Pain Of Salvation - Winning A War Lyrics

Once there was a world out on these fields, that was untouched.
Grateful for its love we thanked the earth that gave so much.
And oh, I loved it so!
Once there was a pair of eyes, unbroken just like my heart.
Belonging to a father and his son, now torn apart.
And oh, I loved him so!

"Why, mommy? Tell me why daddy is walking away - leaving me!"

I remember birds of pray, dark shadows piercing the ground!
Faceless men came shouting about a pride to which we were bound.
And oh, I searched for him so!
"Faith darling, have faith my son! Your daddy is winning a war..."
"...for you!"

Daddy need me, love and lead me.
Your superseding war won't feed me!

Watch fathers and sons pale cling to their guns.
Marching line by line leaving reason behind.
Their eyes now tensed with fear; enemies are near.
But all armies are only fathers and sons...

Earth bleeding through their proceeding.
All greedy vultures are needing.
War! War! Dad - who is winning a war?
And dad - who is it for?
I won't shed a tear - I won't show no fear!
Won't disappoint you dad (all greedy vultures need war)
I won't miss you dad!
...I'll shut down...

...but daddy, I miss you so.
And I need you here - dad I'm alone here and
Daddy, I'm losing your war out here!

Daddy need me, love and lead me.
Your superseding war won't feed me.

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Pain Of Salvation Winning A War Comments
  1. MauroLowEnd

    toda la razon!

  2. Raul Rafael

    este album es una obra maestra, y extrañamente, su primer lanzamiento... vaya, para ese entonces solo conocia el Remedy Lane, pero dar una mirada a sus raices fue lo mejor que pude haber hecho.

  3. entropiasite

    me gustaría que esta banda hubiese seguido así con el metal progresivo eran mejores aunque su música me sigue gustando

  4. Elearzy

    Algo muy comun de las ciudades modernas, de las "entropias". Un padre ausente y distante.