Palmer, Robert - Riptide Lyrics

Riptide caught in a riptide
Torn between two loves the old and the new
Riptide lost in a riptide
Where will it take me what shall I do?
My heart is tossed on a sea of emotion
One love offers romance the other devotion
The new love is calling the old love is pleading
I'm caught in a riptide what shall I do?

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Palmer, Robert Riptide Comments
  1. Ernest schoenmakers

    Yiou left us some great music, RIP Robert Palmer.

  2. Samukele Lubisi

    What a great song! Would never have heard it were it not for DDS

  3. colin ratford


  4. rainpop 303

    The same dolly birds from his other videos 🤣

  5. manweller1

    Takes me way back to my school days

  6. SuperMicahel


  7. Elfe DelaForêt

    Love this!

  8. Pomombo

    It carries me far far away in space and time. Great track

  9. Aliyah 1

    Oh uhm.. great?

  10. A Certain Booster

  11. andimatrus

    Man! he had good taste in women.

  12. michael anthony hilario

    Too short but I like the video

  13. Bill Cobbett

    Love that old cinema organ sound

  14. Dave Sheppard

    1 minute to short that aside an utter joy r.i.p. rob 😊😁😉

  15. JasonC1782

    I think a more fitting video for this song would have just shown an extremely fat guy trying to walk up a hill.

  16. Bernardo Casarin


  17. Mark Goodwin

    Not too long at all. Great song from the late Mr Palmer.

  18. David Skarica


  19. stenwald


  20. skintrade

    Nice song, but too long


    skintrade It is aptly fitting in the album because of it's short but atmospheric set up of the album.

  21. Orlando López Franco