Paisley, Brad - He Didn't Have To Be Lyrics

When a single mom goes out on a date with somebody new
It always winds up feeling more like a job interview
My momma used to wonder if she'd ever meet someone
Who wouldn't find out about me and then turn around and run

I met the man I call my dad when I was five years old
He took my mom out to a movie and for once I got to go
A few months later I remember lying there in bed
I overheard him pop the question and prayed that she'd say yes

And then all of a sudden
Oh, it seemed so strange to me
How we went from something's missing
To a family
Lookin' back all I can say
About all the things he did for me
Is I hope I'm at least half the dad
That he didn't have to be

I met the girl that's now my wife about three years ago
We had the perfect marriage but we wanted somethin' more
Now here I stand surrounded by our family and friends
Crowded 'round the nursery window as they bring the baby in

And now all of a sudden
It seemed so strange to me
How we've gone from something's missing
To a family
Lookin' through the glass I think about the man
That's standin' next to me
And I hope I'm at least half the dad
That he didn't have to be

Lookin' back all I can say
About all the things he did for me
Is I hope I'm at least half the dad
That he didn't have to be

Yeah, I hope I'm at least half the dad
That he didn't have to be
Because he didn't have to be
You know he didn't have to be

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Paisley, Brad He Didn't Have To Be Comments
  1. sean corona

    For you dad For you dad ilove you even though you are not here

  2. Kevin Caron

    My real dad left my mom when i was 5 years old 3 year later my stepdad arrive at the house he's the best dad ever is always There for me

  3. Everton Porsch

    I had a boy thats not my biological, but he IS MY SON in every way! He grew up with me since he had 2 years and now had 12. He calls me DAD. And i can't see any difference from him and my other childs. Love these song!

  4. Jen-Teall

    Who's listening in 2020🤣🤣🤣🤣??
    Love his songs!!❤

  5. Tor 1991

    How could there be Dislikes on this song and the incredible positive message WTF

  6. Silent Gamer

    I hate this song so much whenever it comes on the radio.

    ...because I work outdoors running mowers and it's hard to drive in a straight line when you're crying.

    I can't relate to this song at all but it still makes me so happy that I can't help but cry.

  7. Jack Summer

    Ain't Brad the most handsome guy......#man crush

  8. Shaniah Alvarez

    I’m literally crying rn watching this. My bf showed this me this song cuz it’s basically his story too. I love it.♥️

  9. Frank R. Pilot

    Pretty common here in USA

  10. Kyla Brown

    I am 26 weeks and 3 days and the guy that got me pregnant left and then I got super close to a guy and he tells me he wants to be the dad... I am 17 I turned 17 in October and on my birthday I was 15 weeks and the guy that is wanting to be the dad is 17 the guy that got me pregnant turned 18 at the beginning of this month...


    This song is my exact story he grew me up and passed on great things im 28 in 3 days but lost my dad this year May to Pancreatic Cancer 😭😭😭😭 missing my dad so much first Christmas without him ever and my mom is so broken he always showed me this son as i was a little boy growing up weeks before he died hr sat in my front room with my wife and I whos been married 4years now and we played this son one last time😭😭😭

  12. ben stolen

    Who's still watching this in the year 2035 like I am?

  13. Cody Walls

    I met my dad at 2 because my boi-dad is a p.o.s.. my stepfather and and mother split ways but he still my daddy. And always will be

  14. Rebecca Warugi

    i cant relate bt it alwys makes me cry😢

  15. Matt Plyler

    If this doesn’t bring a tear.....

  16. cfomahm

    My husband died when I was 5 weeks pregnant. The man I married when that child was 6 months old has been the most wonderful dad ever to that boy. Their bond is tight. Blessed. Yep, Brad Paisley, didn't have to be. But did .

  17. Fred Max

    Lonely boy

  18. Ciara

    All I could think at the beginning was who's watching that baby?

  19. Gacha_ Midnight224

    i have a book at my school dont laugh at me

  20. Eric Shultz

    Me and my sister are 14 years apart and we have different dads I'm the younger one,my dad may not be her biological dad but he IS her dad,her real dad isn't even in the picture at all,MY dad is the one that taught her sports,my dad is the one that walked her down the aisle my dad is the one who her kid calls PaPa my dad is the one who stepped up.

  21. Eric Shultz

    1:48 that's not even his wife lol

  22. Roy Kurniawan

    I Relate to this song to much.... I had a great step father he teach me all about live and living... he past away a couple years ago and i still miss his wishdom... I only can talk to him in the silent of the night while watching my little girl sleeping... How he loved her even when he didn't have to be... I miss u... I miss our talk... Peace on your long sleep dad...

  23. Kenisha Munroe

    This song still makes me ugly cry.😭😭😭

  24. Moonette Wolfsong

    One of those songs you come back to. Love the feels. <3

  25. G E

    My Dad died yesterday on my birthday. He adopted me and loved me as his own. I met my wife when my son was thirteen months old, he is a sophomore in college now and I'm Dad... This song is my life in lyrics...

  26. Roberto González

    Made me cry

  27. Leesa Palmer

    My daughter dance to this song at her wedding with my husband, her step dad.

  28. Joseph Gratton

    I am gonna sing this for my step dads wedding.

  29. Joseph Gratton

    Whos here in 2019

  30. Jessika Delaney

    This song never fails to make me emotional because the man I claim as my dad came into my life when I was 9 years old and he's one of the best things that has ever happened to me. He stepped and raised 3 girls like we were his own, I'll forever be grateful for him.

  31. M Niazi

    How sweet...

  32. Amanda Sue Smyth

    This song is my other dad “Ralph” Eugene Pollard. I don’t think my dad would have wanted another to be where he wasn’t but was great full that he was. I am so blessed to have had a wonderful man to love me like my father did. In honor of him this song doesn’t even express what it meant.

  33. Nevaeh Harris

    who still istening in 2019 dam those parents

  34. Brian Reese

    Another great old country song

  35. Jeff Maggard

    Was reacquainted with my high school first love who now has 4 children and their "father " isn't the man that he should be and so therefore I consider them as mine as I do for my own 3 so I do relate to this song very well great song with even better intentions.

  36. Josh Holmes

    I adopted my son when he was 2yrs old.He said I'm the only Dad he know's. Even though he knows the whole picture.Im blessed to have him in my life..Cant wait to see him next week on his 2 week leave.(Army),He's been in 5yrs.He is home best Christmas ever.

  37. thomas Prior

    first wife had a 5 year old boy when we met i tried tried to win both over but it didnt work out

    not every story has a happy ending

  38. thomas Prior

    a little man shouted over to me as i was cutting the lawn at my church i didnt know him from Adam

    but they new me his mum and him through a friend he kept shouting over at me grand dad grandad he and his mum came over to me he ran and through is small arms around me

    shouting hello grandad his mum said sorry why i said i keep tellinhg him your names thomas he keeps saying no no hes my grandad that was 3 years ago so now i have a grand son who who chose me and i will be his grandad till i go up stairs they are coming for christmas to me

    i had to move to a different part of london havnt been able to see the little guy so christmas will be special thanks for reading merry 2019 christmas to every one

  39. Craig t

    Brad do you the man! Still waiting on my family we'll see how long it is.

  40. illa lopez

    I can relate to tis so bad

  41. Esselmania

    How do u dislike this song it’s so beautiful

  42. dooquidis whamo

    Love the video but it's old-fashioned that the husband has to remain outside while his wife gives birth

  43. Full ARM

    Jesus dont want us to be "free"masons is like worship lucifer and jesus at the same time...blasphemy....argh!

  44. the gunia pig master

    Well I’m glad that it works out for other people but for me no one wants a ready made family. They just want to turn around and run. Like the song says. It’s sad but very true.

  45. dooquidis whamo

    Online someone said the word step is silent in their family

  46. Nui Bonno

    C'est beau l'amour et puis il ne disparaîtra jamais

  47. Chris Bad and boujee

    My dad didn’t have to be

  48. Chris Bad and boujee

    My dad waz not my real dad but he Waz the best he took me in like his own for once I Waz with a family I loved and then I knew I Waz loved

  49. Jessica Love

    I am just kindness a positive for my son. My husband died

  50. Wolf Gacha

    This is my life explained in one song because my father...always was in and out of jail he just kept buying me stuff to make up for it but it’s bullshit because he’s never been there for me and I’ve had so many step dads in my life up until my mom met someone named Eric and he’s been with us for 2-3 years and he’s really nice

  51. Brandon G

    Crazy how powerful song like this exist in the same "genre" as hickpop. This song is amazing.

  52. Brittany Glover

    Thai is a good song

  53. Ricky Bobby

    Loved my stepdad so much that when my mom divorce him I went to live with him......God bless real men

  54. Wolf- Pack

    this song applies with me and my step dad, he has helped me so much in my life. He’s the one who showed me the career that I do now. It’s my passion and he’s the one who showed me it! It was a gift from god! I love him so much! he’s my DAD! not my step dad! and in the song his dad and brad paisley first hung out at the movies and that’s when me and my step dad hung out for the first time! he’s then DAD he didn’t have to be! 💛

  55. ree Mitchell

    This song reminds me of my brother-in-law he married my sister when her daughter was2yrs old well she is 21 and he has been a dad to her

  56. Michael Main

    My wife has two kids and there amazing and we went to a movie and I fell in love with them right away. Thanks again Abby hope main

  57. Nancy Baker

    I lost my 'dad' last night, to a very long illness. He's been my "father", BEST man I ever knew. I LOVE YOU DAD, RIP, and my heart will always, always hold you close. :'( :'(

  58. Deme Martinez

    he's so young here - I'm late to this song but it's great. My Dad was in radio sales and a Gone Dad - 'Where's your Dad?' 'Gone.' I'll grab it outta itunes tonight.

  59. Adam Great

    Love this song. Loves this era. Love this music. I love the emotions I feel from them. So special. Artist like these. Words like these. Thanks

  60. Mike Herrington

    My dad did that!! He stepped up when the man I’m named after left when my little brother was not even born yet!! I love my dad and I know that he didn’t have to do that!!

  61. Debbie Robinson

    I have two different experiences with this song...
    My three grandchildren(ages 4 and 11-week old twins) lost their dad and a wonderful man has stepped into be their dad when "he didn't have to be.
    At the age of 65, I discovered that my dad was a dad "he didn't have to be." I had a biological father I never knew about. A secret Mom would have taken to her grave.

    Both of these great men were dads they didn't have to be.

  62. Joseph Ngibs

    Am dating a single mum wish me the best i will mary her.....2019 nov




    Any updates?

  63. Sample Username

    In memory of my stepdad 5/6/53-11/14/13 I miss you always

  64. isa ccc

    I hope I find someone that my son can call daddy

  65. J.R Brooks

    Step dads step up and mine certainly did and for that I'm eternally grateful and this ones for him and other step dads out there.


    The song sounds like my bother -law did for my little sister and her son

  67. Frank R. Pilot

    Something is missing in this video.

  68. Deanna Hayden

    Today marks 5 yrs since my stepdad passed away from cancer. He didn't have to be so many things, but I loved him because he did because he loved us. He loved me and my son too. I miss him every day.

  69. Michael Hatcher

    When I was 11 my mom met the man I call dad he was a great man he did so much for me and my brother our real father blamed us for his cheating this song came out a month before he died of cancer i think of him and cry every time I hear this song

  70. Matthew Johnston

    I adopted my son when he was 3 years old. He's 15 now..

    He's never been my step son. Since day one, he was my boy. Iv always told my wife, honest to goodness, I fell in love with that boy before I fell in love with her.

    12 years later, that young man is my best friend and I could be more proud of the young man he's become.

  71. Large E

    I grew up without a father and when I turned 18 I got a job at a local mining company and I met this man named Roger I told him that I have a girl coming down the line and he was totally cool with it. 2 weeks later she was born the day after his birthday and he paid me for my time off and filled the office with baby girl clothes and diapers! The rest is history I worked under his management until he retired after 44 years and he passed away 5 years later of a heart attack. He was the dad that he didn't have to be! He had three children of his own.

  72. Beatriz Ciancone

    This song always gets me without fail. Always think of my husband and my two older babies. He never says I have 2 children and 2 stepchildren he always says I have 4. Mind you their father is their father and was an amazing father but my husband was a bonus daddy and they are loved. That’s what matters most.

  73. Little Bill

    2.4K people suck !

  74. Daniel Arosemena

    This song is my history. Thanks God

  75. Gina Staffner

    what a beautiful song!!

  76. Charles Smith

    I never had a chance to have a relationship with my sons. Wasn’t because I didn’t pay child support wasn’t because I didn’t pay for ex wife college education. I did. Something my dad never did. I served my country and lost my sons.

  77. serena Alton

    I had a step brother and step dad who guarded me. I thank God for them both God needed more than me


    this song just put tires in my eys i just wish happens s for my son

    Kenny Crafton

    tires? lol

  79. crackerxxx

    nothing on this earth is as useless as a man who dont take care of and cherish his children, he. isnt fit to live. I raised a daughter that wasnt mine biologically but hurt my girl and ill bury you where nobody will ever find you. God gave her to me

  80. Andrew Martin

    Idk how many of my friends are single moms. This song is way too real for me. I always felt bad for kids that go through this.

  81. Destiny Martin

    I've never been a fan of country music until today. My YouTube was set to automatic play after listening to " I Can Only Imagine" and I'm sure glad it did. I just have a question? Why does country music make me cry so much?

  82. James Wilmouth

    I played this at my dads funeral bc it was so us we may have been father and son but he was my best friend

  83. ndapewa precious

    This man is fine. Wow! He is good looking 😍😍😍😚😚

  84. kp ps

    Happy Birthday Brad Paisley.. 💝💝💝💝

  85. Catlu1732

    I love Brad and his music. I always get tears when the little boy runs to the door, cause he gets to go for a change. And did we decide that the 'dad' is Lee Majors?

  86. Robert Buckmaster

    Nobody believed in me except for my dad

  87. Robert Buckmaster

    My dad didn't have to be here forty me but he was no matter what he was taken away a tear i believe he had so much more to do for me and my mom

  88. Ryan Jonas

    Damn Brad Paisley cutting onions on YouTube.

  89. mike huston

    I Hope HE'S twice the dad I was

  90. Curtis West

    This reminds me of my childhood

  91. Steve Hughes

    Great song... Paisley IS NOT a GREAT American.
    He SHIT on the president - in a NATIONAL TV commercial that has run in most markets OVER and OVER and OVER. In doing so, he SHIT ON AMERICA and EVERY American military man and woman and their families - AND gave the THUMBS UP to communism. Worse, he's TOO FUCKING STUPID TO KNOW IT... as are YOU if YOU don't get it - OR - you're too damn LAZY to TRY to understand why... Hey Paisley... FUCK YOU, BUDDY...!


    uh oh someone's off their medications....

    Steve Hughes

    @mattanthony0814 Believe whatever you like, mushbrain. Truth is TRUTH.

  92. Hillary

    This is my dad’s song for his own dad. He(dad) was five when my grandma married his dad. My grandpa and grandma have been married almost 52 years.

  93. Jason Dangelo

    I miss you Danny thank you for everything and Jacob Skyla Autumn Kameko Kaegan and Lilly love ya all and in my heart you are mine

  94. Michelle Obernier

    I lost my Dad when I was 13.Mom remarried when I was 20. It took awhile but eventually I started to love my stepdad. It broke my heart when we lost him last year to cancer. Our whole life family changed even the way we celebrate Christmas changed.He was a part of my life for 18 yrs.To me he was my Dad. However that dosent mean I didn't love my Biological dad.

  95. abbiejoa

    im gonna cry this is the purest thing ever

  96. Rahim Zerani

    My heart is broken.... The song is just soooo fitting.... How encouraging it is to single mums like me❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  97. Blades 22

    My girlfriend's son and daughter in law just sent me this with a text that said. This how we feel about me. Wow dont even know what to say. Those kids have no clue how amazing they really are.

  98. Scott Lockwood

    got to ask are you really adopted?


    Got happy tears when he called for movie and smile in little boy face humanity never dies.