Palmer, Robert - Discipline Of Love Lyrics

You naughty girl: so sharp and dry
Don't fill yourself with foolish pride
You wanted me to notice you
But when I came, you cut me
Why did you do it?
Why did you go and spoil the fun?
Why did you do it?
You need the discipline of love – some discipline
You wild child
How sweet you smile
Your crystal ball – it's broken
Why did you do it?
Why did you go and spoil the fun?
Why did you do it?
You need the discipline of love – some discipline
Take notice now: my turn to talk
The gate of love – it's narrow

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Palmer, Robert Discipline Of Love Comments
  1. Lexie Neevel

    Why did Robert have to die? WHY?

  2. Carl Schwamberger

    Robert Palmer walks into a bar, & the women lubricate.

  3. bruce edwards

    Rock Roll Hall of Fame please

  4. Paul B. Safar

    Wow. How sexy was this man and his voice ?

  5. Deborah 78.

    At 2:29/2:30, Robert looks like he's on a mission...

  6. TheSpaLife69

    Love The Bars~~ held Robbie back from doing something stupid.

  7. TheSpaLife69

    ......anybody like the Rebel @ 1:52

  8. T.M.F. Griggs-Woolfolk

    And a brush.

  9. TheSpaLife69

    .....why do i desire a dead man ......

  10. David Peter

    Love it when I discover an awesome song from 34 years ago that I missed at the time.
    Great track and video.

  11. TheSpaLife69

    Is his pursuit Daryl Hanna?

    c. Griffin

    Definitely NOT!!!
    thank goodness....

  12. Theron Hayden

    What a great voice!!!!


    He is actually singing about The Great REAL ITALIAN coulture Fabricated by the GUESS WHO ___ HOLLYWOOD , You were never the DOGS , THE RUSSIANS were AND always WERE !!!

  14. Dora Padilla

    I love this jam ..Its got a very meaning .....

  15. Tarek Wayne

    A new favourite of Robert Palmer!!! Just discovering this😅😅😅

  16. gerald 413

    Awwww you Naughty girl! 😜

  17. Carol Tatarian

    Ain't nobody like him, nor will there ever be. He is missed greatly.

  18. DustyBalz

    Mr Palmer was cooler than the underside of the pillow. The 80s rocked


    DustyBalz cooler than the underside of the pillow. I gotta nick this line

  19. Joe A.

    Robert Palmer has similar facial features like a combination of Robert Redford and Sean Claude Van Dam...

  20. Vanessa Barajas

    Such swag 💜🎶😍

  21. Gideon Donato

    RIP Robert. Always looking straight ahead, just like he did in concert.

  22. Anthony Catuto

    Saw Robert live 3 times in a period of 25 years knocked me out every time .Miss him .Always class . Charismatic.


    ......made me grow up.......

  23. Rapport Le Bon

    Hi “...does not experiment with alternate methods and has the effect of repulsion which is a v. Serious estrangement worthy of psychiatric evaluation.

  24. Rapport Le Bon

    Radio won’t even play my jam.

  25. kiandch

    RIP Robert. Thanks for the Power Station also.

    michael anthony hilario

    Without Robert there will be no more Power Station:-(

    Obtainium Gaming

    michael anthony hilario that’s the sad truth. Music today just don’t cut it most of the time.

    michael anthony hilario

    Yes. But now another music artist are different now not the same of this guy

  26. Mommy2juan JesuslovesME

    REALLY LOVE Robert Palmer's musical talents. His time here too short, 54 young. Phenomenal talent❤❤❤

  27. RageTV

    This video came off of the Riptide video collection. I have it

    Ace's Cafe

    RageTV does your video credit the main actress?

  28. Majik0715

    Very underrated song from one of the coolest guys in rock n roll.

  29. Pedro Benetone

    finally it's available in south america

  30. David Skarica


  31. Isaiah Tolbert

    Never knew this was a single omg all these years I been playing it

    Adam L

    Believe it or not, this was actually the first song from "Riptide" to be released as a single, before "Addicted To Love." Only reached #82 on the Billboard Hot 100.

  32. A rather cross glass of warm eggnog

    0:06 Is Robert Palmer going to have to choke a bitch?


    your comment made my day. XD

  33. luis velez

    he's one bad ass a trully original bad boy

    Arlene Kelly

    .. definitely a babe and a half!

  34. Thomas Leyden

    great song.  forgot how good this was.

  35. Orlando López Franco

    Me in 2:15

  36. Rebel12 Wynn

    Great and awesome kickass cut from one still badass album, "Riptide"!

    Joel Dunmore

    Rebella12 Wynn are You My Sister, I LOVE YOU! LOL!

  37. Mimi Loewi

    Where'd you dig up this one??? Model is fugly, but R.P. is HOT.

    Sue Clark

    Mimi Mocha the model was Robert's girlfriend Geraldine Edwards in disguise. His future fiancé when he died.

    Mimi Loewi

    Sue Clark Wow, had no idea! That wig was weird! I feel terrible, now 😢. His personal life was a bit complicated....

    Sue Clark

    Mimi Mocha haha....pretty funny their sense of humor. She's the same one on the cover of Pressure Drop.


    @Sue Clark Robert Palmer was never engaged to Geraldine Edwards. Most of the information online about his personal life was written after his death and completely fabricated. Ms. Edwards tried to dispel the rumors but not effectively. He was very much involved with Mary Ambrose who was with him when he died. The information written about her is also fabricated, why I haven’t a clue. It has done a disservice to her and Mr.Palmer.