Palmer, Robert - Honey B Lyrics

Honey bee, honey bee
Our hearts sing sympathy
Such a sweet melody
Honey bee, honey bee

How do I count all the ways that you understand
Multiply the stars in the sky by the grains of sand
Satisfy me
Your love's better than I ever planned
Tantalise me honey bee
I'm at your command
Planet keep on turnin'
Planet keep on goin' round

Illegal marijuana
Better give that man a cigar
Let's go hear him play the guitar
Come and take a ride in my car

Well, well I say, honey bee
I'm your main devotee
Let's establish a colony
Honey bee
Walk beside me
I'm in heaven when I hold your hand

Hypnotise me just Alice in a Wonderland
Well, I say, honey bee
You're my great fantasy
I love your company
Be with me in this tree
Planet keep on turnin'
Planet keep on goin' round

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Palmer, Robert Honey B Comments
  1. Darla Sullivan

    I miss him terribly

    Michael Riley

    And me big time

    Darla Sullivan

    His song got me thru a few dark times many years ago......

  2. Laura Kenney

    oh this is a fun tune! like we should be dancing on the beach, with a cocktail in our hands!! love it.. and HIM. thanks for posting this for us 😃

    Darla Sullivan

    A lot of his song are are extremely upbeat and make you smile and feel good.

  3. GypsyKing7

    One Of The Coolest Cat's On The Planet!