Paisley, Brad - Water Lyrics

Inflatable pool full of dad's hot air
I was three years old
Splashin' everywhere
And so began my love affair
With water

On a river bank
With all my friends
A big old rope tied to a limb
And your a big old wuss
If you don't jump in
The water

Yeah when that summer sun starts to beatin' down
And you don't know what to do
Grab your swimming trunks
Ice up that old igloo
Drive until the map turns blue

Daytona Beach on spring break
Eighteen girls up on stage
White t-shirts about to be sprayed
With water

Oh let'er go boys

Yeah when that summer sun starts to beatin' down
And you don't know what to do
Just go and grab someone you wanna see in a bathing suit
And drive until the map turns blue

You can stay right there
When the daylights gone
Play truth or dare
And it wont take long
'Fore you and her got nothin' on
But water

All you really need this time of year
Is a pair of shades
And ice cold beer
And a place to sit somewhere near

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Paisley, Brad Water Comments
  1. Juggalee 1979

    That poor guitar.....

  2. thorandil1

    What are those lyrics

  3. Josiah Harrison

    I seen Brad Paisley in concert 2019 fire keepers casino 👍💯

  4. sarah movie reviewer

    But what if your allergic to water?

  5. DTHG_Bffs Videos

    November 2019?

  6. Kimberly Haugan

    Linda Miller, Tom and Elle Miller, sprayed the key, Kim Haugans, t-shirt with gasoline. Then created a canadian show on YouTube called Corner Gas. Thanks for your time. Really Max Baer, lyn Miller, Tom and Elle Miller.

  7. Rhys Lewis

    There are 9.7 million views and only 988k subscribers, come on people. He deserves more, one of my best favourite country singers of all time 😊

  8. David Stuert

    Water, what water
    It was after he had flood damaged ones already make the look good is all that's required. besides it's only a Fender.

  9. Jose Sales

    The people who made this video are either very professional or madlads. You can't see any ambulances in the video. They either hid them very well or they didn't have any there.

  10. Fordman8011

    Brad paisley has got to be the best country singer of all time!

  11. The Panda Queen

    I remember hearing this song on the radio with my dad and when we first heard it we cracked up laughing so I had to look it up and I found it so this brings back memories

  12. Kimberly Keyes

    This is good stuff.

  13. WookieMan31

    Great tune, great band. Brad is a very talented writer and guitarist. This must have been a friggin blast to shoot and produce. Entertainment very damn well done. Thanx Brad.

  14. MajRatbag

    That poor tele, hope it survived.

  15. Paul Sweet

    I'll never forget waiting for Brad at the WV Golf concert after Carrie Underwood opened and as soon as Brad started singing this song the sky opened up and rained like hell. Brad kept on singing and even thanked those who stayed. Great night

  16. Autumn Ball

    Saw him livehe’s awesome

  17. Kimberly Haugan

    CIA Linda Miller sprayed my white t-shirt with gasoline. She's getting arrested with cia tom rutledge. CIA Linda Miller sprayed a key witness to Canadian terry Fox's contract murder.

  18. Clarence Dixon

    Memories and forevermore 🤓💙❤️

  19. Ride Red

    This is always on my playlist for my songs on the boat.

  20. Kimberly Haugan

    On a river bank with empty pockets until Sharon stone gets arrested for setting me up and obstructing justice and is charged with identity theft and maybe felony murder

  21. Kimberly Haugan

    Yes I was just 3 years old

  22. Betty Slawinski

    💛💛💛💛💛🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸such an American song 💛💛💛💛🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸❤💙💙❤

  23. Betty Slawinski

    💛💛💛💛💛🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸such an American song 💛💛💛💛🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸❤💙💙❤

  24. Joyce Dennis

    good video Brad I wish I could be in your videos

  25. Joyce Dennis

    I love this song

  26. Joyce Dennis

    Brad I was raise like this

  27. Rafal Nieroba

    Brad is the best.I love country

  28. tyler hurd

    The fiddle solo still gets me every time

  29. Carl hartley

    great song for a hot summer!

  30. Brad Schwartz

    One of my favorite songs when I was a kid. Brad was one of my favorites and still is.

  31. Patricia Eroz

    GOOD ONE, Brad❗️❤️👏

    We’ll Meet U
    In DoubleUVee

  32. Ulrike Thalhammer

    Wow super tolle Musik und Video Brad Paisley 👍🎸🌷😘

  33. Bryan Beyer

    How many dollars worth of instruments were ruined that day.... With waterrrrrrrrr (?)

  34. da ne

    I grew up in a lake !

  35. Ulrike Thalhammer

    So cool 👍🌹

  36. Joe the Lion

    I can definitely see a SeaWorld music video with this song

  37. Jennifer Delay

    C my mark

  38. Joe from Red Bay, Alabama

    Brad said this is the worst song and video he ever done. He finally got better. Buthe loves his fans.

  39. Rift_Shotz


  40. paul12345 .paul12345

    this is crap

  41. Abby Warr

    2019 anyone

  42. itsbeliinda

    Only country song I like

  43. Mickenzie Tucker

    he is one of the sexiest white hat wearing country singers in the world either try to prove me wrong or just add a list

  44. Tyler Bollinger

    Poor truck at 2:10

  45. Keith Ferrilla

    Summer's A Coming!

  46. Keith Ferrilla

    Goosebumps everytime I watch this. Wonderful!

  47. Jamie Carter

    2:54 more of this please : timestamp baby

  48. Autumn Ball

    Great concert :) ♥️💜

  49. june 02

    2019 im here..

  50. Stu Grabos

    My 2 boys have said from the first time they heard this song, “This is daddy’s HAPPY song”!!! Brings the BEST out in anyone who’s having a bad day

  51. Zachary Leek

    Disgrace to country... Water... Online??? Dui with your kids... Rest my case. BTW this isn't my account. Using my dad's..

  52. Mack

    Wow this used to be my favorite song when I was little lol brings back so many memories

  53. jim jones

    the blood of the earth

  54. SeffyDaSavage

    The song that sparked my love for your music. Brings me back.

  55. Allan Beauvais

    I wonder what his views on water... In snow form...I love it. I'm depressed without a winter of no snow

  56. Joe Thibs

    pray for the guy who got take of the jetski by the WATER

  57. Joe Thibs

    this song is all me

  58. Les Brown

    Brad Paisley deserves an Honourary Doctorate in Literature.

  59. Wanyu Huang

    just want to swim

  60. Kyle Payne

    December 2018 Ya’ll. Water. Big fan. 1K people don’t like the water. Must suck to be them.

  61. Zal Moxis

    These lyrics are truly infantile .... awesome guitar playing though....

  62. Mike or patty Rhoades

    Fun song!

  63. Default Dewalt

    I remember me telling my mom to turn this on. I was always excited to listen to this.

  64. rebecca schrader

    How he is cutie

  65. Mien Trant

    Love the ‘found in internet’ added part :))

  66. kdhgeh kaysgw

    2018 I Miss the past
    Good Bye my friend.

  67. SHADOW06064 `

    Let's all take a moment and give thanks for all the instruments that were ruined in the making of this awesome music video.

  68. Amie Stuart

    "Water" is my favorite song off of his "American Saturday Night" album and it is also track 5 off that album.

  69. Rachel Walker


  70. Kelly Nikole


  71. Harrison Weed

    I honestly wanna know if I put my guitar in a pool will it still work haha

  72. ThunderCookie21

    Best Country artist in my opinion. Brad Paisley is my favorite hands down.

  73. Jeremy Robinson

    6 AM 😂😂😂

  74. Theyellowest Asian

    Water is not wet

  75. Kayelee Smith

    We have a pool and my dad did a front flip with me in his arms and i was a baby he got on a short building and fliped and i love water. Plus u write amazing sines

    Kayelee Smith

    I ment write he writes amazings songs

  76. Fabio Gutierrez


  77. Jean-Pascal Charpentier

    lol funny song

  78. Room Person

    he loves water

  79. leanne mcgill


  80. shaun timmerman

    This song brings back memories :-(

  81. ginalyn palis

    His eyes...... Everything ❤❤❤

  82. Katerina Kalkbrenner

    Love the song

  83. imsockz

    waters not wet

  84. Lilly Forsyth

    I remember listening to this song when I was at the lake.

  85. Levi Hart

    I remember when this song came out me and my brother would watch this video on CMT

  86. doconwar tube


  87. Ride Red

    I play this song all the time on the boat wakeboarding

  88. Bryce Allen

    I am now 10

  89. Bryce Allen

    I have been listening to this since i was 5 it is still my favorite song

  90. Ali Stearns

    The unofficial lifeguard song lol

  91. Scott McComiskie

    My brother loves country songs but I've never really been into them but I was in his car he was playing this song and a couple drake white and I now can't stop listening to country

  92. Poe Leggette

    Anyone have an answer as to why the radio mutes the word " rope" in this song?

  93. Alex Martinson

    Great 👍💪👌🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥😀

  94. Johnnycake

    MY LIFE IN A SONG!!!!!!!! I really was 3 when I first got in the water, and my dad really did blow it up in our backyard, and my life has progressed since

  95. Rebecca Randleman

    Getting a free ticket to see Brad Paisley ....kicked open the concert door for my husband and has been almost an obsession since. I thank Brad.....but, my wallet sure doesn't.

  96. Sasha Rawahneh

    I Love this son I really love all his songs big fan saw him in concert last year front row I loved it and it was his collage tour and I loved it it was free

  97. Erika Tarus


  98. Thomas Nørgaard


  99. Alexis Kinsey

    Great music video from Brad Paisley & i would like to try to do a back flip with Brad Paisley