Palmer, Amanda - Gaga, Palmer, Madonna Lyrics

She is a part of the music continuum
and she's a part of this difficult world
and she wears outfits made of aluminium
she is a 23
she is a 23
she is a 23 and a half year old girl

I am a part of the music continuum
and I'm a part of this difficult world
I'm often naked and play the accordion
I am a 33
I am a 33
I am a 33 and a half year old girl

She is part of the music continuum
and also part of this difficult world
she was the first one to often have no clothes on
she is not 53
she's only 50
but I used her anyway
'cause she fits well in this song

Art is great; that way you can do anything
you can make pop music
you can paint ducks
but if you're a pop star and you're a woman
than it's much more likely that
people will say your art sucks.

Making pop music isn't for everyone
Actually that's wrong it technically is
That's why it's pop music
now I've confused myself
I'm gonna start a new verse and I'll say it like this

Some artists focus on love and simplicity
some artists focus on fashion and fame
then sometimes some artists try to do everything
which is impossible
I think those people are brave.

Art is simple
just ask Andy Warhol
if he weren't dead he would tell you the truth
Call it a masterpiece
call it a urinal
it doesn't matter
It's art so there's nothing to prove

I'm not sure what the point of this song was
and I know this song doesn't actually have to have
any point at all
even good rhymes in it
like Lady GaGa and also Madonna
I'm just trying to entertain people, make a living and pay my rent,
without having to get a job I hate and hopefully find an audience who'll love and accept me
and not think I'm a narcissist for wanting to be a performer and find true inner peace and that's it.

Now a question to further our dialogue
Is all art real art and is pop art art?
If someone talented wants to make pop music
why should we worry when there's so much other shit wrong?

This song took less time to write and record
and post straight onto youtube than writing a blog
i think it's possible I may do more of these
please send your comments
especially if you think I'm wrong.

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Palmer, Amanda Gaga, Palmer, Madonna Comments
  1. Nola Chick

    Amanda wrote this song about Gaga and pop art 4 years before Gaga released her album Artpop. Iconic.

  2. Katie Craig

    Can you do a song about Lupus

  3. grayarea

    When I feel bad about not excelling in one skill I remember "some artist try to do everything, which is impossible, I think this epeople are brave" and it really helps xxx

  4. Sage V

    This will always be relevant

  5. chris tabet


  6. Mary Vanorskie


  7. Sterling Ruby

    I love this so much! Youre really amazing Amanda

  8. Tinta Loro

    I hadn't heard this song at all until today and it's a thing of beauty!
    I have so much love for you and I hope you feel it somehow. <3

  9. mobbu

    i love you

  10. RossmanDR

    Hahahah!! I love you so much!!!!

  11. Michael Tower

    I am very thankful that my ex wife brought you into my life musically. You fix things we didn't even know we're broken. Thank you.

  12. Pika G

    Love you so much :*

  13. technopoptart

    it's a shame i will be purging all but one of my patreons this month because of the pricehike i only found yours today despite playing tracks from your 'who killed amanda palmer' and 'evelyn evelyn' albums a couple times a week every single week since i got them

    i would have gladly added you to my pledges v_____v

  14. MeiGoat

    I wish she did more of these

  15. Adrián Adanedher

    She's so adorable

  16. Brad Traynor

    fantastic! gorgeous! what more can I say?

  17. road 2 joy


  18. Liz Anne

    whats with the painting ducks thing Amanda? Its in like 3 songs...

  19. Gail Starr

    That was awesome, very nicely versed!

  20. Sarah Hickman

    100% more please!

  21. Mara Mayhem

    Love you! Saw Dresden Dolls in Coney Island last month, still in awe! One of the best performances I've ever seen live

  22. Robert Groves

    This is super relevant in Chicago right now as we have some representatives on our Cook County Board of Commissioners stating that performances of Rock, Rap, Country, DJ sets, etc. do not qualify as fine art. I myself think that is a bunch of bullshit.

    If you feel inclined to do some research into this and you feel as offended as I do please sign the petition linked below.

  23. Ukulele Badly

    MORE!!! I love this!

  24. rebeccagrave

    god bless you, lady. :)

  25. Rachel Holmberg

    wonderful, truth, more!!

  26. Its Me

    This made me smile :) More please!

  27. Nick Caulfield

    What's not to love?

  28. AmyDaisyDuck7

    Gloriously wonderful !

  29. Chris Baxter

    Fuckin Bravo!

  30. Brynn Seana

    I want more of these. Very badly.

  31. lizbee

    sharing this in honor of your birthday :) because I love the dialogue and because you have to change the words each year ;) love you! see you in Boston!

  32. Nathan V

    Speaking as a fellow artist, I don't think you could be any less wrong. I would love to see more of these song blogs! (Sogs? Blongs?)

    Daniel Gould


    xXGalaxyXx :3

    Nathan V i

  33. Karadactyl26

    I adore this.

  34. Marine Leparc

    genius !

  35. Modern Moonlight

    I'm not a part of the music continuum
    But I'm a part of this difficult world
    I'll never be enough relevant for this song
    I am a 17
    I am a 17
    and putted myself here
    'cause wanted be in that song


    Ems Phipps

    Would you mind terribly if I include this when I perform the song myself? I like it and it suits me

    Modern Moonlight

    @Em Owo  I be honoured! Of course you can.

  36. Malcolm5252

    Loved it! That was brilliant. Thank you.

  37. Aislinn Kerr

    Because why blog and make us happy when you can get your uke and make us even happier?
    Amanda,words cannot describe how much I look up to you.

  38. Chris Stehlik


  39. Elise Bach

    I used to not like you.
    Then I hated you.
    Then I became ambivalent.
    Then you became my secret indulgence because my friends would've shunned me.
    Now that I'm out of the Amanda Palmer closet, I'm cycling back to not liking you because I'm rather obsessed with you and it's taking up my valuable time. Oh Amanda, you are confusingly but comfortably loveable.

  40. Stevie ONeill

    Yer not wrong, Amanda Palmer. You ROCK

  41. Pining for the fjords

    I love this song because it seems like it was written in five minutes, yet somehow it just works.

  42. jamieo439

    I love you so much.

  43. Krissy Gibbs

    This is wonderful. Keep being awesome.

  44. Pink Taylor

    Yes, please!

    Dan Taylor

    Do you know this Palmer chick, Pink? Or is she somebody famous that I've never heard of? Although you may still know her even if she's famous . . .

    Pink Taylor

    I have never had the chance to meet this amazing creature. She's an artist (mainly music but other things as well) and she is married to author Neil Gaiman.

  45. Corin Scher

    Oh Amanda, how we worship you.

  46. Lizzy Steele

    I love you. Every morning I wake up and listen to the ukulele anthem and attempt to play chords, then I put my iPod on and try to get out of the house. Some days it doesn't happen, and you have taught me through The Art of Asking that is OK some days too. I wish I could thank you some how <3

  47. Sarah Good

    This is truly amazing.

  48. David C.

    I saw you first, when you opened for Nine Inch Nails in Mexico City and since then, I've had the outmost respect for your art, subscribing now that I've found your channel. xD

  49. TattooedParents

    that is really cool i did not know you had a channel on youtube, i remember seeing your band play the dresden dolls on j leno i believe not to sure it was  years back, but glad your still messing around online and such and it was a cool song, all the way from las vegas.

  50. Bob Kastorff

    Ah good show. Dunna ever stop you weird and wonderful thing that exists.

  51. Sarah S

    I love this...but I am bias...because I adore you in everything...Thank you!

  52. Natas Hell

    You're adorable :3

  53. jonny hodge

    Hi Amanda just show my FREIND ur MADONNA /ha ga jamm &sge too thinks ur the shizzle on a EPiC level.
    I am gonna now continue to watch ,view ur channel
    And if it's ok to from here on in to pleasantly stalk u lol IM WATCHING U ?? Not really ( sorry got f+ced up sence of tumour )
    I'm trying to find my calling music us my passion I'm at moment learning guitar and on first lesson the tutor ( also mate) said I should start practicing certain songs I was like u mean SING THEM ? Yes lee sing them u have a good voice
    This pleased me made me smile inside and out complimented me on a humungas level
    As I'm 40 this Xmas day and how can I say this ? ?? I'll say it as it is
    I'm recovering H addict after 15# yrs was dragged up single parent whome ov wich was resident in local pub my sisters brought me up .
    I was also born with face deform arty ( right side was 2yrs mature then left side ) so one cheek was bigger than ova jawline crooked and teeth that would shit life outta Frankenstein on a dark night if I'd've greeted him with a smile ha ha .
    There was no diagnoses for this and it could've bin put right when baby but was never taken to get it sorted bla bla bla
    At 24 I finally underwent major face reconstruction 7 hrs in surgery 1yr# in recovery it was complete success but we all know the saying sticks&stones well that saying is so not true it's wrong way round as the names ( elephant boy,fat cheek ,moss chops , aswell as skippy the bush kangaroo due to bad stammer or if they failed gayboy queer faggott would be thrown in the mix ) just to make sure I ended up doing everything from littrelly being a scrubber / cleaner to really bad drug dealer on all levels to rent boy to bar management 1/3 nvq,security guard to then shoplifter ( being caught in boots the store I first patrolled oops quite comedy looking back ,ye so done everything from extreme to extreme but only real talents I have is my h/art I'm a AWSOME legend ova FREIND and I'm told I'm so creative from tattooing ,drawing,photography,writing, songs,poems,s/stories,scribbles ect and apparently I can now sing wich is ironically one of the 2 things iv truly genuinly WAnted to do /be frontman or singer in band or play guitar in a band .
    I do APOLLOGISE for this manuscript of randomness but just watching u first time u influenced me hugely and think ur talent is unuiqe underestimated & iv been telling everyone check out this bird on y/tube she is the Tittz .
    Being a gayman also many think or go on to say awww lee hook me up I'm like I don't know her littrelly I just come across her when watching MADONNA on y/tube at bouring bit of tiresome trade I frequently visit here in naaawich lol
    Hence to say the bit of trade needs to find a better trade or sorry I mean learn his trade better as not being bitchy but when u have a shagg Fbuddie that slowly resorts to feeding u Valium till u pass out then goes watches his idol on ur smart tv instead of getting down and dirty between ya sheets something's gotto give ;/???
    Probobly me that has to stop making do with people that bour me or I need to madicate just to be in the company off not that I'm some huge major catch fare from it but ANYGAY back to point so I'm like I don't know her in person I'd love to no question but found her on tinternet isn't she kool
    Those that also are a soildar or slave to there h/art like me agree the rest being ironically male st8 mates of mine ( cause all my freinds are either female ,lesbians or st8 males :/ strange fruit but true .
    All APOLLOGISE iv gone of course and I'm ranting so I'm gonna stop b4 u end up in SPECAIL ward banging ur head of the wall pleading some one please shut him the f*c up stopp him from writing his hers every and whoever a bloody life story jeezus Christ man he's given me brain strain and the caterax of ones mind ( my eyes) like waterfalls im can't read no more burning are the sockets were rest of my eyes once was till I read this comment 10 hrs ago or was it days see iv been given dementure virtually it's a conspiracy it's the establishment the aluminarty No it's just fle ( fraserlee emery emery as in dick emery I thank you he he )
    Some grazy ass unuiqeBeatfreak who's comment I'll never forget as it's gonna be the abitchurarie of my mind ***


    ashleigh Foreman

    i love you x

  54. Keyser Söze

    Wait, Amanda Palmer has a Vlog/YouTube channel?

    Modern Moonlight

    +Keyser Söze Polak?

  55. Godfrey Harris

    I enjoyed it thoroughly

  56. Sean Henderson

    Thank you Amanda! You never just scratch the surface, you always dive deep!

  57. Tori Watson-Haley

    This is so great. Thank you so much for this song! This video reminds me why AFP isn't just my favorite musical artist, but also one of my favorite people.

  58. Rob Heathers

    That was outstanding. Thank-you, Amanda!!

  59. ForeverBlue

    you are amazing, wish I was aware of you from the beginning, I love your art and lifestyle, thank you @Amanda Palmer 

  60. Rant Bandini

    hahaha, she always cracks me up! 

  61. Annæl Haldo

    I am part of the music continuum
    And I'm often naked and play the accordian
    I am a thirty three 
    I am a thirty three 
    I am a thirty three and a half year old girl.

    Annæl Haldo

    its about her process

  62. B S

    I've been listening to this 10 times in a row... I can't stop.

  63. B S

    I love you!!

  64. B S

    If I had money I would so buy your complete collection now. It hurts a little not being able to support a wonderful artist who I've adored for years. 

  65. B S

    Amanda, you're amazing! :D 

  66. Angelique X Stacy

    I watched this right after watching a modern dance inspired Lady Gaga performance. You go girls, you got this!

  67. Moshaful92

    I love you and you make so much sense! You enlighten me with your sensual voice :)

  68. Alex Thomas

    This is so cute! 

  69. Adam Bieber

    the last thing she did is screech, i love the screech of delight, so human, human at our best is in that screech of delight. 

  70. Ciara MacGarry

    Yeah, see, that's awesome! More of this please :D We loves you Amanda!!!

  71. Glen Biltz

    I think you're amazing. Thank you.

  72. Lisa Le Fey

    Oh you so made my night!! Excellent wit!!

  73. reddragonready

    Yes, I think you are wrong. Not everything is Art just because someone calls it thus.

  74. Xaecord

    I hope I can make it to your concert in Copenhagen at the end of the month, xoxo

  75. Amanda Curry

    AMANDA I LOVE YOU! You're so witty and down to earth. Thanks for sharing your blog-not-blog-song!

  76. Dana Elise Shwartzberg

    you're right and you're amazing. and i love you!
    cant wait to see you in Tel aviv

  77. Daniel Subero

    Simply: U-R Lovely and I love U ;)

  78. Ceca Vistac

    beautiful so beautiful

  79. Ameronot

    You, lady, are awesome, talented, smart, beautiful, amazing, funny and.... Did I say awesome? I'm not very creative and I think I may have run out of good adjectives...

  80. kali205

    <3 loved the dedication to Miley Cyrus at the Brisbane gig

  81. aimstheotter

    This is perfect!

  82. Jana Uhrich

    I feel like this applies to Miley Cyrus, too.

  83. akazukinredhood

    You spoke more truth into 3:53 minutes than I have all my life trying to explain art. Either I suck, or you are awesomely talented and possess a beautiful mind. I think we both can agree on the latter.

  84. Er3s

    I think you're fabulous... and your ted talk was genius :)

  85. Kotes Durione

    I think you are awesome !! Would love to see/hear more of these !!

  86. kimmeh babe

    She is amazing!!!!!!!

  87. Judie Ann Johansson

    That's why I love you! :)

  88. Ashez The Greenwitch

    Amanda Palmer you are so right and I love the fact that your so real. you rock

  89. Shaz Masta

    I google you x

  90. mykel58

    Gods bless Amanda Palmer

  91. Toaden

    lol that is awesome . . . I like this song on the "an evening with . . " album

  92. Insel Nallin

    Thank You. I love this. You are a huge inspiration.

  93. divinemediocrity

    Amanda Palmer, I love you. Heaven bless you.

  94. SkoczMiNaPukiel

    gaga isn't that bad but some artists really make shitty songs and get lots of money for them and it's unfair! I will probably hate my job and I can't make money the easy way (like artists) because I don't have any chance to become popular :( and I don't have talent and I'm sure I won't show my ass on tv to get money

  95. Annapurna Moffatt

    2:27: is that a reference to Duchamp's "Fountain"?

  96. Heather McClure

    Very nice, very nice. This makes me smile.

  97. Don Puerco