Palaye Royale - Massacre, The New American Dream Lyrics

(Come on) All you killers on your killing sprees
(Come on) A massacre's the new American dream
(Come on) And all the kids on the murder scene
A massacre, the new American dream

Fed lies since the day I was conceived
A bastard son, a rebel, now look at me
Went from homeless to your TV screen
How's this for the American dream?
Feed pills to society
Give you a gun, now there's a killing spree
I've given up on America's racist agenda
I'm fucked up from prescriptions and antidepressants

Generation Y, Generation why are we
Why are we so casual bout these casualties?

(Come on) All you killers on your killing sprees
(Come on) A massacre's the new American dream
(Come on) And all the kids on the murder scene
A massacre, the new American dream

In every church, school, and synagogue
Virginia to Littleton, when it will stop?
Turn on the TV, a nightmare or dream?
On every station massacre's all I see

Generation Y, Generation why are we
Why are we so casual bout these casualties?

(Come on) All you killers on your killing sprees
(Come on) A massacre's the new American dream
(Come on) And all the kids on the murder scene
A massacre, the new American dream

I've had enough of prescriptions and antidepressants
I've had enough of you giving your people some weapons
I've had enough of prescriptions and antidepressants
I've had enough of you giving your people some weapons

Giving your people some weapons
Giving your people some weapons

(I've had enough) of prescriptions and antidepressants
(I've had enough) of you giving your people some weapons
(I've had enough) of prescriptions and antidepressants
(I've had enough) of you giving your people some weapons

All you killers on your killing sprees
A massacre's the new American dream

(Come on) All you killers on your killing sprees
(Come on) A massacre's the new American dream
(Come on) And all the kids on the murder scene
A massacre, the new American dream
A massacre, the new American dream, dream
A massacre, the new American dream

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Palaye Royale Massacre, The New American Dream Comments
  1. CRS XD

    Remmington's whisper at the end is satisfying

  2. CRS XD

    At X2, this video is a cliché brainwashing video

  3. fraise - ghostobsessions

    This song is such an interesting piece of artwork, and I truly believe for what it says. There’s too much bloodshed, and nothing’s being done about it.

    This is slightly off topic, but my own sister was accused for being the next school shooter. Why? Because she stayed away from her classmates. Didn’t talk to anyone. That was our school’s justification for expelling her. I know my sister better than anyone else, I know for a fact she would never even think about something like that. She would be one of the people who would put their life aside to protect anyone else. She didn’t talk to anyone because they bullied her. If something happened to that school, I know for a fact she would try and protect even the people who mentally abused her.

    I’m tired of just seeing bloodshed. It needs to be over.

  4. trin o

    a fucking masterpiece~ even better live too <3

  5. Shannon Lee

    You guys in Wolverhampton last night ... DAMN!!!

  6. Alana Banana

    A clockwork orange vibes anyone?

  7. Jazzy Million

    I love this song guys. This makes me so pumped for whatever im doing.Thank you for your message and songs they're amazeballs

  8. Dreamer Cat

    I hope that someone can answer the following question: what’s the real meaning of spree in this context?

    “All you killers on your killing sprees”

    The literal meaning is wrong I guess and I need to know the real meaning so I can do a proper translation to Spanish (this is the only line who stops me know)

  9. GachaCandy

    While listening to this I just wanted to grab something and kill myself...This is litearlly how my depression almost killed me.You're songs helped me a lot. <3


    Hey, stay strong plz. We love you

  10. Metal Dragon

    Heh. I remember when they played at my high school years ago. Nice to see they're getting bigger and bigger.

    Jazzy Million

    *eternal screeching* lucky omigosh

  11. How the ****

    Fist song I heard from you guys, this is awesome...

    Jazzy Million

    you gotta listen to all of their stuff. it gets better omigosh they're great

  12. Lily Love

    I am a junior in High School in Illinois where a staff member accidentally set off the lock down alarm when they were exiting the building. No one knew what it was so we went into full lockdown procedure and no one knew what was happening even the teachers. We all though it was real. For 20 min we sat waiting thinking it was real. When they finally announced what happened they kind of had a light tone to it and sent out and email to parents explaining it. When we talked about it in homeroom the next day we were angry that they had such a light hearted tone about it. The teachers spent the whole day talking about it and explaining what to do incase of a real emergency. They talked about reviewing safety plans with subs since they did not know what to do and there were people in some rooms without a teacher in their to lock the door so the students had to figure out where to hide on their own. They could not even lock the door. It is a terrible time we live in with all the shootings and gun violence. People should not be terrified of guns especially students in school. We talking about doing something about it all the time on the news etc but don’t really do anything to change it. I think we should be the generation that changes it and do something about it. Also THANK YOU<3

  13. Mia V

    EXCUSE ME! Why doesn't this have more views?! ..f*ck logic..

  14. C J

    Ok Emerson, marry me already goddamnit


    love when far too young to die is right after this

  16. Completely normal

    And yet Trump still won the impeachment...

  17. i wanna die

    I think im gonna massacre myself sooner than some American dream

  18. Milly lees

    The chorus gives me vampire money vibes

  19. Random Roleplays

    Who else is listening on 02.02.2020 ?

  20. Joel McTaggart

    Stopping gun violence doesn’t work when certain folks are still all for it. We need to focus on the people who benefit from being able to employ soldiers who are literally above the law in certain cases.

  21. Cyanne Lok

    I'm lucky because I know this band. Without it, I would be dead. Thanks Palaye, you guys are my heroes.

  22. Joel McTaggart


  23. Joel McTaggart

    Violent revolution can’t be far off now, I’m ready when the rest of you are x

  24. Bannah Hanana

    The clips of everyone running out of schools and buildings absolutely makes my stomach curl and wrench.

    I'm a pretty tolerable person, not a lot of things make my stomach churn- but this gives me this sort of feeling. It just just builds up in your throat, gets caught, and sort of...prickles at your tear ducts.

  25. Regina Sexton

    Me not really being into Palaye Royale comes back year later he’s fucking hot and this is good what was I thinking 😂😂

  26. Anxious bitch

    this music video gave me migraine but it was worth it

  27. ThrashCat 666

    Kinda punk.

  28. jovin hohohohoho

    great song great message great B A S S

    well this song is going to be on repeat for the next few years

  29. CoffeeGhost

    It's sad you know. We're not allowed to have backpacks at my school so there is no chance of someone sneaking in a gun. I remember going to school and hearing about Stoneman-Douglas and we were in the cafeteria and for the first time the entire place went dead quiet. I remember being in my class and then being thrown into a supply closet during a lockdown because some kid brought of a knife to school. My ex bestfriend threatened to shoot up the school. It's scary not being safe at a place that should be safe from harm. The world is going to shit and we need to step up and do something

  30. Alex Pena

    imagine they made one for liberia haha

  31. BrutalSam

    free seizure for everyone

  32. Whiskey Black

    Generation Y, why?? IDK but I'm sorry the Boomers failed us & us GenXers are trying to fix it.

  33. kaden s

    People- the 1975 video vibes. Killer 🖤🖤

  34. Raven Roth

    Holy hell. Have this on repeat. This is the kind of thing that starts revolutions. Keep up the amazing work boys!



  36. Cybo1927

    Yes, the gun is totally 100% to blame. This shit is what you get when you only watch CNN and MSNBC. These shit organizations are using children as meat shields to push their movement and it should be shamed not propped up. Taking guns from law-abiding peoples is not the way to stop crime.

  37. sunshinegirl2007

    So appreciate this message guys thank you! I'm sharing it with everyone I know!

  38. Frank Gonzalez

    Protest music in rock is making a comeback Check out urethra there debut album too many Humans and first single is dropping in a few days check em out

  39. Hit Music Playlist by CelineOndation

    The message tho, I love these boys !!! Btw, this song reminds me of "Bang Bang" from Green Day

  40. May Rose

    I love how hard this song goes ! 🤘👏

  41. Danny Wolkoff

    I keep coming back to this video to motivate me to aggressively care about America. Best way to start change for the better is to FEEL LIKE YELLING AND THROWING THINGS for awhile right works for me anyway why i love rock

  42. Aleks Monoxide

    I’m keeping my guns. I’m not using them for bad things. People like this ruin the good in defense and shooting

  43. xXjessiXx

    This video's an epilepsy starter pack lmao

  44. Pedro Lino

    Oh, they surely deserve way more attention

  45. DisneyDreamworks Dork

    This song along side MARINA's songs Savages and To Be Human sum up growing up gen y and z.

  46. * SuNshiNe

    Love love love you ♥️♥️💛🧡 💚

  47. olivia boii

    The chorus sorta sounds like vampire money by mcr

  48. hplpsworld

    The end of the world was heralded by the sound of 7 trumpets. Donald Trump, his wife and 5 kids, 7 trumpets. Revelation warned us

  49. Angel bug

    Hell yes my new favorite song Palaye Royale never lets me down

  50. Nastunya Melashchenko

    This. Is. Art.
    The whole thing! The video is really lit and the song is fire! Thanks for speaking of real problem and creating such a great music!

  51. The ABacross

    Why do I keep comparing this to People by The 1975?



  53. Royalcouncil. trash.x

    honestly I cant believe I will hear this MASTERPIECE  live in less than 2 months AHHHHHHH

  54. Andrés Rodríguez

    Palaye royale:"This is a protest. In hopes to give this new generation a revolution in the form of an anthem. We are all on the verge of waking up and truly understanding that people should not be afraid of their government, government should be afraid of their people. This is how we feel about the current state of America. We are the new era, United we stand, in search of retribution ​for​ those ​who have been wronged.
    a month after, World war third
    trump: no'mbre aveces soy una cosa pero barbara :v

  55. Mr Show Stopper!

    Nice jam I like it 😎

  56. free expression

    They need to come to Miami Oklahoma

  57. NeighbourhoodEmo

    All the dislikes are from our officials trying to silence Gen Z

  58. Jamie McIntyre


  59. Royal Council

    YES THIS IS A BOPPPP also if the purge ever happens i wanna be stuck with emerson and remington

  60. William Melton

    Bad guys will always have guns. The only way to stop a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun, the Texas church shooting is a perfect example of that. Why do you think gun free zones are such hot spots lol. Gun laws will never work. Thank god for streaming sites so I don't have to support such a terrible charity.

  61. John Henderson

    THis song pretty much defines the 2010s.

  62. Sabrina Hoffman

    This gives me a Marilyn Manson vibe and I'm in love with it

  63. Macayla Hamilton

    Those 155 dislikes are all people from the White House

  64. Todd Decker

    Saw these guys in concert with Manson and Zombie...
    They rocked it! Whoever disliked this, fuck you!!!

  65. 8bit ink

    i understand that gun violence needs to end, and we can't let this kind of thing happen anymore, which is why i support the revolution. However, guns are only a small part of the problem. Passing firearm bans and gun restrictions won't change anything. If someone wants to kill, either in a church or a school, or where ever, they will do it. People can buy illegal firearms off of the streets, they can stab and cut with knives, bombs are easy to make if you have researched it, and cars have been used countless times. Stop blaming the F***ING GUNS for an evil person's misdeeds. guns are a tool, to be used like a knife, bow, axe, or anything else that can be used to kill. Guns aren't just tools for slaughter, but they can be used to defend our homes and loved ones, in the right hands.


    if you're an a**hole, you can crucify in reply if you can't stand my opinion.

    Clover Ferrell

    it's called *gun* violence for a r e a s o n

  66. Victoria Diaz

    Ugh I want to see this so bad, but low-key scared of getting a seizure 😭😭 let me see this in broad daylight

  67. Sammy Mb

    I get the fanbase has a lot of kids age 10-15 and even younger so I understand why you are focusing on how hot remington is but I'm begging you, if you come across this comment take a moment to listen to the lyrics and read the pinned comment

  68. Leslie Martinez

    Listen this at 6am😎🤘👩🏻‍🎤🤫

  69. aryaperdanapatigon perdana

    My ears RIP

  70. fu meow

    Omg despite the warning in the beginning the pictures were so pleasing to my eyes

  71. Diego Guerrero

    Sub español latino

  72. 1800 DEADBOY

    this makes me feel the same way love it if we made it and hell xn earth made me feel

  73. zzzlumber

    you are right in wanting the govt to fear the people... it does... hence the need for control over us by giving us free what used to be earned... if they can give it, govt can take it away from those that dont conform to the govt's idea of right or wrong thinking, acting, speaking, and attitudes... And who decides what those are? And how often will it change as the wind changes direction? Our Constitution was purposely made hard to change as to NOT change with each change in the wind... freedom is hard work and the only guarantees we have are in our Constitution... we have the free exchange of ideas being attacked and the free exchange of goods and services being attacked... we have tried many forms of govt over millenia and ours works best and has been rightfully adopted... you may say "works best so far" ... (beware the social engineers... no one thinks to level of complexity our society operates) ... socialism has been proven to fail in short order.. why? becuz when we all get equal for our efforts, why would anyone work hard while the guy next to us does just enough to get by... and it is only thru hard work that we remain productive in order to provide plenty for all... the ideologically perfect society never takes into account human nature (lazy, jealousy, covetous, mental illness, rage, to name a few plus our various virtues) and while you like the idea of equality, we are NOT equal... equality of opportunity is all we can hope for and we have... equality of outcome is merely a series of unearned rewards; and even worse, rewards behavior less productive, less challenged and less desirable for the good of all ... "retribution for those who have been wronged"? Retribution by who's standards? ... to what extent? ... For how long? ... How do you punish generations long dead for what they did? Is guilt and punishment by association or family ties really the world we want to live in? Retribution ignores forgiveness and only seeks punishment/revenge. Are the ancestors of people who came here after 1865 immune to the retribution of slavery? Are the ancestors who came here after 1945 immune from retribution for the Japanese internment camps? What about those ancestors who never took part in our Western expansion and the crimes against Native Americans? And who will we become as we walk THAT path?

  74. Samantha Wommack

    major the 1975 vibes from this one

  75. Scarlet Morbidity

    These guys make music like no one else these days and I'm loving it. They have a real throwback sound and encapsulate a vintage classic rock vibe but with all of the angst of the modern era. It's sick they got to tour with Zombie and Manson

  76. Coral Brandenburg

    Really love the song, it sounds great and the message is even better.
    The eye makeup really reminds me of early years Marilyn Manson whether or not it's intentional I think it's pretty rad. The message seems to be the same kind Manson was singing about back in the day (and even to this day) and it's always hopeful and refreshing to see the message hasn't died. It sucks that this message needs to be said over 20 years later but since it has to be said it's always good to see it in music, reaching an audience.

  77. Ryan Ross Enthusiast

    Ok I'm not even a fan of Palaye Royale (Not like I don't like them, like I haven't listened to their stuff (yet) ) but this is a great song with a great and important message good job dudes

  78. Miss Guided Ghosts


  79. Thatblink

    Dude, hell yeah

  80. Batsy's Gone Bats!

    He looks a bit like Marilyn Manson

  81. Agata Anarchy

    Is it just me, or do they make much heavier songs lately?? I FUCKIN LOVE YOU GUYS.

  82. ellabella _sykes

    much respect for this song, and I love it!!! ❤🌎

  83. Aaa Mmm

    Your music heavily contradicts itself at times but I'm certain no one of age to vote will notice.

  84. Cara Westermann

    My eyes are bleeding

  85. Tamzin Kane

    Thanks for the flash warning being that I have epilepsy thx🙃

  86. weird girl

    Ngl I thought it said mascara in the title

  87. Emilia Peszek

    i saw adam lanza and i screamed

  88. dead meme

    gave me a lot of death note vibe

  89. Chelimo Birir

    Has Grandson vibes

  90. Luna Wolf

    This video hurts my brain. And that’s not good for finals week.

  91. Laura Fragoso

    This band needs more love and views 💖💖❤️❤️❤️❤️I’m proud of them :) and how far they’ve come such an important message for this song 😭 rock music forever I’m always thankful for rock music’s deep lyrics and meanings

  92. Laura Fragoso

    Their back! ❤️

  93. Viki Smile

    aaah, I died 😍💔💔💔❤️❤️❤️✨✨✨😍😍😍❤️❤️💔💔💔💔💔💔

  94. sp0ngb0b3r bahoy miloy

    the way remmy says weapons is just ahhhhhhh im just so drawn to it

  95. Chesmo Tennant

    "Hey they have guns, this is Donald Trump fault." Fuck you guys, Sum 41 with Cosmo, Green Day with zumbi Trump and now... if Hillary was won everybody was fucked up and shut up.

    Not Joud

    Oh trust me, its the same shit with Democrats. Both political parties are fucked beyond repair.

    Chesmo Tennant

    Trump made the economy rise, Obama fucked the economy and no one single soul did a shit song about this, the problem is this bands just complain by one side.

    Clover Ferrell

    they are saying there are SO MANY shooting now and nobody's doing anything about it. Trump SHOULD be backing laws to stop gun violence yet he doesn't care. In fact, at the time i'm writing this, there was just a shooting and at a Hanukkah Celebration.

  96. hdd ak

    This is like a parallel to the 1975´s People

  97. Kristi Arndts

    Love this message - Wake Up!!!

  98. Zoe Harrison

    I was really into the song and then I was like “ wait aren’t they from canada?” But then I was like “no I agree anyway”

    Edge Impulse

    Zoe Harrison same

    Clover Ferrell

    only seb is

    Zoe Harrison

    Clover Ferrell aight