Pains Of Being Pure At Heart, The - Say No To Love Lyrics

Yeah I'm looking for you
And I know you'll be found
With the parking lot kids
With the loneliest crowd
And his heart's on his sleeve

And your hand's on the wheel
Trying hard not to say
What you just don't feel
Yeah you just don't feel

Now you're looking away
Could you plan an escape
From the places you've known
Where they know your mistakes?

And you wish he would stop
And you wish you weren't steel
Should you try to do something
That you just don't feel?

Something's coming
But nothing ever does
Something's coming
You better say no to love

When everything he says is wrong
And all you want to feel is gone
Go on

When everything he does is wrong
And all you want to feel is gone
Go on

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Pains Of Being Pure At Heart, The Say No To Love Comments
  1. Mike Barton

    Thank you Pat Nevin for the tip.

  2. superdeluxesmell

    Such a wonderful name for a band but I don’t care for the music at all. Shame.

  3. Kewveg G

    The pigeons hahaha

  4. Ivan Ortiz


    Thanks for all the music, and your talented people you allowed to be in your band.

    I met you at your last l.a show you played and your a cool genuine person. Much love to yah

  5. sad shroom

    i can hear The Cure

  6. xBastardx

    The greatest 🖤🖤

  7. BlackAliss

    It's one thing to be inspired by a different band but to just about steal just like heaven by The cure is pretty bad.

    Tidal Breakthroughs

    danam312 it is nothing like it. There is some inspiration there but that’s it.


    You're boring and you have a boring comment.

  8. Scott B_

    lovely song, lovelier video

  9. Raym Berna

    To All the Boys I've Loved Before ♥️

  10. Cockatoo Magnet

    This band reminds me of an obscure group called The Springfields who were on Sarah Records.

    Finlay Hatton

    They are heavily influenced by Sarah records bands kip even appears on a Sarah Records documentary.

  11. Joey Levenson

    80s indie disco run through pro tools .

  12. なた




  13. つよぽん

    Which album contains this song?

    Tidal Breakthroughs

    つよぽん it is a single prior to the second album.

  14. Mohamad Birani

    This is pure love! Thank you very much, Kind sir!

  15. bukowski jumawan

    very relaxing.

  16. Lord Zero

    10/10 music video

  17. Pebbal

    I love the way this band makes me feel.

  18. Lewis Polland

    Dwight Schrute is sick on that bass


    Dwight is German, not Jewish

  19. ajikustik

    this is really lovely music. so much light-hearted on it

  20. Ernesto Toccalino

    Muy bueno!!!!

    Øu†is [NEMO][Nadie][Hallie]

    A mí también me pareció muy bueno. Me agrada el video 0:56 (libre sensación de ir contra o a favor del viento)

  21. Akbar Fadhil

    Peggy Wang at her best <3

  22. nick fit

    Nice try to sound like a 90s's indie band but it is a bit faint.

  23. synapticflow

    It's great to see a cute young Asian American girl in this video. Sad that something is so uncommon that you feel compelled to comment on it.


    Yeah Asian American Girls are being systematically held out of music Videos. #jokezzz

    Puerto Riconnect

    Yeah, when it’s a white girl no one questions it but if it’s an Asian girl people have to make jokes about having a fetish or something.

    Oscar Hayden (Perdition Bound)

    synapticflow Ugh. What's sad is that you had to so vehemently prove how liberal you are

    Puerto Riconnect

    Oscar Hayden (Perdition Bound)
    Ugh Acknowledging the existence of other races is now liberal.

    I’m Puerto Rican. My girlfriend is Chinese. That’s my real life but if a conservative saw a TV show about my life they’d be like “fuck this forced diversity!!”

    forever SHAMPOO

    everyone likes asian girls what the hell u talkin bout

  24. Nikki Nueng

    see them this Saturday! <3

  25. Alisson Remedi

    "You better say no to love"....

    I miss that old MTV

  26. slimerocketon

    Genial A mI mE lO pARECE

  27. Hugo Youngman

    perfect pop song

  28. Lindsay Rickman

    (hearts) & (stars)

  29. jerry murphy

    I have all three of their albums but I don't remember this one.   Love it.  Is this is a single ?

    Kip Berman

    +jerry murphy Yes, it was a song from a 7" single we did prior to recording our 2nd LP, Belong.

    Cockatoo Magnet

    This tune rules!!!!

  30. sjouke van der naalt

    i love that asian girl, she is so sweet and kind.

    Víctor Castan

    +sjouke van der naalt I love Bruce Lee too

  31. Simon Bakke

    Scott Pilgrim status

  32. John Tagliani


  33. kaoru aoi

    great song

  34. Aintnobodysbuisness

    Exactly what I thought, makes me think of Friday I'm in love sooo much. But I love it!

  35. lennon paddy

    good melody. good lyrics!!

  36. JormaX

    They were great at korjaamo,Helsinki. The singer stood even happily after the gig to sign albums..As a shy Finn I chose to run away. Now I regret it, but itwas a really nice gig! I like when pop stars choose to be real humans instead of clumsy divas.

  37. Choong Ching Teo

    The Cure

  38. npra54

    Good old easycore

  39. helloasroma

    Peggy rocking an A Day to Remember t-shirt... SO MUCH WIN. <3

  40. Film

    More like: The Pains of Being Boring At Heart

  41. Jack Kovar

    Lol. I've learned that since making that comment, but it was the first time i checked out this band when i was saying that

  42. Tolstoj's Niece

    The pains of getting punched in the face for not shutting up and enjoying the music.

  43. schef75

    WARNING! This music may hipsterize you!

  44. 0806322f

    asian americans the superior hipsters

  45. Arkyan Putra

    Nice animation!

  46. wheresmyarm

    Instagram, the music video

  47. rakkatytam

    Haha kool, she is wearing an A Day To Remember shirt. Who would of thought?

  48. E Fernandez

    wonder why this one isn't on belong..

  49. nostalgicdrummer

    ugh I can't even Peggy. How adorable is she.

  50. casey lewis

    I'm sixteen.

    Khalid Al-Fares

    Are you 22 now?

  51. Nuttawut Wanmarlee

    how old are you now ?

  52. Tommaso Motteran

    I need to eat up an entire boar to come back to normality after watching this video.

  53. fcpchip


  54. TheMiguel

    wow are they that old?

  55. chinary8

    That's the best way to say "this poppy shit sucks" that I've ever heard.

  56. Carlos Tovar

    Something's coming, but nothing ever does. Something's coming you better say no to love...

  57. IchbinSchalker

    Those two pigeons were the most funny!

  58. aerojascruz

    this song has inspired me to pick up a guitar and do music like tpobpah!!!!!!!! for that thank you !

  59. Mark Ingoldsby

    I've got an Ensoniq at home almost exactly like that one. Instead of the SQ1 I have the ESQ1.

    If they'd just asked, I would've gladly stood behind their SQ1, smiled goofily, and swayed back and forth for them. Hell, I'd have even gazed at my shoes if they really wanted me to. Might need wardrobe to toss a mop onto my head so I could hide my eyes behind some hair though. Think we could have worked that into the budget?

  60. Anima

    where's peggy?

  61. ire

    how could anyone dislike this song

  62. Andreas Emmanuel

    if u dig this song check out my music videos for my band SNOW WITE

  63. RockyRadiation

    @freaker000000001 HAHAHAHAHAH!

  64. t33ngoth

    stop it omfg

  65. Patrícia N.

    19 said yes to love and got hurt.

  66. casey lewis

    Lol when I was a kid, my dad worked at insound with Kip and Alex (Vocals/guitar and Bass) and they would push me around in a rolley chair :D

  67. Jorge Rodriguez

    The lead singer bro is a pretty chill bro, bros.

  68. enochjames

    I honestly haven't hated a song by these guys, it's kind of cool they haven't blown up huge, everyone who I tell about The Pains love them and it's great. <3

  69. boxiemus

    cool song/ awesome band/ cute video- whats not to love

  70. danthefave

    @JesseReith1 Why do CD's suck...

  71. danthefave

    @Bayprotector There's nothing wrong with dressing like a hipster, listening to the music that a hipster would, drinking PBR beer like a hipster would or playing in an indie band the way a hipster would. The part about being a hipster that is so bad is the "attitude". A real hipster talks about how they love bands because they are underground, or they'll say: "I liked them before it was mainstream". They will also have snide attitudes towards almost anything mainstream. That's what's bad about it

  72. midnightwallflower

    @elshawno2 It was never God talking. It was always you, thinking. :)

  73. pie

    @TheRaptureSea Still, they're awesome.

  74. Ben Jackson

    @TheRaptureSea no

  75. ire

    this song is like 99% power chords but holy fuck does it rule

  76. Vertin Alejandre

    holy shit i want that guitar..

  77. Niki Iskandar

    @1:34 she's wearing an A Day To Remember shirt!

  78. Tomke

    @whitemule1813 i hope that will never happen! i have to admit that i can't see why everyone is listening to these songs in the charts, but I won't like someone less than others because of that... haha, I'd rather die than stop to shower! :D

  79. Tomke

    why the hell is everyone hating on hipsters? i just found out what the definition of a hipster says and i really want to be like these people! luckily, i have exactly the implied taste in music :) can somebody please tell me what's so bad about being a hipster?

  80. Givpplspace

    @TheRaptureSea HAHA LOL

  81. Swagrid Jones

    This song reminds you life's amazing! ;) I want to go on holiday now!

  82. emilio ripalda ferretti

    Summertime! yeahhh!

  83. soundnotnoise666

    Wow I honestly thought this band was from the early 90's first time I heard them.

  84. Aaron Grey

    dang, this girl inthe vid eats a lot lol

  85. ire

    best indie pop band on the scene currently

  86. 2the7polish0hammer0

    this it rock/pop noting like shoegaze

  87. dammern

    say nø? wtf, learn to spell.

  88. oScarletFieldso

    Peggy is so beautiful... ♥.♥

  89. Rat Nagourney

    @brooddoos92 New album rules!! We are lucky!!!

  90. KoKo Moe

    So Good !

  91. Adler

    @BleedingDiamondz And who are you to judge them for it. If they feel fine that way let them be.

  92. ArrowsthroughWings

    Well I know who ill be rocking out to this summer :D

  93. Onosender bellaria

    de France, mais d'ou arrivé vous,, un comète dans un océan de poussière planaire, j'adore

  94. LoopIntelligence

    Video is amazing-like.

  95. mityway

    Well well no people stone roses mayb but it's got mock turtles sound written all over it the vocal line especially the mockies wer madchester band early 90 s but far the best of all of them including oasis but alas they sighned to a crap label and had little success around the world great to see the pain regenerate there sound today awesum

  96. BleedingDiamondz

    @CommanderKinu why not? hipsters are complete douche bags. it seriously looks like they spend hundreds of on dollars of cloth just so they can look gay.