Palaye Royale - You'll Be Fine Lyrics

I see it in those eyes
You're so damn hypnotized
You wanted to pretend the voice you hear is not in your head
You wanted to escape but you're not that innocent
Just stay for the show but don't turn around because mama say don't go

Oh no no no, no mama say don't go

I'm looking for you out there
I'm looking for truth inside your stare
I'm looking for you outside cause I mean it
No I mean it you'll be fine

I'm looking for you this way
But you don't hear a word I say
I'm looking for you this time
Cause I mean it yeah I mean it you'll be fine

Well I can see the way she sleeps
Tonight I find a better peace of mind
In her eyes oh her eyes oh her eyes yeah
In her eyes oh her eyes oh her eyes

I'm looking for you out there
I'm looking for truth inside your stare
I'm looking for you outside
Cause I mean it yeah I mean it you'll be fine
I'm looking for you this way but you don't hear a word I say
I'm looking for you this time
Cause I mean it yeah I mean it you'll be fine

I see it in those eyes
You are so damn hypnotized
You wanted to pretend the voice you hear is not in your head

I'm looking for you out there
I'm looking for truth inside your stare
I'm looking for you outside
Cause I mean it yeah I mean it you'll be fine
I'm looking for you this way but you don't hear a word I say
I'm looking for you this time cause I mean it
Yeah I mean it you'll be fine

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Palaye Royale You'll Be Fine Comments
  1. Rosalyn Burgess


  2. lou vizuet

    bands like this should be more recognized and then save the industry

  3. Clayton Woodward

    im a metalhead, why do i love this damn song so much?

  4. Андрей Хмурый

    Горшок жив!

  5. traffic hazard

    i'm so damn hypnotized by Remington's makeup

  6. GachaCandy

    ME at first:MEhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
    Me the second time:okay I guess its okay.
    Me the 1000000000000000000000th time:O HELL YEA YOU'LL BE FINE THAT U AINT GOT TICKETS TO SEE EMMMMMMMM

  7. l l

  8. Rebecca Flynn

    emerson: remington knock it off
    remington: noooooooooo

  9. ArcadeShuffle92

    Black and white stripes are so sleaxy

  10. sageisdrowning

    everyone b talkin about rem and how amazing of a singer he is, but damn emerson at 2:24 tho

  11. Lillina Blue

    Amazing, beautiful, great music🎧🎶
    🔝Completely another Earth🎼✔️

  12. alligator jesus

    i though mama was playing when it first started

  13. Miles is drowning

    Is it just me or does the beginning sound like Mama’s beginning??

  14. Kirstie Campbell

    First 5 seconds with them on screen.
    Best guitar intro
    Amazing drums
    Vocals out of this world.

  15. Upasana Basak

    Yeah, Rem, thanks for that.
    I'll be fine.

  16. CANAL do PABLO

    This is fuckin' rock n' roll, man!

  17. Tallulah Dean

    now I will cuz i have ur music

  18. Tallulah Dean

    omg at 2:56 he does the cutest thing ever !!! my heart skipped a couple beats

    Tallulah Dean


  19. Tallulah Dean

    has anyone else realised that remi dies/drowns in like every video

  20. Roach Garry

    This is FINAL FANTASY guys ?

  21. Yøur løcal Emø

    534 people weren't fine

  22. ickythump333


  23. Rebecca Flynn

    im so jelouse of the boy's makeup

  24. Chase Sterling

    Emerson is so cute wow 😍😍😍


    I have no idea how I know this song, but apparently I do so thats cool lol

  26. Shace End

    Here is a good example of a mockery.
    They escaped it.
    Oh look, I'm a Warhol.
    Nobody's moving at all.
    It's okay, we understand.
    Embrace the voice in your head.

  27. Fatima Mouktabis

    Seeing the behind the scenes for this video makes me appreciate it a lot more than I thought I ever could...nothing but respect and love for this band :)

  28. Taylor Fares

    Emerson is giving me scarecrow vibes

  29. Tanimation

    Who's Elmer's glue Barnet

  30. alexis anne

    well time to get back into my obsession

  31. Vidori

    Come to Brazil!

  32. Kevin Goodaker

    The lead singer looks like what I imagine the son of Joker and Harley Quinn might look like.

  33. cataracta moana

    first part of song sounds like mcr


    Omg i love this reminds me of myself and wanting to start doing music because it's another great way of self expression and peeps accept it better.

  35. Roberta Berg

    I'm obsessed with this

  36. Cheyenne Swenson

    I really can't tell you how many times I come back to this a day

  37. Hi, Allen!

    ga kerasa jir setahun yg lalu

  38. Derek Gonzalez

    Beatle juice

  39. Qrcnjcpkg Etwb

    "Hey i need a whole army of mannequins nOw"
    "Also I'm gonna drown the frick outta them"

  40. Cheyenne Swenson

    Even when they are going psychotic they're hot

  41. Beth Lundquist

    and another AWESOME song and video.... who needs to practice guitar when you can watch someone else play!

  42. Naomi Kitto

    Got into PALAYE ROYALE from seeing them at Twins of Evil Tour in Sioux Falls, SD. Haven't stopped listening to them ever since then!!

  43. Herms

    Am I the only one that thinks Remington look like a baby chick?

  44. Megan میغان मेगन Birk.Urbosa

    I just realized that watching this yesterday morning when I was feeling nauseous because I was so anxious about the first day of school, that this song actually helped me calm my nerves down and i was no longer nauseous and i was actually looking forward to going back. So I guess subconsciously I knew that listening to this song before I left for school would help me feel better. In a way, they were reassuring me that I would be fine when I go back, so now everytime I feel anxious I just listen to this song and I automatically feel better.

  45. shreyanstar158

    The video makes the song even better🤷🏻‍♀️

  46. Irving Zisman

    Is it just me or does the guitarist look exactly like a young Roger Waters?

  47. Common Nonsense

    Remington's make-up is perfect in this video. Just saying

  48. Sümüklü Bean Paste

    I’m dead.

  49. Rebecca Eckermann

    This Eyeshadow 😍😍😍❤️❤️😍❤️😍❤️😍❤️😍❤️😍❤️😍❤️😍❤️😍❤️😍😍❤️😍❤️❤️

  50. beka Hughes

    I have the dress that matches remmis suit

  51. Jennifer Roebuck

    Remington, I was so star struck to have met you the other night. I’m sorry I could only manage to ask for a picture and a hug. 😅 wish my phone didn’t break. 😂 I really wanted to say that it was an honour meeting you. My 2 year old daughter and I love jamming out to your guys songs. You’re an amazing singer. Come back to Winnipeg, I’ll do better next time. 😭😂🤘

    Daisy plocharczyk

    awe that sounds so cute!

  52. Joey Kennedy

    Saw these guys last night. Very good show.

  53. violetmustdie

    me: *listens to Palaye Royale once* Mother may I dress like this [insert picture of sebastian]
    My mom: why

  54. Sophiexx

    Does anyone mind explaining the whole Liesel inc thing because I’m new.. sorry to be an absolute pain

    Daisy plocharczyk

    So basically agh its hard to explain, we don't know all of the details yet, but it seems like lieseil inc is a society that brainwashes unique individuals. Palaye Royale are being brainwashed, (in the story) and they have to escape. They need to use their gas masks to stay pure in a toxic society. But to tell you the truth only half of the stuff we believe is even canon yet. For more info, watch all of their videos and go through Emersons instagram for the lieseil inc or Warhol stars symbols. its everywhere. also just search palaye Royale conspiracy theory on social media and your bound to find something. Also sorry if this was super confusing.


    Daisy plocharczyk ahhh thank you so much this helped

  55. GoHeavy Gaming

    Saw these guys open for manson and zombie. Never heard em before that but im hooked

  56. tf2 party demon

    Hearing the intro sounds like it came from the 20’s

  57. Beautiful._. Audios

    Rem has a way of singing that just makes me melt

  58. Sarah and Cecilia Bohman


  59. thao phuong chu

    #1 Remi's look is sooooo on point in this video
    #2 Emerson, what has the instrument ever done to you lmao
    #3 Seb looks like he's making love with the guitar
    I love the video n the song so much im crying

  60. Rebecca Eckermann

    HAPPY 1TH BDAY ❤️❤️❤️

  61. Linda Murray

    ok so i like to design human forms of the different parts of my personality and in this video Remington looks a lot like my insanity...

  62. kahnesha mazey

    Almost a year since this was released and I still jam to it like it was yesterday 😂

  63. Titania Mlynarczyk

    Is the makeup from Frank?

  64. babylon gal


  65. Peyton's Playlists

    I know a great guy who looks like Remington and I'm #Blessed.

    Mara Jade

    Marry him!

  66. Andrea O.

    I've known this band for just one day and I'm already obsessed. Oh boy, here we go again.

  67. Shawna loren


  68. Sage

    So is this after they get out of Liesel inc. ?

  69. Kai

    Yeah I can see this happening after Nervous Breakdown. Obviously Remington wouldn't be stable after escaping, he would be more insane, and the scenes in this video with him in the straightjacket in the water. It would work out

    Daisy plocharczyk

    he seems like the weakest, his crooked gas mask in the bartards pic, :[]

  70. Emily Fanhat

    what should the yellow mannequins represent??

  71. I need more memes and less life

    Who came here after seeing nervous breakdown?

  72. Muth Topawira

    You know when you want these beloved men to get what they deserve but at the same time i want to keep them to myself 😭😭😭 im sorry

  73. Muth Topawira

    Guys you didnt know that i have always been grateful for years ago when i found your song

  74. ridwan basalamah

    Palaye Royale really deserves more attention, sleep on your bed not this band thanks

  75. Rubi Zuniga

    Why is this song sooo good🥺😍🥰😭

  76. Zuzia Minta

    This is just perfect. I love you're music💖

  77. Julia

    *I'M CRYING WTF!!! I LOVE'EM SM 😻😻😰*

  78. just a white blood cell

    I'm going to be palaye's aesthetic for Halloween and nobody can stop me

    Change of plans I'm actually being gay rights

    Kindle Thompson

    just a white blood cell YES

  79. Kiblówka TV

    I rather listen to heavier music, but his vocal is just perfect! Wow why I don't know them before?

  80. Tiwi_Sinner

    3:14 am I the only one who noticed the car behind them? is that like an actual person or someone on set helping with the music video?

  81. Daisy plocharczyk

    who is here after watching FUCKING WITH MY HEAD

  82. Chemical-Gee

    I always come back to this video, cause it keeps impressing me more and more and just like a drug. This music video is addictive and I just can't get enough of this song. This is definitely one of my favorite Palaye songs!

  83. User 101

    I want all their outfits, also i didnt knkw rem was beetlejuice

  84. Mila Møønwalker

    *me seeing Remington in the car with no spikes in his hair*


  85. Mr Youn

    Sebastian has a perfect bone structure 👌

  86. el miljaus xd

    I friggin love when remi says "oh no"

  87. I. L.

    Style and substance! 💕

  88. yes indeed

    emo again and im here for it

  89. Aza McQueen

    The beginning reminded me of Mama by My Chemical Romance

  90. Kamryn Wright

    0:54 Emerson looking back like “dude, ya good?”

  91. Koby Strangways

    What is it with all these bands and Mama? Panic, idkhow, like what is it with mom? (I mean I still love this band

    Your friendly neighbourhood emo disappointment

    Koby Strangways also, Mama - My Chemical Romance

  92. Lonely Potato

    I said I wanted to see Remington in a suit... This isn't what I meant

    Edit: Bettlejuice suit and Palaye Royale make up. Odd look
    Edit 2: When you imagine Remi as Bettlejuice though, it gets better

  93. Winter Eclipse

    In this he kinda looks like beetle juice

  94. Ruby Forr

    Came for the band, stayed for remmys makeup

  95. get scared_ at my chemical_disco

    Reminds me of mcr when the guitar and drums start but the beginning is like panics really emo songs

  96. Monbebe & Stay

    Let’s add it to my fav bOi bands
    2PAlaye rolaye

  97. Samantha Egbert

    Why do I find this odd little man so attractive?

  98. sunshine sibanda


  99. Christopher Tackett

    They are opening for rob zombie and Marilyn Manson July 13 I'll be there.