Pam Tillis - Melancholy Child Lyrics

A baby with a baby
Just barely seventeen
My mother mourned her innocence
As she bounced on her knee
A daddy on the road
Added to the tears and trials
Like silver rain they fell upon this melancholy child

The sounds of my childhood still linger in my song
my mother's lullaby that train that rain behind our home
A whippoorwill on a windowsill- It should have made me smile
But everything sounds lonely to a melancholy child

Now a restless blood runs in our family
I thought I could outrun the emptiness inside of me
So I went a little crazy, and I went a little wild
Trying to outdistance my own melancholy child

I met a kind and gentle man who thinks the world of me
When he looks my way, it's a woman that he sees
But when I can't explain to him the tears that fill my eyes
He takes me in his arms and rocks his melancholy child

You take a black Irish temper and some solemn Cherokee
A Southern sense of humor and you got someone like me
There are thorns on every rose, to this I'm reconciled
They're just a little sharper to a melancholy child

And in my own babe's eyes, I see the signs of a melancholy child

Heaven! Help us all another melancholy child!

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Pam Tillis Melancholy Child Comments
  1. charlotte quillen

    wipporwills, parakeets and minor-birds....went to sleep tonight wishing they could sing like pam.....

  2. charlotte quillen

    not only pams best but even over memphis, as light as air and the drift-off ending still rules.

  3. Carla Wilson

    she dont know me but i have Loved her since i was a little girl . this is my favourite song 💗

  4. Todd Garst

    My wife used to sing this song and maybe it was Memphis to me and sounded just like Pam Tillis

  5. Laura Shaughnessy

    i loved this song so much had this cassette and played it all the time

  6. Charlene Martin

    Might be the best freaking song of all time! I listened to this song repeatedly until I had wore out more tapes and cds than I could afford to replace. Some say that the Greats like Reba, Loretta, and Barbara inspired them the most...but, oh was Pam Tillis! What a talent!

  7. Michelle Stooksbury

    always been a favorite of mine.

  8. Michelle Stooksbury

    always been a favorite of mine.

  9. Michelle Stooksbury

    always been a favorite of mine.

  10. Michelle Stooksbury

    always been a favorite of mine.

  11. Cherokee M

    1 of my ALL Time favorite Songs.... 🦋🖤🦋🖤🦋🖤🦋🖤🦋🖤🦋🖤🦋

  12. 2300Kenzie

    Pam's best song.  She is a brilliant singer.   I love the haunting aspect of the minor chords of the music.  It does have a melancholy feel.


    With such gifted talent, I see your point.  However Pam did have some very cheesy songs (which she sang well) that I dislike.  I think the lyrics and melodic structure of Melancholy Child is exceptional.  That is just one person's opinion and I'm sure that a lot of folks have different tastes.   Pam is also a smart person and understands music & harmony matched with the ability to hit the notes perfectly. I appreciate your view, Brittany.

    Rachel Lee

    Well said.

  13. Lola Rogers

    This is mine and my daughter song :-)

    Ashley Waggoner

    This song is pretty much autobiographical for me-- especially the parts about having a young mother, a daddy on the road (mine was an oilfield rough neck when I was born in Southern Illinois, and we moved all over the lower Midwest and South-- Indiana, Texas, Oklahoma, and Louisiana-- as Daddy worked his way up the corporate ladder), having restless blood running through our family, and being comprised of a black Irish temper, some solemn Cherokee, and a Southern sense of humor. LOVE this song!