Palisades - Bad Girls Lyrics

Got em all wet...
Got em all wet, shaking what they mama gave em

Make no mistake about it, she is dangerous
I'm ready for the punishment, she ties me up
Cause she's got the hottest vibe and the body to ride
Workin' the floor like it's her nine to five
She's the type of girl who knows just what she wants
All the dude are trying to pick their mouths off the floor

Got em all wet...

Let em sweat it all they want
Give it all they got
We got a good thing
They don't know it's a good thing
Let em sweat it all they want
Give it all they got
Cause I can't wait to get you home
No I can't wait
To get you all alone

I'll say the things that they won't say
I'll do the things that make your legs shake
Cause she's got the hottest vibe and the body to ride
Workin' the floor like it's her nine to five
She's the type of girl who knows just what she wants
All the dude are trying to pick their mouths off the floor

Let em sweat it all they want
Give it all they got
We got a good thing
They don't know it's a good thing
Let em sweat it all they want
Give it all they got
Cause I can't wait to get you home
No I can't wait
To get you all alone

Let em sweat it all they want
Give it all they got
We got a good thing
They don't know it's a good thing
Let em sweat it all they want
Give it all they got
Cause I can't wait to get you home
No I can't wait
To get you all alone

Got em all wet...

To get you all alone

She's going home with me
She's going home with me
She's going home with me
They'll never believe so I'm making them see
She's going home with me
They'll never believe so I'm making them see
She's going home with me
They'll never believe so I'm making them see

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Palisades Bad Girls Comments
  1. Eseosa Erhunse

    Soft porn metal.


    what are the two songs in the end of the video?

  3. Alex Urbaneja

    I’ll say the things that they won’t say
    I’ll do the things that make your legs shake

  4. Isaiah Arvelo

    whats the song paying at the end of the video?

  5. Tyler Szydlowski


  6. Vagabond Masllani

    Im so Confused and hyped about this xDD nice mixation

  7. Miranda Munro

    I don't understand why this band doesn't get played in the clubs

  8. Rochelle Jones

    This I have on repeat awesome 🔥🔥🔥

  9. Cynicalsquid

    Like how people are judging the lyrics of a song called bad girld

  10. Herb

    Does anyone know where the sample at the end of the track is from?

  11. Hinternet

    crossfaith vibes

  12. David Saldana

    song at 3:36?????????????????????

  13. Clayton Scruggs

    Got this CD for Christmas and played this song for a couple of my friends. Let's just say they hated it but they gave it the name "Twerk Metal" 😂

  14. Jk Lawler

    Gay boy still rockn this jam ☺

  15. 94HeeLboy


  16. Adam

    Tune 👌🏼

  17. ah00362

    Hire someone that can grow the brand.. I shouldn't have to find this song through Spotify. Take note, this is over 2 years after this video was posted.

  18. ah00362

    This song is great, but where is the marketing budget? Seriously, this song deserves a legit music video.

  19. EfUrRwk

    reminds me of Breath Carolina. I dig it!

  20. Vanna banana

    if your not a Palisades fan your not living life lol

  21. BRoman1237

    no for play, just spit and hit hard!

  22. strangelidoocookie

    Holy shit! The vocals to the chorus though 😮

  23. A Firm Supporter Of The Impending Fourth Reich

    im not crazy about the intro but the chorus is catchy af and ive been listening to this for days ♡♡

  24. 리비아Jami

    holy fuck dud...

  25. Reasoning Gravity

    Great song.. Great band.. Great album !!!!!!!!

  26. Raul PasTenny


  27. ignacia liz

    what he said at the end part?? plz im latin ))):

  28. Lestate

    U know this song isn't that bad actually. But this fucking part "Got'em all wet" SO fucking annoying jesus christ.

    Cooper Williams

    Lestate120892 That's the best part.

  29. Enzo Costabel

    They should had to realese a music video for this.One of the best songs in the album IMO


    yeah. ... something that song like ... world war 2 ost ?

  30. Elizabeth DM

    trap metal


    Elizabeth DM heck yeah

    Jonathon Graham

    Shit.... I'm stuck....

  31. Aaron Lewis

    Aye~ <3 Jamming this track!!

  32. Julianna

    i hear some Cher Lloyd right there

    Aus Del

    Bultaoreune oh my god I heard it too

    Angel Pritchard

    Yes omg lol

  33. Nakita Bunyan


  34. Not Kendra

    what Is this considered? Post Hardcore or what? cx

    Stephanie Mwaniki

    @Evan Faraday its not heavy metal 

    Evan Faraday

    @Stephanie Mwaniki kiss me

    Stephanie Mwaniki

    @Evan Faraday sure (;

    Evan Faraday

    @Stephanie Mwaniki mwah!

  35. Cypher Crisis

    I do my dishes to this song.

    got em all wet.

    got em all wet.

    wash em cuz ma mama made me

    Melissa Mcconnell

    Cypher Crisis lol this is the best comment ever! 😂😂

    Lil' Rawr Rawr

    Cypher Crisis Your Halarious! Lmao I'ma say that to my mama!

    hello there

    fck dude thanks for the reminder

  36. yamaha519vx

    i down voted all their videos because they suck

  37. Sarubotai

    I love this Club/Rock/Metal. my type of jam

  38. Jamie

    What's the song at the end of it

    (The Weird British Guy)

    Same Graves by Storm The Sky off their album Permanence,
    They also have a new album out called Sin Will Find You, which is different but in my opinion is better :)

  39. ItzCodeRed

    Pretty sad that 2 of their band members are leaving. The 2nd singer/bassist :(

    Susan Garza

    i just say them live for a second time and Was wondering what was missing ;-; that explains alot

  40. Kwame Coleman

    This band is good as shit like this the best band rise record have

    Evan Faraday

    Kwame Coleman thought it was of mice and men? not being a smart ass don't they sell more?

    Kwame Coleman

    Evan Faraday i agree

  41. Shibby

    im telling you all, this band is just the most amazing live. Their songs really do shine even more with all that bass.

    Cilicia Frank

    fucking true . I seen them live before I really listened to them and live got me into it

    shawn Anthony

    Shibby I'm seeing them live in april and I'm pumped for it

  42. Kat Jankowski

    I know them I Real life

    Sir Normie Of Lordran

    +Kat Jankowski you're gonna hook us all up with autographs right? aha

    Kwame Coleman

    Sir Normie Of Lordran im weak lol she is bad tho

  43. Mxhmxud

    "why i aint rich yet i don't fucking know.." Haha I love that part

    cold nights in the desert

    I wonder who the guy was saying that


    Pretty sure it was Brandon Sidney. :D He said smth like "I sing just in the back"


    ha ha ha

  44. Kwame Coleman

    best album of 2015

  45. cold nights in the desert

    They should make a music video for this

  46. Josh Moats

    dont ya just love how the haters stick around and post their opinions (un needed or not) i come for the music and to watch the stupidity unfold. *grabs popcorn*

  47. Salvo

    everybody prepare for crimsix's fans

  48. mowry34


  49. Mle5b B

    I love the all the songs and these guys are cool i saw then at warp tour they they cool to see there fans

  50. 真紅コウモリ

    I've discovered this band a few days ago, when they followed me on Twitter and I have to admit, that I really like some of their songs. I'm always in search for good new music and I'm glad that I can add something to my collection. :D

  51. Daniel Mcfeeters

    Has a Let's get it Band fill to it

  52. Seraphina Vasiliev

    am I listening to the new limp bizkit?

  53. trilogy

    lol the end at 3:23 xD i laughed so hard "why i aint rich yet i don't fucking know.."

    Andrew Sykes

    same 😂😂

  54. Nico Matteau

    it is just... AWESOME !!!!

  55. ben marshall

    Im not gonna lie, i think these guys are better than issues. Im just feeling these dudes more, almost like this whas always truly what they were like

  56. Stellar

    Haha, do i see people complaining about Cher Lloyd? She didnt even say a word did she? What the faaahhk?

  57. cold nights in the desert

    Who's the guy talking at the end?

  58. Dank Hill

    Does anyone know what the "Got ‘em all wet, shakin what they mama gave ‘em" part is actually from? Because it's in a Baauer song from like 2013 too.

  59. Adam Artz

    This song screams "nu-metal" to me.

  60. Seiji Schoch

    Baauer samples haha

  61. Mercedes Aquino

    What is the song after this song called?


    @Mercedes Aquino Storm the Sky - Same Graves

  62. Stefani

    It took me awhile to like this, i actually like this. 😂🙌

  63. Matthew Hillis

    I saw them yesterday with crown the empire,Memphis may Fire, dance Gavin dance and I didn't like them

  64. Loguen McKee

    As someone who just saw them live, the stuff off Mind Games is unreal. Sooo freaking good..

  65. Mikayla Redding

    Saw them the other night for the Take Action tour and just holy shit, they were amazing. They really get did the crowd going.
    Met them afterwards and they were so sweet, best night ever, best performance and I wasn't even that big of a fan before. x

    Sabrina Gray

    They were awesome.

    cold nights in the desert

    You're so lucky you got to meet them!

    Sabrina Escamilla

    I meet them at the Take Action tour too! They are amazing I'm seeing them again this Sunday

  66. PS3Jacob

    Loveeeeeee it! You have a new fan

  67. Jeremy Michael

    1:36 That was the sexiest female "UGH" I've ever heard. Also the first, but still.

  68. Rodger Sterling

    Hahaha I definitely thought that the video was an add 

  69. Cheyenne ab

    i cant get enough of this song omfg soo good

  70. Martini Gasalini

    kiddy music how cute  ***rolling eyes***


    Lol youll be fine

  71. Tori Allen

    What's the song at the end called?! I can't find it anywhere. Someone help me please lol

  72. Boy Dahlia

    Seriously this song is the best thing on the album, I've been listening to it nonstop for days. 

  73. Anna Nicole

    super hyped to see them on warped, i can already tell the crowd's gonna be fun

  74. Keerin

    Saw them last night at The Champ.
    THEY KNOW HOW TO GET A CROWD GOING. Best performance of the night was by these guys.

    Tricia Putt

    +KirinMotionless was this back in january?? if so, I was there!! such a great show!!

  75. Braeden B

    Honestly, I love this, because I like different music for different things, metal/rock for working out, and I also like EDM for working out as well, this way I can sorta combine the two with this new album, and I like that. Great album in my opinion, still heavy enough to keep me satisfied

  76. gettingsodas

    anyone gotta good guess on what guitar tuning is in this song?

    We Are Palisades

    Dropped B

  77. Borah Borshka

    First album was better but still good

  78. Zach Paris

    This song has grown so much on me. It gets me so pumped, BUT they definately repeated that one part over and over too much.

  79. MrTungtarung


  80. Chad M

    Warped is gonna be good...

  81. Vitoria Yuri

    HAHAHAH Cher Loyd's scream on 1:36

  82. Julius C

    I don't care if they change their style.
    *As long as they make great music regardless of their known genre, I'm up with that.*

  83. XZYLO

    I think the youtube comments are the ACTUAL worst part about Rise Records. 

    Andre Villalobos

    @Brandon Waskiewicz true men

    Gaming Spite

    +Artist Culture yeah it's full of "Critics" and "Experts" on today's music 


  84. tristananvilcaster

    I love this album!

  85. Garrett Fory

    Is it just me or was that scream with no instruments the best part of this song? I don't know why, but I just love it when Palisades especially does that, like at the beginning of Your Disease. Probably just me.

    Destyn Ogilvie

    Nah, that part really was the best part.

  86. dkg323

    Best song on the album, in my opinion!

  87. Julia Cole

    Wtf is this shit

  88. Ethan Arrowood

    Its like a more intense Hollywood undead kinda sound <3

  89. Mariana Medina

    Seriously. I love this album. Stick with what you love to do, guys. 
    AGH. I love seeing bands progress and find their sounds. You guys are so great! <3

  90. Dawn Leaf

    This band certainly knows how to craft a catchy tune.  I'm not sure if that's a good or bad thing, but it's certainly a thing.

    cold nights in the desert

    We've got a good thing, they don't know it's a good thing

  91. Andrew K

    best track off the record!!!

  92. bluefieldchecker

    I like this new album. Sounds a bit heavier

  93. DancewithSHINee

    I love their sound, but the lyrics are kinda //:

    Seth Owen

    The lyrics r good


    @Seth Owen  In your opinion.

    Chi-Yin and William: chilliam00

    I swear people who like K-Pop go hand in hand with people who like metalcore/post-hardcore.

    mariah Norris

    gotcha all wet?


    @mariah Norris bye

  94. juan deloera

    "This song is trash because their lyrics are deep and meaningful! I never have fun because life is all about being serious."
    - people commenting


    Did you mean are going real deep ;)

  95. Fabrizio33

    Needs more cowbell.

  96. buugsi

    i think the only reason that people are hating on this and mind games (apart from the lyrics i mean) is the fact that they think that palisades will forget their metal/rock beginnings, with outcasts for example, don't get me wrong i still love palisades but i just don't want them to forget where they came from, what the true fans want, and where they aim to head in the future. good job on the new album guys.

    Billy Snyder

    the true fans are buying the regardless because they love the band and their reincarnations album to album. The fact the band has songs like afraid, true blood, and player haters are just a few examples of them not abandoning their roots. plus they all love rock music! 


    exactly, at the end of the day the songs that aren't really a 'rock' genre of music are still really good, I'm enjoying them more and more the more i listen too them, its just some people hate just because they feel disappointed in a way..

    Sawyer Martin

    @Billy Snyder You're an idiot. Being a "true fan" doesn't mean you buy everything that a band releases, regardless of how good it sounds to you. A "true fan" is a fan who isn't afraid to give an honest opinion of something that a band they love releases. 

  97. Chy Reiter

    I don't see why rock can't put you in a party mood. I love this song personally