Paige, Madilyn - Beautiful Lyrics

Let's take a walk on the wild side
I see your life through my eyes
Your vision's blocked by a lens light
I'm gonna keep you close till you realize

It's a wonderful day
With these clouds on the hillside
Just don't run away
If you're lost on the inside

I wish you could see what I see in you
How someone could be so beautiful
You can't see around, it's getting you down
And I know it's difficult
I want you to see you're wonderful
If only you'd see you're beautiful

Woke up on the wrong side
I'm calling out for help in the dark of night
I couldn't face yourself for a long time
'Cause you battle with your body is your heart that's right

It's a wonderful day
But there's rain on the hillside
And just don't run away
From the pain on the inside

I wish you could see what I see in you
How someone could be so beautiful
You can't see around, it's getting you down
And I know it's difficult
I want you to see you're wonderful
If only you'd see you're beautiful

Ooh (Beautiful)
Ooh, ooh

I wish you could see what I see in you
How someone could be so beautiful
You can't see around, it's getting you down
And I know it's difficult
I want you to see you're wonderful
If only you'd see you're beautiful

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Paige, Madilyn Beautiful Comments
  1. Sydrahh MPS

    May anyone tell me the chords for this song please? I can't find them anywhereeeeeeeeee

  2. Helena Hecker

    You're beautiful

  3. L Sanchez

    Whenever you upload I get so excited! Your voice is amazing, have a great day

  4. Marianna Nardelli

    You and your voice are wonderful, so beautiful !

  5. 4fto0m

    Your voice lovely I don't understand why you're not fame like other who is doing cover 😿❤

  6. Winter Krois

    OMG so beautiful! This is the first time I have herd this song, so good Madilyn! Keep singing songs, I love it!!

  7. WebzyWongie 90

    Beautiful voice love this song

  8. ron hayden

    I see you

    ron hayden

    You are beautiful just the way you are

  9. Rashid Siddiqui

    Beautiful Girl and nice voice

  10. vitoria dias


  11. Potato74 Tracy

    does she dye her hair? cuz it is beautifulllllllll

  12. Tia Mio-Senpai

    Br ?;-;

  13. Omar Arus Arbid

    God your voice is beautiful as you are

  14. Juliette Lyde

    Hey Madilyn could I please have an instrumental version or sheet music for this? I would love to be able to sing it for others to help them gain self confidence and love themselves, as this song has helped me start to do those things. I would be so grateful if you would do that for me, or at least reply. Thank you!

  15. Artyom L

    There are no beautiful faces, for example if you look very close and there is no definite focus. Beautiful because a great artist.

  16. Miracle Eze

    I love this cover, the words just keep me thinking

  17. mido md

    Very beautiful voice

  18. Ezzeldin Nashed

    been a while since u .... we need u to cover continuously coz it's crime not to hear ur great voice time to time.
    love ❤

  19. EE wormy

    Can you do cover~CRY [email protected] Underwood?pleasssee😍😙😘

  20. Allie Gardner Music

    Madilyn, This is so amazing. <3

  21. José Ignacio González Calvo

    Great voice!! Like your covers! Best wishes from Argentina

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    You should sing Memories by Shawn Mendes

  23. Seasons

    Great cover, when are we going to be hearing some originals? 😊

  24. Elise Day

    I know that place!!

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    could you make a video where you sing Flashlight
    you're singing really well, you're so beautiful so continue

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    Y should sing Queens Don't by RaeLynn next

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    Nice song

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    good sings :) xd

  29. Rooftophobo

    nice 1 i give a tumps up from polend ^^ :P

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    Loved the cover.

  31. Happy Hedgehog

    I needed this song today.

  32. Izzy Da Cookie



    Liked this music that you sing this sing.

  34. Irene Taylor

    I suggest you do a cover with Grant knoche

  35. Lilac Sky

    i love it ✨

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    Love it

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    Por favor faça um cover da música "In my blood", I love your voice !♡

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    Emotional ♡ You're wonderful♡

  39. Motif in Motion

    Well done Madilyn and RJ

  40. Nikhil Samuel

    this song is gorgeous, the video is amazing. I really love the message it shares! Thanks for creating a beautiful production!

  41. Erin Medri

    Absolutely amazing !

  42. Yahosh

    Fantastic! She is so great! Video was too notch as well! Keep them coming!

  43. Daniel T

    l'image vidéo est belle je n'ai pas trouvé le texte chanté traduit en français comprenne qui peut.

  44. James Mckinney



    Nice song

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  47. Ethan Smith

    You have a beautiful voice.

  48. Ryan Sellers

    Beautiful cover Madilyn!
    Bicentennial Park boardwalk is such a cool place!

  49. Dylan Sousa

    Madiyn you have a Amazing voice

  50. Broker Eclipse

    Voice angel so so cute

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    wow the image, the soundtrack, the voice, the girl: everything is perfect madilyn crongate!!

  52. Parker Pratt

    Amazing Song and Message Madilyn. Good choice.

  53. Variety Lyrics

    Come check out the lyric video I made for this song! @ *Variety Lyrics* 😀😀

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    WOW Madilyn WOW!! This is so Beautiful and stunning!!

  55. Barnali

    It's been a while...glad to hear your new cover😊


    Beautiful Cover! 🎶💘😍

  57. MagicalWaterLight

    I'm so happy whenever you upload!! It's always something special, so beautiful! <3

  58. Hazem Furler

    Follower from Iraq
    I love very much

  59. Mark Mocarski

    Back again, will click your Amazon Link--make a purchase.

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    Whenever you upload I get so excited! Your voice is amazing, have a great day!❤

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    Your voice is beautiful just like the song!!

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    Beautiful! You make singing look so easy! You have an amazing gift!

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    Still can't get enough of your voice. Love the cover💖

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    This touched me so much! I love this! :(

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    Yesssss! You did an amazing job! Just like always! You’re such a beautiful person inside and out♥️

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    this cover was beautiful and so are you <3 <3

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    This beautiful cover really made my day wonderful.

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    Great cover love it 🎶❤❤

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    This was such a beautiful cover — I absolutely loved it! It sounded and also the video looked so pretty and throughout the entire thing! I definitely agree with you on how the message should be heard by everybody. The lyrics definitely send an important message across. Your voice was definitely a perfect fit for the song! It just makes my day seeing that you posted a new cover because you always do such a great job with them & your voice is just gorgeous! Keep up the amazing work! What you do is much appreciated. ❤️

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    You are absolutely beautiful

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  86. MATH-terpiece Theatre

    So Beautiful--the melody, the lyrics, the video, and especially your singing. It's funny, but this song--which is new to me--reminded me of another song in parts. I had to think for a while, then it came to me: Kellie Pickler's, "I Wonder" about her abanonment by her mother and all that she missed growing up.

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