Palmer, Robert - Witchcraft Lyrics

Witchcraft Lyrics
Those fingers in my hair
That sly come hither stare
That strips my conscience bare
It's witchcraft

And I've got no defense for it
The heat is too intense for it
What good would common sense for it do

'cause it's witchcraft, wicked witchcraft
And although, I know, it's strictly taboo

When you arouse the need in me
My heart says yes indeed in me
Proceed with what your leading me to

It's such an ancient pitch
But one I wouldn't switch
'cause there's no nicer witch than you

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Palmer, Robert Witchcraft Comments
  1. losvivivi

    Strings Arranged By, Conductor – Clare Fischer RIP

  2. Mimi Loewi

    I love Sinatra's older version of this, but this is lovely, too. Sinatra and Palmer were both admirers of Billie Holiday, so they had that in common!

  3. M. Morrison

    Wonderful rendition... THUMBS UP!

  4. Joyce Aloia

    Love this. Great interpretation

  5. Tomáš Mucek


  6. Peter Seriously

    Clean production, smooth vocal....Robert at his ecectic best...and his best was very very good.

  7. Boxerpaws Sarver

    special ..nicely done :)

  8. saltsister1

    Excellent I've never heard this before by RP thanks a bunch.