Palisades - Player Haters' Ball Lyrics

A lot of people need a lot of attention
They say some shit like it has an effect on me
You're so obsessed with looking down
You eat sleep breathe my name in your mouth
Expectations low but I feel high
Never fit the mold, fuck getting by
I wanna hear how much you hate me
How my existence drives you crazy
I'd rather be a fucking thorn in your side
Than listen to you tell me how to live my life
I bet you're so proud
Talk is cheap and I don't hear a sound

Let' em talk talk talk
While I walk walk walk
The more you speak the less I listen
Talk talk talk
While I walk walk walk away
You've got nothing on me
Why waste your breath
Why waste your words
They mean nothing to me
Talk talk talk
While I walk walk walk away
While I walk away

What do you have to say
While you're sitting alone
I've been building a throne
So confident in what you don't know
The only truth is that you're still unknown

[Black Bear:]
If these walls could speak
Would they mention your name
The attention you seek
So blind and alone you are
I think you see to believe
It's like drowning to breathe
At least I'm breathing in something but smoke
From the burning debris
Of a faint memory
Watch the flames take the place of a home

Let' em talk talk talk
While I walk walk walk
The more you speak the less I listen
Talk talk talk
While I walk walk walk away
You've got nothing on me
Why waste your breath
Why waste your words
They mean nothing to me
Talk talk talk
While I walk walk walk away
While I walk away

So think again when you try to speak
Wolves don't lose sleep on the thoughts of sheep

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Palisades Player Haters' Ball Comments
  1. Mr. Meshuggah


  2. Swamp Girl

    Check out Kickstart The Sun!! They actually played with Pallisades in Des Moines, IA.

  3. Ouiouibaguette

    Thought this was a damn comercial

  4. Chicken Ball

    No one gonna mention how this sounds like the Wii shop song?

  5. Abu Jafar

    yo turn off your bluetooth

  6. chemicapsule

    This is so warped tour



  8. Placeb0Effect

    i wanna know how much u h8 me
    how much my existence
    makes u
    crazy ;]

    let em talk talk talk,
    while i walk walk walk
    the more u speak
    the less i listen

  9. Brixx Official


  10. Kirigaya Kazuto

    Song name in ending please

    Silvester Morale

    Kirigaya Kazuto hooligans by issues

    Kirigaya Kazuto

    @Silvester Morale thank

  11. Adam Cortes

    Not that I'm an overall fan of this style, fusing these two genres was creative as fuck.

  12. loverboy

    Wow at first I was like how blackbear could fit into these category, but now he gets the calm section of the song, fair enough

  13. O S

    the frontman of palisades sounds like oli sykes when he screams. that's sick

  14. WORLD 4ME

    My fucking jam this is the most bad ass mix of dubstept and metal

  15. Iahim Vat

    I love you Etten.

  16. jessica

    damn I miss listening to them , now I listen to rap :\

  17. Paige A7X

    Omg I've been looking for this song for almost 2 years now since I lost my old YouTube password

  18. Kiera TheFox

    Oh nice o:

  19. damara rachelle

    Only here for Blackbears verse

  20. Ryan AndersEn

    They really need to pull blackbear in for another song

  21. Nora

    Fucking amazing combination <3

  22. AlphaLeader772

    0:12 When you see that booty.

  23. Lotus

    *music plays*
    (all of a sudden)
    btw how have I NOT heard this song until NOW?!?!

  24. Joe Chalk

    In 2014, This song the first time I've ever heard of Blackbear and he's become my favorite artist throughout the years. I can't believe how far he has come. I'm an OG Blackbear fan haha

  25. Angel Sawka


  26. Renee Cao

    lmao i thot they were speaking Japanese or korean before watching the lyric video

  27. darcwizrd

    Man, I thought this was somehow connected to the Dave Chappelle sketch Player Hater's Ball

  28. Heavenscent

    The blackbear part holy shit

  29. Isabella Flynn

    when I first heard this, I didn't really like Blackbear's part. It's grown on me and I love this song

  30. Meltedkitten

    The whole time I was trying to figure out how Blackbear's smooth ass voice was going to slide into this song. 😂😂💕🔥

  31. Devil The Creator

    rsvp now😃

  32. Olw Gyeuz

    good <\3

  33. Breaking ScreamZ

    Trapcore !! 😏

  34. Aeris Hogan

    Why does it say ignore at the top when they are not being ignoring

  35. Psynergy

    This is one of the coolest lyric videos I've seen!

  36. Cynane

    What the fuck.. that was the best Blackbear verse of all time


    Fox kid here who thinks this song is the bomb! 💣



  39. Kurt Motionless

    love this song from Philippines 👏

  40. Article 29


  41. angelofdeath 666

    I like the Break down!😜

  42. Lysecia S.

    Holy shit it's been a long time since I heard this song~

  43. Francisco Quintero

    I need to know what's the song at 3:14? 😭😭

    Nohl Behler

    Francisco Quintero Hooligans by Issues

  44. Mario Jr

    Love this song,.

  45. Rodrigo Bravo


  46. Kwame Coleman

    i hope new album is like this one i hope the don't experment like bring me thr horizon and twa did


    Kwame Coleman doesnt seem going to the electro-post-hardcore mix... I dont like the songs they released of the new album...

    aaron johnson

    Prepare to be disappointed then I know i was.

  47. LastRyte

    It was good until 2:03

  48. MiShFit *O*

    I effing LUV this song!

  49. Cynane

    Blackbears verse :o

  50. Adam Rose

    Anyone notice how at 1:07 it says "delivered" under the gray text?

  51. Cram Cram


  52. Kinghs 97

    This will be 2 years old!

    Evan Faraday

    Kinghs 97 Do they have a new album coming out?

    Kinghs 97

    I guess

    Kwame Coleman

    Evan Faraday yes janury 20th

  53. Johnnie Marquez

    I never knew this band did scream vocals. is tha black or white one doing them?

  54. Wreckin Rican

    please let me use your music in my gaming montages

  55. Jp Flores

    "If these walls could speak
    Would they mention your name
    The attention you seek
    So blind and alone you are
    I think you see to believe
    It’s like drowning to breathe
    At least I’m breathing in something but smoke
    From the burning debris
    Of a faint memory
    Watch the flames take the place of a home"

    Brings a tear to my eye on more than one occasion...

  56. zhoan xo


  57. blasphemyjhp



    it only says it in the title but ok

    Vivi Love

    Blackbear (Matthew) is bae

  58. AmericaWest90

    This song is better than anything on the entire last album.

  59. Walrus Productions

    LOVE THIS SONG walk walk walk

  60. Random Guy

    outro song please?

    Kenjamin Garnett

    Issues - HooligansIssues - Hooligans

    Random Guy

    +Kenjamin Garnett thanks!

  61. yamaha519vx

    i went to their concert once and left before their second song because they suck, granted i wasnt there for them anyway

  62. iiForgiven

    What's the song at the end that they're recommending?


    +iiForgiven Issues - Hooligans

  63. Kenjamin Garnett

    TimTheTatman brought me here


    +Kenjamin Garnett same

  64. Dasha Kviki

    wtf how is this band not famous yet??

    Boris Cavender

    +Dasha Kviki good question, they're fucking awesome

  65. Liddle Lizy

    B͛L͛A͛C͛K͛B͛E͛A͛R͛ D͛A͛D͛D͛Y͛ F͛U͛C͛K͛ M͛E͛

  66. Kelleigh Gray

    this is my anthem, also shout outttt to the sample of my favorite thriller movie everrrr, Halloween. palisades liked a tweet of mine recently, it made my DAY <3 :D SO ready to FINALLY get to see you play and meet you on 3/15 :D <3

  67. Conductive Reasoning

    Hell yeah!

  68. Parker Jones


  69. Tsar

    At around 11-12 seconds in, right as the "Woah" drops, there's a faint voice that sounds like it's saying "Are you recording?"

    Jingy Riceball

    i tried for so long to hear it and i finally did lol

    Hayden Grimm

    Yep! Glad I wasn't the only one who heard it

    Tristan Truswell

    Awh man i can't unhear it

    Ian Walker

    Yeah I call bs, there's nothing there. Gr8 b8 m8


    I can even hear it on phone speakers

  70. SCBiscuit13

    In terms of music the tune is very interesting, but can't stand the clean vocals nothing characteristical about it ;( Meybe the vocalist will find his style.

  71. 임정훈

    노래 딱 좋군

  72. Meg Franta

    The imessage lyric idea is so awesome, I love this


    Its by far the best lyric idea ever

    Meg Franta

    @Linion I agree

    Samus Aran7

    @Linion Only hipster chumps use iPhones

  73. Jean Geill

    I love these fuckin guys!! Awesome!!!

  74. Hey Internet!

    It sounds pretty good if you speed it up.

  75. Billy Joel

    Seriously sounds like ISSUES and i love it.
    its even got the lighter breakdown.

    Jonny Strickland

    +Billy Joel More like I See Stars imo. New Demons album.

  76. Kwame Coleman

    sounds like a better version of issues

  77. Aren Swensin

    This song, and rendition of lyric videos you got out here are awesome from every direction. When the doctor asks me to elaborate why I have been whipping my head around so violently from joy...I want the only true response to be, "Palisades".

  78. Rocio Flores

    alguien mas que hable español por aqui me gusta si viniste x ronro love jeje me gusto mucho la canción

  79. Heel

    This is a really unique lyric video. Props to them!

  80. stevie torrance

    i wish it didnt have those weird gaming sounds

    Lee Patterson

    This is electronic music... That's what Palisades is.

    Josh Moats

    +stevie torrance ummmmmm what?...

    Cameron Archer

    +Vanity Insanity its what they are now its not what they started as though. The first EP will always be their best work.

  81. Austin Hilton

    Yo if you don't get the chappelle show reference, than you're not doing life right.

  82. Priscila Andrea

    Laik si vienes por ronro love v':

    Marina Pino

    +Priscila Barahona yesssss AHAHAH hi :3

    Ketsukei Inku

    Jaja sii, es que la cancion era muy *-* la tenia que escuchar



    Iris B.

    Yo vine por Dario

    Cata M Jaramillo

    hehehe si!! /(°-°)/

  83. Jax Cavalera

    This is one of the best mixes of electronicore i've heard yet from all the bands out there. I wonder how they sound live :) Very close mix to Eskimo Callboy meets Issues

    Lee Patterson

    I saw them live at warped. They're pretty good live in my opinion.

    Sunni Nordhausen

    They put on an amazing live show!

    Diana Jennice

    they're GREAT live, I highly recommend

    SMG Photography ART Sarah-Marie Garvey

    saw palisades and eskimo callboy yesterday live - both are fucking amazing <3


    Pretty sure I See Stars still wins the electronicore :)

  84. JoshWilky93

    What's the song after this Palisades one?

  85. Jill Krajicek

    2:03-2:30 is just too beautiful for life.

  86. DeeJay Meadows

    Man if I kept getting this many texts from this person I would Ignore them too! 
    (But really this songs kicks ass! Love Palisades!)

  87. Joey Simunds

    Oh man yall took cases of stairs, lol fuk steps

  88. Iván Sierra

    He sound like the old austin carlile

  89. Xitlaly Silk

    *song jfc

  90. Xitlaly Silk

    I love this sonh

  91. St.Misty

    honestly anthong featuring black bear is gold.

  92. Alex K.K.

    This song <3

  93. musicwonders

    am i the only one here for blackbear LOL ❤️❤️❤️

  94. Bebedorra

    Excited to see these guys at Warped Tour. Partly because their music is awesome and partly because I wanna know how to pronounce the band`s name.

  95. Zanatu

    Saw them at Warped, they were freaking sick. Crowd was insane xD

  96. ExtremeFrost

    I hear some Issues influences I like it

  97. jjzombienomnom

    gonna go see these guys for the 3rd time and i doubt they're gonna disappoint, especially if they play this song. this summer has been filled with bullshit for me,so playing this song is gonna get me so hyped. :D

  98. Cal Shekhar

    ISSUES + Palisades in a concert, imagine, just imagine

    Shytessa Sails