberwocky Lyrics

What you got on?
For sure you got some kind of costume on

(I like it more like so)

Any minute now
You could fall so hard upon your knees

(I like it more like so)

Shoot for the stars
Then you only end up lost in space

(I like it more like so)

What you got in
For sure you got a beast on the inside

(I like it more like so)

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Panda Bear Jabberwocky Comments
  1. 311 Jazzy

    This is too good. One of my favorite songs.

  2. sto

    Dude is unable to do wrong


    the stereo atmosphere and space is what I love so much about Panda Bear — the melody and where it’s placed/pan’d seems equally important...

  4. Tajj'iia

    ᓧᐝ ᐖᐐᔎᒐ-ᒠᒤ∏ ᐃᐑᐅᐁᐞᐚ ᔏᖩᓮ-ᓉᖒᙄ⸁.ᾗ-ϡƪᑧᓮᔤᕒ-ᖒᙄᔏᖐᖀꜦ-Ʒᕈ⸈.- ᐬᑬ.ᾗᔧᖎ- ᘲᙳᖕᖡ ᘥᘃ⟟Ϧ-ȡᑒᒤᒭᒶᒵᑔᔂᔆᖡ-ᖒ ᙶᗈᖂᕅ

  5. Jordan Yoffe

    what you got on? so you got some kind of costume on. I like it more like so

  6. SmellsLikeNothing

    makes me think of washed out

  7. Suzana Turrubiartes

    panda bear your show blew me away..I was on acid the visuals were getting to me but your music would remind me why I was was a trip by itself

  8. SmilesHardMB

    My life is so lifted by AC and Noah & David, panda bear you are my hero. Never abandon your craft sir, you're a genius and I couldn't be any more honest. My life has shaped out enormously positive with your help

    Daniel Owens

    +MilesArdMB Nicely put

    Color Bars

    +MilesArdMB Preach.

    James Erwin

    +MilesArdMB SO MUCH THIS

  9. miss ghostcat

    <3 thank you