Palmer, Robert - Aeroplane Lyrics

Say you'll write your story -
Pictures, dreams and letters
Get your past existence off your mind
Life is such a miracle
Every day brings changes into your life

You could easily
Tell her you know the melody
You could get over her
You keep consoling her
Like a black and white movie

If you miss your aeroplane
Then you've got nowhere else to call
Just hearing your romantic schemes
Can set my heart to thundering
I long to see your bright and smiling eyes

Babe, the stars are sparkling in your tears
You'd better take my handkerchief and dry your eyes
Love is such a miracle
Every day brings brings brand new life

Why hesitate?
Why compromise?
You're a friend of mine
Suddenly I am here with you
I won't get over you -
I want control of you
You'll have to make your own move
Once I get hold of you
I won't let go of you
I'll miss my aeroplane too

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Palmer, Robert Aeroplane Comments
  1. noiseintheoffice

    This is a truly great song. I love the writing credits; just Palmer. There were no limits to how far he could have gone.

  2. C Me

    still p h e n o m i n a l

  3. Laurine Ark

    thank you, King Dave! Some of Robert's best work (like on this album) was overshadowed by his top 40 hits... So nice to hear this again!

    King Dave

    You are welcome Laurine and glad you liked it.

  4. Ruthiebaby30

    Love this. Still.

  5. E.P. R. Bowe


  6. jzf300

    Thank you!

    King Dave

    +jzf300 You are welcome!

  7. LWOPP

    Thank you SO much for this. My copy was lost years ago. This CD was a bit of a mixed bag; lots of genres and styles. But this one, "Not A Word" and a couple of others are just little aural dreams that no one but Remlap could spin.

    King Dave

    +LWOPP You are welcome!

  8. saltsister1

    just as good as the first time

  9. King Dave

    Hi Jim, I upploaded ALL the songs of this album, so if you see better you will find it;)

  10. saltsister1

    and again and again.

  11. saltsister1

    Been gone a while but back to get my fill. Love this just as much as the last time.

  12. King Dave

    You are welcome.

  13. saltsister1

    Thanks so much for this. I can go about a week then have to hear it. There was another version until about one month ago that I liked even better but it has been removed. I love this and thanks again.

  14. Noni Wahid

    luv this song

  15. King Dave