Paisley, Brad - Those Crazy Christians Lyrics

Those crazy Christians, I was gonna sleep in today
But the church bells woke me up and they’re a half a mile away
Those crazy Christians, dressed up drivin’ down my street
Get their weekly dose of guilt before they head to Applebee’s

They pray before they eat and they pray before they snore
They pray before a football game and every time they score
Every untimely passing, every dear departed soul
Is just another good excuse to bake a casserole

Those crazy Christians, go and jump on some airplane
And fly to Africa or Haiti, risk their lives in Jesus’ name
No, they ain’t the late night party kind
They curse the devil’s whiskey while they drink the Savior’s wine

A famous TV preacher has a big affair and then
One tearful confession and he’s born again again
Someone yells hallelujah and they shout and clap and sing
It’s like they can’t wait to forgive someone for just about anything
Those crazy Christians

Instead of being outside on this sunny afternoon
They’re by the bedside of a stranger in a cold hospital room
And every now and then they meet a poor lost soul like me
Who’s not quite sure just who or what or how he ought to be
They march him down the aisle and then the next thing that you know
They dunk him in the water and here comes another one of those crazy Christians

They look to heaven their whole life
And I think what if they’re wrong but what if they’re right
You know it’s funny, much as I’m baffled by it all
If I ever really needed help, well you know who I’d call
Is those crazy Christians

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Paisley, Brad Those Crazy Christians Comments
  1. melodistman

    Paisley is a fucking devil worshipping terd

  2. Wesley Groth

    Gulp... Pray that Jesus Visits me to encourage me to do right and tell me what needs to be done. (part of me doesn't want this=Devil)

  3. deyajaira flores

    He's singing about how different we as Christians and how we seem crazy to the world

  4. Leonardo Benni


  5. K Ducati

    I was born and raised in a devout christian family. I attended church and observed all the practices up until I graduated college. I couldn't take the hate aimed at people of other faiths and communities, which I found very hypocritical because the Christian faith is supposed to be based on "love no matter what". So I investigated and looked deeper into the faith I was born in and decided to leave, and I have been nothing but happy since then. I was not even an evangelical, which is extreme by most standards, our church at the time would be considered pretty mainstream I would say!

  6. Caroline Kosmoski

    People say brad is a Christian bc of this song but he’s calling us crazy and acts like he’s no part of it! Btw I’m a crazy christian and I would never take that out of my life!

  7. Da blah

    Christians can suck my nuts because their religion is fake and stupid

  8. Syd Shu

    We may be crazy but we try to keep our hearts in the right place! God teaches us love and that’s how we want to approach the world. Those who ridicule and put others down and damn people to hell aren’t real Christians because they’ve put aside Gods greatest lesson of love, but we’ll still forgive them anyway

  9. Eat Sleep Pray

    This man needs help..... #FindJesusChrist

  10. Nico Zapata

    He’s not a Christian is he?

    Allen West

    All I know is he is a Freemason / Shriner, but Freemason is not a religion.

  11. The DeepState Is Coming For You

    Brad Paisley is a 32nd degree Scottish free Mason. What does that mean to someone who is asleep, nothing. What does that mean to an awake Christian, it means he's a devil-worshipping scumbag that needs to be saved. I'll pray for him.

  12. Eddie Mongan

    This song is about others views on Christians, from what I know about this man, he has a few worship songs God bless all 🙏

  13. Christina Simonton

    Iam crazy Christian and proud ✝

  14. Uncommon Sense

    You're crazy Brad Paisley.


    Heather Campbell....,peace and love.

  16. Ann VanderMolen

    Brad Paisley did not write this song. He has professed to be a Christian. He does a lot of songs "spoofing" how other people think. His song about Heaven (When I get where I'm going) I believe was written by him but I have to check.

  17. Cosmo Vlog

    Im better off being a crazy christian then non believer.

  18. route55 qatar

    I'm a muslim and I don't like people mock my Christian brothers and sisters. Please stop listening to this 32 degree Freemasonry agent. Quit watching Holywood, boycott Disney. Free your self.

  19. Jane Doe

    That crazy free mason brad paisley Lucifer worshiping bastard talking down about christians .there not crazy there the only sane people on earth

  20. Paul Owens

    I'm a country fan yet this song along turns me off to Brad paisley. Great voice yet sad to see it go to a waste. God is real and I rather pray to God then give my soul to the devil and burn in eternal hell. You know nothing about Christian. Again just sad

  21. Danzig II

    This guy is a free Mason Follower of Satan . Wake up people. look it up people .

  22. Alexis Rose

    He's making fun of christianity clearly

    Elizabeth F

    Right?! I wonder how no one got that. Stupid song

  23. Big Banjo

    Brad Paisley is a satanic freemason , illuminati ! He is openly putting down christians.

    Ben McGee

    Because you guys are fucking crazy, not all, but some. Looney toons. You guys swear up and down you've seen the lord and blah blah blah (insert fart noise). I pray but it's too a god, not "the god". Nobody knows if "god" is Allah, or jesus, etc, or even if "god" is human like. Dont tell me you know 100 percent he is real because you dont. Unless one day somehow science can back up religion I'll be very skeptical still.

  24. David Sims

    Another illuminati sellout, he's a disgrace to mankind.

  25. extrablue123

    Srry but u are deviated christians, u manage to deviate even a faith hahaah but ull be judged on a judgement day

  26. Disciple of Jesus Christ

    Everyone needs to stop listening to this music and idolizing celeberties. Anyone here who is listening to this song and says they are child of God needs to turn back and repent. Jesus is coming back soon and we all need to repent and be born again. I use to listen to all kinds of worldy music and god opened my eyes to what's going on in this world. Satan is using this trash music to destroy your minds and family's. Wake up people, God is the only answer!. There is still hope everyone who reads this, god loves you and he doesn't want you part of this world. To enter the kingdom of god you need to be fully baptised head to toe in Jesus name and turn back from your sins. Not only is this song attack on the mind and soul, it also attack Christian's. Brad Paisley sold his soul years back and even admitted to it. Read the lyrics of this song with out the music playing. The devil uses ryth'm and music to tap into your soul and make you believe this song sounds holy. Well I have news for you these celeberties are Satan's device's and when you read your bible god tells you to watch for his device's.

  27. Riette Nel

    Crazy Brad Paisley, dumb down sell out snowflake. No agenda against Christians right?

  28. Nathan Explosion

    You’ll never leave Harlan alive again brad. Sellout scum. How many babies Hollyweird feed you cunt?

  29. ʜᴀɴᴢō

    This song is pretty satanic.. Are yall not seeing this? He's literally mocking Christians

  30. Roberto Razo

    A bunch of naive people in here, this piece of garbage is a Mason, do you really believe this song is for Christ? Wow, talk about blind ignorance. This idiot just sold his soul

  31. Chris T

    Are you guys dumb, this guy is a satan worshipping freemason. Of course he made this song he’s making fun of us.

  32. DroneMam

    Brad Paisley is a freemason

  33. Incredible J.

    We need another crusade.

  34. Sheila Ramhit

    He mocking the christians and yes music and movies and sports it’s how the devil gets to you.

  35. Jay Rogers

    Christians don't wanna realize and admit that they harm people. It's like truing to reason with someone with severe down syndrome , because they can't understand that they're fucked in the head

  36. jesus is King

    Forgive him Father, for he doesn't know not what he's doing. An Christianity is actually the purest form of being a child of God. Satan's using him guys! He doesn't even realize how Satan is using him to destroy himself. An I'd gladly risk my life for my loving father that lays his life down for my safety and to be 1 with me for eternity! Praise my father! He's so good! An he even loves Brad. Even when Brad spits on him. It's so sad.

    Zeph Smith

    Try listening to the whole song, as many times as it takes. It's more subtle than you yet understand, if you think it's anti-Christian. (One note: Nothing in the song "spits on Him", tho it may point to foibles among a few the humans who claim to follow Him. For example, pointing out that some professional Christian leaders have feet of clay is a very different thing than disrespecting God Himself.)

  37. kels

    hes is mocking us christians he is a freemason do your homework start looking into these singers and actors the majority of them have sold thier soul for fame just because hes a country singer people think that genre of music doesnt mix with the satanism of hollywood and the music industry it is everywhere people we are looking at end times satanism is coming out everywhere most people have thier heads buried in the sand not trying to be mean i just wish people would wake up to how truly evil everything is becoming and how everything is excepted and if you dont agree we are called intolerant and told we are preaching hate speech but the truth is we need to help our brothers and sisters so they dont fall in to evil things

  38. BARLEY87

    Watch this about brad

  39. BARLEY87

    Brad is a Freemason smh 🤦‍♂️

    Mark Crider

    What does that have to do with anything? My family is as well and active in our church

    Elizabeth F

    Mark Crider learn about freemasonry. Totally satanic. The god they speak of is Lucifer

  40. jdsalinger73

    Brad Paisley's a Shriner.




    Illuminati confirmed 🤘😅

  43. Kàýĺà bèàŕ

    This song makes no fucking sense it does'nt even sound good lawd have mercy on dis man fucking soul.😂😂😂😂😂😂


    Yes God said Thou shall not kill. And what did we go and do......kill and commit every other sin. He wiped out humanity to start over again. But it seems some still haven’t figured that out yet. I will pray for all, Even you foolish nonbelievers! Peace and love!

  45. Shane Stephen

    Brad Paisley is a self admitted Freemason of the Scottish rite.....which is the luceferion doctrine so as for you lukewarm Christians on here saying o gosh you don't understand him or im a Christian and I love this song.....yes we know it's expected for you to love it. Tell yourself what you want to justify your actions but the fact remains this man is no different than any other Hollywood satanic scum

    Nurse Bennie

    The song sounded kind of...I really can't think of the word. Like he was being really sarcastic and condensending of Christians and then the next, they are cool and then the next condensending. I didn't feel encouraged at all. Especially after the first verse. Weekly guilt and then Applebees and then the crack about the casserole. He sounds like a JERK and it sounded like sarcasm the entire song, especially about being a missionary. It was not edifying at all. The title itself sucks as well. Why Christians? How about those crazy Muslims or Hindus or Hebrews or Wiccans. No it has to be a jab at us. AGAIN!!!!! it made us sound stupid and enept and without rationale or reason.

    Zeph Smith

    @Nurse Bennie People will read it their own way, but to me (a friendly non-Christian), it sounds like a wry take but ultimatedly respectful anyway. He points out human foibles, but in the end says they take in and convert lost sould like himself. When he talks about risking their lives for Jesus, I don't think he's really putting that down. From my experience, self-identified Christians are not monolithic - some are amazing and some are not. I see him as sort of poking gentle fun at "Sunday Christians" while basically respecting the deeper values, a mixed bag.

    What I hear is "it may seem "crazy", but look deeper". Like the "crazy" battlefield medic whom you actually admire.

    I feel a resonance with the Christian commenters who like this song; it bespeaks a humility and strength of belief that is not brittle or smug. I get along well with that kind of Christian; I respect their values and strength, even if it's not my path. It's the ones who appear to me to be covering up their own doubts and anxieties by being judgemental and harsh that can be difficult to find common ground with.

    AND - the song is complex and ambiguous, so I do see where you could read it as you do. And how others read it in still other ways then either of us. I enjoy that nuance.

    Lakin Smith

    Shane Stephen Truth.

    MJ IsAwake

    Yup hes a Mason and also has a song called the devil is alive and well...its becoming so open now trying to make these society's look cool to join. Trying to brain wash us that Jesus isnt the only way....most artists are satanic puppets. Crazy how I've been seeing it and it's been in front of my face this whole time. How the saying goes the best way to hide something is in plain sight. Hes mocking Christian's in this song

  46. ONE FIVE

    No one likes Brad Praiseme

  47. Aries Mayhem

    This little Bitch is a free mason

  48. imo Isemede

    I am one of those crazy Christians thank the Lord

  49. In Lucem

    Crazy for Christ here.

  50. sh2master

    It's like they can't wait to forgive someone for just about anything..

    That got me in the feels.

  51. gene renteria

    Those crazy christians voted trump into the white house thanks assholes


    gene renteria


  52. jeff chapman

    I’m a born again Christian


    jeff chapman


  53. Marlon Herrera

    This is the most stupid song ive ever heard in my life, the crazy one here is you,

  54. Colton Austin

    I don’t mind atheists. As long as you don’t sit there on your high horse and call us dumb. I don’t like Christians that do the same either. I’m a proud catholic and I’m accepting of everyone as long as they don’t slander others beliefs

  55. Gijs van de Pol

    What was that shoutin' at the end of the song? "Nine beer!"?

  56. Nicholas martin

    Yea I’m still an atheist lmao

  57. Uriah Jarrett

    Brad Paisley is one of the greatest artist and sounds like a great person too i would love to meet him this song made me love him even more i bet he would be awesome to hang out with


    Jennie Birchfield

    Join his LODGE then.

    He's a Freemason. 😚

  58. Colin Waugh

    Death to Christianity and Islam. Religion is the reason for evil on Earth. Stop spreading your lies, division, and hate and just die already.

    F Mafela

    Actually that's not true. Even if there were no religion, there would still be wars, domestic violence, terrorism etc. It's just in the human nature to be like that.
    Many religion actually helps many people find peace and stop them from doing the wrong things. Think of it as a medicine, you can either use it to heal yourself or destroy yourself.


    Colin Waugh

    I like you. 😚

  59. Sjoerd Vonk

    I like it.

  60. Bobby Chum

    people need dignity not charity

  61. Bobby Chum

    this song is for nice atheists like me hehehe

  62. Will Perez

    amen my saviours wine is not fermented though

    ben johnson

    Yes it was.

  63. Alexander Revier

    Maybe in a world where that's real but I mean given our past, we'd literally believe anything anyways. Even if other entire civilizations have no record or connection what so ever except for the ones in the area or that beliefs origins. If it were true it probably wouldn't have to be spread in the first place, only lies are normally spread that way. Even Egypt dude. They were referenced but in reality the Egyptians had no clue wtf was going on. Even in its time of ruins Europeans didn't know what Egypt was actually like in the era of say, anywhere before the 19th century? It's funny how you can unravel not just one, but pretty much all faiths by looking through each subject you learned to use in school. History shows us despite what the Bible says, it literally doesn't apply to anything factual. Funny thing is, look at the other faiths in its area of origins, hmmm. They're all kind of the same but changed in a way. As if to apply to those SEPARATE standards of living. Why is it not obvious to people that it was just a scare tactic and way of influencing the people? How stupid can you be? Only about 4% of the US are atheist. Among that four % even are all of the top scientists and people with higher net worth. It's funny. The minority, happens to be the majority in terms of who has a working brain. It's a shame we let religion control us so badly. Even today. And then they just bitch about how you're all being treated unfairly? Can't walk a single mile in the US without bumping into a church or some piece of religious land. And then laughing at when people announce they're atheist. But your enforced faith requires you to go door to door jacking people off about their knowledge of a fairytale. Yeah, this is an atheist rant. If you want to call it that. Just wish more christians would admit, there's literally no proof or anything therefore, they're not the ones in charge. You can't even rise to power in certain states if you're not Christian. It's ridiculous. As a lad once said, science flies you to the moon, religion, into a fucking fucking building.

  64. sweet heart

    love being a Christian and all my brothers and sisters in Christ

  65. Hannah Young

    lyrics help when you're so dumb you can't memorize

  66. Link Artistic Expression and Poetry

    oh I burned Bible twice on YouTube , with Poetry.... more episodes are coming of Bible Burning... with Poetry.... you Bible thumpers... go stay in your Bible belt neutral zone ...

    had my say...

  67. Michele LaPorte

    Brad has a way of spaeaking from his soul. He doesn't hate, in fact he dedicates our family life to making a difference. Not only Christians, but in every religion we reach and seek for our own a Lord, God, or Savior at time of need or when we are mourning a situation. Brad and I are really trying to make things better. Although it's hard and we are not afraid to join our lives in marriage, we have seen much sin and our own family. We try our best to see passed all the sin because of how we were raised, but when you have family members that claim they are holy then they commit crimes such as Adultery, Murder, Drugs, Alcohol, Rape, Prostitutetion, etc. and they use one another to cover it up leads they to wounds don't heal. Then relatives begin to pass away and you realize nobody invited you to the service or a loved ones graduation or funeral, or bday party, it's a slap in the face. However, even though it may be hypocritical you find yourself falling in love with a family member without even realizing that he or she is related and you depend on those very same Christians to keep your strength and pray that although tying the knot with that one person you are so connected to and related too, the public will not judge you for that. Like I have said before, he saved my life and little did I know the truth and regardless what anyone says we will marry in June 2017 and we will depend on each other regardless what the public states. We are a religious family, but because of society and rumors it took us almost 25 years to realize that what others say isn't important it's our love, our ansestors guidance and the fact that our Lord and Savour has brought our lives together even after all the pain we have endured together. I will never love another man the way I love my man. He is truly an inspiration to my life and a lover I will no longer live without. Although we are both busy, those days are soon approaching where you all will be so sick of seeing us together with no shame only love like no other. Please don't judge us! Just try and understand the meaning behind every single verse that's put out there. Our life story and believe me some of it kills my heart because I dont share my man, but it is his career and I have my own. However, with that said we are both faithful, engaged, and counting the days until we become officially Mr. and Mrs,. Brad Paisley or McMahon or McGarett. Those changes are that of a man choice not a woman like me. We have waited long enough.

  68. HankReardenFan101

    Some crazy Christians are good, and some crazy Christians are bad. I'm friends with those Christians and I hear about the bad ones in real life and in fiction.

  69. MatthewLedZepfan

    Christians believe that a guy magically rose from the dead and that he was born from a virgin who was supernaturally Impregnated by an apparently invisible deity. Yes they ARE CRAZY.

    F Mafela

    Sometimes the truth is crazy


    Malachi Mauzy What about the big bang theory? The neanderthals? The fucking dinosaurs?!

    God made them?

    When he had ANIMALS ON NOAHS ARK?!

    or do you guys not believe in Dinosaurs either?

    Adrian Nightshade

    @Kokichitherat nah we do, well some don't, Christians don't all believe every word in the bible, I mean one thing I think we can all agree on is if a human made it then there's probably a mistake or two, we believe in God and Jesus and try to stick to their teachings, everything else kind of requires a bit of careful interpretation


    Adrian Nightshade Then all the ones I've met must really believe every word in the Bible.

    Adrian Nightshade

    @Kokichitherat mot likely

  70. David Ricks

    I really like it my dad is a minister at our church and I've got a feeling one day he might song it at church.


    David Ricks


  71. The Golden One

    it amazes me people actually believe a book that has a man that had been eat by fish and fermenting in its belly for 3 days and lived :l

    Shane Stephen

    No it doesn't you just like to insult People.

    Elizabeth F

    God uses the foolish things of this world to make the wise fools. The Bible has a verse directed at you! :) “the fool says in his heart there is no God”

  72. Ruhlmann

    Gawd that was awful.

  73. Naffurie

    wonderful song, as long as people understand it. Im not christian but most of my family is, I carry a cross around my neck to show support to my family and my history. My father has helped people all his life, he lives for that and its wonderful to see. There are idiots in every religion but its up to everyone to remind and teach people that most are not idiots. Religion has been the cause in so many wars, but even without it it would still happen, we humans would just find another reason. Religion can be really helpful for people, and if people can find peace in this hell we call the world, why not let them have it?


    oh and were do they do that? they dont.


    please do tell me were atheists have gone and changed the law so that you are not aloud to belive in your god ? or were you cant go out and pray for fear of ending up in jail?

    Reuben Zeigler

    Naffurie now you are twisting my words. Although those places exist on earth today the USA is not quite there but you don't want my belief in politics or the public. Anytime you desire that I practice or vote void of my belief puts me within the bounds of your non belief. To have freedom on both sides, I , as a Christian, will have the freedom to vote or live as my conscience dictates and you as a person who believes in the non-belief can vote your mind. Most Christians are not advocating for you to not do that as you just advocated for on my side.

    Also, anytime people are forced against their conscience and fined or threatened there is a loss of freedom and can I remind you of a pizza shop owner in Indiana. Fined and put out of business. Basically forced to lay aside deeply held beliefs and practice a non-belief. That's forcing non-belief on others. That shop did not force anyone to come to the shop and the whole issue was imaginary to begin with as based on a random hypothetical.

    Who is pushing who? I might try to influence you to see my view but I won't fine you for it or expect cooperation like my side has been so expected to do.

    Reuben Zeigler

    Also atheists are not in danger of jail in this country so you have not been legislated against. So you have to put up with religious things in our country? You would be amazed at how much Christianity has formed our country for the good. Yes there have been bad things done in the name of Christ, and every one at the complete disregard to Jesus' teaching so we're not of true Christianity. If you want to see religious war, check out jihad. Expecting our country to be void of religion is expecting the country to fully conform to your non-belief. How is that different from my desire for Christianity to be present? It's not so we should give reciprocal respect and allow each other to believe and vote our desires.

    Zeph Smith

    @Reuben Zeigler We could have an interesting conversation. There are indeed some tricky issues, in trying to create a government which is fair and even-handed, when there are many religions and sects (Christianity is very finely divided within itself, as other other religions), as well as non-believers. Each side can go too far in trying to get the government to favor their position; finding a reasonable balance isn't easy. But unless we can talk with each other reasonably about it, it becomes impossible.

  74. Adrian Nightshade

    note to self, always type Brad Paisley when searching for this song

  75. Adrian Nightshade

    we could all be a little more crazy

  76. Angel Love

    best song ever as I sit back as I come from a Christian shit home laughing at them pray and talk about Jesus as I say : " peace to you my soul."

  77. PJ Rivera

    that moment when you realize you are probably the only atheist who listens to this

    PJ Rivera

    @J Bone running away now i see? Damn pussy

    J Bone

    @PJ Rivera No, I just got bored with you.

    Miranda Martin

    J Bone may god God bless you because you are a truly kind hearted Christian

    Matthew Serdynski

    @jerry kolbe Everyone dies at some point, some die before they are born. If a toddler dies of cancer and never see's 3, he is in a much better place in heaven and get's to spend eternity with someone who loves him more than anyone on earth ever could have. Think of it this way. Dying and going to heaven is not a punishment, it's a reward for loving God.

    Ben McGee

    @J Bone sin causes cancer? Your fucking me right? That's not what science says, you know, the thing that is backed by evidence and support. Those crazy Christians.


    I am a Christian & that famous tv preacher happens to be my pastor
    & i will never ever listen to another Brad Paisley song in my home

    Reformed Pentecostal

    JANET MITCHELL I have. It's great,

    Reformed Pentecostal

    JANET MITCHELL Could you pray for me. I'm going through a very hard trial right now, and I need the Lord's gracious touch. Please pray that He'll take this thing from me and heal me of this sorrow if it is His Will, but if not pray that He'll draw me closer to Himself. It seems like the heavens are brass, but I know that "all things work together for good to them that love God, to them that are the called according to His purpose." God bless you.


    Yes I sure will. God bless you .

    Reformed Pentecostal

    JANET MITCHELL Thank-you so much, sister.


    You're very welcome.

  79. M. Chedderbeef

    If you're confused about the song's meaning, just listen to the last 30 seconds. (Paraphrasing) "They take a lost soul like me, put him in the water, and here comes another one of those crazy Christians." He also mentions how Christians are the first people he turns to.

    The Church at Brimley

    yeah , it's not complimentary at all, he's implying that Christians are the weak minded:

    "And every now and then they meet a poor lost soul like me
    Who’s not quite sure just who or what or how he ought to be
    They march him down the aisle and then the next thing that you know
    They dunk him in the water and here comes another one of those crazy Christians"

    "not quite sure ..." yeah, we're confused so we just go along with Christianity lol

  80. Theodorus M.E

    i'm proud of being a christian


    Theodorus M.E

    I'd rather be a SATANIC Mason. 😚

  81. Sam Demogenes

    Guys. He's not calling them crazy in a bad. If you actually listen to the song, you'll know at the end he says that he'll turn to them for anything. I'm a Christian and I love this song.

    Rusty Blades

    With all due respect Sam....get your head out of your rear. The guy is a Mason. Don't be deceived by this Devil with his mocking of God.

    Plan Number2

    Cause yall aint Christian............... did you know calling yourself Christian doesn't make you a Christian(fun fact)

    route55 qatar

    @Chris Lindamood He is 32 degree Freemasonry agent. Wake up!

    Heather Campbell

    @M THOMPSON I assume that means you don't have a car or home either.... You know, considering that the company you purchased them from or are making payments to are evil too lol.

    Joseph Bailey

    @Sphincterpiston #59535 He is God. He does not need your approval. Plus he never said not to kill he said do not commit murder. There is a difference. And He created man so He can choose what to do with us. If you do not like that then be on his good side so you will have nothing to fear

  82. Matthew Klaus

    It sounds like Brad Paisley does need help.

    Mikhail Larayes

    +Matthew Klaus JAJAJAJAJAJAJAJAJA. It could be the other way around. We never know.

    Matthew Klaus

    I got saved Sep. 20th of last year.

  83. Ana Cruz

    I'm a Crazy Christian and nothing will ever make me happier than looking to heaven all my life and helping every stranger I can. Because God loves every one of us regardless and I will love every person I meet as well.

    Sphincterpiston #59535

    Whatever ...
    See you in Hell.
    Heil Satan.

    Jered Swank

    Life is amazing when you got god by your side

    Playzada Eman

    Crazy people have imaginary friends ººº

    Goncalo Abalada

    Playzada Eman can you see Love with your eyes? And yet is it imaginary? God is Love. The type of friend that would die for you. Isn’t that crazy? For God nothing is impossible.

    Playzada Eman

    @Goncalo Abalada blá. blá. blá, blá

  84. Sean Smith

    "This people draweth nigh unto me with their mouth, and honoureth me withtheir lips; but their heart is far from me."

    Seems appropriate for Mr. Paisley, with songs like "Alcohol " making him money.

    This song and his "accidental racist song" are just songs Tailor made to his audience to make them feel right. That's fine that's how he makes money, but let's not pretend it's a political or social commentary from a risky unpopular point of view. While some people call Christians crazy, the people in the song are portrayed as altruistic and moral.The "Accidental racist" is reassured by a black man in the song, so he can justify his actions. One more thing, if the racism is accidental how does he know what examples to use?

    These are great topics that would make interesting conversation, but these are just money making songs with politically charged words.

    Martin Baumgardner

    +Sean Smith you make a lot of judgments don't you!

  85. john silcox

    love it

  86. Lee Morgan

    Born again again LOL


    Lee Morgan j

  87. Ronnyi GUy

    Yeap we're crazy..... Crazy about God.

    Sphincterpiston #59535

    Nope you're crazy just because of too much tramphonism and racism lol.


    For whether we be beside ourselves, it is to God: or whether we be sober, it is for your cause. 2 Corinthians chapter 5:13
    Yes! Crazy about God. Only!!!


    🙌🏽 blessed to be on of those crazy Christians. AMEN

    Benni Soldier

    @Sphincterpiston #59535 Dude u act like a ten year old. I can see ur name under any comment just tryin to tell everybody there aint nothing Like a god. Seriously, think about ur life i mean it seems to me like u just want attention

  88. Kim Langridge

    Such an interesting, enormously talented artist . . . Christians, remember you never know who's watching, so ... "Honor all men.  Fear God.  Love the brethren.  Honor the king."

  89. The Rdog

    I consider myself to be a Christian, but I think that there are times when we think we're doing the right things but we're not.

    Malachi Mauzy

    The Rdog same I feel ya dude.
    Not saying we're wrong we speak the truth but no human is 100% correct but that should make us strive to be the very best person we can be to please the Lord as much as we can

    Goncalo Abalada

    Surrender to His righteousness, not ours. For without His Blood none of us is justified and without the Holy Spirit no one is born again into the holy nature of a son/daughter of God. If you believe and have given your life to Jesus, your works follow the spirit, where His Spirit abides in all His will. Peace to you

  90. Patrick S.

    Lol, ever sence i was 11 i was drawn to the light. I remember before i was 11 i wanted to kill myself. But then one AMAZING summer day, a girl named Ryane, bless her heart, dared me to pray a rosery. Which in the Catholic religion is a priceless artifact inspired by God. When i finished, it felt like someone was punching me where my heart was, exept it felt good. After that I've gone through and witnessed many tests, and miracles, tho it is obvious the greatest of them all is life. Both when i was born, and new life when i was 11. By the end of the summer, i was preeching like Padre Pio and wanted and want to be a priest. God bless all!

    Nick Palumbo

    And then everyone clapped right?

  91. Patrick S.

    God bless all. Even if you are Budist, Muslim, Catholic, Methodist, Lutheran, Baptist, Hebrew, Eastern Orthadoxes (rly whats the deference between them and catholics lol) Because if U dont have the right to believe in what u believe in, what right to I have?

    Razor X

    +Patrick Stoddard What about non believers?

  92. Madison Blaze

    The lyric about being with a stranger in a cold hospital room is about an awesome and funny man from the church I go to. He is cousins with brad's wife and he died so Brad did that lyric in his honor. Thank You Brad for doing that in honor of Steven. You have a big heart!

  93. Connor StandingReady

    Story of my life

  94. Quietly

    Shame on you for singin this.  Makes complete sense to me BUT - it took much too long for you to end the song with 'if in trouble' call a Christian.   Your talent is evidenced but GREAT work.   This one might not be one of your best.   Just sayin'.

    Edward Johnson

    @Quietly call for a drone..and f-16....but not a homaphob

  95. Irish Atheist

    He's got the crazy part  I love country music, but the whole god thing is being brought up entirely too much.  Wouldn't it be cool to have an atheist country singer?  Somebody who flies under the radar, until everybody loves him, and then he comes out with it.  Wonder how everyone would react to that?  He'd be exiled out of nashville.  Kicked out of the grand ol' opry probably.  Now you tell me, how christian like that is?  

    Andrew Amsden

    +Irish Atheist ... You obviously didn't listen to the real meaning of the song

    Matthew Serdynski

    You know Christian singers play at the Grand Ol' Opry house too. Michael W. Smith being one of them. Brad using his fame to talk about God to his fans is probably the best thing he can do. Why bash him for it? Honestly, it makes me like him more.

  96. Michael Tayla

    God Bless you Brad Paisley! And anyone watching the video. I'm a born-again Christian, and I want you to know that wether you think I'm a hater or saint, Jesus loved you enough to die on a cross for your sins. If you just ask Him for forgiveness and accept His free gift of love and mercy, then He'll take all of your sins upon Himself. He rose up from the grave and defeated death three days later! He is willing to make you part of HIS great victory! God bless all y'all! I love you.


    Michael Tayla Oof, I always ask Christians this, where's the proof? A book? A book that was written MILLIONS of years ago. How Adam and Eve looked like normal humans, but then there were the neanderthals. Explain, how did Dinosaurs come to be?

    The solar system?

    The REAL first man.

  97. Joe

    True Christians, "little follower of Jesus Christs", know that that love is the answer.....not religion.....Jesus himself hated "religion".   God is all that is pure and good.

    Peace and love to you all. :-)

    Daniel Torres

    @Airiel Bird it might be easier to text me email seems to be acting i didnt get anything yet. Gmail has been annoying lately lol. 6314027278

    Airiel Bird

    @Daniel Torres ok I just texted you

    Daniel Torres

    @Airiel Bird ok try again

    Airiel Bird

    @Daniel Torres ok

    Daniel Torres

    @Edward Johnson why are most religious people so hateful? Oh cause you don't have God do you have no true happiness.

  98. B Salt

    As a Christian, this song in no way offends me.  It points out that we, too, have faults, we have a sense of humor, and true believers love all others because HE loves us all!  Without Him, I would be nothing.  Thanks Brad for this amusing reminder of the world’s view of us.

    cameron H

    Yet hes a self admitted scottish rite freemason - smh

    John David Jimenez

    For real he said it in his own words his a Scottish freemason .... listen to his song The Devil is alive and well, he is a straight satanist...

    Matthew Serdynski

    @John David Jimenez He's saying in that song that Evil is very present in this world all the time.... He's not a satanist. Also, in this song, the lyrics are from a skeptics point of view or how atheist look at us Christians, not his. Both songs are very pro Christian if you actually listen to the words.