Palisades - Afraid Lyrics

The one thing
We can’t ever change is free will,
We can’t dwell on it.
Even though
it gets hard to breathe
It feels heavy on me, it feels heavy

But I’ll sleep tonight, I will sleep tonight,
A dark cloud hangs over things that you said.
Sleep tonight, I will sleep tonight,
Knowing I can’t let it get in my head.

Ohh, whatever’s gonna be, let it happen.
Ohh, can’t control what cannot be contained!
Ohh, and when you’re left for dead, show ‘em what’s left.
Ohh, when it’s dark you cannot be afraid!

Can’t explain
How people change,
From so close to so far away.
It's so fast
How it can go from a
Dream to a nightmare.

But I’ll sleep tonight, I will sleep tonight,
Knowing that I can depend on myself.
sleep tonight, I will sleep tonight,
Knowing that I won’t be anyone else.

Ohh, whatever’s gonna be, let it happen.
Ohh, can’t control what cannot be contained!
Ohh, and when you’re left for dead, show ‘em what’s left.
Ohh, when it’s dark you cannot be afraid!

But I’ll sleep tonight, I will sleep tonight,
Knowing that I can depend on myself.
sleep tonight, I will sleep tonight,
Knowing that I won’t be anyone else.

Ohh, whatever’s gonna be, let it happen.
Ohh, can’t control what cannot be contained!
Ohh, and when you’re left for dead, show ‘em what’s left.
Ohh, when it’s dark you cannot be afraid!

When it’s dark you cannot be afraid!

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Palisades Afraid Comments
  1. muhammad yunus.00

    A favorite song😁

  2. Sterilux Gaming

    That phone has no notch 😐😐

  3. Angel

    Pippens ex ee



  4. Nick Sorrels

    There's something strangely siren like about the synth pulse in this song. Much likes.

  5. Chris James

    It seems their newer song let down is a take from this album but the rest of the new album is not what I was hoping for at all

  6. Angel Sawka

    first song ive listened by them!!!!!!

  7. Jacy Taylor

    regret not seeing them at 2015 warped tbh

    Sergio Martinez

    same here ;(

  8. Jay Navarro

    -literally sings along-

  9. Walter Ritchey

    I don't understand why they felt it necessary to include their name in Katakana on their album. I don't think that all of Japan is listening to this lol.

    abbie morton

    aesthetic hunny

  10. Clint Behnke

    Anyone else notice the percent of the battery???......


    +Geckoboobman 22 Yeah. 66%. Why?

    hate you for this

    the network service to the phone says RISE and the time is 11:11

  11. Guilherme Porto

    this is so fucking god that i need to create a new genre to this :v
    metal pop(i'm not say its bad)


    +Guilherme Porto Issues does the same music as this, basically. But this is just as good, if not, better. It's metalcore and pop music. Fairly new stuff from the metalcore scene.

    Guilherme Porto

    @RoyalUnicorn4 fucking true XD

  12. Abel

    Probably the best song of mindgame! it's like an electronicore ballad! They poured all their hearts in this very song!

  13. Jacob Jie Dong

    dat 11:11

  14. Stephanie Gonzalez

    So good! Hearing you guys live at Warp was awesome. Getting to meet you guys was even better! Keep it going!

  15. deatheater971

    I've been listening to Palisades since their EP album, and each album sounds different a gets better each time, and I really like this song but my favorite one is Player Haters' Ball

  16. Kenny G

    Can anyone tell me what the song in the end was??

    George Clarke

    +Kenny Guardado there is literally a link on the screen for it bro xD

    Kenny G

    @George Clarke​ lol yea i know but it doesnt work on my phone and thats all that i use i dont use the computer

    Kenny G

    @Glenn​ and thanks man appriciate it


    @Kenny Guardado np bro

    George Clarke

    @Kenny Guardado ahh thats fair enough hahaha :P

  17. Ela glez

    Good song.

  18. NivenelLPS cała prawda

    The best <3

  19. Drucifer Bringus

    If it was mixed better.... the guitars seem to hide in the back even when what's being played on the guitar is clearly the focus

  20. Ernesto Luna

    Didn't like the album but I LOVE this song.

  21. Sophia Lilly

    the vocals kind of remind me of the amity affliction

  22. Suzanne

    Heard and seen them 4/2/15 for the first time.
    I fell in love with this band.
    Their wonderful in all aspects of live music.
    Can't wait to see em again.
    Lou is the friendliest guy and super respectful.
    That means a lot in today's society.
    This song so speaks to me on so many levels as does most of the album.

  23. DGV

    I love this!

  24. Richard Gil

    What's the last song played?

    Bruno Freda

    Issues - Mad At Myself

  25. MikeEckesBeatzzz

    Such a great song, love the sound

  26. HDXChripSy

    A cam girl on a site gave me the name to find this song lol 

  27. lmao aye

    I just started listening to them with this album yesterday and I'm already obsessed ..

  28. Brayan Suarez Nunez

    Am I the only that thinks that the first 26 seconds of this song sounds like the song "Mr. Owl Ate My Metal Worm" by D.R.U.G.S. ...just saying c:


    no one does except you!

  29. Jaeshik Sohn

    sounds good but the album cover feels like iphone ads 

  30. AD | STUDIOS

    Good shit, I actually dig this a lot. Wasn't a huge fan of their old stuff but this is too catchy to dislike! When I first saw the album cover I thought it was a Japanese iPhone ad lmao. Getting this album for sure!

  31. xXsweetbitch02Xx

    I absolutely love this!

  32. Mike Kasala

    Song on repeat for days.

  33. Yusseff Talal

    I love this album no doubt about it but is the whole album about sex and drugs? Lol

    Gabe Gonzalez

    Mind games..?

  34. Dony Nuransyah

    i really like this song 🙋

  35. Tilla Munster

    One of my favs on the album

  36. Alex

    Worst album cover ever.

  37. てっどばんでぃ


    Nick Davis

    外国 = カタカナ

  38. H͜e͡Árt̷Br̵e͜ak̀3͟r̷

    love this song!!!!!

  39. bladexeon

    YOOOOO this is such a great tune i love the direction they are headed

  40. Chandler Peacock

    Great way to kick off the new year in my opinion. Some of the songs remind me of old school Linkin Park. Well done, Rise.


    Well done Rise?? Didn't know they made the palisades album. Signing a band doesn't mean Rise did anything but give them money and take shares in profits made.

    Pat O

    @Moist remember that if you listen to any future awful songs put out by a Rise band. If you can't partially credit them for the successes of their bands, you can't fault them for the bands' shortcomings.

  41. ThatGamingCave

    The instrumentals in this song are so dope. The use of the synth was amazing as well!


    @ThatGamingCave Agreed, the blips in the hooks of this track are phenomenally placed and written.

  42. Daniel Dascal

    Why the fuck Iphone ? :D

    Jessii S

    Well it's like an item used to symbolize their album in my opinion, just like PVRIS used a mirror in their album cover (also another great band to listen to just in case(: ) or just like Sleeping with Sirens (another example) used a feather in their album feel.


    Dan Dascal kids these days are addicted to phones. So it messes with there mind...

  43. Hollow Naruto

    Diggin it

  44. Hanawa Chan

    Are they japanese ? Sorry for my lack of information


    It translates to Pariseezu xd


    @Lunara Solaris パリセーズ is the pronunciation of "palisades" :)

    KMS your favorite bleach

    Yep its spelled like that but pronounced palisades
    Im happy im taking Japanese^-^

    Jaeshik Sohn

    @Space1258 well i know that is not katana but katakana ;)

    KMS your favorite bleach

    @MNB K sorry about my spelling:3

  45. Chris Walt

    I love the old and new palisades...i don't expect a band to record the same shit twice so i really respect this new sound

  46. ImNotClifford

    After listening to the entire Mind Games album, I have to say that I really like it. It sounds really nice and it's a nice change. But there are certain parts in some songs where I'm like, "If this wasn't in the song then the song would be a lot better.", anyways, this album is not bad at all!


    I totally agree! Some parts of their songs, I wonder why it's there. Over all, very solid record!

    Joie TheGhost

    Agreed. Just like the part where it says "boys talking down i got them diamonds in my mouth" in Whatever You Want It To Be.

    Ronnie Arozzi

    Dude exactly what I was saying, song will be real good then bam, que the terrible chorus.

    Joie TheGhost

    Well, I like the song, I just don't understand that one part in it.

  47. Jonnygami

    I poop to this song

  48. yarbz

    i like this. some songs on this album are a little too pop sounding for my taste but A.I will probably be one of my favorites for awhile

  49. You finished? Or are you done?

    Love this shit. Love the vibe. Good shit , sharing with my friendsss

  50. Emo Penguin7

    this is an interesting sound. and they're definitely heading in a good direction. i see potential. but they need to improve their writing. i listened to the whole album and i definitely like the electronic and pop beats. and a few interesting riffs and breakdowns here and there. but the rest of the time i was bored. if they can write catchier instrumentals and vocals in the future, and add it to this electronic metal sound, i feel they can actually take off.

  51. Ryland Brown

    This is the first time I heard of them and know I'm pretty stoked to have a new band to listen to 🎧

    lmao aye

    Omg me too

    Peter Bergland

    They put on a pretty good live show, saw them open for WCAR last year and that's what got me into them.

  52. leonL39

    They're obviously going in the direction they want, so with that being said. This is a great improvement in their work from their previous album, good stuff

  53. e.g. John e.g. Smith

    Guitars are similar to Dead by April. Me likey.

  54. Estanislao Martinez

    First song I heard by you (except Happy), and this song is my favorite!

  55. ZeeLaDee

    Loving the song! 

  56. Amy Briggs

    Favvvvvv ! <3

  57. Jordan

    My favorite of all the songs they just posted.

  58. Alejandra

    Holy shet... This Is Amazing... <3

  59. HeadhunterGaming

    Can't Waited to see them at Warped!

  60. wiles-media

    11:11 <3

  61. Ezequiel Abreu

    Palisades is going big this year. Not gonna lie.

  62. iMarcV

    It's obvious this band will be pretty popular soon.


    4 years later.

  63. Mal Rosette

    So good. ♡.♡

    Mal Rosette

    @Jason LovesPWD wtf is your problem? haha

  64. sami weiseman