Paisley, Brad - Crushin' It Lyrics

I sure could use an “Atta boy” or a big ol' high five
I'd love to hear “You're killin' it dude”, it's been a long time
Since I hit one out of the park or nailed it as they say
I guess I've been in a dry spell but that's about to change ‘cause

Every week has a weekend
By this time Friday night
I'll be done with my third can of cold Bud Light
And I'll be crushin' it
Yeah, I'll be crushin' it

Let's say your baby's mad ‘cause you told her that you'd hang some pictures for her
You know the ones she framed from late last spring of you and her in Florida
You're up on the ladder when it shatters into smithereens
She shakes her head and looks at you and says “Ain't you good for anything?”
And you say

Every week has a weekend
By this time Friday night
If you want a margarita
I'll get tequila and ice
And I'll be crushin' it
With a cold one in my other hand
And I'll be crushin' it

When I'm finished with my can
I can stomp it with my boot
Punch it with my fist
Smash it on my forehead
Yeah, I got this
I'll be crushin' it
Oh, I'll be crushin' it

I figured this out in college walking past them Gothic columns
That I was gonna probably wind up somewhere near the bottom
I was never gonna be the best or brightest guy around
But like the great George freaking Strait, I'm the king of gettin' unwound

And every week has a weekend
By this time Friday night
I'll be done with my third can of cold Bud Light
And I'll be crushin' it
Every week has a weekend
Yeah, I'll be crushin' it
By this time Friday night
Oh, I'll be crushin' it
I'll be done with my third can
Oh, I'll be crushin' it
Of cold Bud Light
And I'll be crushin' it
I'll be crushin' it

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Paisley, Brad Crushin' It Comments
  1. Debbie Biddix

    ❤️🖤 😁😁😁

  2. Top Gun Pilot

    Yeeeeee Haaaaaawww!

  3. Denise Robinson

    Problem is that the accused leaders are dead!!!

  4. bendy 134

    Best song ever

  5. Alice Reid

    I've listened to this 30 times in a row

  6. Alice Reid

    i guess 556 people aren't crushin' it

  7. Sherri Nugent

    I mean comon 555dislikes brad paisley is the best country singer

    Sherri Nugent

    Who agrees?

  8. Doug Coleman Jr.

    I think I just lost brain cells

  9. Joyce Dennis

    I wish you come out with a song about joyce

  10. Cristy Guffey

    Awesome show last night

  11. Anthony Monroy

    It would've have been cool if Alan Jackson was there too

  12. Sylvia The dragon lord

    How infinity war should have ended

  13. Leslie Lestinsky-Miller

    Hah I love this video

  14. Michael Bardales

    Is Luke Bryan in this?

  15. Alolan Gloom

    This song did not age well. Idk why I liked it so much in 2015 0__o I still love ya Brad, I just can't remember why I liked this song back then...

  16. Tntman Lintyfish

    I love this it is me and my dads favorite song

  17. Zeraora

    What did you to make Jason Aldean mad

  18. George Price

    Just saw Brad at RodeoHouston and he kicked major ass! Blew the crowd away from note one.

  19. EJKraft

    “Infinity Waris the most ambitious crossover of all time” HA

  20. noe pantoja

    Hell yea

  21. David Browning

    One of the funniest music videos I’ve ever seen.

  22. Cory Nielsen

    Love it.

  23. Dr. Thunder

    Miranda lambert = black widow

  24. Ben Ber

    Anybody Listening To This In 2019?

  25. Robert Richter

    nice cars "steel moonshiner"

  26. Fabio Gutierrez


  27. Joseph Matthews

    Holy Cow that's the best music video ever

  28. Josh Keselak

    What's rascal Flatts supposed to be

  29. Marion Cobretti

    coolest country song and video in a while

  30. Stephanie Pianowski


  31. Stephanie Pianowski

    What. Is. This ):(

  32. Robert Richter

    Eh, sportsfans!

  33. Jake Smith

    I was not expecting the Kimmel appearance 😂👌

  34. Robert Richter

    waiting to get to that 3rd can here. . .9/12/18

  35. Robert Richter

    This song is dedicated to bacon, yeah bacon!

  36. Blaziken Face

    This is possibly the best music video i have ever seen in my entire freakin life 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    Heres hoping these guys are in the next avengers movie!

  37. bluegrassmagnolia superhulk

    tate stevens as shazam lynyrd skynyrds as the Autobots

  38. bluegrassmagnolia superhulk

    katy perry adele ladyglansga adele demi lovato and kesha as the main antagonist

  39. bluegrassmagnolia superhulk

    kacey musgrove as zatanna

  40. Vincent Vaughan

    like ultron beer cans!

  41. Stephanie Marts

    I find new references every time I watch this video.
    Miranda (Black Widow) has a shotgun, and toward the end is packing quite a bit of lead.
    Kenny Chesney as “Agua Man” makes total sense because of “Beer in Mexico” and the other bazillion songs of his that take place on a beach.
    Rascal Flatts, aside from being on literal Rascals, are riding on the road.

  42. bluegrassmagnolia superhulk

    kings of leon as gi joe lady antebellum as m.a.s.k

  43. bluegrassmagnolia superhulk

    scott mcreery as booster gold jamey johnson as punisher

  44. bluegrassmagnolia superhulk

    alan jackson should be phantom stranger

  45. bluegrassmagnolia superhulk

    chris stapleton as the sasquatch ally of hulk and member of alpha flight

  46. bluegrassmagnolia superhulk

    they should add steve earle as cable joe nichols as atom smasher

  47. Kayla Secoy

    She is a Incredible girl and her name is Faith

  48. Noah

    Brad was watching the avengers and drunk and was like holy shit let's cunbined the three best things ever country music super heros and beer to the music cave

  49. Troy Pease

    I got ur notifications on brad

  50. Vickie Hunter

    I like George straights super hero imatation

  51. Austin Seubert

    Least trigger comment section every

  52. Sally Moon

    Luke's teeth kill me every time.. hahaaa

  53. Nathaniel Bellmore

    The way Brad brings in the wah during the solo... crushin it

  54. builder dragon

    ilove this video!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  55. Supreme Saltine

    I can't believe this is real

  56. Michelle B.


  57. Michelle B.


  58. Michelle B.


  59. Michelle B.


  60. Mrdinkles and Jenna

    Along with wind by Zac Brown Band this is the best music vid ever

  61. twighla dove

    Sam hunt?

  62. twighla dove

    omg Lukc bryen killed me !!!!

  63. Isaac Revlis

    This is our of the funniest things ever especially the Carrie Underwood part 😀😀😀😀

  64. RedneckGamer


  65. Mr Lit

    Like the great George freakin strait

  66. Viviana Arambula

    almost 2 years later and I still absolutely love this video!!!

  67. Super Puppy Vlogs


  68. joseph holland

    so funny!!!!!!!!

  69. Penny Furrh

    cute song

  70. Olivia Kline

    I love it!

  71. Penny Furrh

    another great song by brad

  72. Flicksci

    I love that he poked fun at FGL

  73. bagnome

    I wish Toby Keith was in the video. He could have been the guy in command of all the giant robot evil beer cans. lol

    Darrenn Walters

    bagnome. haha haha they would have had to have been red solo cups

    Gaming Chanel and outher stuff

    Darrenn Walters ya true true

  74. Jen Clarkson

    lol oh i love this video

  75. August Biernbaum

    Love the song. Most creative video of 2015, 2016, and soon 2017. You crushed it! 😏

  76. Melissa White

    This has to be one of the best things I have ever seen. Brad is a genius.

  77. sam joz


  78. Gord Morrow

    this is great but its missing my man Tommy Rhett

  79. Jack McCarley

    i wanna know if anyone can name the actually name the countrey singer and what super hero the were.

    Lyndsay D

    Brad Paisley-Iron Man
    Keith Urban-Captain America
    Kenny Chesney-Aquaman
    Jason Aldean-The Incredible Hulk
    Luke Bryan-The Flash
    Florida Georgia Line-Not exactly superheroes, I think they were supposed to be Beavus and Butthead
    Darius Rucker-Falcon
    Carrie Underwood-Wonder Woman
    Eric Church-Mighty Mouse (?)
    Dierks Bentley-I'm really not sure
    Tim and Faith-The Incredibles
    Little Big Town-Guardians of the Galaxy
    George Strait-Superman
    Blake Shelton-Again, not sure
    Rascal Flatts- Ghost Rider/s
    Miranda Lambert-Black Widow
    Zac Brown Band-Zorro

    Lyndsay D

    Blake Shelton-Thor
    Dierks Bentley-Luke Skywalker (?)

    Austin Seubert

    I Think dierks Bentley was just dierks Bentley if he hadn't became a great country singer

  80. dw hunter

    Your killing it dude !

  81. Ancient Hobo

    loved it it was well drawn and animated

  82. TheFourohsix

    ha, general BS. I wonder how Blake took to that?

    Conor Milliken

    I thought it just meant General Blake Shelton


    think about it what is blakes music? general bullshit. just kidding.

  83. Cupp Dzialo

    Brad can animate way better than I can. number 1 song of tge v year. really liked gearmo

  84. Sweeneytv

    Brad. You man

  85. Zach Kilpatrick

    There should be more of these animations this is great

  86. rtbeum

    Support Country Music and come on out to Panama City Beach,Florida Please Share and come if you can click link to purchase tickets now.

  87. Kirby Cucumber

    Amazing song

  88. Zach Rusk

    Actual county music in this era!



  90. Chloe Holt

    Petition for them to make a life action version please! Lol

  91. Glass Wolf

    Brad is giving Disney a run for there money 😂

    Austin Seubert

    Glass Wolf think he has them beat lol

  92. Death guy

    Tip your hats for the church mouse

  93. Ricky Ric

    lmfao, is that Miranda with a shotgun blasting Blakes empties? It's got to be... hence gunpowder and lead

  94. Ricky Ric

    Atta Boy Brad, ya crushed it and nailed it to the wall!!!! Video of the year indeed!!! I fucking love it!!!!

  95. lps sparkle shine productions

    This is a awesome vid Brad your kill'en it dude

  96. राहुल कुलकर्णी

    Badwiser ROFL! LMAO!

  97. Dougs Youtube

    Favorite music video, makes the song awesome with all the comedy