Pain Of Salvation - She Likes To Hide Lyrics

She likes to hide.
She likes to hide.
She likes to hide, and I don't know why.
I'd ask but she's too hard to find.
She likes to hide.

This Tuesday I almost tried to ask her why
But she got that look in her eyes.
She likes to hide.
She likes to hide.

Last night I asked her why, and first she smiled,
But then she just broke down and cried.
She likes to hide.
She likes to hide.

She told me that she'll be fine, and she's all mine,
But I'm pretty sure that she lied.
See, she likes to hide.

She plays this game where I'm supposed to find out the reason why she likes to hide.
She plays that game each night.
I fail to find out, 'cause I am where I like to hide,
I am where I like to hide,
I am where I like to hide,
I am where I like to hide.

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Pain Of Salvation She Likes To Hide Comments
  1. Dick Jason Lizama Rojas

    amazing song!!

  2. valeria castro

    pueden pasar muchos años y siempre vuelvo a escuchar esto XD <3

  3. zsteve

    Man, I'm at Woodstock!

  4. Bruno Cavalcante


  5. Umy1332

    They took a brilliant risk.

  6. Lunumbrus

    I think it's actually my laptop shaking itself to pieces. C'mon Alienware.

  7. Lunumbrus

    What's up with the crackle? Sounds like the snare is shivering behind the guitar amp or something, really irritating.

  8. Etneficed

    The dislike bar is like a ninja... You know that she is there... but you can't see her

  9. gian.gaz

    @miguelbenave one fucking dislike :(

  10. gian.gaz

    @miguelbenav one! :(

  11. stormdetonation85

    I like the music, but I cannot stand that guitar sound

  12. BdonYoo

    You can hear the emotion in every instrument. Goddamn this song is amazing

  13. IntoTheEternity

    @miguelbenav YOU JINXED IT!

  14. IntoTheEternity

    @filmfetale8 Very well put man. Respect.

  15. Whereda Workat

    I just found this band. I am blown away. I have listened to some of their early material, and it is very special. But I find myself just tickled to death by this album. I really appreciate such a dramatic shift in sound aesthetic. Most bands today consider their sound as their gross domestic product and refuse to try something new. But these gentlemen are artists.

  16. Giulia Guizzardi

    Sanno sempre come fare per ammazzarmi di emozioni....Fantastici!

  17. lesclaypool0727

    This album not reminds me the earlier albums! Remedy Lane ,Concrete Lake ,Perfect Element is better!

  18. Miguel Benavides

    0 FUCKING DISLIKES !!!!!!!

  19. Juancho Núñez

    I love PoS, and I love blues...
    This song is like an orgasm to me. =)

  20. Carlos

    I don't really like Blues, but I really like this song.

  21. tiki2188

    I like rock and generally mellow music, but I just need to remember this IS good when I listen to it lol
    So used to Pain of Salvation hearing this gives me a shock

  22. antonio610

    This guy can sing.

  23. Lucas Borin

    I'm IN LOVE with this song.

  24. Beyond the Realms

    Kind of reminds me of Down. One part during the verse sounds almost just like their song "Learn from This Mistake"

  25. OriginsOfRuin

    I love the mood the vocals much feeling in Gildenlow's vocals

  26. John Bungart

    its funny how its pos(piece of shit) but this shit is still really kick ass.

  27. filmfetale8

    It's yet another chapter in the artistic journey of POS and personally I am enjoying the ride. I have my personal favorites as whole albums like RL, PE1, 12:5, and BE, but to me all of their albums are masterpieces in their own right musically, lyrically, and conceptually and every one of them has a few songs that are jaw dropping brilliant even. Risks are important for an artist. The great stuff never happens if you always stay safe. I admire the courage to do such.

  28. Fabricio Von

    is this pain of salvation? seriously? THIS CAN'T BE PoS! :(

  29. MrThat0neperson

    @ytsejam6891 I agree. I'm not even the biggest fan but I do like "Sisters" from this album, and I'm trying to find the meaning behind it, so maybe those of us who miss the old sound could just listen to this for analytical purposes at least?

  30. ytsejam6891

    It could be worse.........I mean in theory...................... I can't really think of how, but it's probably possible. I guess I'll have to stick with BE, and scarsick until POS remember that it's not 1974 anymore.

  31. KainedbutAble123

    amazing song.