Pain Of Salvation - Sisters Lyrics

When all are dizzy and happy from too much wine
I leave the party behind
To be alone with my thoughts and this spinning mind
Through this cold night
But there she stands

And she walks like you
And she smiles almost like you
A child of the wild just like you

For a second I think I get a glimpse
Of the real her, behind
She's warm and fragile
With smiles that reach to her eyes
But just this moment,
A change so sublime

If she looked me deep into my eyes
And softly asked me too
I'd be in her bed and in her flesh
And waste a life I knew

So I hold my breath and close my eyes
And focus on the wine
Let this trembling moment pass us by
So I could say goodnight

But then, an impulse
I almost touched her face
Before I pulled back my hand
And we get nervous
We laugh and she spills her wine
Both so awkward, for what's on our mind

And she talks like you
And she smells almost like you
A child of the wild just like you
But she's not all you
Even strives not to be you
Just like every sister would do

And perhaps it's the want
Of you in her eyes
But I want her this one single time
...Just this one time

If she looked me deep into my eyes
And softly asked me too
I'd be in her bed and in her flesh
And waste a life I knew

So I hold my breath and close my eyes
And focus on the wine
Let this trembling moment pass us by
So I could say goodnight

If I'd looked into her eyes
And softly asked her too
She would give herself and give her flesh
And waste a life she knew

So we hold our breath, and close our eyes
And take a sip of wine
But this thirst has emptied every glass
And we should say goodnight

...God, help me say goodnight.

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Pain Of Salvation Sisters Comments
  1. Rana Yapar

    Yaşasın spotify güzelliği :))

  2. sommes nous heureux?

    çok güzelsin çok.

  3. D4inII

    Upload has glitches in a sound, great song though.

  4. Yev Z

    Cover seems to be stolen from Wallace Collection..

  5. basplayerof kemal

    Siz bu grubu nerden buldunuz amk çok underrated bir grup bu.

  6. Risakisa

    I'm not crying, shut up.

  7. uzaylı müptezel paul

    Moviegraftan geldim hayırlı olsun

  8. GxgachaxA

    İngilizcesi iyi olan bir arkadas bana bu şarkıyı çevire bilir mi?

  9. Mert santorski

    uglyhelianthus bu şarkıyı bana kazandirdigin için seni unutmayacağım

  10. KisniCovek

    --Wonderful song. Shame the sound quality is poor and cracks from time to time.

  11. Pier-Andrea Bascetto

    24 kB/s quality...

    Lince Bizantino

    But still enjoyable

  12. mihriban coşkun

    Şarkının güzelliğinden ağlayacağım

  13. Ayşenur Deniz

    kimse keşfetmesin bu şarkıyı lütfen..

  14. Alex

    Bad sound quality

  15. Sergio Rodas
    Clint Mansell 2018

  16. Batuhan

    It's fucking stolen sorry.

  17. hospitaylaytay

    ne zaman dinlesem ruhum göğe yükseliyor 6 dakikalığına.


    yarak gigi şarkı içimde hissediyorum

    Nur Sarıtemur

    Allahım niye ya ddfkjsdkjgk

  19. Ophelia,

    Kalp atışlarımın ritmini değiştirdin. Nasıl güzelsin?

  20. neferahmore

    Absolutely beautiful song, thank you...

  21. Ahmet Fatsa

    Ve eğer gözlerimin içine baksa ve kibarca isteseydi, onun bedeninde ve teninde olurdum ve biliyorum ki hayatımı boşa harcardım.
    Ben de nefesimi tuttum, gözlerimi kapadım ve şarabıma odaklandım


    Sen olmamaya çalıştı, her kardeşin yapacağı gibi.

  22. John Podmolik

    This song reminds me of Littlefinger from Game of Thrones.

  23. Onur Sarıçiçek

    türkler şu grubu neden bu kadar seviyor, cözemedim..


    Onur Sarıçiçek şarkıyı dinle çözersin

  24. anaxarete

    ülkenin progressive metal e ayrı bir sevgisi var çözebilmiş değilim

  25. Maria Zampetaki

    Absolutely amazing song, both music and lyrics...
    Its chorus melody must have been fundamentally inspired by ''Secret Garden - Nocturne''.

  26. Yagizcan Erdogan

    lan hayatımda böyle müzik cok az dinledim helal olsun

  27. Ebrar

    burada da mı türkler var mutlu oldum ya...

    Hunberk Oğuz

    Ebrar az da olda memlekette müzikten anlayan birkaç kişi var


    ve sonunda Türkiye'ye geliyorlar....mutlu son

  28. Kris Howell

    I have listened to this a thousand times and still love it

  29. Mehmet Acar

    0:55 - 1:10 açıklayın bana şurayı ...


    secret garden - nocturne :)

    Mehmet Acar

    +Saso :)

    Onur Özkara

    shrek - fairytale

  30. Ignacio Carollo

    I won't forget the day I listened this in the car with my ex-girlfriend that I couldn't be with her anymore because of a long distance relationship

  31. Neueregel

    good ballad

  32. Joy Garcia


  33. Сидор Зиялович

    Çünkü sen keşfedilemeyecek kadar kıyıda köşede,bir damla suyla sönebilecek kadar küçük bir ateşin güzelliğindesin...Keşfetmesinler.Öldürsünler beni,mezarımın üzerinede yazsınlar;Kurtuluşun acısından öldü.


    Teşekkürler bunun için, okuması güzeldi

  34. Diana Nuria

    Daniel Gildenlöw... his voice is perfect as always!

  35. Talita Botana

    Awesome lyrics

  36. Σοφία Πόταρη Ταϋγέτη

    Beloved great band!!

  37. foredance

    i dont understand the lyrics, gildenlow is 2deep4me, can someone explain?


    No, it's really the sister of his wife,

    "But she's not all you
    Even strives not to be you
    Just like every sister would do"

    It cannot be any random girls, at least the bff of his wife, or his real sister. Since she smells and look the same, it must be her real family sister ;-)


    still don't know if she's actually sister of his partner. He's just saying that to emphasize how similar she is. One important word is he "waste" the life he knew or she waste the life she knew. So his gf/wife is still alive and he know this girl has some significant other as well. In other songs in the album, I believe he banged her.


    +bonedface It's pretty clear in the lyrics that it's the sister.
    "But she's not all you
    Even strives not to be you
    Just like every sister would do"

    Striving not to be like her sister makes sense. Striving not to be like a random person that is very similar to herself makes...well less sense.


    Still not sure because this is telling in the perspective of the man who knows them. Not in the girl perspective. Idk about what you think but imo the guy can say one strives to be another one if he want, just to make a point.
    Also right at the next line it blurs the meaning again: "Just like every sister would do". If these are sisters then insist that line again would make less sense to me.

    Osman Furkan YILDIRIM

    @bonedface sister in law

  38. ganondorfchampin

    Man this band is so great, absolutely beautiful. Prog band that actually demonstrates genuine emotion. 

  39. alfa mi

    If she looked me deep into my eyes
    And softly asked me too
    I'd be in her bed and in her flesh
    And waste a life I knew

  40. vodkamartini84

    Ca emporte... du grand POS

  41. JadePenguin

    @Moctop came here to say just that! Nocturne was the 1995 Eurovision winning song. But they're still totally different otherwise - Nocturne is mostly instrumental and on violin. I'd be very surprised if PoS didn't take that part from there though.

  42. Vatian

    Sounds a bit like Shrek - Fairytale

    bryan macneil

    Haha, I noticed that too.


    a bit? its fcking stolen or smt

    Dionisis Tsonis

    This specific melody is so basic that it could be in almost any song. It also sounds similar to Secret Garden's Nocturne. However there are no more similarities. Three different songs for any trained ear, with a similar part. However, Fairytale is a much simpler song, with fewer changes, something that makes sense as it is a soundtrack. Lovely though. Also, saying that any of the songs "stole" from each other is ridiculous. Similarity doesn't mean plagiarism. It's like having a novel about a murder that happened on a train, and claiming it's a rip off of Murder on the Orient Express. Read the rest of the book, listen to the rest of the song.

    Bakalaudia DL

    @Dionisis Tsonis you are totally right, this little part could be a simple coincidence

    Josef Stalin

    @Dionisis Tsonis Yes nocturne is what I thought it sounded like, glad Im not insane.

  43. Caio Gouveia

    looks like H.I.M


    No,no it doesn't.

    Not Amused

    That's offensive to PoS

    Bert Berw

    Seriously? H.I.M? Fuck off

    Erisdare Bel

    Not like H.I.M at all. The only striking similarity, I would say, is that both Daniel and Ville have incredible vocal ranges. Also, H.I.M is not bad. No need to be elitist about it. 

    Giuseppe Ab Aeterno

    I love H. I. M. My friend but absolutely not xD

  44. vesamnn


  45. Moctop

    The part that goes "and she walks, like you, and she smiles, almost like you" is really similar to "nocturne" by secret garden.

    Ра Дро


  46. Mia Armonia

    Just this one time....

  47. Eric Ens

    no, his wife/girlfriend's sister.

  48. jadeloveselliott

    This song makes me feel soooooo much ........

  49. pepperbelly68

    it means you get it. you feel. thats why PoS exists. to provoke emotion.

  50. SirJethro

    There is piece called "It is you" (search for the piano version) from the Shrek Soundtrack. It reminds me of Sisters :)

  51. MasterJebbly

    Hah, i feel like I get what you're saying at the same time as I don't. Explain?

  52. SangoCIoud

    This music makes me sad. It's beautiful.

  53. Saša Mladenović

    ...God, help me say goodnight

  54. viki vik

    tell me where it hurts and this heartbreaking!

  55. Roberto Ramon Messina


  56. SirJethro

    Inspired by Shrek? ;)

  57. DIABLOVT12

    Great song, great band...

  58. Silvia Okaliova