Pam Tillis - Don't Tell Me What To Do Lyrics

We tried and we tried but it's over.
Guess I didn't fit the image in your mind.
Now you tell me to find another lover,
oh but baby aren't you getting out of line?

Don't tell me what to do.
You've already said we are through.
I'm a page that you have turned,
I'm no longer your concern,
so don't tell me what to do.
I'll love you forever if I want to.

You're no longer in charge of my thinking.
You're already in love with someone else.
So if I'm in to all night honky tonkin',
well I'm a big girl I can take care of myself.

Don't tell me what to do.
You've already said we are through.
I'm a page that you have turned,
I'm no longer your concern,
so don't tell me what to do.
I'll love you forever if I want to.

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Pam Tillis Don't Tell Me What To Do Comments
  1. Laura Mac Lean

    💋◾◽: ◽◽||||| : Illlll llll llll ll lllllllll | Canada||| |||||||◽◾: 💋: ◾◽◽◾💋

  2. willie moon

    i drove a 64 ford to high school ...

  3. lendl kaiser

    Those sad, sad beautiful eyes!

  4. vin8162005

    Love this song. Classic Country.

  5. Alexander Karayannis

    Some 30 years on and she still sounds as wonderful as she did when this album hit the charts,and was a constant hit on CMT!...Loved her then,and always will😊

    Janett Grady

    Alex...Thanks. Yes, I loved watching Pam do this song...even though I'm partial to Heidi doing it. Back in the day, we liked Mel Tillis a-okay, but we never latched onto Pam. Now, I'm kinda wishing we did. I loved watching her on this video. Would I love on her? I think you know...ha. Thanks again. Cheers!

    Alexander Karayannis

    @Janett Grady Janett, it's your shyness and reserved nature that I love most about always.I've been in love with this gal and her songs,longer than I care to remember, and particularly with this album,for which reason it's hard for me to take any other artist doing those same songs supposedly better than she does them.They bring back memories,The Nashville Network, Country Music Television,which I was constantly hooked on and tuned to,and of myself,thirty years younger,among a million other things I can't really get into in detail here.Still,objectively, she's a fantastic singer,songwriter,performer and sweet lady of the sort we don't get to see in Country any more.Of a time gone by...Of the days,that are no more...😊

    Janett Grady

    Alex...Again, thanks. Correct me if I'm wrong, but your reply kinda nails it, music being a huge part of life, now being little more than memories, good and not so good memories. Thank God for Youtube, though, at least we have the memories somewhat preserved...and thanks to Youtube, me and the old man have been hearing from you. In case you haven't guessed by now, I kinda like hearing from you. a well-traveled guy with brains and common sense. By the way, I just finished watching Carlene's Every Little Thing, thanks to your steer. Loved it. Thank you. . Cheers!!!

    Alexander Karayannis

    @Janett Grady Aren't you sweet!😊💜💐 I kinda like hearing from you too!Oh and...about Carlene, here's a little bonus for you,this time,the LIVE version!..

    Janett Grady

    Alex...Found it. Loved it. Thanks.

  6. Bill Thomas

    Great song!

  7. asphalt cowboy

    Simple classic country.. NOTHING like it!!!!

  8. corey dale

    Pam is the best!!

  9. A T

    I'm stunned the cop that walked by didn't try to stop her. "Um ma'am .. are you okay? Oh I loved the song I love country music but you can't really stand on that table."


    Well, since it's a music video, things pretty much go the way they're scripted.

  10. Annette S

    memory Lane

  11. Esperanza Arinaga

    Lil nas x

  12. shane Ellis

    I know i am a man but this song as feelings to it that i feel about my ex

  13. shane Ellis

    She was my world and my every thing but ever since she's been gone my world as never been the same again and to be honest life for me feels so rubish with out her,i have tryed so hard to get over her and to love some one els again but i can't seem to.i guess my heart will always blong to her even tho she will never know witch is so sad.i miss you and love so much keri nemeth and if you ever see this please get in contact with me on facebook.from shane

  14. shane Ellis

    This reminds me of my ex girlfriend who was the love of my life and she was the killed me so strongly deep down in side my heart and even tho that was 12 years ago,it still hurts as much as it did back then and i still love her till this very day,even tho i haven't heard from her since the day she left.

  15. Ashley Pace

    Can't wait till Pam Tillis makes her appearance at our county fair, Harlan County Poke Sallet in only a few short days. ❤️

  16. Steve Newton

    So beautiful!!!!!!!! Sings like WOW!!!!!!!

  17. Liane Layman

    met her on a country cruise and she's really nice.

  18. James Mack

    Please, don't show your stupidity by voting negative on one of the very best country singer of all time singing a song which should go into the Country Hall of Fame for quality of both melody and lyric.

  19. Tater

    I like that she is in the record shop looking at an album of her father's

  20. Stephanie Mccoy

    Good song

  21. Michael Phipps

    It's me again no offense but none of u women needs to wear make-up cause i like cn the pure skin on a woman

  22. Michael Phipps

    Oh yeah Pam it's Michael Phipps again i also meant to say ur a very pretty an a nicelookin woman that's only a compliment an that's all cause im happily married man

  23. Michael Phipps

    Hello Pam Tillis im Michael Phipps how r u doin sweety im a fan of urs an a huge fan of ur late daddy's he was a remarkable person an entertainer too u know Pam it's puzzlin Mel never studdered when he sang only when he talked was he born like that or was it a habit ive bn a Mel Tillis fan for my late beloved parent was too everyone that i ever knew was a gigantic Mel Tillis fan i really enjoyed his actin on(Big bad John)a fantastic crazy idiot an very silly dumb movie special movie of Jimmy Dean's I'll never forget that crazy silly movie an i think the late Roy Clark an ur dad sang the theme song(is we goin somewhere or is we ain't)what a crazy silly movie an even crazier theme song by Mel Tillis an Roy Clark but anyway i know it's late but my deepest condolences to u an the rest of ur family like ive told my wife Susie Phipps an other's we're losin all of our very best singer's an entertainers all these other singer's they're ok but they're not like our late singer's no offense to u but that's how i feel bout it well that's bout it sweetheart Pam Tillis please f ur moma is still livin let her know how i felt bout Mel ok an tell her im sorry bout her late husband an ur daddy that's bout it Pam for any comment email me anytime an i do hope u will at 931335-1868 an godbless

  24. Marilyn Courtney

    Great song great lady

  25. Steve Newton

    Love this chick!!!!!! Beautiful!!!!!!!

  26. athenasword1

    Now that's how cafés aught to be

  27. rick 59

    Pam Tillis opened for Alan Jackson at our county fair, she was great better then Alan Jackson. Great concert. SORRY ALAN.

  28. Georgia SAMANTHA DALL

    If your gonna fake a f do it good song ,I heard you can have vocal surgery done

  29. Kristal Price

    I played these for my ex husband last year before I leaved I fault so much better I. Played these

  30. Kila Santana

    i love pam tills music

  31. James Mack

    This is one fantastic Country Song ! Country does not get any better than this - PERIOD !!

  32. bill stubbs

    Pam Tillis. i won't tell you what to do but who does? BiLL STUBBS.

  33. Jesse Hornbaker

    Yea I miss hearing this old country music

  34. Sheila Caissey

    I love you if i want to

  35. Roberto Treviso

    Bonita kisses baby

  36. his wife his baby J his baby J

    That's the damn truth

  37. Stilts Erickson

    Lol love i
    s one thing trust is anoughter but love never quits

  38. Hasty David

    I'm not into country song but I really irritating with songs I don't understand a damn thing in every bars I go to I guess I'm stuck here..

  39. Ron We


  40. jod6cindy


  41. Randy Owens

    Love ya Pam!

  42. Daniel Webb

    I sure miss this music wish they bring it all back

  43. Jesse Hornbaker

    This a great from the 90s also

  44. Lisa Carroll

    Thanks you and blessings and rewards.

  45. Joann Cobb

    Love comes with a price you will pay.its called death

  46. beatrice santos

    Wow she's got a nice voice

  47. CASPER 12345

    Dam she's beautiful 😍

  48. Donny S

    Pam Titless lol

  49. Todd Barker

    I always loved Pam's voice , she has got a good set of pipes on her.

  50. Robert lee Arnold jr

    Ill tell you and bevin bitch you ever cross my line you will pay bulldyke still have the dominatrix sighn ive called atanta missouri cant continue without ok from atlanta dumbass

  51. lendl kaiser

    Oh Velma,I didn't know enough to see what you would mean to me later in life,and after you were gone! I can only promise you this, I'll NEVER forget you!

  52. Joyce Joyea

    Beautiful, only hear on outlaw country! Need to hear more of the Golden oldies!

  53. Michael Heward

    Bring this music back!!!

  54. Brian Olson

    She's getting a parking ticket towards the end of the song

  55. Steve Newton

    How could anybody be thru with that????????????

  56. love is hard to find who cares love is not real

    to my ex don't tell me what to do I don't think my husband will like that

  57. love is hard to find who cares love is not real

    Pam 2018 ❤

  58. daniel santiago

    The best country singer lady!

  59. David Stammler

    Got jokes

  60. Marilyn Courtney

    Dam right pam great song

  61. Mrs Oddman

    Great song and singer!!!

  62. Robert Hanson

    love 80's and 90's country, why does country music nowadays have to sound like pop and be about partying and clubbing?

  63. Zachary Smith

    This country is much better then today s country

    Cray Fishe

    Today' country is crap. At every level.

    Michael Blackwell

    Thats right

  64. Zachary Smith

    This is the real country music I was rase on as little boy this is what country music is so post to sound

  65. Iain Muir

    Classic country hit miss CMT

  66. Dee Leo


  67. mac

    This long girl get's her voice from her father,however a think her looks from her mother, great combo!

  68. Arturas Paulauskas


  69. haile hansen

    saten sheets

  70. Michell Cupito

    It is good to love GOD and hate satan but woe to the many mighty men that hate God and love satan.

  71. Michell Cupito

    I won't. love him forever. hate satan and pray for GOD.

  72. Sandra Watts

    beautiful voice Pam, real country.

  73. Linda Zeabart

    Love this song

  74. April Love

    wont stay off the phone

  75. Katie Maniaci

    My personal anthem.

  76. Marilyn Courtney

    Great song thats country music

  77. Denise Churchill

    George jones he stopping her ok

  78. zmbdog

    "You're no longer in charge of my thinking"? Umm...why was he ever?

    Cray Fishe

    Oh, fuck off back to your silly pink hat. Some people like nice songs. Get over it.


    @Cray Fishe Uhh... *you* should get over the existence of other opinions! Especially when I just quoted a silly lyric. The yt comment section is not a "safe space" so if you're THAT fucking sensitive maybe you should just stay out of it.

  79. Debbie Hixon

    Tell them Pam

  80. Allan Snay

    Been a big fan forever . . . This is one of her best cuts!!

  81. dason7788

    Very sorry for the loss of your dad. The country world will miss him dearly.

  82. Kitty Bruåsdal

    Good good Country i love

  83. Vernon Hills

    Damn. When you put it like that, it kinda hurts. But it hurts sooooo good.

  84. Shirley D

    She had so many huge hits back in the day but she's never gotten the credit she deserves !

    Scottie Goodner

    I agree


    At least most people seem to still remember "Maybe It Was Memphis." I agree ,though, that she's very underrated nowadays, and deserves far more recognition. Like you said, she had so many hits in the 90's, many of which deserve to still be remembered today.

    Nostalgia Love

    Underrated is an understatement....


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  86. Otis Fugate

    I've heard this song in more than one truck stop!!! Very few country artist make music like this anymore.

  87. Mary Cope

    When Jim & I said,,,, good-bye, 1986〽️💗


    Love that song I'll Love you for ever if I want too


    NICE 1964 FORD

    A_SUPER_RARE_PEPE #toodanktotank

    Rusty wallice beautiful person

    Charles Kuehn

    One can imagine it's an R code 427 - dual quads, 425 hp, Borg Warner 4-speed.

  90. Wolf Wolfman

    Pam Tilis image Click image to enlarge     


    yup good song

  92. Roger B

    She definitely got all the talent by far in that family!!!

  93. Clayton Shumate

    good truck driving song right there ! life in the hammer lane!

  94. seamus simpson

    brilliant voice and lyrics.

  95. Jessica Shamblin

    Good song don't tell me what to do

  96. Steve Cole

    this is classic country right here I miss hearing it on the radio

    Matthew Collier

    I remember this song when i was 17 years old just having fun