Pain Of Salvation - Where It Hurts Lyrics

Tell me where it hurts, so I can reach the pain.
Tell me where it hurts. Just pump it through my vain.
Be brave and tell me where it hurts.

There's something deep inside than you don't want to show.
There's something that you hide, 'cause you're afraid I'll go.
But no.
Tell me where it hurts.

You tell me not to go. (Tell me where it hurts)
Say you want to be my holy grail. (Tell me where it hurts)
And your skin is white like fallen snow. (Tell me where it hurts)
I don't want to leave my marks. (Tell me where it hurts)
But if I do, are you brave enough to let me through to touch you where it hurts?

I'll touch you where it hurts.
I'll touch you where it hurts.
I'll touch you where it hurts.
And you can touch me.
Come on and touch me where it hurts.

Everyone I know seems to be broken inside.
Everybody hurting just from being alive.

Touch me where it hurts.
Touch me where it hurts.
Touch me where it hurts.
Touch me where it hurts.
Come touch me where it hurts.

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Pain Of Salvation Where It Hurts Comments
  1. Gabriel Martins

    Maguinigico. Perfeito.

  2. metaller

    What a song! <3

  3. MauroLowEnd


  4. Bruna Figueiredo

    Nice *-*

  5. gongal

    nice Uhrwurm video clip rip off

  6. Olga Theodoridou

    By far my favourite video clip of P.O.S....!!!

  7. True Valence

    I loved this video and the song, Pain of Salvation , I am buying an album.

  8. Maria Kery

    LOVE it <3

  9. Un Giando Qualunque

    pos are genius

  10. Emmanuel Garcia

    No puedo esperar para verlos por fin en vivo!

  11. Lígia Araujo Lima

    Me gusta :3
    What an amazing video. And the song is awesome too!

  12. Joy Garcia


  13. andrei sza

    this is the most beautiful song and video ever...

  14. Reginaldo araújo

    intrigante,sombrio e reflexivo! mt bom

  15. pepperbelly68

    Yes I agree, I miss the band, but Daniel is the nucleas of the star. the new guys offer different flavors to his wicked mix.

  16. Eddie Raissi

    2:45 he starts screaming like Chris Cornell

  17. RedEbSeb13

    So, it won't let me watch the censored version because I'm under 18. If thats so whats the uncensored version like...? O_o

    Control Alt Delete

    RedEbSeb13 not particularly bad, just a bit of brief nudity *gasp*. Boobs are evil or something

  18. SayRibeiro

    PoS is Daniel Gildenlow. The voice, the lyrics, the music.

  19. SayRibeiro

    PoS is Daniel Gildenlow. The voice, the lyrics, the music.

  20. SayRibeiro

    I don't agree. The video is a representation of the lyrics. Great song! Great vid!

  21. cbilljones

    ya this is pretty weak lol, love the song and album though :P

  22. J Ryan

    I hear you there. This is apparently censored yet it's still too much for me. In fact it's verging on pretentious for me. The focus of a music video should still be the music. When the video is so much that it takes away from the music and is too distracting to actually hear the song you know they've gone too far.

  23. J Ryan

    It's such a shame. Nowadays Pain of Salvation is just Daniel Gildenlow. It's not PoS anymore cause there is not one remaining member from the original albums except Daniel. :(

  24. JimInFlames

    art --> censored

    100+ million views of videos with naked chicks dancing around with lyrics about how hard they are getting fucked --> no censor


  25. Dildele

    rainymood in google. And than it is even more nice..
    Love this song.

  26. Benjamin Cole

    Are you usually this easily aggravated in your day to day life?

  27. Maria Kap.

    ένα από τα καλύτερα τραγούδια των Pain of Salvation!!! η ερμηνεία του Daniel είναι κάτι παραπάνω από εκπληκτική....είναι ανατριχιαστική......το συναίσθημα που βγάζει αυτός ο άνθρωπος μέσα από τους στίχους, τη μουσική και την ερμηνεία του απλά δεν το συναντάς εύκολα....!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  28. AJIRA

    Yup. Not a fan of gore and sex in music videos. It goes hand in hand with the song alright, but what I meant with it being "too much" is that I wouldn't rewatch it for the sake of enjoyment. It's just my opinion though.

  29. Carlos

    love this video...

  30. Puritey

    Åh Daniel, du är så jävla underbar! Du har gjort mitt liv så mycket bättre.

  31. Ian Gabriel

    Danny needs some braces ;)

  32. Carl Jansson

    @lovemstn Watch the uncensored version ;-)

  33. NorsemanMI

    My interpretation: We reach out to one another, seeking love and comfort from a world that wounds and, as we come together and grow in trust, we reveal our pain so that we may soothe and console, in hope the pain will ease and may help to heal. The pain revealed, emotions eventually flare, we know just how to hurt the ones we love the most.

    But we are all human beings with human need and human failings and, intentional or not, we wound each other. And when we know the other's pain,

    Maggie Marenco

    NorsemanMI thanks for the meaning. I wasn't sure.

  34. João Santos

    Where It Hurts ?! In the ass ?!

  35. Starry&Bohemian

    @rafaelillustrator yeah you're not gay...but who knows...the future is not yet wrote... eheh :)

  36. JimInFlames

    Watched the uncensored version, and the jimmy down there, isnt coming out for some time, if you know what I mean, too scared.

  37. 13dreamer1033

    no great differecence between uncensored and censored version

  38. Dulnlop

    @woododruid apparently they can.

  39. Alex Lance

    It's a great! From Russia with love. :)

  40. archangel_x

    this video it's all about visual poetry, very good \m/

  41. Karine Moraes

    Lucky girl.

  42. Rafael Benjamin

    I'm not gay but Daniel Gildënlow is fucking hot! :D

  43. doggonemess

    Um, censored... why? Do a look-up for Heavenly - Full Moon. That's here, and you can't even try to say that the nudies in that video are 'art'.

  44. Sam Morris

    That video is soooo disturbing

  45. Jonathan Rodriguez

    I saw the uncensored version via twitter... Thanks Daniel Gildenlow for post the link :D

  46. Isabela Nunes


  47. Uros Maric

    Road Salt One is the best album by POS. Undoubtedly. Most emotions ever.

  48. Kyle Chronister

    @MikeoWar I don't think it's necessarily fair to compare this album to the rest. I'm pretty sure the difference in style isn't due to Daniel being uninspired, but rather in this album he's just trying to relax and make a fun album. I imagine it's exhausting trying to outdo yourself with every album, so I cut him a little slack on this album. Compared to the rest, yeah, it's their weakest, but it's still good.

  49. MajiinFreddy

    @MikeoWar Agreed. The old albums was much better. Thus Road salt was a great album, it didnt have the same feeling as the previous albums; Remedy Lane, BE and Perfect Element <3

  50. MajiinFreddy

    As much as I love Pain of Salvation, this video sucked balls. The Linoleum video was better then this.. :(

  51. Argyrwgr

    Breathtaking music... Incredible voice... Awesome lyrics...

  52. MrSilentDoubleA

    @fatanirvana Vimeo...

  53. fatanirvana

    @Jacksleep Dude !! where can i get it !!??

  54. fatanirvana

    daniel u have a big fan here.....from morroco !! I love U man And THe whole pain of salvation band !!

  55. MikeoWar

    Hey hey, I'm just saying what I think =) In my opinion, the Road Salt album doesn't even come close to the first four albums, and I just happen to know that many, if not most, people agree. Just checking reviews and ratings on the internet can give you some clues as to what other people think.

    I actually HOPE that people enjoy this album, because I wouldn't want PoS to stop writing music. However, if Daniel got back some of his old inspiration, I would be more than glad.

  56. Vajolet B.

    WHY censured??????????What we should say about REAL brutality and horrible pornografy in other NOT censured videos?

  57. Will2Pow3r

    Wow...I never realized how much Daniel looks like Jack Black

  58. MikeoWar

    Well, we're all entitled to our own opinions, and it's great if you like the album. But most people who enjoys their previous, more experimental, approach to music were disappointed by Road Salt One. Compare for yourself on f.e progarchives and see for yourself.
    But if you like the album, then that's all that should really matter for you.

  59. Omer Sela

    @MikeoWar What the hell ae you talking about? Road Salt One is a great album, I like it even better than the older albums (except for Be) because of it's psychotic approach to sexuality and relationships. Just listen to Curiosity, Sleeping Under The Stars or Innocence

  60. yeabudie745

    One Day...I Will Make A Music Video About Blowjobs And Cocain. Juss sayin.

  61. MikeoWar

    Road Salt One is unfortunately a really bad addition to the otherwise amazing albums released by PoS. And this video wasn't all that good either =/

    I really hope Daniel will start writing music like the old days again =(

  62. Austin4a

    Not impressed.

  63. Bass Communion

    @jackpaice hahah Youtube suck it deleted my video

  64. jackpaice

    @thousis ah fail! censured!

  65. Sykotix1

    It's still on a lot of video websites, just not youtube. It's been put on vimeo

  66. effet

    Wow. This was rather disturbing yet fascinating. Pure, emotional and artistic.

  67. Bass Communion

    Check my videos.. surprise!

  68. Errika Cha

    χεχε..πάντως αν θέλεις την uncesored version υπάρχει ακόμα στο vimeo!

  69. Ghost B

    Thanks, man.

  70. baditudes

    Youtube is filled with eons of crap and you censor this?


    it is a simply kind of ART !!!!!!!
    congrats to P.O.S once again...

  72. Giorgos Abso

    Well done Youtube.Now because of your so-called ethical security,everyone asks for the uncensored version because of curiosity.All these crap hip-hop rnb video clips that are almost porn are just fine,huh?

  73. GEORGE


  74. sawdust2805

    Thnx my friend...... ;)))

  75. opethpainter

    you're welcome!
    to the other ones: i downloaded it with realplayer, then uploaded to vimeo. have fun!

  76. opethpainter

    vimeo code: 21718015

  77. Errika Cha

    pes ta!

  78. cassioam

    so, where's the uncensored version?

  79. lechuckschuldiner

    you cannot simply censore PoS.

  80. Giacomo Salzani

    luckly i already watched the uncensored version...enjoyed :)