Pain Of Salvation - Lilium Cruentus Lyrics

[A Scene in Brown and Yellow:]
At first I don't know why your presence fills me with unease
Though I've missed you more than Life itself
I freeze
It's like you've been lost and now you're glad to see my face
But as you sit down my confusion turns to distress
Not knowing how to let you know that you are
(I wake up sweating)

They tell me you are better off
Where you are now
Well, I don't care
They tell me that your pain is gone
Where you are now
Well, you left it here
See, I need to be strong
Need to be brave
I need to put faith in something
How could I live on
Not hoping we will meet

[A Scene in White and Grey:]
Under the icon's weight the old thoughts lay
Under the cross so still and pale
The flowers usher the stale breath of Death away
And someone tries to sing
But the bird of song has lost its wings
Now it twitches
Rips the stitches of a chest where tears are torn
And where all loss begins

Life seems too small when Death takes its toll
I need something to blame for this pain

[A Scene in Amber - Flawed:]
And have you ever had that dream
Where one you love passes away?
And you wake up crying to a world
Where she's long since gone
But you feel the pain
So close
As if she'd died today
But I need to be strong
I need to be brave
I need to put faith in something
How could I live on
Not hoping we will meet
Some day?

Earth to Earth, Dust to Dust
A verse we know too well
Like a nursery rhyme
Just in reverse
'Cause we are all the little tin man
With hearts like little tin cans
And as we line them down with tears
Over the years
They inevitably turn
To rust

Life seems too small when Death takes its toll
I need something to blame for this pain
I try, I fail, I fall, like anyone you know
I break, I bleed, like anyone you know

[A Scene in Blood on White:]
Where the linen's changed just for tonight
And somehow we beat her to this sight
This ghostly room of Exit
That she enters by the flicker of candle light
And in her breast
A desert storm is taking form
An old thirst that can never be quenched or killed
Sweeps over the cold
Broken but thousandfold
"My Love!"

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Pain Of Salvation Lilium Cruentus Comments
  1. Big Funi

    and like every pain of salvation song, it somehow finds it's way to slowly become more and more tragic with every listen. What a fucking deep band.

  2. Julian Hansen

    One of my favorite moments on BE. Very underrated album in the prog community, very unique both in concept, instrument choices and sound.

  3. Social Ghost

    The opening spoken words to this song is Daniel reciting The Coming Of The Kingdom from Luke 17, he re-arranged some words so I tried to get it as close to what he's saying but it's difficult with all the music going:

    "In the days of the Son of Man, when much of it was like in the days of Noah, they ate, they drank, they married, and there would be man up to the day when Noah entered the ark, and then came the flood to destroyd them all. It was similar to in the days of Lot. They ate, they drank, they bought and sold, they planted and build. But on the day when Lot left Sodom, there was fire and brimstone that rained down from heaven and destroyed them all. It will be the same on the day when the Son of Man is revealed. Whoever seeks to perserve his life will lose it"

    Bat-El Luria

    Thank you! I've been trying to figure it out for years.

    Kristian Krastanov

    Thank you, kind stranger

    Enyo Teixeira de Sousa Moura

    thanks man

  4. CloudMountainJuror

    One of my favorite standalone PoS songs.

  5. Marco Navarro

    that Kristoffer Gildenlöw's bass line is pure gold, all the song is pure gold, all PoS is pure gold

  6. Jæh 24jerde

    coming back to this

  7. Omair Sheikh

    Johan's ghost notes are fantastic

  8. Vallhala Viking


  9. JuanBaut1s7a

    The chorus feels so empty without Hallgren's voice

    Lautaro Herrero

    wo wo wo

  10. Excuze myFrench

    pure beauty.

  11. quasarqueen

    The magnificence of this song is just Incredible...

  12. thijsbults

    this song is awesome