Panda Bear - Crosswords Lyrics

Ain't fate, just me
Come a cropper for the weak stuff that you stew
Ain't fate, just me
A cripple on his feet again you say
Stay there while I move
Stay scared while I improve
But it don't mean I'll do it like you want me to
But it do mean I'll do it like you need me to
But it don't mean I'll do it like you want me to
So good, so good
You got it so good
So good, so good
Damn it, so good
So good, it's so good, so good
Get it day to day
Day after day
So good

Day to day
Day after day
So good

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Panda Bear Crosswords Comments

    this is sick

  2. Ignorant Swizzy

    This is how i wake up every morning before i go to work

  3. Piotr Buczek

    Cool that they were so on top of things going on back then and used Deep Dream at one point!

  4. Peter Vlasveld

    turn the sound off and play this in the background. Thank me later

  5. Please do not watch my channel

    love the high-five near the end

  6. Tikiwizard

    Why do I find this hilarious

  7. flying cardinal

    I love this

  8. Animal Collective

    Panda Bear’s new album ‘Buoys’ will be released February 8th 2019 on Domino Record Co.
    Pre-order here:
    More from Panda Bear on YouTube:

  9. milesaph

    shit this deserves so much more attention

  10. Juca Kajuru

    The back sound sounds just like Golden Gal

  11. Mariano Forti

    dude my eyes are struggling to focus on the video.

  12. Matthew Cotton

    (When he says he wants to netflix and chill)

  13. Retro Naut

    0:41 *dab*

  14. Rive

    I thought this was dumb and funny at first, but watching it again and I fucking love it for some reason

  15. Bret Todd

    Can you at least use a condom before you fuck my mind?

  16. sprflyenya

    I forgot my drugs but I guess I didn't really need them for this

  17. pop deviation

    best music video of 2017

  18. Aliciya

    my fav music video ever

  19. Oilerua Aiarag

    Took a second to register the percussion sound..Eric B N Rakims..Journey in to Sound

  20. Lisa Nonaym

    This plays in my restaurant. Could not for the life of me find it anywhere until I was able to Shazam it.

  21. Sonica Henriquez

    I only know him because of adult swim "off the air"

  22. Candy Person

    Me anytime I accomplish the smallest thing.

  23. Lil' Meri

    tHis section comments its amazing. I think the count reverse emoji movie with 15 fidget spinner and dabbin every 60 seconds video es muy increible también.

  24. Hairy Zucchini

    This video is literally the feeling of going home after work. Thank you Panda Bear-sama

  25. Nick Garza

    If it was a white hipster make up done girl, there would be a lot less dislikes I GUARANTEE it.
    Qualifications to be quirky without criticism - white , thin, conventionally beautiful.


    This guy has a good combo of Turk from Scrubs and Carlton, I can't imagine anyone else doing this.

  26. Dawn McInnis

    Ladies and gentlemen, your new Panda Bear meme. Do what you want with it, people, it's on the stoners that they have come up with this shit.

    Dawn McInnis

    ... Or... wait, am I high?... Ok, are they high, or am I high? Because, last time I checked, I'm pretty sure I don't do drugs. Also, DEAR GOD, MY EYES!

  27. Dylan Riesenbeck

    Some of Panda's stuff really reminds me of Tame Impala/ Kevin Parker, especially with those vocal effects

  28. J Kilroy

    Are you The Beach Boys?

  29. Omar JM Farfan

    adoro la canción pero odio el video

  30. YouAre ReadingThis

    in the last part when he was coming out of the building I bet he stole something and put it in that big white coat he had because he's black

  31. Jesse B

    i wish i was a happy black male

    Joseph Jacobs

    Jesse B me too . and i AM black

  32. CaligulaClone

    Stuff like this is why Avey will always be my favorite member.


    avey why ?


    CaligulaClone have you heard welcome to the funzone by avey

  33. Richard Malzew

    Away days brought me!

  34. OscarMaris

    this song is about having a job

  35. Heny

    what the hell did I just smoked

  36. Xteve Tyler

    can they write a bad song? not complaining loved every single track i heard so far and some amazing, latin boys, come to your senses, oh and this one

  37. Deep Learning

    I love Panda Bear and I love this song, but this video is garbage.

    Christian Woolsey

    It's definitely flawed, but it has it's charm. They needed to balance the awkward/creepy/smooth ratio a bit better, maybe, but other than that I like this video for what it is.


    Naw, it's a great video

  38. Retro Naut

    Reminds me of cyriak

  39. Christian Livsey

    I think the video is about being locked out of your apartment

  40. Christian Livsey

    I think the video is about being locked out of your apartment

  41. Newtism

    giant dancing black people

  42. Levi Mostafa


  43. sveloga

    Pretty much my acid trip

  44. little floof

    tame impalas' musical cousin?

    skin machines

    +Manny Man yes 👻

    Florence LeBlanc

    Manny Man I don't think so. Both bands have very different styles. Tame Impala has a more 60's psychedelic feel, Animal Collective is more experimental, I don't know how else to describe it

  45. kylefcb1

    Based dancing black man.

  46. Imran Haniff

    Dancer got paid in full, yo.


    cash up front

  47. Gannon Brown

    away days

  48. DolanOk


  49. Carls Lobato

    I hate myself for saying this but I didn't like AC's new album at all, while I still find PBMTGR very fresh and impressive #teampandy

  50. Mycelius TV

    what the fuck dude lmao
    does he even have a choice in these videos?

  51. Denature69

    Domino Records Couldn't afford Carlton

  52. Anthony Howard

    Sergio from Deftones brought me here.

  53. MrJiffyPOPPOP

    Some Tim & Eric type shit.

  54. Kyle Tomlinson

    after making this he was probably like "smh white people"

    Oilerua Aiarag

    Kyle Tomlinson folk

  55. Saint Babylon

    It's crazy, but not too many people know that Jeremy J-Roc Wheat inspired the track "Hot Head" which was the name of this crazy lil dance move he would sometimes bust out mostly when fucked in front of Ride growing up together on the same block as teens.

    The move was really weird just imagine break dancing head spin aka around the world, but J-Roc would go next level, so hella fast that once really drunk he used extra grease in his hair as a lubricant & thought it was cool to have someone toss a lit match at his head to cause a small flame & he planed on spinning the flame out I guessed, but it damn near set his whole head on fire.

    If it wasn't for J-Roc's epic speed when spining putting the flame out he would have had some seroius damage. Since then Ride & everyone called the move & nicked named him "Hot Head" even the lyrics are so obvious when considering how everyone reacted & panicked when J- Roc's head caught fire Ride was freaking out & yelling "Oh no! nonononono oh no! hot head!" (repeating)

    That night Ride & Flatlander, (oh yeah flatlander was there too & knew J-Roc) (like I said this is a crazy story not too many know bout.)

    Well that night both warned him about never doing the hot head espcially when they are around til this day. Ride raps... "Self inflicted, what you just tell him I just told him, Hell's existence" Ride & flatlander want non of that foolishnes in their vicinity
    "Know my business" Ride was like "hell nah, I'm stepping back. This has nothing to do with me" The whole song "Hot Head" lyrically is related to that crazy ass fuckin dance move that took place at their chill spot where held dance battles which they named the Bottomless Pit.

  56. Xavier Guillaume

    I don't understand what I'm listening to O_O.

    Xavier Guillaume

    Maybe it has something to do with me not understanding most crossword puzzles?


    It's clearly music bro

  57. stephen rincon

    been listening to animal collective and panda bear for years... this makes me incredibly happy to see. this is absolutely amazing

  58. TrailerPoopers

    Editing this must have been a nightmare.


    I wish i could see how this was edited. its must of been a huge project.

    Greg C

    The opportunity of a lifetime.

  59. BMCHINO •

    maybe the tripping before he enters is like actual trippin on somthing, casue thats what im doing lol

  60. Lucas Tomashek

    I did my entire thesis in that building..

  61. robbie4242

    Parts of this video are really similar to Goldfrapp's "Strict Machine"

  62. Andrew V

    And to think, less than a year after Deep Dream was unleashed upon the world, it's already invaded our entertainment full force.....god help us all.

  63. My Tokyo Apartment

    looks like umm some video by eric wareheim, his 2008 shit

  64. Andre Royter

    this is so strange... is this supposed to represent this guy's day to day life?

    Santiago Sabogal

    Andre Royter Yeah, kinda struggle, thinkings and all that human stuff

  65. Disco Biscuits

    :30 made my day XD

  66. J. Montrice

    This is Incredible.

  67. Vegan Master Chef

    Panda bears solo stuff is way better than animal collective.
    I love MPP, but pandas solo stuff is just better.

    Don't get me wrong, I still like animal collective.


    I love Panda's solo stuff too, but it's hard to deny that some of Avey's stuff is equally good, like Banshee Beat, Purple Bottle, Water Curses, Safer, etc. It really is incredible how good of song creators both of those dudes are and the other band members seem to gel really well too.

  68. Vegan Master Chef

    I wish panda bear sung more in animal collective songs.
    He has the best voice.

    Christian Woolsey

    Deak needs more opportunities, he was great in Sleep Cycles.

    Vegan Master Chef

    @Christian Woolsey yeah, the Deak must leak!

    Christian Woolsey

    I'm glad that the memes are getting more positive for Deakin, based Deak deserves it.

    Vegan Master Chef

    @Christian Woolsey lol! He sung probably the best song on cphz. I think he is the true animal collective. Sleep cycles is amazing!

    Chris R

    avey? hello?

  69. 40 seconds in, I've decided to create a bookmark called "When im high" and watch this then

    G. Knb

    Same. And it was not a mistake. This video is meant to be watched high

  70. JubileeGiggles

    i hear 311

  71. Knifymoloko

    well that was psychedelic ally awesome

  72. AJ Connelly

    0:27 me when I see my crush

  73. ikzgf58

    Аbsurdity and bad taste.

  74. barnaba barcellona

    🔥⚡ 🔥⚡

  75. turntech Therapist

    Oh. I'm on this side of the internet again. Nice. I love it.

  76. Boi Mooi

    isnt that the dude from parisian goldfish??

  77. Declan Murphy


  78. dangeroftime

    I like it

  79. Brechita

    como he acabado aqui? :x

  80. oxen exoh

    'smoke weed everyday...'

  81. Thomas McIntyre

    Interesting how they used the album mix of the song instead of the recent EP one

  82. Sporkyspoonz

    Retro future magic eye Urkel green screen dance pass key white coat...knowwhatI'msayin?No? Then drugs.....

  83. quillber

    Its a bit like that Flying Lotus video

    Kyle Tomlinson

    parisian goldfish lol

  84. Arkovledgez

    Noah Lennox, you did it again - was it not enough to make my ears trippy? You had to screw up my eyes too? For that, I thank you.

  85. Steven Cruz

    lmao this guy is fucking groovin


    +Steven Cruz 0:27

  86. scientiffic

    the whole purpose of this video is to make sure blogs don't forget pbmtgr off their year end lists

    Dom's Sketch Cast

    +scientiffic Prolly


    +scientiffic If only that had worked :(

  87. momentsmeanmore

    Oh PB you always know how to freak my mind with your Psychedelic Magic. Towards the end I thought maybe the keycard wouldn't work and he'd walk away super bummed out or frantically start banging on the glass trying to get back in.

  88. Yono Soy

    what he smoek

  89. Roger Wayne

    my friend told me if u watch this without being high u will be high


    Cant tell if it's a good song or just generic.


    I don't think it's my favorite Panda Bear song, but it's hard to say it's generic. Maybe by Panda Bear's standards, but compared to everyone else, nah.

  91. John_Pelech

    this is so fucking boring and bad

    Vegan Master Chef

    @BuffloBuffloBufflo you obviously don't understand art.


    +Vegan MasterRace How is this pop music art. I like panda bear but PVSTG is pop music. Please do some analysis for me enlighten my unworthy mind. Tell me how this is original and dose not draw from an already outdated aesthetic. Tell me about the psychoanalytical meaning behind the dopey out of synch symmetries. Tell me how this dose not look like SHIT. That art is subjective.yet morals aren't

    Vegan Master Chef

    @BuffloBuffloBufflo you must hate abstract art.


    +Vegan MasterRace Not really. I used to like it a lot when I was 16 -15. But I think a lot of it is overrated. I mean many modern artist were literally Cold War propaganda Art after Impressionism is far more personal and is not worth the public consideration it gets from left intellectuals.

    J Kilroy

    BuffloBuffloBufflo nobody cares

  92. mercurybanana

    fuking sik

  93. Piya Attapatto

    goddamn, them vibes!

  94. WhyteBA

    I think we found the best Panda Bear music video that was hilariously fun and super influenced by the Danny Perez visuals that worked so well in his live shows.

  95. Christopher Hollis

    This makes me so happy.

  96. MrCubannn

    This must be how Ken Kesey felt when checking into the hospital for government psychedelic time

  97. George Reagan


  98. Malina

    It should be Panda himself :D

    Yono Soy

    +M2537 imagine lmao


    M2537 That just opened my eyes

  99. TB8S

    I never had these visuals in my head when listening to this song, but now this will be all I see.