Panda Bear - Ain't Got No Troubles Lyrics

There's no trouble in my hair
Got a tree and the boat, the boat and the sea, yeah

I gotta hook and a line and fish
Go around, go around

Gotta hook and a line
Fish to go around, but I ain't got no troubles

I'll be about in my boat
Hope I catch a big fish, big fish

Meals of yesteryear I'd like to forget
Hey, the wind swishes its tune sometime, whoa

I will not cry when my sea runs dry,
It's been fertile in the years, so many years

Got pots and pans for my lampshades and spices and so my cupboards

Got spices and salt, but I ain't got no trouble
Ain't got no troubles

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Panda Bear Ain't Got No Troubles Comments
  1. Paul Jensen

    panda bear vs the bobe dylan

  2. Spin Al-Fluid

    Someone should make a phenomenal movie just so they can include this track.

  3. Em Me

    next: winter in st moritz?

  4. Em Me

    aint got noooo trooooubleeees

  5. Ryan West

    omg i love that you can hear his dog barking in the background