Palisades - Scarred Lyrics

And I crept through your head
Just to settle the score
Thought you were done but you wanted more
The satisfaction that I'll get my mind
Is knowing that you couldn't ever really leave me behind
Payback is always best served cold,
I took a page from your book just to torture your soul
Payback is always best served cold,
So take a step back and watch your fate unfold

Cause I don't wanna stop control
And I don't wanna loose my hold
You'll never find a way, never find a way,
You wont escape the mess you've made
Cause I don't wanna stop control
And I don't wanna loose my hold
You'll never get away, never getaway,
From the choices that you've made

Whoa, look into my eyes
Can't you see the damage done
Where will you run when you have no one left to love?

You don't know the person you are
What you have done
I'll make my mark
I'll scar

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Palisades Scarred Comments
  1. Noriaki Kakyoin

    Didn't expect a meme to appear in this song! Damn son, where'd you find this?

  2. Nessa P.

    lose* not loose

  3. Shadoe Haze

    Damn Son... 

    good tune.

  4. Buried With You

    i will not rest until i can produce this quality of music

    Ethan Hittle

    Dude sameeee.

  5. Tilla Munster


  6. A. Halim

    holy shit.. the most beautiful synth breakdown i've ever heard in my whole life.. *shed some tears*

    Groovy Me


    Tilla Munster

    you should check out "mash it up" by Skip The Foreplay !!

  7. Vegeta

    Can't wait for these guys to catch fire and tear up the scene.  They're badaaaassss

  8. Ivy Trapnest

    Man, I saw these guys live and their energy is amazing. The crowd was pretty much dead until they got on stage. They're really good. :)

  9. Blake Creamer

    i don't care what anyone says, this band is really good! been listening to metal for almost 10 years, and if i can come to respect these guys as much as i do, that means that they truly do fucking rock!

  10. jarret banks

    Oh shit, they put the famous "damn son where'd you find this" line in their song :)

  11. Seraphina Vasiliev

    am I listening to i see stars and issues ? 

    need gta money thanks

    Hybrid of them

  12. juan elizondo

    Cuz I don't wana stop control! And I don't wana lose my hold!

  13. Oliver Hill

    I feel the same.

  14. Sean Abbott

    too bad they broke up, just cause Hans left

  15. Alec Herbert

    What happened?

  16. CodyCoolProductions

    This album seems to be really hit-or-miss for me. I'd say about half the album is actually "good" to me. This song is one o them.

  17. Luis AlegreMusic


  18. Sama Sameh


  19. Joie TheGhost

    This is the first song I've heard that has screaming and I could understand them without looking up lyrics. I love you Palisades.

  20. Matthew Young

    People just jealous because they don't get 237 likes on their comment.

  21. Matthew Young

    Well congrats bud! But it seems like you don't have the top comment no more. :/

  22. Matthew Young

    I think you've had the most likes on a comment ever. Lol congrats!

  23. zshu95


  24. Hev Yeah

    Yeah but, what if you don't have itunes money or don't have itunes, and live in Australia?
    you have to download it for free o:
    i wish i could buy the CD c:

  25. Raika Hachioji

    Just saw them live at the music hall in little rock, Arkansas. Refreshing to hear such an edge in a progressive band like these guys. \m/

  26. shucklesors

    wow, crown the empire has a 'guitar sound'? i think you just gotta listen to.. a lot, a LOT more bands

  27. Varietis

    How would they get the money to record it... Money goes to the company who sponsors them, such as Rise, Victory, all them. They need a record deal. Unless they are rich.

  28. VaoDxArchAngel

    If they get almost nothing then why dont they just have a youtube channel and have their paypal buy link and then got an automated system to send them the download on email? That would be 100$ profit.

  29. Varietis

    They get like nothing for downloads on iTunes unless they are independent. The way you support artists is to go to their shows.

  30. EpicSandboxGaming

    Incoming PhantomL0rd Fans.

  31. Grace Prior

    This is such a great song.

  32. devkemp

    It's a studio quality rip of the cd that you can download

  33. Michael Potter

    Some one explain what that is please?

  34. Yoran Nemegeer

    soo true! this track makes me go hard Oh Btw i use this to get it on your pod:

  35. Ricardo Mendez

    @Nati_Furnari follow me! fans de palisades fuck yeaah

  36. Benjamin Lipsø

    and HAWT SAUCE!

  37. Jay Rivas

    Artist make more money from CD sales when you buy it from a concert. It cuts out the middle man i.e Itunes, Best Buy etc. Thats what Matt meant.

  38. Lex Vinova

    dubstep grandma

  39. Junior Salgado


  40. Kody Price

    Why can't more people understand that^?

  41. darel askew


  42. trist

    Still helps...

  43. Gabriel Lundell

    Did you see the "only" he wrote?

  44. Dwėsk

    Dayum, son!

  45. Caleb Lienard

    Actually artists don't usually make shit off CD's at the start, they make most of their money off of selling merch at shows.

  46. Sawyer Martin

    You're an idiot. Matt wasn't saying that shows are the only place to buy albums. He's saying that buying the album from a show is the only way that the artist actually makes a decent profit.

  47. Gabriel Lundell

    in 5 days though, that will change, Love, Lust, Faith + Dreams - 30 Seconds to Mars is released. It will kick ass!

  48. Gabriel Lundell

    Can't wait for this to be available on Spotify!

  49. Gabriel Lundell

    no, iTunes, YouTube, Spotify, BestBuy and everywhere else someone buys their stuff.

  50. Matt Davis

    if you're gonna buy an album, buy it from a show. that's really the only way they get the money from it.

  51. PapaJenkoooooo

    My dp is from months ago, and I am educated.

  52. Alexander Pétursson

    I agree on that statement. Best thing i've heard this year. Fit for a king is very underrated.

  53. Brett

    I agree, FFAK are high underrated! their new cd is fantastic!

  54. Johnny e.d

    get a haircut and educate yourself.

  55. Johnny e.d

    this band is going to blow up.

  56. AsWeWalkOFFICIAL

    Hey maybe you'd like our music! You should give us a listen :D!

  57. Memento Mori

    I disagree. I've never liked BMTH before, but Sempiternal was amazing. But So many people don't know about Fit For A King. And I think they are one of the most underrated bands to come out of nowhere and make such a damn good album. I think FFAK has best album this year.

  58. Tony Sanchez

    "Damn son where'd you find this" that's was the icing on this musical cake!

  59. Jordan Evans

    Buying the album already pre ordered!!

  60. Joshie Sillouhette

    theres like loads better than sempiternal
    ice nine kills album
    escape the fates new album
    silversteins new album

  61. Alexander McYates

    BMTH is revolutionizing the scene, Palisades is making more generic core music. Or in other words, I strongly disagree with your statement.

  62. Tim buckto

    To bad half the people who "Love this band" won't buy it :/

  63. Shu Faye Wong

    Amazing song!!!!

  64. Rick

    Fit For A King's new album is better than all three of those albums, and it's not even as good as their last album. Just saying.

  65. Branden

    Know Hope. Listen to it dude. It's a tough one to call between this album and The Color Morale's.

  66. Josh Hill

    For you, maybe. But, to me, it sounds like it's just up to par. I like it, though. It's just as good as Famous Last Words' new album. Well, maybe. I'm not really into the breakdowns from this band. It's cool. I don't see it as a game-changer that's all. Sempiternal is magnitudes more creative and it's a heavy hitter in my opinion.

  67. PapaJenkoooooo

    Just buy it dude, it's fairly cheap and I think they've just shown they deserve the support :)

  68. trist

    Buy it. The artists deserve it.

  69. Michael Gerhart

    or you could buy it next week and suppor the band. Sounds like a better idea.

  70. PapaJenkoooooo

    Best album so far this year! Yes that means it's better than Sempiternal

  71. Coliholio1

    Their EP was ok and I was a little skeptical at this album but holy shit this is so good!!

  72. Alvin Mejia


  73. AdamFonts

    Damn son, where'd you find this?