Panda Bear - Crosswords (EP Mix) Lyrics

Ain't fate, just me
Come a cropper for the weak stuff that you stew
Ain't fate, just me
A cripple on his feet again you say
Stay there while I move
Stay scared while I improve
But it don't mean I'll do it like you want me to
But it do mean I'll do it like you need me to
But it don't mean I'll do it like you want me to
So good, so good
You've got it so good
So good, so good
Damn it, so good
So good, it's so good, so good
Get it day to day
Day after day
So good

Day to day
Day after day
So good

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Panda Bear Crosswords (EP Mix) Comments
  1. Christian Toomey

    this definitely sounds more like the version he was doing live before PBMTGR came out, I saw him in may of 2014 and this is much more akin to what he played than the album version.

  2. ibnpatuta

    Can someone explain what the difference is between this version and the album version? I mean when I listen I can tell that they are different, but I can't really put into words what exactly has been changed.

    Mitch Cumstein

    +ibnpatuta its just a the mix thats changed.


    @JON Aroan Well yeah, I understand that, I was hoping someone who knew more than me could tell me what Panda Bear did to make this version sound like it does when compared to the album version. 

    Like a specific effect or tool he used to give it different acoustic qualities.

    Devin Johnson

    +ibnpatuta The main thing I notice is he has a melodic synth sound that really shines through more in this mix. Most likely the two songs have the exact same samples but in one mix he chose some parts to be louder depending on which mix it is. I know that's probably not a satisfying answer but it's not really a specific tool making the difference.


    also the vocodor sounding bass line isn't up front (barely audible almost), like it is in the album version. that & the melodic daft punky ascending/descending synth already mentioned are the main differences I think.

  3. Earlyturtle

    Damn it's so good.