Paige, Jennifer - The Devil's In The Details Lyrics

Don't lie to me, shy away
Take another minute
Get the story straight
You've known for too long
I wouldn't ask you for more than I know you have
Gonna take it all, if it's gonna last
We hold on til it's gone

You make it so hard to love you
Make it so hard to
Even when you're close, it's like I've lost you
It's like I start to
What did I get myself into
I promised to be with you
But the devil's in the details
Babe I never knew
You'd make it so hard to love you
Make it so hard to
Make it so hard to love you
So hard to...

Don't make me
Dumb it down
Try to make you feel safe & sound
Til you know what you want
I'm not gonna hold my breath quietly
Wait around for you to see that's it's gone
Is that what you want

You make it so hard to love you
Make it so hard to
Even when you're close, it's like I've lost you
It's like I start to
What did I get myself into
I promised to be with you
But the devil's in the details
Babe I never knew
You'd make it so hard to love you
Make it so hard to
Make it so hard to love you
So hard to...

Reach out to things that are bound to break
Dig our heels and make mistakes
Wade in the water til we're under the waves
Reach out to things that are bound to break

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Paige, Jennifer The Devil's In The Details Comments

    wow still beautiful and talented, oh my... i dont even have hair anymore lol, she looks the same.

  2. Ghost Gray

    Damn this is other worldly

  3. Jovana Miletic

    This is a great song. Just discovered it. Go Jen. great vid. I see how you made it on the fly. Awesome.


    Great voice

  5. Indah waty

    Im your fans since i was on high school till now im 38 years old 😍

  6. Alok Orton

    Nice song

  7. Wan Zainudin

    Amazing voice...stunning

  8. Raisa Cherry

    Happy New Year Jenny 💕💕💕💕

  9. Raisa Cherry

    Ageless voice and gorgeousness 💕💕💕💕💕😍

  10. Jefferson Almeida Liborion

    Amo essa música 🇧🇷❤

  11. thomas lefebvre

    Hell, I’m only discovering this music, after spending years and years listening to Crush, first of all your voice is absolutely unchanged while having matured but not in the age sense, rather in performance, in quality, your range is fantastic, full of matter and emotion, second, the music is great, the little synthesizer sound at first reminds me of a French song by Charlotte Gainsbourg lying with you or its general sound reminds me of your muscicale intro and finally you are the little diana krall (jazz) of the pop you have not changed since all these years, I still remember the live in london (27.07.2017) or you were even more attractive and young than 20 years ago... A real vampire, an incredible artist with such a bewitching tone of voice and unfortunately often ignored… <3 still loving you forever I would sell my soul to be able to record a small intimate live of this music (sorry for bad English i'm french :/) You're the vampire in the details ;) I never lie to my first loves... xoxo

  12. Slade Bell

    Wow still gorgeous as ever first time I ever saw her was in Country Bears when I took my kids to see it my daughter said that was her favorite part and now she's in love with her songs. Was rocking it there and still rocking it now.

  13. Matsurika1981

    My teenager goddess Jennifer . Love you so much ❤

  14. Antonio Vera

    Great song...a bit Cardigans, happy to hear of you again

  15. skurinski

    Soooo good!

  16. Daisy Villa

    I love your voice beautiful!!!

  17. So Famous It Hurts!

    1st time I have heard this, and It is fantastic. I am off to buy the Album

    Jennifer Paige

    Ahh thanks so much! Enjoy it. :)

  18. laetitia gladis

    Devil's in my pussy

  19. Anthony Sharp

    Sing girl!!!!


    When crush came out i totally have a crush on her. Even though now im 27 . Lol still shes a bigstar😊

  21. jaguar

    The most beutiful and best women singer, when I heard and saw her for the first time, I fell in love and she is the same like before 20 years.
    Greetings from Bosnia.

  22. Auto Suggestion

    i still have a crush on you till this day

  23. Paco Dedić

    so little wiews cant believe

  24. lilluzzo82

    Che gnocca imperiale!

  25. Vegnis Tengan

    Its such a great song

  26. Milan Lukic Lundzi

    Miss Jennifer, it's always nice to listen to your songs, and it's always a real pleasure to listen to you sing. I like your songs. 👋👍

  27. gladitsnotme

    You have no idea how happy just the mere mention of your name makes people. I love this song. It feels awesome to support someone so reliable for decades of great music!

  28. David Gutiérrez

    Com amor seu fã

  29. David Gutiérrez

    Jennifer dona do meu cu!

  30. RJ H

    Now that's a fantastic tune.

  31. Hewo random person behind the screen :3

    Ended up here because of a random thought, provoked by Joey on Friends lol. He tells himself "it's just a crush" when he's falling for Rachel and it made me think of your song, obviously lol I'm a 90's kid. And I decided to see if you were still making music and I'm so glad that you are!
    This song is so good! Keep doing what you're doing! And sorry it took 20 years to become a REAL fan :/ But I was only 12 when "crush" was released lol

  32. Emily Wheeler

    Amazing song!!

  33. jay galiano

    I do have all your albums.. A big underrated star you are.. So glad to see you are still making music. You are so classy and such an inspiration.. Although I do make Electronic Pop music your first two albums are still on my top list.. Thanks for existing

  34. david ra

    i think this is one of the worst song i hear in a long time. u were better back in 90s

    Jennifer Paige

    Wow... I bet you were cooler in the 90s, too. 😜

    david ra

    i was never cool.

  35. Tejay Smith

    Wow this is different from everything else I've heard lately! I like it A lot. You still got it.

  36. Denise Smith

    WOW! always loved her voice

  37. Dennis A Waters

    I like this new song thanks for the follow on Twitter dear

  38. M K

    Great song :)

  39. eisco

    I have just discovered this album about 3 weeks ago but how hypnotic it is. It’s on regular repeat here now. All songs are simply very captive and I love it. Too bad it’s not featured on radio so much.

    Jennifer Paige

    Thank you, eisco! ♥️

  40. TheUrbisoul

    Jennifer great as always, Best wishes from Poland ! :)

  41. PokerHostal

    CHILE ...Masterpiece.

  42. Renato82

    Beautiful Singer, Beautiful song and video, Great Jenn

    Jennifer Paige

    So sweet...thank you! xx

  43. codybroken

    beautiful song, so sad it hurts.

    Jennifer Paige

    That's how I like it in music... ;)

  44. Britney para todo Sempre


  45. Severstalfan

    Love that talented singer and amazing lady a lot! Wishing you everything best, dear Jennifer!!! Greetings from Russia.

    Jennifer Paige

    I appreciate that! Lots of love... xx

  46. Kavitha S Kumar

    Omg Jennifer sounds even more beautiful than before

    Jennifer Paige

    Love hearing this...

  47. Aspeliner

    Genious 2 :) :)

  48. mujdatozc

    Perfect Song Jennifer ❤️

  49. Luqman Arfu

    my first crush in music.

    Jennifer Paige

    I'll take that... ;) xx

  50. Jasmien Davies

    Jennifer you have always been one of my favourite artist I'm in love with this song 😍😍😍

    Jennifer Paige

    That's amazing to hear. Love to you! xx

  51. pisces dreamer

    Her voice sounds like the lady from the country band little big town the dark haired one. Her low parts reminds me of her love

    Jennifer Paige

    I love her voice! xx

    pisces dreamer

    @Jennifer Paige oh wow!!! Me too! You're lovely. Didn't see your comment til now. <3

  52. KanishQ Quotes

    Love from India

    Jennifer Paige

    I need to visit India... Love from Nashville!

  53. David Vincent

    Great song love it.

  54. Stephanie Tepp

    She is still pretty

  55. Antal Trab

    When I heard it first, I feel same like when I heard "Stars" from Roxette. This is the way, how create music with electronic sounds and instruments. Maybe too much FX in your voice, but nice song... again.

    And just for information: I like hard and noisy music (Prodigy, Skid Row, Halestorm, Angelsplit, etc.). Not many soft song can impress me.

    Jennifer Paige

    You might like the other tracks on the Starflower record better.... this one was for play! Thanks for saying HI xx

  56. Mohamed Abid

    Hey Jennifer, hope you’re doing great!
    Just want to thank you for remembering us how we can be a beautiful person, talented, caring and downtoearth at the same time.
    Your single « cush » was and still is a crush for me.
    Your music is far decent in a durty industry nowadays.
    I thank you for that, for giving us a real helping and inspirng music...

  57. J Sutta Latinoamérica

    Forget me Not next video please!!! I love your album💕

    Jennifer Paige

    Thank you! I'm so happy to hear that. xx

  58. Péter Pataki

    Very addictive song i love it and the album is terrific as well.Not a surprise though you are always releasing high quality music and your voice is brilliant.Crush is one of my all time favorite song but i love all of your albums.Congrats and greetings from a Hungarian :-)

  59. iruleyounow

    20 years later and she hasn't aged a day. Sounds the same and looks the same. That's pretty awesome!

    Jennifer Paige

    Well... you and I should be best friends. ;) TY!

    Ben Haynes

    @Jennifer Paige Oh Jen-U-fine-wine.
    Honestly, from the backwaters of Australia, I only knew of (and loved) Crush.
    But now, I'm rifling through your back catalogue and turning over a new Paige daily.
    Beautiful, unaffected, and pure. Please don't change. Love from Down Under.

    Jennifer Paige

    @Ben Haynes You made my day! Please enjoy the music. :) XO

    Raisa Cherry

    @Jennifer Paige 😍💕💕💕💕💕

  60. londonrecords _

    Fantastic ...

    Jennifer Paige

    Hey there! You are so sweet. Thank you for always supporting me!

  61. Oscar Myers

    Love the haunting background vocals and of course miss Paige and her sexy effortless vocals 💕

    Jennifer Paige

    Can I quote you on that, ha! xx

  62. Putney Pantry

    posted by Michele and Issa

  63. Putney Pantry

    Devil's in he detail is the most addictive song I've heard for a long time! The rest of the album is absolutely great... can't get enough of Jennifer Paige

  64. Dark Horse 2020

    I love the new album ... it's amazing... and she still looks beautiful... too bad she deserves a lot more from Lebanon

    Jennifer Paige

    Love right back to you! xx

  65. Lazy Eye

    I love this new song Jennifer!

  66. Libra Spears

    Welcome back Jennifer one of my fave songs from the album

  67. cool l.a. wi fi man

    nestomje poznata ova curica odnekud nekad ko da sam je vec vidijo ranje.

  68. giggidy giggidy

    I think my lady looks like Jennifer Paige...:)..great singer..and beautiful..

  69. acerb45666555

    Wow! Strong Goth influence I hear! Well done!


    you are a very beautiful woman,
    You have a lovely smile.
    An artist of your level, you should not be in "forgetfulness".
    Greetings from Costa Rica.

    Jennifer Paige

    Thank you SO much! xx

  71. Diego Rodríguez

    It is great to listen to your new music. This new track is great. Regards from Monterrey, Mexico.

  72. Salvatore Minopoli

    Beautiful this song, i like your cd

  73. Hydeus

    hi @Jennifer Paige! I was asking myself today: will my wish (and yours) come true, were You and Peter Gabriel sing a Song (or more...) together? I would Die for it! Your Voice with Peters together... oh - my - god! this would be Heaven! So: Mr. Gabriel! You know what you have to do, right!? ;-) .. and, thank you Jennifer Paige, for your New Music and your wonderful voice :-)

  74. Laurie Steele

    Awesome song!!! Have missed you!!!

    Jennifer Paige

    Thanks for the love! I really appreciate it. :)

  75. retrofunk81

    This song is gorgeous! I needed this!

    Jennifer Paige

    Glad to hear it! Did you ever hear the Starflower album? I think it's my fav I've done. So far...

  76. Deplorable Freedomfighter

    I remember always listening to you in the 90's and so happy that you are BACK! I love your voice and you really have changed your appearance but your voice has got stronger. Keep making music Jennifer you are amazing....

    Jennifer Paige

    Thanks for saying so! I think singers get better with age because we have more to share.

  77. fortheluva 1

    you are very talented young lady. I always am looking for your new stuff and finally.......viola.....her tis!

  78. Cool Cat

    You still look & sound fantastic, Jennifer. Love the new album too. Keep up the great work & I hope you'll tour in West Michigan someday. All my best.

  79. Tiamat Michelle Hart

    Well, I'm glad this video had a happy ending!

    Jennifer Paige

    ha! ;) Just seeing this!

  80. Rodney McMahon

    Like better than 'crush'.Should be on a million views.

  81. J Colt

    Just heard "Crush" yesterday and stuck in my head this more so I came perusing YouTube... I found this new song. Well done Jennifer! Great writing...but glad I'm in a solid relationship or I'd be writing this through tears, ha ha :) Side note and not in a sexist way --- I watched the Monaco Awards performance video for Crush.... Killer Gams!! Welcome back and knock em dead as they say!

  82. Silver Feather

    Yes, I'm so happy to see you're back! I'm diggin this song! Great sound, I sense a bit of retro in it, it takes me back. You look wonderful, you haven't aged!

    Jennifer Paige

    Totally retro...Glad you liked it. Did you ever hear the Starflower album?

  83. Shaban Interactive

    WOW, all those years. nothing has changed on your pure beauty. i am very happy to hear great vibes again. Thank you.

    Jennifer Paige

    So sweet of you! Thank you. xx

  84. Vic

    It's juuust, a little cruush :D

    Jennifer Paige

    Not like I.... what's that next word (everybody always gets it wrong!!) ?


    @Jennifer Paige "faint" 😆

    Indah waty

    @Jennifer Paige hi jennifer im ur fans since i was on high schooll till now 38 years old 😍

  85. Phil C

    You're so underrated it's so unbelievable

    Jennifer Paige

    You said it, not me. ;)

  86. toporyshnik1986

    I like it

  87. tbpeter28

    Dear Jennifer!Your voice is amaizing!My favorite is "Crush",but this track is also a perfect one.Love you!A fun from Hungary.

    Jennifer Paige

    Love to you! Thank you. xx

  88. erdem uysal

    its a shoke!  We love Jennifer from Turkey

  89. Larrell Lewis

    This is a good song....why haven't I heard it before today?

    Jennifer Paige

    Hey Larrell! Glad to have you here. xx

  90. william briscoe

    Don't know why people are saying comeback song Jennifer never left. Been following her career since 1999

  91. Enzo

    This song can inspire in a way people can't imagine!
    Jennifer Paige, you are more than a singer. You transpire emotion in your voice, in your look, when you walk! Where have you been, girl?? haha
    I am very happy to find you and your unique talent on youtube.
    Congratulation for you and all those behind your great work!
    God bless all!

    Jennifer Paige

    Ooooo I love this comment. Thank you. We all need a boost of courage and this is my daily dose today. I'm about a year late but... ;)

  92. AurumBranches

    I missed you so much!!!! :'( ...

    Jennifer Paige

    I missed you too. ;) xx

  93. Chak P.

    excellent artist, but needs to promote more this great work.

    Jennifer Paige

    Totally! I need a megaphone!!!

  94. MONO

    Love you girl. Welcome back! Your new work is amazing. Hope "To The Madness" to be a single!

  95. S_Hawk

    You and Plumb should do a duet for *Stranded*.


    Jennifer Paige

    Good idea! xx

  96. S_Hawk

    Love you, Jennifer!
    ❤️ ❤️ ❤️

    Jennifer Paige

    Love you too!

  97. Bader M.

    Seriously, welcome back. The album is an absolute pleasure and the video is elegant.

    Jennifer Paige

    Thank you so much for taking the time to comment. It means a lot to me! xx

  98. Mr. Music